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  1. I'm not exactly a sucker for shonen anyways, but I do like rom-coms especially when it's funny and when the character's are a large contribution to the show. So I think I better give this a watch when I'm done with a couple of currents.
  2. As for characters, I always mention Lelouch (my husbando) (from Code geass), I was completely obsessed with him after I had finished the second season. If I got any more figures I would definitely try to get my hands on a Lelouch one, as well as: Megumin (my waifu), Koro-sensei and Edward Elric. And this sick Hatsune Miku shirt worn by Obama wouldn't be that bad either:
  3. As someone who hasn't seen fire force or fruits basket I can't really comment on those but I do agree about All-might beeing a good mentor too Midoriya. And btw I've been thinking about watching fruits basket for awhile now, is it worth a watch?
  4. Well I mean, who is it? Just curious what you people think, and why... Spoiler: It's Koro-sensei (Also I have literally have no idea why I'm asking this)
  5. Hello there and welcome! Thats alot of pets you have there, I sure wish I had some too... Anyways, nice to meet you!
  6. I can't really say I have an absolute favourite but I would definelty nominate these ones:
  7. Here is mine: https://myanimelist.net/profile/AFortunePotato Although I don't have the same user name it is in fact mine.
  8. Thanks for having me! And I do hope I don't get a Megumin cult after me because of my profile pic
  9. I hope I'm doing this right. Welp, anyways, introductions... For starters, I like anime... For the people who have decided to continue, lets just say I like anime more than my friends do... Wow, very surprising I know, or maybe not that surprising... Anyways. Here are some more in-depth facts about the little bottom-dweller: I like Rom-Coms, Drama, Comedy and I won't say I don't enjoy a shounen sometimes but I do prefer seinen anime. My favourite anime is Koe no katachi and my favourite manga is Parasyte (I haven't read a lot of mangas so far but parasyte is good). Th
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