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  1. That Cowboy Bebop song was beautiful; thank you for sharing! Sadly, that second song's video is supposedly unavailable in my country (USA).
  2. Huh, interesting song. I never watched that anime, so I had never heard this song. Thanks for sharing!
  3. Like, an internet proxy? Or a physical one? Well, I guess Google could tell me more. Thanks for the suggestion!
  4. I know there's a thread about favorite OPs from a couple months ago, but I want to hear y'all's favorite anime song in general - from any part of any anime! I guess you could link to the video in the thread, too. Mine would probably have to be one of Space Battleship Yamato 2199's endings, 「記憶の光」 (Kioku no Hikari): I also just really like KOKIA in general. So, please share your favorite anime music as well!
  5. Ah, these are those cute folders that are more like dividers without holes for a binder, right? I kind of wanted to buy one, but they would be kind of useless to me. I just use a thin paper folder with a plastic pocket divider for most of my classes. If they were built like a pocket divider, with holes punched, then I'd probably use them though. I'd probably be judged for it, but it'd be worth it if they had functional value. Oh, and that's a pretty nice collection!
  6. Cool! I used to play a lot of Minecraft, back when it just barely got into the beta stage of development. I've been thinking about getting back into it, maybe in the summer. Just a head's up, there should be an "Edit" button under your sig that will allow you to edit your post after making it. That way, you don't have to make a whole new post to correct an error. Also, if you click the reply button on a post, you can scroll back up and click reply on a different post, and both will be quoted in your reply (like I did here). This will also keep you from having to make multiple posts.
  7. Romance and horror, huh? Have you seen School Days? haha Welcome to the forums!
  8. Hey Chalsie, welcome to the forums! I like your avatar!
  9. :O You're exactly 1 year and 1 day older than me xP

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    2. Thermidor


      Yeah, it's pretty lame. But Japanese is hella cool. It's a really fun language to learn. If you're in no rush to graduate I'd suggest taking some classes, if you can. I'm actually still on the fence about the secondary education thing. That minor is the reason my graduation date has been pushed so far back, and all of my remaining classes will require me to do some kind of research (and I hate doing research).

    3. Ryuji


      I would have to find a University that offered Japanese classes first.

    4. Thermidor


      Hm.... worth it! Just kidding. I guess I should be lucky that my university even offers the minor. There are a number of online learning resources, though I have no idea how effective they are.

  10. I've actually never heard or seen anyone say this before, so I think it's pretty cool that it's your favorite anime. It's a pretty neat show (though I still need to finish the last season that recently ended). Oh, and welcome to the forums! We're glad to have you!
  11. Hey Gess, welcome to AF! I basically found these forums in the same way you did. I hope you come to enjoy your time here!
  12. I see. Thank you for the information, and good luck if you do attempt the N4. Let us know how that goes!
  13. Thermidor


    Wow, that was a pretty impressive little fire show. I hope the manufacturers do something about this.
  14. Hey, welcome to Anime Forums! I hope you're able to make some good friends here, and maybe even find those wallpapers you're looking for!
  15. Thermidor


    Those things can explode?! They seemed pretty harmless to me! I'm sure there are dozens of people who use them (without safety gear) at my University, but I've yet to hear of any accidents involving them. Maybe they haven't been using them intensely enough? Normally people are just riding them between class, at about walking speeds. Still, good on Amazon for pulling a potentially unsafe product from their store.
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