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    Lots. Off the top of my head (and in no particular order)...

    Ghost in the Shell
    プラネテス (ΠΛΑΝΗΤΕΣ)
    Any "real" science fiction actually
    Angel Beats!
    Clannad: After Story
    Your Lie In April
    Pet Girl of Sakurasou
    Spice and Wolf
    FLCL (original)
    Any Miyazaki/Ghibli
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    Slice of Life
    Space Opera
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    Someplace between Santa Monica and Sedna.
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    Data systems engineer
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    reading (SF), electronics, science, engineering, space, computer programming.. and of course anime.
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    Kerbal Space Program
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    PC Master Race - May our frame rates be high and our temperatures low.

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  1. Working the launch tonight.  Got another pin for the collection, and a patch..


  2. Something tells me that the economic period following the zombie apocalypse might be a bit.. odd this time around.  :)  

    Pacman coin

  3. Gotta like the Major...


    1. Zila


      Always loved the relationship between the Major and Batou in SAC. 😆

      Their characters shared a rare intimacy that seems to be lacking these days. 

  4. As the good doctor used to say, "Stay Demented!"
  5. I remember that from Dr. Demento's yearly Halloween special!
  6. LUCY

    Going to be a long "day" Friday night.  They've got me down to work from 9:45PM Friday to 11:45AM Saturday (local) for the LUCY launch.  Why are these things always o-dark hundred, or the weekend?


    1. Zila


      Tomorrow's the big "day". Good luck, as they say; no pressure! :D

  7. I don't really have Halloween favorites and horror definitely isn't my genre in the first place but if we're talking spooky stuff then how about adding: Another Karadasagashi Jigoku Shoujo (aka Hell Girl) and of course a little zombie now and then is relished by the wisest men* so maybe Highschool of the Dead Gakkougurashi (School Live) Koutetsujou no Kabaneri (Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress) Other anime that come to mind would be Sankarea, Corpse Party, Shikabane Hime, Shinrei Tantei Yakumo, and a lot of the Yamishibai stories. (*apologies to Dahl)
  8. We had a lot more idle time back before computers and the ‘Net.  :D 



  9. That reminds me, I found this one a while back. Normally things are .. brighter around Megumin but she can do a a decent "spooky" look as well. (Though I'm sure that background is a dark cloud made of sparks and ash rather than a starry Halloween night. ) Judging by the store shelves Halloween season started around the end of July around here.
  10. Twitch has been leaked. All of it. Sounds like Amazon was totally owned on this one… https://www.videogameschronicle.com/news/the-entirety-of-twitch-has-reportedly-been-leaked/
  11. Finally got a bigger shadowbox for my pins. Things were getting quite a bit crowded in the old one. (That would be the little one above the big one in the pic.) Now I just need to find space for the new one. The old one fit on my bookshelf like a large picture frame. The new one is going to need a few sq ft of wall somewhere. On the plus side I now have a tiny bit more room for actual books. Forgot to post this the other day too. Not exactly a new acquisition though. More a rediscovered item.. an old navy jacket from my grandfather’s CB days.
  12. Bingeing 翠星のガルガンティア (Suisei no Gargantia) today as I pay bills and do laundry. Exciting life, ne? Watched it before but I still love that end theme, 空と君メッセージ.
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