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  1. Cool enough 🥶 here to run the heater today...


  2. I wish I were 12 years old again.  SCI-FI Adventure Kit Teaches You Advanced Coding And Circuit Skills in only 30 Days

    When I was that age we didn’t even have computers.  It wasn’t until I was in middle school that personal computers like the Apple ][ were invented.  All we had as educational toys were Lincoln Logs and Tinker Toys.  And Legos without all the interesting parts.

  3. Patterns from Conway’s game of life in the intro to Animegataris? Ok, I’ll bite. Sometimes I’ll watch an anime for the silliest of reasons.
  4. Slightly modified my flying brick. Added extra slower-downers* in front, slopes in back changed to curves, couple other minor/cosmetic mods. Also added a buffer block to the "step" on the sides next to cockpit because I kept burning myself on the thruster housing when trying to use it to stand on while sniping at ground targets with my rifle. Debating with myself as to whether I should add a layer of blocks to the bottom to make it more symmetrical by mirroring the shape on the top. It would look better and add armor to the bottom (which is now basically un-armored and not even covered by the turret on top), but it would also add weight. Still undecided but if I do go that way I'll probably wind up adding a turret to the bottom as well. And then have to rework the landing gear arrangement. This is -supposed- to be optimised for cargo (mining runs to the asteroids for building materials) but the dang Zirax drones are in space too. It needs at least minimal defensive firepower and armor so that it can take out a drone or two while defending a mining site, or surviving a couple hits as it runs away from a larger group or bigger opponent. Looking good in black.. *that's a technical term from the aerospace industry.
  5. efaardvark

    Gaming chat

    Empyrion is being obnoxious today. I somehow triggered the AI to a new level and now my base is getting attacked more often and by tougher opponents. I used to get only 3 drones attacking at a time for instance - sometimes only 2 - but now I've been hit by 4-drone attack waves 3 times in a row. Also, the area around my base is spawning tougher monsters, especially at night. Now, I don't have any problem fending them off (so far) but the thing is that I like building. I'm crap with the making things look pretty part but I do find a lot of satisfaction in building something that works. In kerbal space program I spend twice as much time in the Vehicle Assembly Building and Space Plane Hangar designing vehicles as I do actually launching the vehicles and flying them on missions. The thing about KSP is that in KSP time stops in the VAB and SPH. I can spend days in there without being bothered by things like missed maneuver events or launch window opportunities. Nothing is shooting at you in KSP either. Empy is more like Minecraft. There is no separate build system. Everything is realtime. To me drone attacks in empy are like the occasional creeper in mc. When I want to build something then I'm always getting interrupted by drones, or troop invasions, or having to eat, or running out of build materials. The other thing is that in KSP a vehicle does not actually use resources until it is launched. In Empy, like in minecraft, there are no in-game designing aids per-sé, just block placement, which takes resources when you go to place the block. To even try to build something big takes a lot of resources. (There's also a creative mode like in mc and you can save designs there to be loaded in the "survival" mode but it is a pain to keep switching. I tend to stay in "survival" so I can immediately go try out my designs "for real". I do the same thing in mc... play survival, then get annoyed when creepers or other hostile mobs bother me while I'm trying to build, or when I run out of blocks to build with. Maybe I'm just a masochist. ) I thought about just surrounding my base with automatic missile launchers and letting them deal with the drone threat while I build stuff, but after building all those I wouldn't have anything left to build with. It would also take additional resources on an ongoing basis to keep them supplied with ammo. In Empyrion the automatic turrets aren't very good at using ammo effectively. They seem more about throwing up a wall of bullets than making sure each bullet does damage. The automatic defences do help but I find it a better use of resources to take care of things myself.
  6. You went all-in I see... sweats, case, and everything. Very AC.
  7. So I built a brick in Empyrion. But it is a functional brick, with plenty of cargo space, a minigun turret, a guided missile launcher, a mining laser, an O2 station, and even a fridge and a small constructor. I can mod it to make it look better later. (Needs a coat of paint too.) This pic was on it's first trial run. I might have to add some more retro-thrusters in front. Lifts & accelerates quick enough with empty cargo bays but was a little sluggish when trying to slow down. I don't want any surprises coming back with a full load of ore from a mining run.
  8. This topic looks like it could use some love so I thought I'd post a quick preview of what's coming in 1.17. Looks pretty cool!
  9. Took a look at the first 2 episodes of the new season of DanMachi. Looks interesting enough to put it on my watchlist.
  10. efaardvark

    Gaming chat

    Another look at the PS5 experience...
  11. ESA's Mars Express orbiter finds large bodies of underground water on Mars.  "Not a unicorn." 🦄

    Quick, someone go find Bruce Willis and his drill team and put them on a SpaceX Starship to Mars so they can start drilling for water.  :D

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