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  1. "The scars were formed long ago, but not long enough..."
  2. Hey all! Been working on a few things recently (Most I cant talk about due to the nature of them), but, one of them being a Doki-Doki literature club dub over on Kat's Channel! (You can check it out Here if you'd like :3) Its just a casual little thing, but fun nonetheless this is just meant to be a Thumbnail for the vids :3 just a fun little project that I'm having fun being on, as they are all great people! (individual chibis too)
  3. Whelp, signed on for my first two auditions today! 

    Honestly, it was a blast to do, but I do still have a lot of room for improvement. moreover, I need to stray a bit further away from old announcer voices, lol.

    if you wanted to check some of them out, you can on my profile here: https://www.castingcall.club/m/XyroDonatus

    or I added the files on here too :3 



    1. Blue Dragon

      Blue Dragon

      Best of luck! I know I'm a bit late, but I hope they went well!

    2. Xyro


      Thank you BD :D

      Thus-far everything's going nicely! Curently doing a dub of Doki-Doki Liturature club, which has been pretty fun, but all in all I'm still auditioning for things and getting better overall at making sure my own audio is good :D

      (the doki doki club dub stuff can be found here if anyone wanted to listen to it :D The first episode is not the quality of the whole thing, as Kat accidentally recorded it with her own volume and screen out of whack due to faulty OBS settings. But its good fun nonetheless!)


  4. Whelp, this week already has been a pretty good tester into weather or not I actually want to go forward with trying to do VA work...

    I literally adore the field. I cant help myself but wake up excited to write skits and start voicing them. And can I just say, I have had so many issues; I found listening to myself back to be a little cringe, I've struggled to find voices to fit characters, I've been unable to act out certain moods, as well as yell lines that I need to. The editing is weird and I don't quite understand exactly what I'm looking for sometimes, or why something sounds off. I need to work on my pacing, as well as my management of my surroundings. and above all else, I just need to keep practising.

    Which is why I'm going to keep on at it :3

    Although its only been 5 days, I've already learned about the best ways to show off work, and the do's and don'ts. And I've fudged up a bunch, which means I now have a frame of reference on what to do and how to handle myself.

    And honestly, that's the best part of it all!

    I'm just really excited for the future, and definitely want to do more.

    Still, hope everyone doing ok, and if there are any VA's out there, please feel free to drop some advise! I would truly appreciate it, as I love your trade!

    ~Your benevolent cinnamon roll,


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    2. Xyro


      Thank you Omega :3 I'll do my best!!!!

    3. wikkidgrace


      I'm glad you found something you love!! You're so talented so I'm certain you'll excel with practice and patience. Just remember your voice is a muscle, you have to train it like any other. :)

    4. Xyro


      Thank you Wedgy :3 I'll make sure to talk like a tornado and annoy everyone and everything 😜 

      ...Which is what I do anyway, without the voice acting thing, lol

  5. Whelp, as was pointed out to me, I do need multiple places to post art and stuff... So now I do! (In case people are interested :3 I also do writing and voice acting on New grounds and such, so feel free to check those out too! ^^) Tumblr: https://xyrodonatus.tumblr.com/ Deviantart https://www.deviantart.com/xyrodonatus Newgrounds: https://xyrodonatus.newgrounds.com/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/me_lucid
  6. I beleive I do have an acount, but I haven't posted anything on there yet! I'll likely get to that today I've only recently expanded from Newgrounds and Twitter to Tumblr, so adding deviantart will also increase my web, I guess Cheers for reminding me about deviantart Sauron!!! I appreciate it ^^
  7. Thank you Omega ^^ I tend to do most of my pixel art on Photoshop, so if your looking to start you may want to start there I wish ya the best of luck with it, and of you need any tips or whatever then always feel free to ask :3 Hope ya have fun!!! ^^
  8. Naww shucks, thank ya kindly I honestly do just enjoy making for the sake of making. So if anything I do inspires people, in any shape or form, then that's a mark on this realm that nobody can ever take away from me ^^ I shall try to conjure up the weird and the wonderful! Already working on a (well, hopefully interesting) butt load of projects, from learning voice acting for a series I'm planning on to doing writing for a few book series I have in the works, as well as some more designs for pixel art and games... ... :3 and I'll be honest, it's daunting stuff. Makes me want to vomit at the thought of working and making it. But that's why I love it so much. Nothing else can make you want to vomit in glee and excitement while maintaining giddy wonder and passion in your grasp! Anywho, thank ya kindly once again zila. I can never really thank people enough, after all, lol Keep being a wonderful being in a world of wonderlings!
  9. These are some of the regular art/graphics I've done in the past. the Lobotomy Corp one in particular is one of my oll twitch panels whilst I'm streaming. they aren't too great though. only been doing regular art for a year or so now in clip studio, so I still got a long way to go until I get a bit better. ATM I'm a bit more focused on Narrative and Voice acting though, so I don't get quite as much time with it anymore :3 Still fun though!
  10. Xyro


    Pretty cool! I honestly like the first one the most! Its pretty tripy!
  11. Whatcha mean by graphic design? as in Logos and banners and thingies? if so, I usually do most of my banners and Logos by freehand in stuff like Clip studio, although if you just mean general art outside of pixel art then yes ^^ I would love to see some of your stuff regardless Sauron! Always happy to see any and all art, after all!
  12. "Yeah, I do Medicals... No, I don't have time for little cry-babies and tiny "Boo-boos". Now if you'll excuse me, I'm missing out on my morning nap..." Just another chibi for M.Me. this one is called Amber, and she is one of the medical Enforcers made to act as a constructor and genetic modifier for enforcers and other humanoids alike. She's pretty small and grumpy, but is your only shot at life within a wasteland that couldn't care for your well-being so.... good luck! You can check out my other work either in this thread or over at https://xyrodonatus.newgrounds.com/, where I am also working on voice acting stuff at the moment (Well, I am completely new to it, so working on improving ^^) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ (Original size) (X3)
  13. Thank you very much Sauron. I do need to do some more Chibis at some point to be fair, although atm I'm working on other projects outside of art. I'll likely try and do one over the weekend, just to keep my chibi-skills on point
  14. Thank ya kindly Zila, although to be fair I just enjoy making experimental weird things, lol I hope to keep making fascinating things until the end of time
  15. "A walk in the pain" May not look it, but it's pixel art :3 429 X 429 pixels
  16. Thank you both so much :3 I feel I'm getting the hang of the oll pixel art, although atm I haven't had much time since the covid outbreak to actually do anything, as uni deadlines have been changed up a whole bunch. So just getting through them, and will be right back in pixel-making-madness
  17. I'ma start working on some things... especially getting the badges re-designed (Some I find a bit silly compared to the rest of the ones... So expect a few re-designs soon-ish-maybe ;P)


  18. I trust in ya SJ, I trust in ya. But, maybe, unlimited power is just the power to feel unlimited? The ability to do anything without restraining one's self? Or restraint from others? Who knows! Could also be unlimited battery power I need that around now, for me as a human being. Been knackered from lucid dreaming and uni wombo-combo ;-;
  19. Thank you so much, Souljam :3 i wouldn't go as far to say I have unlimited power though, more like I'm a work-a-holic
  20. Some Yuno Gasai Chibis... cause I wanted to do some more chibi stuff Btw, if ya ever wanna see more stuff (Cause I sometimes forget to post it here... Cause life is super hectic XD), ya can check me out at https://xyrodonatus.newgrounds.com/
  21. Did a little sketchy-sketch using the oll tablet, since I still wanna get used to using it :3 I'm having fun just making experimental-chill peices, all just utilising different brushes and things I've never used before... Came out looking alright, I think!
  22. Getting back into the flow of horror pixels :3 It's been such a rough patch recently, I just wanted to test out art for me really, since I haven't been able to over the last few months. still, here's something at least
  23. Big fluffy duckling leviathan (the baby variant of a duck leviathan, who I'll try to draw soon. These are one of my MMaM species that I wanted to draw for practice :3)


  24. ...this was my first time using a drawing tablet instead of mouse...


    ....It was meant to be a feild of flowers....

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    2. Seshi


      I love your art. It reminds me of somthing from a Miyazaki film

    3. Zila


      Sounds like some major conquering. 😁 Seriously though, this first try has a very talented direction to it. You're definitely going to be creating a lot of wonderful things the more comfortable and familiar you get. Looking forward! 🤩

    4. Blue Dragon

      Blue Dragon

      Congrats on getting to use a tablet! I would so love to have a styllis (is that spelled right?) Using a mouse is god-awful XD Just doesn't feel natural, even after all these years.

      So creepy, I love it!


  25. Do you ever question weather or not a hot-dog is just a bread taco?

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    2. Illusion of Terra

      Illusion of Terra

      @Ohiotaku post of the month 😂 

    3. Zila


      @Ohiotaku This should be a t-shirt or something. 😆

    4. The History Kid

      The History Kid

      You have summoned me!

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