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  1. This video of the first helicopter flight on Mars was taken from a Mars rover.
    1. leinwandname


      Disappointed that this didn't happen:


  2. So now there's at least two experiments that are hinting that there's something odd going on with muons. Still needs more supporting data - and a testable hypothesis about what's going on would be nice as well - but it already seems pretty solid.
  3. I do that too. I start a hard-mode survival game then attempt to build some sort of elaborate construction.
  4. Ryzen 7 7000-series CPUs rumored with Zen 4 on 5nm and DDR5 .. and maybe announced as early as CES 2021. APU versions with NAVI finally too. In a laptop? Yes please! https://planetsmarts.com/2021/04/13/ryzen-7000-apus-will-combine-a-zen-4-cpu-and-an-rdna-2-gpu/
  5. gotta love those over-the-top song names. (Any B's7 fans in the audience?) (also https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=01H_9Ijh1Zk .. or if you prefer spotify. A whole album to play "match the song's lyrics to the pop scifi" with )
  6. On weekends I go to my other job. Old houses are such fun. This weekend was fixing the hole in the front door and replacing a run of network cable under the house. (We're rural enough that wildlife chewing on wires is a thing around here.)
  7. That’s another thing I’m looking for. My old laptop is one of the 2013(ish?) MacBook airs. It was old and slow and I was looking to replace it even before COVID. System76s “pangolin” model looks nice.. or would if it were ever in stock.
  8. I was thinking today that if the GPU pricing / availability situation goes on like this for much longer then I may consider replacing my "old" Ryzen 2700X CPU with something like one of the upcoming 5800G APUs.. and selling my old radeon RX480 gfx card on ebay to pay for it. Another entry for the "weird things COVID made us do" column.
  9. Have you read Zelazny's Amber series? Hambly's Darwath Trilogy is worth a read too, IMHO.
  10. Tried KanColle but the dub version is simply too cringy to watch. I'll have to find an original version somewhere before I try that again.
  11. Likely depends on the system & GPU to a large extent but I've got the early access version and yes, that's pretty much what it looks like on my system. (Ryzen 7 2700X, Radeon RX 480, 5.4 linux kernel with open-source AMDGPU driver) Screenshots:
  12. efaardvark


    I hate people too. Well, some of the time. Maybe hate is too strong a word but interacting with people is definitely not one of my strengths, and it usually tires me out quickly. Over the years I've learned to overcome it but I'm definitely more on the introvert end of the scale. That said, I do find that multiplayer online games can be fun. There are a lot of games that are multiplayer-optional too. Minecraft for instance will even let you start in single-player mode, then if you like you can open your single-player game up to other players on your local LAN. Ultimately of course
  13. April f..irst saw the release of optifine2 for minecraft*. My favorite feature? The "extreme" graphics setting looks just like Valheim. *not really
  14. What we know now, what we'd like to know, and some ideas for learning more about TNOs, KBOs, and dwarf planets in the outer solar system...
  15. Largest creation on 2b2t to date? A giant pekora likeness made out of 2.1M blocks of obsidian. Some people have way too much time on their hands.
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