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  1. No, but the anime title sounds fun. The King's Avatar
  2. I would guess 1. 1. I like olives. 2. My worst rated anime so far is a 2/10. 3. My favorite season is spring. EDIT: It's actually 2. My worst rated anime is Eromanga-sensei with a score of 2/10.
  3. No, I didn't see this one yet. D. Gray-Man
  4. Battle Through The Heavens or its original name, Doupo Cangqiong. It's listed as an ONA on anilist, myanimelist etc.. Although it's a Donghua - I will refer to it just as chinese anime. Anyways, where do I start, Season 1 in general is just bad, in terms of animation, story-telling and so on. It quickly gets better after it's picked up by a new animation studio in Season 2. They also made a revamp of the first season containing only 3 episodes. It's your average cultivation anime but this one in particular could be said to be among the best out there with a decent animation/story/power system. I was avoiding these 3D "anime" for quite a while tbh. I took the plunge ultimately and i'm glad as it turned out to be better than I expected.
  5. Totally agree. I liked the theme of "Weathering with You" though but yeah it was dragged out a little too much. Anyways, I like the fact they didn't show the face of the male character. (protagonist?) I'm so much more interested in whether this will branch into the romance genre (currently it seems to be only fantasy) just like "Your name & Weathering with you". Also, the idea with the door sounds interesting. Obviously, Makoto Shinkai's way of story-telling, art style etc..are his trademark & it's crowd pleasing as well. Just like how Studio Ghibli have its own way of doing things which is unique.
  6. I've seen this pop up in my youtube feeds recently, looks promising and the art style also seems fairly familar, no surprises here I suppose, since the movie is directed by Makoto Shinkai. So what's your take on this guys, feel free to write down your opinions or expectations based on the trailer.
  7. Classroom of the Elite may be up your alley if you are into Psychological. There are news of a second season coming up so so you're good to go. Word Trigger is another one I highly recommend. There are already 3 Seasons out and it covers up the rest of your preferences regarding theme/genre. Have fun!
  8. Danggg! It has been a while since I last logged in. How is it going fellows?

    2022 and I am still here. I should get some exlusive Badge for that :D @Optic


  9. First opening from One Piece but the German version. The video is edited and includes several clips from the series.
  10. Most characters I know are from the Naruto Universe but this one might fit in here. Kakashi
  11. I started off quite early in my journey of watching anime while NOT even knowing it was called anime. It's been roughly over a decade now and the journey is yet to end. Because its drawing/animation & storyline were so extraordinary when compared to the cartoons I watched previously, it quickly peaked my interest. Ultimately, after watching Castle in the Sky & Spirited Away successively. I figured with my 10 years that this was beyond anything i've seen so far. Thus I decided to find out more about these different but unique cartoons. Well, that's it. I've most likely seen every Studio Ghibli movie at this point of time. Makoto Shinkai takes up where Hayao Miyazaki left off and carries his legacy farther. So what really influenced me to watch anime? If I were to give you a short answer right upfront: Studio Ghibli Immersive storytelling, mind-blowing animation, able to trigger ones emotions/feelings or simply scattered thoughts after watching
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