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    2. Wedgy


      They really don't enforce proper food handling guidelines in most junk food joints. It's the top reason besides trying to be somewhat healthy that I avoid them. Employees rarely wash their hands as much as they should, change their gloves, or even adequately cover their hair. Gloves are often wiped on aprons rather than changed--aprons I've also seen taken with them to the toilet or outside for a smoke or garbage haul. Their equipment is used and reused and seldom cleaned or sanitised. Food containers are frequently stored in areas rife with dust (see: human skin) and the kitchens can often be so hot and with such high activity that there are some employees who sweat more than usual, which can also become surprise ingredients in your lunch. 

      Burger patties, chicken breasts, nuggets you name it-- they all sit in holding cabinets and time out only to be retimed by an employee who doesn't feel like cooking a new batch. Food which may not have been temped in the first place, let alone with a clean thermometer. Food which is cooked in or on appliances which likely aren't cleaned daily, with their grease traps running over. Food stored in walk-in coolers which haven't been cleaned in 5 years and have mold spots on the ceiling and under the shelving. 

      Its just a good idea in general to be in charge of your own food as much as possible. 

    3. Wedgy


      @Ohiotaku reminds me of this notorious video.. https://youtu.be/2ao-fSNQaSA (NSFW also language) 

    4. Illusion of Terra

      Illusion of Terra

      @Wedgy rarely agreed to something that much 😂 

  2. " 'PlEaSe DoNt CrY, sMiLe FoR mE....' , those words bounced around in my head for a while. Sat alone, shrouded by the encroaching night, I tried my hardest to burn the images of that crooked smile from my brain. But I couldn't. not now, not ever. That was when I became aware of the knife in my hand, and the steady stream of crimson dripping from the carved edges of my lips..."
  3. Anime's pupa, but I wouldn't advise giving it a watch, its one of the worst anime/manga series I've ever picked up. just in regard to its quality, its pretty awful.
  4. Whelp, gonna be buisy-buisy over the next few months, got a lot of life to re-organise and a load of goals to strive for, but I'm going to do them all, achieve them all, then come back to tell the tale 😜

    Will still be around though, so if anyone needs me, just give me a shout! ^^

    1. Illusion of Terra

      Illusion of Terra

      'life' 'goals'
      that's no way to talk for an otaku 😂

    2. Wedgy


      Can't wait to hear all about your adventures! 

  5. I haven't posted art in a while, so here's a load that I have done; (bobbet is my favourite one of the recent pixel art's though)
  6. "As she sat atop the throne of world, the universes around her on her fingertips... she smiled; she was super-strong Bocchi now, and forever...." ....This is what happens when you take a joke and make it a reality :3
  7. just a little something.... enjoy!
  8. Sorry for the lack of... Well, anything really xD been super buisy what with uni work and other stuff.

    Anywho, I'm going to likely be doing some more pixel art soon to post, but today I'll probably be buisy with birthday stuffs, so ya can expect to see (maybe) more from me again some time soon! (I hope. I miss posting ;-;)

  9. ...so, you ever wondered what happened to earth within the MMaM universe? Long story short; that ship sank years ago. So much so that earth, it's sarounding planets, and the entirety of "the ring" (a galactic ring used to conjoin planets) is inaccessible to those outside that solar system. To this within it, however.... Well, let's just say they have a lot of trouble to deal with, one such nightmare is the enforcer species... But what exactly are these creatures? Let's have a look, shall we? ... Enforcers: Full name: Andromidas/ Biomechanical Enforcement units. Each are branded as enforcers, and have a unique numbering system. Other terms/Local names for the species: E.V's, (their correlating numbers) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Factual information: Appearance: Most Enforcers tend to be varied on appearance from one version to another, however most tend to be humanoid in design, with a mismatch of biological and mechanical components. These components are varied based on their functionalities, but always tend to be designed to specifically fit said specifications. Most are made directly from dissecting and re-building a living host over a long period of time (between 20-30 years, some even going for longer) Locations/Climates they are found in: Anywhere and everywhere. As Enforcers were designed with set areas and working environments in mind, they tend to have varied living areas, but survive in said areas vary well (a fair number can even adapt to most environments quite easily) Diet: varies from functionality. Most can eat almost anything, but some have specific desires and needs, such as meat (of any kind or one specific), wood, concrete and even gasses. Nature (Aggressive, passive, exedra): Varied on functionality. Most tend to be aggressive in nature due to their upbringing and functionality, while some are aggressively protective of humanoids due to similar functionalities. It's rare to find a very passive Enforcer, albeit there are still a fair few around. Culture: While enforcers themselves build their own culture around their day to day lives or events, they all don't share an overarching culture, other then their production and their numbering/branding. When created, Enforcers are given a number before work begins on them, as to categories their number for later specifications and design principles (helps keep each individual documented on when the idea of said enforcer was created). Then, when they are decided upon, they will either grow biotechnological parts, or find a biological "host" to work from (or both), due to the fact that research into Andromidas variants had caused grief due to the lack of emotion and expression from complete machines (see the andromidas variants for further details) When a design is chosen, work begins, enhancing the enforcer for it's required duty. Hosts can be any form of life or from parts of living creatures, particularly humanoids (be it human, elf, Ork, dwarf, hemocupitor or otherwise) When the host's body is complete, a chip is inserted into their brain (or equivalent vital organ), acting as a Dead Man's switch incase they go rogue or leave too far from their facilities (which were known as Bunk"E"rs), as they are tracked on their distance from where their control chip is, which will give them a warning to return, or face termination. This was also used to control the more violent and destructive versions through the use of implementing chips in scientists tasked with teaching enforcers. The chips would be directly inserted into the arm bone of a trainer, preventing the enforcer from attacking or even threatening the owner of the chip, while simultaneously giving the trainer a fair amount of control over said enforcer if need-be. However, it should be noted that many of the later, smaller enforcers were never given said chips, due to the lack of violence in their nature. Same goes to the miniforcer series, with the exception of those specifically designed for military use. Other then this, all enforcers are required to have their numbers stamped somewhere on their bodies. This varies from individual to individual, although if they somehow lose said stamp, they are still named in the chip in their brain that can be scanned briefly (albeit, this is the only information you are liable to receive, as most enforcers have chips capable of blocking almost all grades of hacking or receivers.) In the now apocalyptic wastes of Omer, Enforcers are built into the culture of many who are still living in it's harsh environments as rumours, myths and legends. But, many have claimed to see them, and many have knowledge of their existence. It's just the sheer scale of Omer, and the sheer amount of day to day problems leads to a simple factor of lack of trust, reliable sources and interest while attempting to keep perseverance at a priority when faced with hell. Life span: Most can live indefinitely, either by simply regenerating cells faster then losing them, by going into a standby phase to act in a dormant sleep until turned back on, or by modifying themselves to outlive things. Some, however, will die from age, but only after a very long time. Almost all that have died have died from external sources. Other information: All enforcers were built with a purpose. The first 10 enforcers were all built to act as weapons. These were made on earth with the help of other allied factions, and were designed to be humanity's idea of enforcing their laws, while protecting the ring with biological weaponry. The next 11 through until 30 were designed with functionality in mind, acting as an idea for how enforcers could be used to help in other circumstances. The rest from there are varied in functionality, but fall into either, or both categories. In Omers apocalypse, Most Enforcers are unknown as to whether or not they still function. However, it is a known fact that, while some are still dormant, other roam the wastes. Those who do have found alternative methods of removing the Dead Man's switch from their brain, either through one means or another. However, some are still bound to their laboratories, while others are working as slaves to those who found and installed their chips. Variations within the species: There are a number of variations from enforcer to enforcer, as all were designed with different ideals in mind. However, not that enforcers can be an abundance of variations, and sometimes fall into all other categories at once. The list below is simply a category of what types exist,as some enforcers can be any number of combinations of the below types. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- List of subspecies: Weaponized Enforcers Utility Enforcers (Utilit-E) Andromidas Enforcers Biomechanical Enforcers Bulwarks AutoME Tech (Miniforcers) **Note that the subspecies can have a mix of each within an individual, due to the sheer variety between each Enforcer variant.** ...... Well, there ya have it. That's the enforcers. While they don't make much of an appearance in MMaM itself, they are one of the main things seen within Memetically me, so they are particularly of importance to me at least. As always, if there are any questions, or anything at all, then please feel free to comment thank you so much for reading, if indeed you did. Hope you liked it!
  10. Tea slimes are quite a specific one, but are actually fairly common among many space-bound traveling murchents and scouting parties, as well as gourmet coffee shops and even as expensive pets. Instead of having to package and use tea, "tea slimes" are born when their seedling is taken and grown inside of a vat of tea (always cold, since too high of a temperature would boil them. However, the type of tea will always vary based on what the company/farmer of the tea slime wants) After a few months, the seedling will either take the form of; a bacterial slime, which will produce a very fine tea when sustained with water (while also lasting a very long time before the slimes gain inpuraties, at which point they are taken and made into seedlings to be used to repeat the process) Or a animalistic slime. While for a lot of people and companies this is unintentional, but some do intentionally grow tea slimes to be like common pets, like dogs or cats. While they Re typically just blobs with little ears and big eyes, they are expensive pets, as they take years to grow, and if treated nicely, will produce tea over time for their owners on command. A little gross to think about deeply, but it's considered a "delicacy". Still, while it's rare for a humanoid variant of tea slime to occurs, it has happened on rare occasions. As per the norm, in larger societies, the humanoid tea slime has to either be adopted by the owner, or given to the correct government services to be raised and looked after, since they usually have humanoid rights and whatnot. Still, the brass tax, tea slimes are unique because; *They are, by all intensive purposes, domesticated slimes *They can come in animal, bacterial and humanoid variants. Although humanoid variants are usually on accident, and as such are a very big grey zone within the tea-slime farming industry. Most will usually be taken away and looked after by the correct authorities u till they are old enough to make their own way in society *They all produce tea when given water. Usually piping hot, and varies depending on the type of tea. Usually used on traveling traditional murchents or military ships, since they can make tea slimes with herbal remedy teas to utalise them as effective herbal releife ...Still, hope that at least answers that. Not overly detailed, but that's the general idea of them.
  11. Well, idk, I think I'm pretty manly...... "Casually feminine", eyy? Well, I see....
  12. So, I wanted to start off MMaM lore softly by having a look at some of the species found within the MMaM universe. Now, it should be noted that there are litterely billions that I can think of off the top of my head (and trust me, I'm not kidding) but let's start off with one that everyone know and loves... ....slimes :3 What are slimes? If you haven't already seen or heard of a slime (by some miracle or another) then to give a mental depiction; imagine if jelly was alive, but it was also sticky...very sticky....and deadly...well, sometimes. Slimes are such a varied and widespread species that they have to be taken out of the usual classifications of other species and instead classified as a different species altogether. They tend to be omnivores, adapting to utalise their bodies to engulf and digest food using their liquid-based bodies. While they take many thousands of different shapes and sizes, there are four major categories that separates them between one another: Humanoid/ Intelligent: Humanoid and intelligent slimes can be seen as either humanoid in appearance, or they have the ability to learn and have greater though, unlike their other slime counterparts. Although relatively uncommon, these species are adapted to fit in with humanoid groups and gain knowledge, to which they are then able to live alongside them in society. However, slimes still suffer from a lack of cognitive reforming, and as such are usually Increadibly slow learners, but very fast adaptors. Aka; it will take them years to learn a language, but seconds to take mimic your actions. While it is rare to find an Increadibly intelligent slime, those that are are usually Increadibly deadly, and not to be trifled with. Animalistic: Those that are like animals, as they act entirely on their own natural instincts. Most learn their tendencies from the first animal they see, so they can be either a predator or a herbivore depending on what they have adapted to live around. If no animals or creatures are present at their birth, they will usually adapt into either Intelligent slimes, or base their appearance around their environment. Bacterial: These are simply large masses of bacteria formed together to make one giant slime-like entity. These usually cluster together, and are mindless in the fact that they follow their nature and that’s it. These can be found almost anywhere and everywhere. Parasitic: Parasitic slimes are an adaptation to the bacterial slime, as they take on the form of a creature by either using their bones as a basic body structure, or taking over a host's body. These are by far the most dangerous versions of slimes at birth, but they usually adapt to live exactly like the animal or creature they take over, so they can become relatively tame after taking over a host. Intelligent slimes can also be misinterpreted as parasitic slimes, since there are a few who use a skeleton as a structural body, but this is more as a "fashion statement". But, intelligent parasitic slimes do exist, and are usually born on the corpse of a deceased intelligent species, and thus gain said intelligence through growth. ----- While these 4 catagories are used primarily as an outline, they do quite commonly mix and match over one another, due to the sheer variety found within the slime species. While it may be a question as to how and why slimes take on these different typings, it simply comes down to when they were splips, or also known as seedlings. When slimes are first born, they are created when a mature slime either dies or consumes a mass of food to use as splitting resources. When either of these happens, the slime will split in half, with one half remaining as the slime, and the other half fracturing into thousands of tiny little raindrop-shaped slimes, that will bounces off in set directions. These are known as seedlings. Most seedlings will end up either perishing or being consumed by bigger seedlings, but the 1% that manage to live and beat the survival of the fittest will adapt and grow into something either within their environment, or to match a native species/intelligent life that they come across. Seedlings are adaptable in the fact that they can usually becoume any of the above, but will likely be more akin to the type they were before, unless adaptation requires it (The only exception to this rule are intelligent and bacterial slimes. While intelligent slimes will likely always produce other intelligent slimes, bacterial slimes don't produce seedlings, and instead just produce excess bacterial slime that will extend off the initial source) ------ To give you an idea of some of the types of slimes that I've encountered head-wise, here is a quick list of some of them; Venomous/ Poisonous Bubble slimes Tar slimes Cube/ wall slime Honey slimes Citrus/fruit slimes Lava slimes Clay slime Fire slimes Metal slime’s Ice slimes Gold slimes Shelled slimes Crystal slimes Mudslimes Blood slimes Foam slimes Ocean slimes Jellyfish slimes River slimes Slime urchins Rubber slimes Alkali slimes Acid slimes Masked slimes Wax slimes Rock slimes Alcohol slimes Plastic slimes Sand slimes Tea slimes Ceramic slimes Vegetation slimes Ferrofluid slimes .....exedra. as you can see, there are a many different variants that can be found, and the ones listed aren't even scratching the surface of the sheer variation that slimes can come in. With this adaptational ability, and the sheer variation they can be found in, it's no wonder why they are the most common species found within MMaM Even so though, every type of slime has its uses, including the animalistic and the bacterial. While animalistic variants and humanoid variants make great let's/partners, bacterial and parasitic have been used in many medical and eldritch treatments/methodologies. It's clear to see why they are, indeed, quite popular among researchers. --- Lastly, to wrap up this quick talk on slimes, I wanted to talk about their colour variations. You can tell a lot about a slime by its colour variations, more notibly it's type, where it came from, what it's done, it's personality, and how it's feeling at the time. While they tend to have the colours matching their type and the location they have come from, it's also common for them to change colours based on their environment or their emotions. While it takes them a while to change colours fully (usually a month or two) they can usually change shades depending on their moods. E.G a red slime will turn a clear and soft red when calm or happy, vivid red when excited, or quite a dark red when upset or angry. --- To wrap up, slimes are by no means simple in MMaM. While I haven't really covered much on them within this blog post, I hope this gives as much information that can give a decent idea as to their nature, what they are and how they act. Still plenty more to come! Next I hope to move on to more advanced species, and cover them. Hope you enjoyed! ^^ (If anyone has any questions, please feel free to leave them bellow! I'll always answer as best as I can :3)
  13. Yaaaaay! high-five @Wedgy ^^ Bonus win!
  14. (i know its a short story, but I wanna give you a hug now Musuko ;-;)
  15. I was asked to make a fellow artists OC. You can check their art out over on https://solarityflaire12.newgrounds.com/
  16. Ehh, not that anyone's ever really asked me about it, but I do mention MMaM allot, so I thought I might as well address it. MMaM stands for "Me, Myself and the Multiverse"; a series I have been working on for the last 3 years. its been mostly based off of characters and ideas formed within my head-thing (I'm an insomniac, so I spend a LOT of time thinking) so I've been developing an entire universe for the MMaM story-line, as well as other series based in that universe (such as "Memetically Me", which is one I'm working on atm) Without going into to much detail, I thought I might as well say that I will likely be using this blog, as well as the writers archive club, to share some of my thoughts, ideas and tips/tricks I have picked up over my short time of writing. (I will also be covering how to write a comic, as well as how to create narrative for characters in video games, in the writers archive. this wont be for a while, since I am still learning myself, but I will definitely get around to it) anyhow, hope this is at least helpful and informative, and I look forward to ranting on about narrative and ideas in the near future (Oh, and please, if anyone has ANY questions at all, or anything they would like me to discuss or go over within narrative or creative fields, then please ask! even if I don't know about it myself, I would happily research it with you, since it means we can all learn together!!! :D) Thank you for your time
  17. Thank-you! ^^ Her name's "Toiny", and she's one of the Miniforcers in Memetically me :3 (Thanks, I planted the flowers myself! :D)
  18. "The doll's a lively one, I could tell ya that. Why, there ain't ever a day where she doesn't dance to the sound of the winds, in the fields where she was raised.... A bit poetic for a machine, eyy?"
  19. "As a clown, he was always so overjoyed to see their little faces light up! ....After all, it took a lot of children's faces to make a decent lamp-shade."
  20. "That dreaded season comes around once every year... But its always a question as to what's worse; The sheer overgrowing amount of them, or the fact that duck season is just around the corner..."
  21. Introducing, AF-Chan! Just a chibi atm, but I wanna make her properly at some stage
  22. Thank you ^^ I find I like the eldritch far more then most other things... On the flip-side, I can also draw really cute things well..... I really want to eventually make really creepy and cute things, all as one. A unified cuteness, glorified in eldritch horror. That, is the goal. A simple one, but one I shall strive forward for and clasp within my arms... So yeah, long story short, thanks Wedgy
  23. Edited bonepile. The tiny little eldritch hunters unable to do anything but gaze upon their demise...
  24. WEDGY IT LOOKS FANTASTIC!!! I love little pen and sharpie drawings (albeit, I'm terrible with anything outside of the oll pixels) so little Tsuyu looks so cute! amazing work there Wedgy!!! ^^

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