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  1. I might actually get to work from home next week... finally!

    Watch, next week they announce the vaccine.  :|  

    1. IIVIsouljam


      Oh man, that would be ironic! Well, if it's true that there could possibly be a rise in cases due to the rioting and such, you'll be good! 🙃

  2. The new aquarium wall in the library... .. and I built "condo alley" for the villagers in town...
  3. Minecraft is one of those games that you kind of get out of it what you put into it. It is like if legos were a computer game. Only add zombies because I always play in “survival” mode. I’m still working on the lighting. Or would be if I’d had a chance to play in the past couple days. Survival mode makes it somewhat challenging too because you have to find and collect resources before you can build with them. (The other mode, “creative”, gives you unlimited amounts of any material or creature you like. And no zombies or other hostile creatures to contend with.) I did find an ocean biome after a bit of wandering/exploring, though not (yet) the coral-seas biome where one finds the pickles, tropical fish, and puffers. The puffers do actually puff up - in a blocky, Minecraft way - but they’re poisonous and they always try to run away so collecting them is kinda tricky.
  4. Yes, I have felt imposter syndrome. Sometimes I look around at the people I work with and think, "damn.. how did I manage to get in with this crowd?!" People call on me for answers that I don't know. Often I get thrown in at the deep end and it is sink-or-swim time. I can identify with people like Jen and Sorata in S1 of "Pet Girl". There always seems to be another problem or deadline that people expect me to be able to deal with, and if the bosses think things are going too smooth they up the ante. (Seriously. The former chief boss at work - a guy who is fluent in half a dozen different languages, has 4 masters degrees in physics and engineering, an MBA, a doctorate in electrical sciences from CalTech, is currently a professor at CalTech, and who basically invented synthetic-aperture radar, at least as it is used in remote-sensing applications - was definitely a Rooseveltian at heart. He once said at an all-hands meeting, "If things aren't breaking then maybe we're not pushing the envelope hard enough".) I don't think you can overcome it, in the sense of getting to a point where you can relax. At least I haven't found out how to do that myself. I deal with it, if you can call it that, by quickly learning what I don't know and answering as if I'd known all along. Sometimes I think my only true skill is Google-fu. (Though sometimes all I find is other people asking the same questions. ) It is stressful sometimes, but it also has its moments of awesome.
  5. And now they’ve expanded the curfew in Los Angeles to the surrounding areas.  I am so done with 2020. :veryangry:

    edit: oh, and they’re bringing in the national guard.

    1. OtakuKid


      Well, during quarantine, were you really going to be out past eight (or whatever time your curfew starts)?

    2. efaardvark


      If I were one of these work-from-home types then that might apply.  I’ve still been commuting however.  It is a 24/7 job too.  I’ve managed to stay off the mid shift, but I’ve done a few swings.  If this turns out anything like the Rodney King riots it won’t matter anyway.  We could hear gunfire and smell tear gas even at home back then.  Last thing I want to have to deal with after a long shift in the NOC is a “papers please” moment on the way home at 11:30 at night.  (Or worse.)

  6. My minecraft game this weekend has taken a distinct turn in the direction of harvest moon, or maybe farmville.
  7. What's "expensive" or "cheap" depends on who you talk to. People (though not me!) are already spending over $700 - even $1,200! - on a gfx card. NVMe storage is currently priced around 10 cents per GB. That means 1TB of flash would only be maybe an extra $100. My current desktop only has a 500GB SSD and I have several games on it. This includes several different versions Kerbal Space Program, each with its own set of installed mods. I don't know how accessible the storage would be on one of the (rumored) cards, but if I could also use it to store regular files then I could maybe do without my M.2 drive on the motherboard and the extra cost for the GPU would be a wash. At that point it would be down to things like upgradability and overall system performance. If someone were to offer me a GFX card with performance of a 2080 and 1TB of ultra-fast SSD storage for $500 then I might be tempted, especially if the flash on the card were socketed and upgradable. Maybe 2xM.2 slots say. You can already get quad-M.2 PCI cards for less than $100. So, take a regular GFX card, rework it a bit to add the flash controller and manage things like heat and power, and raise the price to match the extra performance. Existing GFX cards already have things like heat sinks and memory controllers anyway. It wouldn't even have to cost much beyond the price of the actual flash memory chips, and like I said flash memory is getting pretty cheap these days.
  8. "Zero-G indicator":D


  9. Trying again... 50% change of weather problems - and currently raining - and an instantaneous launch window (3:22pm EDT) is a sketchy combination but maybe we'll get lucky. 

    (People that don't appreciate talking-heads stepping on the interesting stuff might want to monitor the Mission Control audio loop.)

  10. I can't believe that UPS is still doing the old, "nobody was home" schtick.  EVERYBODY is home these days!

  11. A lot depends on price and release date. At the rate that AMD is releasing new processors and upgrading their process if it takes until the end of the year for the PS5 to get here then that'll be kind of hard to sell. I can build a nice 3700X system with a decent motherboard, a 5700xt gfx card, an NVMe SSD, and 16GB of RAM right now for about $800. By the end of the year that processor, mobo, and GPU will be cheaper last-gen parts so I'd probably be able to shave at least a couple/few hundred off that price by then. If the PS5 comes out at more than $500 or later than July or August (by which time AMD will have released their next CPUs and GPUs) then it'll really only be of interest to existing playstation owners. Maybe Sony could sweeten the deal with bundles and such, but that kind of thing only goes so far. The PS5's SSD isn't really much of a selling point either. I mean, yeah it is good that it is there but even low-end motherboards have an NVME-capable M.2 slot these days. The PS5's slot is also an M.2 so there's nothing really special about it hardware-wise. It is definitely a step up from the PS4's storage system, but these days an SSD is kind of required on a new system. All that said, that PS5/Unreal V demo did get a lot of favorable attention. If that is the caliber of games we can expect on release day then that would be pretty cool and I'm sure it would drive sales even with a price headwind. Also, MSFT and Sony seem to be playing a game of chicken with regards to announcing the pricing of their respective consoles. The hardware in MSFT's system is probably cheaper to produce. If they came out first with a price that works for them then I can see Sony matching the price, even if it means they take a loss initially.
  12. From what I've been able to gather the 8/16 core processor(s) and RDNA2 GPU cores should give the PS5 roughly the specs of a PC running an AMD Ryzen 7 3700X CPU and a 5700XT GPU. The GPU side of things is still a bit of a mystery because there's no RDNA2-based gfx card out yet to directly compare against, but I'd take a 5700XT as a minimum. RDNA2 also has built-in support for ray tracing too though, and possibly/probably other process improvements. We'll have a better idea about RDNA2's capabilities when AMD's 6000-series "Big NAVI" cards come out. Add to that a ~900GB SSD that's literally over a hundred times faster than the PS4's spinny disk (2GB of data transferred in 0.27 seconds on the PS5 vs ~30 seconds for PS4), 16GB of (GDDR6) RAM, and "3d" rendered audio. Overall a nice bit of kit. Of course, price and release date are still TBD.
  13. And then it ends... just as Hina and Rei start high school together! <voice=mirai>Fuyukai desu!</> Guess I'll have to use my imagination while waiting for a next season.

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