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  1. Sorry, But I will be on and off for the next few days. I have allot of exams and course work to do. I'm looking forward to it ;-)

    1. Higanbana


      we will be waiting! Come back soon! i am the same way tbh

  2. I listen to almost all the songs on Arctic Empire http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lRud_et_kpE
  3. I have felt it in the air as well. I think its a heavy cloud of ball**** that people with hatred towards others are making.
  4. All I suffer with is a severe case of insomnia. Although it can be draining, at least it has the positive of lucidness. P.S: don't feel alone. If you ever need to talk about anything, feel free to speak to me or anyone else on the forum. Please just don't keep yourself locked in your own mind :-)
  5. Xyro


    I Love how this turned from an introduction into a cookie festival! FREE COOKIES FOR ALL!
  6. Xyro


    Don't wory, I will make a fresh batch!
  7. Xyro


    Good afternoon LostOne. Im Xyro. Its a pleasure to meet you :-)
  8. Xyro


    I would make more, but I am not verry Punny
  9. Xyro


    I'm so sorry, that was a really bad pun.
  10. Xyro


    *runs away, and sets random house on fire* "James! why did you do that?' "because, this is a 'heated' chase"
  11. Xyro


    Shhhhh. that's a secret! keep your voice down! he may hear you!
  12. Xyro


    Tell anyone about what ;-)
  13. Xyro


    No........ Maybe.......yes O:-)
  14. Xyro


    My name is Xyro, Its an absolute pleasure to have joined the community.
  15. I honestly would marry Chihiro Fujisaki.
  16. Working on Me-Myself-and-Me

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