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  1. efaardvark

    Do you play games? What kind?

    I've played pretty much all the Sim* games, including things like SimAnt, though I never really got into The Sims. SimCity though.. that was an addiction. I think SC3k was the last version before I swore off EA titles, but I had/have that or earlier versions on virtually every computer I've ever owned. I played the original, Maxis-distributed SC on the Amiga 1000 back in the day, and I even had a version for the Palm Pilot. I have SimCityDS for my handheld, and I might even still have a working copy of SC3k on linux. So many hours of my life were sucked away by that game!
  2. efaardvark

    What anime are you watching now?

    I'm a binge-watcher so I haven't gotten to that one yet. I did watch the first couple episodes though.. thought it was good enough to put on my list for this after-season binge.
  3. efaardvark

    What anime are you watching now?

    This morning I pressed crunchy's "random" button - sometimes you just gotta live dangerously - and got Dog & Scissors. Silly. Funny. Not too deep. Better than I thought it would be on first inspection.
  4. efaardvark

    What Did You Do In Gaming Today

    Today I accepted a contract to make 3 thrill-seeking kerbals pass out from G-forces. This could be fun. Muahahahahahahahaha. Hmmmm.. don't know if I can do it yet with the parts I have tho. I'm still pretty low in the tech-tree in this game. I haven't even been to the Mun yet. Maybe I should do that first. That'll get me some money and science.. science to unlock better parts, and money to actually build the deathtrap ship.
  5. Finally getting around to updating my (Synology DS713+) NAS.  Got a lot of catching up to do, including the NAS s/w itself, perl, mariadb server, plex server, and email server, among others.  Updating always makes me nervous.

    1. brycec


      Did you back up the data that is on the NAS? I need to check plex myself, though that always seems to be screaming that an update is needed.

    2. efaardvark


      The data is backed up. 3 drives.. 2 online mirroring each other and one off-line that's periodically plugged in and synced to the online volume.  I'm just being paranoid.  Never had a problem with Synology.

  6. efaardvark

    What was your first anime ??

    Yes! That was another early one. Also Gatchaman. Those also had the advantage of having a much wider distribution. For a long time the only place that had much anime was west coast US.. mainly California. I remember when my family moved to Alabama (from Los Angeles, CA) nobody had ever heard of "anime". Had to make do with Bugs Bunny, Tom and Jerry, etc.
  7. efaardvark

    What was your first anime ??

    Crap! I can't remember that far back! If we're talking actual japanese anime then it was probably Space Battleship Yamato (aka Star Blazers, as it was known here in the US), maybe Mazinger. Might have been Galaxy Express, but I think that was a few years later. I know I saw them all at one time or another. I just can't recall which came first. These would have been the dubbed/americanized versions of course. I didn't really get into subs until after the internet was invented and we got cheap access to subtitled content direct from Japan, which would have been in the mid-to-late 80s at the earliest.
  8. efaardvark

    Living with the 'rents.

    For many years now I've lived with my mom, one of my brothers, and his fiancée. I'm coming at this from the older-person end however. My mom is in her 80s, has had one heart attack already, and is not quite able to live on her own anymore so that's why I'm here. She also could not afford to keep this place on her income alone. My mom is long since retired and the only things she does is some of the shopping and 2 or three days a week she cooks. Shopping is because her official class is "shopper" with a sub-class of "coupon queen" .. she has fun with it and I couldn't stop her if I tried. Cooking because she also loves to cook and if I did it we'd all be dead due to food poisoning. Aside from that I'm adulting like everyone else. I work to pay "rent" (which goes towards property taxes and utilities), and I do my own laundry, cleaning, etc. pretty much like I would if I were in my own place. The house even has a separate bedroom + bath apartment that I live in. (In the original, architectural sense of "apartment" meaning a set of rooms set off from the rest of a building.) I could afford my own place, but I feel that this is a good arrangement for all concerned, and frankly this is probably a nicer place than I could afford on my own, especially here in SoCal. There's a lot of other benefits to the arrangement too - like the 10-minute commute to work - that I could list. In a larger-picture sense - if I might be permitted a minor political rant - I think it would be a good thing overall if more people stayed/came together as extended families, since this can be very resource-efficient. Most countries, especially "western" ones like the US get this very, very wrong, IMHO. They are all about consumerism. The Fed tracks "new household formation" as a key economic metric, where more is better. New households mean more houses built, more appliances and cars sold, etc., etc. The economy has to grow at an exponential rate or Bad Things happen. They "target" 2% GDP growth - aka inflation - but they'll certainly take more if they can get it. 10% inflation? Awesome! You want to see a bankster go white, tell them deflation is coming. Needless to say that's a formula for disaster. You simply can't have never-ending exponential economic growth based on a finite resource base. It is mathematically impossible. Especially if your economy is based on consumerism! Eventually that sort of nonsense will collapse, probably taking most of the environment with it. </rant> To be sure, there's some people who just don't get along with their parents/children/siblings. That's to be expected. It does help a LOT if everyone involved is reasonably tolerant and industrious, which unfortunately not everyone is. Dependent relationships are inherently unhealthy. Obviously, best results are obtained when all family members can function independently on their own but choose to live and work together for mutual benefit. But the default here in the US of dumping the kids out on the street on their own in their late teens or early 20s to fend for themselves just makes it needlessly hard on everyone, IMHO. If you can all get along and career, etc. allow for it, I see nothing wrong with living with your extended family. Even if you are paying rent. Prices around here are insane. Rent is over $1,400 for even a 1-room apartment. Even a tiny 1-bed, 650 sq.ft. condo costs nearly $400k to buy, which works out to about $2,438/month when you add up HOA, property taxes, etc. My mom's 3-bedroom place is paid for, so all we need to cover is property taxes and utilities. Even including a budget for maintenance (it is an old house) AND utilities on top of that, splitting the household costs 4 ways is only $350 each. That's easily about $1k/month I'm not spending by living with the 'rents.
  9. Discord says that one of my friend is "Playing CKAN".  :D

  10. efaardvark

    Favorite Anime OP!

    I hate picking favorites. That said, OPs for me are all about the music, and these are some of the more memorable ones (in a good way)... and of course the KoS japanese version...
  11. efaardvark

    ☆Wicked's Chat Corner!☆

    Warmer, yes. Too warm for me to sleep in fact. I left the window open and woke up this morning with a headache and burning eyes and throat from the smoke. That probably was not a good idea, but at $0.33/kwh the air conditioner is too expensive to run all night. I wish our solar panels worked at night!
  12. efaardvark

    ☆Wicked's Chat Corner!☆

    Come to California! We're burning up here.. literally!
  13. efaardvark

    What's you favorite game?

    Lately it seems pretty much all I've been playing is Minecraft and Kerbal Space Program. I love to build/craft stuff. I tend to be attracted to empire-building games like Civ or SimCity too. I also really enjoy exploring in games like minecraft or no man's sky. Games are a fairly low priority for me though. I mean I enjoy playing them a lot, but that whole "life" thing gets priority. That tends to make certain types of games less workable for me. Sometimes I go for months at a stretch without finding much time for playing games. Games that require a regular investment of time are hard for me to sustain. "Grindy" games that require a lot of time to level up and enjoy can also be a problem. Games that have a lot of "state" - that have a lot of things going on that you have to remember to play well - those can also be hard to deal with. I can enjoy them but at some point I have to stop, and getting back into them can be tough, especially if I've been away for a long time. I need games that I can pick up and get (back) into right away, play for as long as I'm able, and then stop again without losing my place. I'm not a big fan of "casual" games like minesweeper or solitaire either though. I need some depth to keep me interested. I'm not really into "twitch" games but I'm also still decent (even at my age) at games that require hand-eye co-ordination. Games that challenge me in some respect are more interesting than games that don't, all else being equal. I conquered Quake IV single-player on "general" mode a few years ago, and I almost always play things like Minecraft on the hardest/survival mode. I think that's why I like KSP so much. It presses all my gamer buttons. Not only do I get to build the vehicles - keeping in mind real(ish) physics/engineering stuff like lift/drag, center of mass, center of lift, delta-v, Isp, thrust-to-weight, etc. - but to plan missions for them I need to use orbital mechanics to calculate the trajectories, and then fly them with a joystick. There's also a bit of exploring to do since there's a tech tree to unlock, which requires "science" to be done in the various biomes on different planets. (There's also several just-for-fun "easter eggs" to find on each planet.) With mods like kOS I can even bring my programming skills into play. I'm still not great at landings though.
  14. efaardvark

    CrunchyRoll/Funimation Partnership Ending

  15. efaardvark

    Do you watch the same anime series more then once?

    Sometimes I do. It depends on the anime though. Sometimes an anime isn't even worth finishing the first time. Sometimes the anime is complicated or layered though and a rewind or second run through will let you catch stuff you missed. Serial Experiments Lain for example. Some stuff I'll watch a second or even a third time from a different perspective. I watched the first bit of SAO 3 times (don't judge), switching my brain each time between programmer, player, and game master. I watched Hanasaku Iroha the second time just to look at the background artwork. (If you haven't seen it in HD or on BR it is worth it, at least if you're into that sort of thing.) Sometimes I'll be in a certain mood or frame of mind and reexperiencing a particular anime/book/movie/etc. that complements that mindset just seems like a good way to spend an afternoon.
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