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  1. Thank you both so much :3 I feel I'm getting the hang of the oll pixel art, although atm I haven't had much time since the covid outbreak to actually do anything, as uni deadlines have been changed up a whole bunch. So just getting through them, and will be right back in pixel-making-madness
  2. I'ma start working on some things... especially getting the badges re-designed (Some I find a bit silly compared to the rest of the ones... So expect a few re-designs soon-ish-maybe ;P)


  3. I trust in ya SJ, I trust in ya. But, maybe, unlimited power is just the power to feel unlimited? The ability to do anything without restraining one's self? Or restraint from others? Who knows! Could also be unlimited battery power I need that around now, for me as a human being. Been knackered from lucid dreaming and uni wombo-combo ;-;
  4. Thank you so much, Souljam :3 i wouldn't go as far to say I have unlimited power though, more like I'm a work-a-holic
  5. Some Yuno Gasai Chibis... cause I wanted to do some more chibi stuff Btw, if ya ever wanna see more stuff (Cause I sometimes forget to post it here... Cause life is super hectic XD), ya can check me out at https://xyrodonatus.newgrounds.com/
  6. Did a little sketchy-sketch using the oll tablet, since I still wanna get used to using it :3 I'm having fun just making experimental-chill peices, all just utilising different brushes and things I've never used before... Came out looking alright, I think!
  7. Getting back into the flow of horror pixels :3 It's been such a rough patch recently, I just wanted to test out art for me really, since I haven't been able to over the last few months. still, here's something at least
  8. Big fluffy duckling leviathan (the baby variant of a duck leviathan, who I'll try to draw soon. These are one of my MMaM species that I wanted to draw for practice :3)


  9. ...this was my first time using a drawing tablet instead of mouse...


    ....It was meant to be a feild of flowers....

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    2. Seshi


      I love your art. It reminds me of somthing from a Miyazaki film

    3. Zila


      Sounds like some major conquering. 😁 Seriously though, this first try has a very talented direction to it. You're definitely going to be creating a lot of wonderful things the more comfortable and familiar you get. Looking forward! 🤩

    4. Blue Dragon

      Blue Dragon

      Congrats on getting to use a tablet! I would so love to have a styllis (is that spelled right?) Using a mouse is god-awful XD Just doesn't feel natural, even after all these years.

      So creepy, I love it!


  10. Do you ever question weather or not a hot-dog is just a bread taco?

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    2. Illusion of Terra

      Illusion of Terra

      @Ohiotaku post of the month 😂 

    3. Zila


      @Ohiotaku This should be a t-shirt or something. 😆

    4. The History Kid

      The History Kid

      You have summoned me!

  11. Forgot to add this photo-frame from the "A grim birthday" demo game a made a little while ago... I knew I was forgetting something XD
  12. Name: Xyro Age: 20 Gender: male Big or Little Spoon? I prefer using a knife and fork Kisses? Certainly Where: Up to you Acceptable Nicknames: anything, so long as you are willing to also accept any nickname Video games / movies: monster hunter (generations ultimate & world), the binding of Isaac, stardew valley Can We Build a Fort? I'll always be able to build a little home with you Pillow Fight? Locked and loaded! Pants Required? Not a requirement, but I'll be in my PJ's Can I Fall Asleep? softly and soundly. Just let me know when you need to be up by :3
  13. Judging on their name, one would assume that a shamblefluff would be something fluffy that shambles... Well, you wouldn't be far from the truth... So what is a shamblefluff exactly? Well, let's have a bit of a gander. Shall we? ---- Shamblefluffs: Full name: Shamblefluffs Other terms/Local names for the species: Cotton rollers, cotton fairies --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Factual information: Appearance: Shamblefluffs are small, fluffy humanoids that are comprised of a stubby body. They have brown/tanned skin. And a thick layer of fur across their back and arms, which is extremely long and course, similar to that of sheep and cotton, giving them their name. Their eyes tend to be a solid black, and they have a small nose and mouth. Their features apart from this are usually bland, however they tend to adorn themselves with paints, accessories and styles in order to stand out from one another. They tend to travel as one large group, and as such look like a giant mass of shambling fluff (hence their full name) Locations/Climates they are found in: Thick forestry areas that are subject to intense weather conditions. Such as extreme fluctuations of cold or heat. Diet: regular Shamblefluffs are omnivores, however other subspecies within the group can either be carnivores or herbivores. Nature (Aggressive, passive, exedra): They tend to be relatively social and rather pleasant, as they prefer to talk and barter with other humanoids (with the exception of the more tribal subspecies, that can sometimes hunt them for sport) Culture: in general, a group of Shamblefluffs have their own cultural rules, histories and parts per group. However, for the most part, thir groups are commonly made up of individual professions with a single queen at the center. The queen is in charge, and is the soul leading force of the Shamblefluff group. If the queen dies, then the next queen is chosen on popularity and knowledge Life span: 40-80 years Other information: They tend to vary a hollow, light weight homestead in the centre of the mass, which they use to sleep inside when either night rolls around, or when certain workers need to rest (this home is usually in the form of a wooden log, giant shell, or any natural/handmade source that can be squeezed inside as a home.) Scout Shamblefluffs tend to be far smaller then the rest, while worries are much larger. This varies depending on group, however. The smallest tend to be around the size of a human foot, while the largest can stand up to a humans waist As part of a defensive mechanism, Shamblefluffs will drag an attacker into their bundle, pinning them down in the centre of them. They will then cause the individual to cook to death under the mass of fur, before then either stripping it apart if it was a usable animal or something they could use for food, or throw it away/burry it if it were a humanoid (although some will still use the first option, however it is commonly shunned upon, and is only ever done in times of need to prevent starvation) Variations within the species: They tend to vary in appearance based on their role within the shamble. Worries tend to be a bit larger and muscular, while groomers tend to have specialised tusks for parking fur, exedra --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- List of subspecies: Shamblefuffians Shamblethorns Cottonfluffs --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Shamblefluffians: Appearance: just like ordinary Shamblefluffs, but their fur is a red/dark red/black rather then the standard shade of white, grey and gold. They also have sharper teeth and tusks in some cases Locations/Climates they are found in: deserts, volcanic regions and forestry areas prone to sporadic climates Diet: carnivores (the tribal groups are known to hunt and feed on other intelligent life too) Nature (Aggressive, passive, exedra): aggressive for the most part, with the exception of those living closer to civilization, as they tend to be either friendly to other humanoids or at the very least avoid them. More tribal ones will eat intelligent life, however. Culture: they tend to prefer hunting as a pack, utilizing small weapons and tusks to hunt and kill prey. Intelligent life in tribal variants tend to be seen as a more spiritual hunt, and thus gives way for warriors to prove themselves in battle. Life span: 40-60 years Other information: Tribal variants are far more aggressive then those who are around civilization They tend to enjoy places that are far warmer and more open Although they travel as a group, they will fight other groups of shamblefluffians, and the winning group will take the losers in and use them as workers, only allowing them to become warriors when they prove themselves -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Shamblethorns: Appearance: similar to Shamblefluffs, with the exception of their fur being more green, dark green and mint in coloration. Their fur also tends to contain thick, sharp thorns, as well as being far heavier and more course Locations/Climates they are found in: thick forests, jungles and any places filled with crevices and foliage Diet: herbivores. They tend to enjoy vines and other vine-like plant life and vegetation, such as ivy Nature (Aggressive, passive, exedra): very defencive. They tend to huddle together when approached, and are overly cautious, even around other humanoids. Culture: they tend to live in smaller groups, but are always looking out for one another. They will usually consume leaves, vines and other creeper plants until they need to move ,and will do so as a large group. Shamblethorns don't have a queen, and instead work as a services group, working with other groups of shamblethorns when needed, but otherwise sticking in smaller groups. Life span: 70-88 years Other information: Their fur tends to be Incredibly sharp, accompanied by solid spines in their backs. These can usually cause immense lacerations, killing most species from exsanguination They tend to work well with other species, oftentimes accepting protection from other humanoids in exchange for them eating pest creeper plants from taking over farmsteads and the like. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Cottonfluffs: Appearance: exactly like normal Shamblefluffs in base appearance, however they can vary drastically due to their introduction In to civilised life. This can include styles of hair; including trimmed variations, colours and even race-okenos (Due to parents being a mix of shamblefluff and any other variation of humanoid species) based on the area they have grown up in throughout life. Locations/Climates they are found in: Civilised planets (or within civilization on many planets) Diet: omnivores; tend to eat anything, so long as it fits into a regular humanoid diet. Nature (Aggressive, passive, exedra): varies depending on upbringing and type of civilization. Brought up within. Varies from individual to individual. Culture: varies based on civilization brought up in and their own family history. Life span: average of 70-300 years Other information: Unlike other Shamblefluff species, Cottonfluffs don't travel as a group, and are independent (as such, no queens exist either) They tend to be far taller then others. And are usually waist height, but this varies from individual to individual Okeno Cottonfluffs tend to maintain their fur and their eyes, but will usually take in their other special traits, including normal height (but will always be slightly shorter then most, due to their overly short nature)
  14. helping judge a comic contest sounds awesome! Hope you're having fun with it BD :3 Yah, pixel art has its little issues when it comes down to it. the smaller the art, the harder it is to try and make things look like they make sense, especially when animating them (Which is why I tend to stay away from the 21 x 21 pixel range of things XD) Honestly though, for me at least, I try not to spend more then an hour on any piece of art at any given time, just because I'm a work-a-holic and prefer to get things done (Please don't judge XD) And thank you very much BD :3 means a lot!
  15. Thank you kindly BD :3 Although, sorry for the late reply XD been a little busy with something recently... which reminds me... https://somethingintheair.itch.io/a-grim-birthday I made a game! It was originally just for a uni hand in, but I decided to also share it, because I was quite proud :3 hope y'all enjoy! (For 15 days of work, I'm quite proud of the turnout, even with the janky art XD)
  16. A close-up for bobbet (my little automoton) which I hope to use as the text portrait in the game I am currently making Oh, also.... I drew santa-claws! Merry Christmas y'all!





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    2. Wedgy


      They really don't enforce proper food handling guidelines in most junk food joints. It's the top reason besides trying to be somewhat healthy that I avoid them. Employees rarely wash their hands as much as they should, change their gloves, or even adequately cover their hair. Gloves are often wiped on aprons rather than changed--aprons I've also seen taken with them to the toilet or outside for a smoke or garbage haul. Their equipment is used and reused and seldom cleaned or sanitised. Food containers are frequently stored in areas rife with dust (see: human skin) and the kitchens can often be so hot and with such high activity that there are some employees who sweat more than usual, which can also become surprise ingredients in your lunch. 

      Burger patties, chicken breasts, nuggets you name it-- they all sit in holding cabinets and time out only to be retimed by an employee who doesn't feel like cooking a new batch. Food which may not have been temped in the first place, let alone with a clean thermometer. Food which is cooked in or on appliances which likely aren't cleaned daily, with their grease traps running over. Food stored in walk-in coolers which haven't been cleaned in 5 years and have mold spots on the ceiling and under the shelving. 

      Its just a good idea in general to be in charge of your own food as much as possible. 

    3. Wedgy


      @Ohiotaku reminds me of this notorious video.. https://youtu.be/2ao-fSNQaSA (NSFW also language) 

    4. Illusion of Terra

      Illusion of Terra

      @Wedgy rarely agreed to something that much 😂 

  18. " 'PlEaSe DoNt CrY, sMiLe FoR mE....' , those words bounced around in my head for a while. Sat alone, shrouded by the encroaching night, I tried my hardest to burn the images of that crooked smile from my brain. But I couldn't. not now, not ever. That was when I became aware of the knife in my hand, and the steady stream of crimson dripping from the carved edges of my lips..."
  19. Anime's pupa, but I wouldn't advise giving it a watch, its one of the worst anime/manga series I've ever picked up. just in regard to its quality, its pretty awful.
  20. Whelp, gonna be buisy-buisy over the next few months, got a lot of life to re-organise and a load of goals to strive for, but I'm going to do them all, achieve them all, then come back to tell the tale 😜

    Will still be around though, so if anyone needs me, just give me a shout! ^^

    1. Illusion of Terra

      Illusion of Terra

      'life' 'goals'
      that's no way to talk for an otaku 😂

    2. Wedgy


      Can't wait to hear all about your adventures! 

  21. I haven't posted art in a while, so here's a load that I have done; (bobbet is my favourite one of the recent pixel art's though)
  22. "As she sat atop the throne of world, the universes around her on her fingertips... she smiled; she was super-strong Bocchi now, and forever...." ....This is what happens when you take a joke and make it a reality :3
  23. just a little something.... enjoy!
  24. Sorry for the lack of... Well, anything really xD been super buisy what with uni work and other stuff.

    Anywho, I'm going to likely be doing some more pixel art soon to post, but today I'll probably be buisy with birthday stuffs, so ya can expect to see (maybe) more from me again some time soon! (I hope. I miss posting ;-;)

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