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  1. The game is simple. Take a screenshot of your desktop, or even your handheld device, and share it with everyone here. Don't worry, we'll give you some time to get rid of the evidence beforehand Here's my Oreimo wall ^^
  2. Nights

    Post Your Internet Speed

    It's pretty common to see these threads on just about any forum you go to. Either as a way to see who's got the better internet or just for reference, users post their internet speeds as dictated by speedtest.net in this thread. It's usually just one post per member but if you change your ISP or upgrade (or sadly downgrade) your internet you can re-post with your updated internet. onion-stress My internet speeds can sometimes be a downer but it's still better than dial-up onion-cool
  3. Nights

    Classical Music / Symphony

    I've always been a fan of classical, myself. There's nothing like some good Bach or Beethoven to take the edge off. I just found out that you really can have the best of both worlds. Mikuru Legend of Love The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bnRBsaRqCeo Performed by the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra Symphony just got a whole lot cooler~ Anyone else like classical?
  4. I actually have something to add about the backgrounds. I found a neat little program that lets you create an image to use that appears to be three different backgrounds for your screens. If you go to this website and download the dual wallpaper app, it will let you use multiple backgrounds that match up to each screen size. It basically takes these images and makes a single image that will display across all your screens but shows up just like normal wallpapers. I used it, after hours of searching for something like this, when I hooked up my laptop to my TV with an HDMI cable. There are some other interesting programs but I've only tried the one for wallpapers.
  5. Nights

    Absence and returning thread

    Actually it just started moving so slow. Even though my internet is able to play YouTube videos smoothly, it took my computer way too long to process them. Between constant freezes and slowdowns I decided it would be better to just downgrade to Win7. To me, Win7 is more like an upgrade.
  6. Hey ND ^^ Was just wondering if you were still interested in the Gods RP. If so, the OOC thread and the RP thread have both been made.

  7. Hey Katy, I wanted to check to make sure you didn't miss it but it's your turn in http://forums.ancommunity.net/threads/gods-of-an-rp.519/#post-3280.

  8. I would literally have a panic attack if I logged on to see my desktop like that. I'm so much of a neat freak when it comes to my desktop that I have to keep it clean. Folders in folders of folders holding folders. You could do an image search on google to try and find multiple sizes to match all your screens for a background. You could even just go with separate backgrounds that way you have more diversity while viewing your desktops.
  9. Nights

    What anime are you watching now?

    Must not be too far into the series >.> I thought the same thing starting out. Might not be anime but it's not exactly cartoon-y. I just rewatched W.I.T.C.H and it was even better than I remembered. For once the main characters don't end up fighting over the same boy! Disappointed it didn't get a third season >.<
  10. Nights

    BREAKING: new Digimon series announced

    I'm a bit skeptical. I'm worried that through all the hype and anticipation ... this is going to turn out to be a major let down. They waited so long to do this follow up. I just feel like there's so much they can do wrong that it doesn't leave a large window for the right. I personally will be disappointed if they don't bring back all the original characters for the series. I'd also like to know what the point is. Why bring them back if the next generation of digidestined had already been born (02). It seems a bit sketchy but I'll still check it out just for nostalgia's sake.
  11. Nights

    What anime are you watching now?

    Just finished up Guilty Crown, dubbed. It was hard to take it too seriously since it had that common roleplay style storyline to it. Everything happened so fast and there was always something new going on. In the end it was pretty decent.
  12. Nights

    Absence and returning thread

    I'm sorry about the sudden disappearance guys. I've been so busy lately. To make matters worse my computer crashed out on me so I finally had to get rid of Windows 8 and go back to Windows 7. I still haven't gotten all my programs reinstalled but it's a work in progress. I'm back now. Sorry again for any inconvenience onion-cry2
  13. Nights


    Usually just a bowl of cereal but occasionally I'll mix things up by actually cooking. Scrambled eggs and grilled cheese is my all-time favorite.
  14. Nights

    Latest tech you just bought

    I could probably feel the tremors off that bass all the way over here. That thing looks lethal.
  15. If you need a writer/pre-reader/proofreader for Memento Petals let me know. I'm not great at drawing but I do love literature. I can't promise I'd catch everything but I could catch a lot. Were you thinking of using voice actors in Memento Petals or just text?
  16. Nights

    Facebook - your thoughts and experiences?

    You could have alternatively went with #Sa-dere-day lol or #In-dere-pendenceDay I think my punny side has been unleashed.
  17. Nights

    Facebook - your thoughts and experiences?

    Go with #Moenday because wordplay is always fun Do it again in October and use #Loliween lol
  18. I got Saito's brother, can't remember his name. If you proofread everything before you actually start developing the game, it's as easy as transferring the text. Those were just tips for if you planned on making a bigger, more in depth game.
  19. Considering there aren't that many good VN's out there, especially English ones, I jumped into this thing with criticism radars on max ^^ I was also really looking forward to it. There were a lot of spelling and grammar errors, I'm guessing you didn't collaborate with a team. When dealing with projects like this, though it appears this was just a starter, you want to have a team at the ready. You need writers, editors, story board artists, artists, the game dev, and a small team for quality assurance. I'm looking at what this is now, which is a fun little game (not to mention cute) that's an alright play. I'm thinking about what this could be given the time and combined effort of a full team and ... there's a difference. Basically, what you have is great having done it yourself. It's excellent for being a beginner project. Now what you need to do is get a team together to work on your next project and I guarantee you'll see if a difference. I did leave one thing out when I was listing off the team, voice actors. They aren't necessary, especially in VN's, however, I bet dimes to dollars that a voiced VN would receive much greater attention. Something else to think about. It was fun, katy ^^ It definitely shows that you're off to a great start! Keep up the good work.
  20. Nights

    What kind of sports do you do?

    I'll play basketball occasionally and I don't mind swinging a bat here and there. I don't like physical contact sports so I really don't play often. I have a fear of falling down so soccer and football are two I almost never play. They should make sleep a sport. I'm pretty good at that.
  21. It doesn't have to be anime, it just has to be your wallpaper. For example, I just changed my wallpaper a few days ago (I also cleaned up my desktop >.<) I took a stock image of Elsa and added some lyrics from 'Let It Go'. EDIT: I know them feels. I have to slam my laptop shut when I have a pony background. Anime backgrounds are fine because everyone knows I'm otaku but ... nobody knows I'm a brony >.>
  22. Nights

    Facebook - your thoughts and experiences?

    You'll often see me using hashtags where they don't work as a sort of sarcasm towards social media. #underground4life
  23. Nights

    Absence and returning thread

    Yay! Katy's back, back again, Katy's back, tell a friend~
  24. Nights

    Which gaming-console(s) do you own?

    It just quit working. I'm pretty positive it was the lens but I had that thing for years so it could have been anything.
  25. ~A Nights Tale~ [spoiler=Prologue]Many eons ago before the apes walked the earth, a civilization existed of higher beings we call gods. These gods did nothing but watch the universe as it expanded, grew, shrunk, and vanished. Thousands of years passed by at the blink of an eye. They had nothing to do but watch the stars form and burn out. They'd occasionally share a light conversation of an anomaly one of them discovered in some distant galaxy. Everything changed when one suddenly got an idea. How grand would it be to create something with thought, not a star or a rock but something that could talk. He brought it up with the others, some agreeing and some not fond of the idea. "What use have we of such trivial things," asked Demeanor. Demeanor was a tall slender form, with golden yellow eyes and sleek black hair. He was often lost in thought and rarely participated in conversation so it was quite a shock to hear him speak up. "We have been content for many a millennium just watching the stars. Why should we change anything now," Demeanor inquired with a furled brow. Vision, the one who came up with the idea, replied, "Exactly. We have been content. Why are we just content? Is it not within reason to create some manner of entertainment?" Vision was smaller than most of the other gods. His bright blue hair and his ocean colored eyes were considered strange in their circle. It was he who created patterns in the stars, a game as he called it. His mind was oft filled with new ideas, things the others couldn't begin to imagine. He was the one who supernovas simply because he was bored of stars just dying out. Demeanor snorted in aggravation, "Vision, how do you plan to seek entertainment from such lowly creatures?" Hope, the only one who actually took to Vision's ideas, jumped in, "I think it's a marvelous idea. It beats watching these stars for one moment longer." "You think everything's a good idea," Demeanor growled. Hope smiled, "That's not true. I think you're the worst idea in the universe." "That doesn't even make sense you idiotic-" Demeanor was cutoff by the sudden movement of another. Father, the only one respected by every other god, spoke up, "I'll make you a deal, Vision." Vision raised a brow and paid Father his complete attention at this. "I'll allow you to make one organic life form and place it on one planet. If after several millennium passes by and no entertainment is gathered then you shall forget the idea entirely." Vision was heartbroken, a single life form was not what he was hoping for. He began to speak in protest but was suddenly struck by another grand idea. A smile grew upon his face as he replied, "And if it entertains?" "I'll let you decide," Father spoke with an unnoticeable air of arrogance. Vision thought for a moment. Of all the things he could want, he could ask for, what should he choose. He finally made a choice, "I want us all to live among the life forms, as one of them." "Life form," Demeanor commented. Vision ignored him and waited for Father's response. After some deliberation Father gave a solemn nod. Vision grinned as he cast a light upon a small rock. He covered the rock in water and earth. He placed a single life form on the earth next to the water. Content with his brilliant plan he raised his head in triumph, for he had already won. [spoiler=Chapter 1] He gazed down the long winding road ahead of him, void of everything but dirt. He wondered how long he had been travelling for; three, maybe four months since he left that place behind him. "That place," he thought, "where everything I loved had died." A sudden gust kicked up dirt as he shielded his eyes with the tattered cloak he was wearing. The wind died down and with it the dust that had been obstructing his view. He heard a sudden rumble and tried to recall the last time he'd actually ate a decent meal. Life on the road really has its flaws. "Hey," he heard a voice coming from a field off to his side. Before he had a chance to turn he instinctively caught an object that had been purposely thrown at him. It felt like a baseball but it was cold and a little wet. He inspected the object to find it was an apple, a scrumptious looking apple at that. He turned to find a girl, sitting atop an old dead tree. She wasn't really sitting, more like she was laying comfortably amid the branches and limbs. "Well, are you just gonna stand there or are you going to introduce yourself?" He tried his best to hide the sudden twitch he got from the arrogance she was letting off, "Isn't it common practice for the person who initiates the conversation to introduce themselves first?" She appeared to ponder his statement for a moment before mumbling, "Person?" She shrugged her shoulders, "I suppose I could, I can't see the harm in introducing myself to a mortal." He was mentally taken aback, keeping his physical composure. He thought to himself, "Mortal? Does this girl think she's not as mortal as I am?" He was certain he must be dealing with a complete sociopath. "Very well, I shall introduce myself," she jumped out of the tree. He instinctively ran to break her fall and while he may have managed to do so, he also thought he broke several other things in the process. "Are you crazy," he asked getting to his feet. "You could have seriously gotten hurt." The girl sighed, "I would've been fine." She made a sour face and rubbed her posterior, "It hurt more landing on your thick head." He was just about to tell her off when he turned to see an outreached hand, "My name is N-o-N, it's nice to meet you." She had such an innocent smile for such a smart mouthed girl. He decided against telling her off and instead shook her hand, "My name is Nights, it's nice to meet you miss Non." A sudden pain nearly crippled him as he fell to the ground. It was only after realizing he stopped short of falling completely that he noticed the pain was coming from the hand he had given her to shake. With a death grip locked in and a glare to match she said, "It's N-o-N. Not Non, not miss Non. Got it?" Nights could only manage a slight nod, fighting through the pain. He was released and fighting his every instinct to run he stood back up. "You can also refer to me as Mistress N-o-N," Nights looked up to see her say with a smile upon her face. Again with that innocent smile. "I think I'll just call you N-o-N, if that's okay," Nights squeaked trying to fight off the remaining pain in his hand. "That's quite a grip you have," he laughed awkwardly. "I think you might have actually broken something, hahaha." NoN had a sudden look of confusion as if she had no idea what Nights was talking about, "Hmm." She peered down at the ground beneath their feet and noticed the apple she had given him previously. She picked it up and brushed it off, holding it out to Nights, "Here. You're hungry right?" "U-um, thanks," Nights replied, carefully accepting the apple with his uninjured hand. Nights closed his eyes and took a bite out of the apple. "I know what it's like," he heard her say, "losing something dear to you." He opened his eyes to ask her what she meant by that but she had vanished. He looked around trying to find her but she was nowhere to be found. If it wasn't for the apple in his hand, with a bite taken out of it, he would have thought her just an illusion. But the proof was there, red in his hands.
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