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  1. Most likely, yes, probably... (yes I have)
  2. I haven't personally read the Kaguya sama manga, but the anime was fenomenal, I don't know how good it is adaption wise but you should definitley give it a watch! I do like SNAFU, well atleast the two first seasons, I had kinda forgot the whole plot for the last 2 seasons when watching season 3 and had like no idea of what was going on, but maybe it's worth rewaching just to be able to watch the last season properly. As for Bloom into you, I don't really know what it is... but I do like romcoms and it sound interesting so maybe I will give it a watch soon.
  3. (Who thought this would actually work... help) Thats epic, also Kaguya is pretty fu (I don't remeber if you can swear or not) (oh god I just got another comment from you) (I have to improve my typing speed seriously) anyways, you like Love is war? wow thats great so do I (basically what I'm trying to say is that I want to be friends). Well for a starters: What is your favourite anime and why? Mine is Koe no Katachi, (Bc it changed my life basically)
  4. You are definitly not gving me some slight paranoia haha... So anyways, what animes do you actually watch?
  5. Usually people ask about your favourite openings, but there are alot of good ed's/endings out there. So I thought of asking for the ones you people think are the best.
  6. Was browsing youtube on how to improve your social life (extremly normal situation), and saw that it was good to take initiative if you wanted to connect with people... So, anyone wanna talk about anime or something?
  7. I'm not exactly a sucker for shonen anyways, but I do like rom-coms especially when it's funny and when the character's are a large contribution to the show. So I think I better give this a watch when I'm done with a couple of currents.
  8. As for characters, I always mention Lelouch (my husbando) (from Code geass), I was completely obsessed with him after I had finished the second season. If I got any more figures I would definitely try to get my hands on a Lelouch one, as well as: Megumin (my waifu), Koro-sensei and Edward Elric. And this sick Hatsune Miku shirt worn by Obama wouldn't be that bad either:
  9. As someone who hasn't seen fire force or fruits basket I can't really comment on those but I do agree about All-might beeing a good mentor too Midoriya. And btw I've been thinking about watching fruits basket for awhile now, is it worth a watch?
  10. Well I mean, who is it? Just curious what you people think, and why... Spoiler: It's Koro-sensei (Also I have literally have no idea why I'm asking this)
  11. Hello there and welcome! Thats alot of pets you have there, I sure wish I had some too... Anyways, nice to meet you!
  12. I can't really say I have an absolute favourite but I would definelty nominate these ones:
  13. Here is mine: https://myanimelist.net/profile/AFortunePotato Although I don't have the same user name it is in fact mine.
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