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  1. I've been using Kaspersky since It's been pretty reliable so far, I haven't had a lot of problems with them yet .
  2. Pocari Sweat, Ramune and Bubble Tea are my Favourite drinks :3
  3. Anyone in Australia Ended up getting Gal Gun or Senran Kagura? Since I preordered Gal Gun a few months back I get to pick up my copy this or next week. I don't even own a PS4 >.> Anyways, what about you guys? Have you got your copy of the game or did you miss out?
  4. Yeah, I play league :3 OCE: Fear In Cube
  5. I mainly pre order all the anime games that come with bonus/limited edition content since I'm a sucker for it
  6. Runescape membership for a mates's party, he doesn't play runescape so I thought why not give him this and also I bought a Yamato Model (The ship) from the newsagency :3
  7. Why would I give a gift card when I can give cash instead to someone? I would choose to give a gift card to some people instead of cash, because it shows that you have gone through the effort to buy something for someone, if you just give them cash it feels like you don't go as far to think of what to get for them. What do you think about gift cards? Do you like the idea of them or do you dislike them? And why? Personally, I'd prefer to be given cash, but it contradicts my first post. Cash is just easier because you have no restrictions unless you get a gift card for a place that you
  8. I know right, when I came back to check the website before it amazed me seeing how cool it is
  9. My dream jobs has always been to work at EBGames and my current job is working at EBGames, so overall, I'm happy :3
  10. Welcome to da Forums ;D Where the cool kids are
  11. Welcome aboard mate! Just wondering, who you like in to love ru? I like Yami and Mikan ;D
  12. All good mate! It's an alright show to watch as well
  13. The Btooom OP No pain no game is one of my favourite songs :3 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ig9U4I9X2g0
  14. Neko Atsume and Hachune Denchi :3
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