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  1. Hey Katy, I wanted to check to make sure you didn't miss it but it's your turn in http://forums.ancommunity.net/threads/gods-of-an-rp.519/#post-3280.

  2. making otome game

  3. *facepalm* @FearInCube that made me think of perverted things.ouchthis-excited
  4. https://www.youtube.com/user/blogilates she has her pop pilate workout videos and other type of workout videos. Also healthy diet and weight lose.
  5. Come one and show some funny anime GIFs!!!! Sword Art Online: Free!: Noragami:
  6. Dealing with PSP emulators T^T

  7. www.jamendo.com/en/list/a131403/hajimari-no-uta Hajimari No Uta by shironeko
  8. onion-cupVoice actors ~~~ Because I really want to take this project seriously nya I want to put my best effort in the project and I really want the game to be high qualityonion-cool, so I'll use voice actors, especially for the male characters(it's an otome game afterall, so male characters are very importantonion-envy ) I'll let you know when I finish the script for some routes in Memento Petals, Fufufufu~~I have a proofreader nya~~so happy~~onion-run
  9. Yeah, that's a really useful tip...I never thought of that ..onion-wall Maybe I should write the script in Word doc in screenplay format, showing the dialogue,scenes. Then paste them and edit them in the text editor. That sounds more easy.onion-envy I'm currently working on 2 otome projects nya~~onion-cup one is "Daisuki Da Yo- In summer", still gonna be a short, simple game. (estimate play time 15-20min) Another is "Memento Petals", it's gonna be much longer and more in depth. I want to create really nice CGs for it. (There isn't any proper CG in Daisuki Da Yo series.)onion-nervous My dream is that one day I would make games as good as "Starry Sky","Ozmafia" or "Diablik Lovers".onion-envy
  10. Then Monday, #Moeday Saturday #Caturday (post cat ear neko)
  11. I like her ears the must~~they are so cute~~~ouchthis-excited2
  12. I never use hashtags... But I might use it on FB page next week cuz I just change the FB page's cover photo and profile pic to moe lolis~~ (FB experiment aiming at fanboys) #Loliweek ??? #Moeday ??? #Moeweek ??? #Moemoe ??? Can't decide which hashtag should I use.onion-nervous
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