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  1. I actually have something to add about the backgrounds. I found a neat little program that lets you create an image to use that appears to be three different backgrounds for your screens. If you go to this website and download the dual wallpaper app, it will let you use multiple backgrounds that match up to each screen size. It basically takes these images and makes a single image that will display across all your screens but shows up just like normal wallpapers. I used it, after hours of searching for something like this, when I hooked up my laptop to my TV with an HDMI cable. There are some other interesting programs but I've only tried the one for wallpapers.
  2. Actually it just started moving so slow. Even though my internet is able to play YouTube videos smoothly, it took my computer way too long to process them. Between constant freezes and slowdowns I decided it would be better to just downgrade to Win7. To me, Win7 is more like an upgrade.
  3. Hey ND ^^ Was just wondering if you were still interested in the Gods RP. If so, the OOC thread and the RP thread have both been made.

  4. Hey Katy, I wanted to check to make sure you didn't miss it but it's your turn in http://forums.ancommunity.net/threads/gods-of-an-rp.519/#post-3280.

  5. I would literally have a panic attack if I logged on to see my desktop like that. I'm so much of a neat freak when it comes to my desktop that I have to keep it clean. Folders in folders of folders holding folders. You could do an image search on google to try and find multiple sizes to match all your screens for a background. You could even just go with separate backgrounds that way you have more diversity while viewing your desktops.
  6. Must not be too far into the series >.> I thought the same thing starting out. Might not be anime but it's not exactly cartoon-y. I just rewatched W.I.T.C.H and it was even better than I remembered. For once the main characters don't end up fighting over the same boy! Disappointed it didn't get a third season >.<
  7. I'm a bit skeptical. I'm worried that through all the hype and anticipation ... this is going to turn out to be a major let down. They waited so long to do this follow up. I just feel like there's so much they can do wrong that it doesn't leave a large window for the right. I personally will be disappointed if they don't bring back all the original characters for the series. I'd also like to know what the point is. Why bring them back if the next generation of digidestined had already been born (02). It seems a bit sketchy but I'll still check it out just for nostalgia's sake.
  8. Just finished up Guilty Crown, dubbed. It was hard to take it too seriously since it had that common roleplay style storyline to it. Everything happened so fast and there was always something new going on. In the end it was pretty decent.
  9. I'm sorry about the sudden disappearance guys. I've been so busy lately. To make matters worse my computer crashed out on me so I finally had to get rid of Windows 8 and go back to Windows 7. I still haven't gotten all my programs reinstalled but it's a work in progress. I'm back now. Sorry again for any inconvenience onion-cry2
  10. Nights


    Usually just a bowl of cereal but occasionally I'll mix things up by actually cooking. Scrambled eggs and grilled cheese is my all-time favorite.
  11. I could probably feel the tremors off that bass all the way over here. That thing looks lethal.
  12. If you need a writer/pre-reader/proofreader for Memento Petals let me know. I'm not great at drawing but I do love literature. I can't promise I'd catch everything but I could catch a lot. Were you thinking of using voice actors in Memento Petals or just text?
  13. You could have alternatively went with #Sa-dere-day lol or #In-dere-pendenceDay I think my punny side has been unleashed.
  14. Go with #Moenday because wordplay is always fun Do it again in October and use #Loliween lol
  15. I got Saito's brother, can't remember his name. If you proofread everything before you actually start developing the game, it's as easy as transferring the text. Those were just tips for if you planned on making a bigger, more in depth game.
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