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  1. efaardvark

    The Minecraft Topic

    First of all you have to understand that while I played MC a lot in the past, I haven't played at all since about 1.3-ish. I think horses were all the rage back then. Then the server I was playing on with friends started having trouble with its provider, and the people I was with just kind of stopped playing. I always have more stuff to do than time to do it anyway, and other things got priority It was only relatively recently that I rediscovered some old files on my system related to that game and mentioned them to my brother in an email. He came back with, "I have a backup of the old game files too. Maybe I could find another provider and we could get it going again" and... As it turns out, for various reasons we started a new survival game from scratch. 😮 Right now we're just catching up on all the new content since then. All the coral biome stuff is new (to me) for example. In our old game we never saw igloos, Drowned, turtles, polar bears, dolphins, or that dang skeleton variety in the icy biome(s) that shoots arrows of slowness. We've all got much better computers now, as well as faster internet too, so we're enjoying the smoother multiplayer gameplay. I think I may even have still been on dialup for my internet back then. We'll probably play it through to the end of the crafting tree, then.. who knows? Currently we're in the nether trying to find a fortress to get some blazes to get some blaze rods for blaze powder, which we want because we built our own village and want to cure some villager-zombies to populate it with. Curing requires golden apples and a splash potion of weakness, so we need to get a brewing stand going. Brewing stands need blaze powder now too (another difference from when I last played mc) so that's another reason we need a supply of blaze rods. Other random stuff as opportunity presents. Last time I talked to him my brother was considering building a roller coaster in the village from parts from an old mineshaft we found. Etc. Etc..
  2. efaardvark

    Supernatural romance anime?

    I watched that one a few whiles back. Pretty weird premise. Worth a watch but.. very odd. I did like Dusk Maiden. The episode where Teiichi finds out how Yuuko became a ghost was pretty tough to watch tho.
  3. efaardvark

    New here, just want to introduce myself.

    Welcome! 54 here (as of last Monday). You have a few years yet. Seriously though, I don't think that anime is something you can "grow out of". Anime is like books.. there's so many different types of stories. Your tastes will likely change, but you'll always be able to find something interesting for as long as you care to look.
  4. efaardvark

    More anime like Toradora ?

    If that's on the list then Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji should be there too. Also Ao Haru Ride, and Isshuukan Friends.
  5. efaardvark

    Fall 2018 Season

    My usual answer is "all of them". I'm a binge-watcher though so I usually wait until the season is mostly over before starting anything. Sometimes I'll binge the first few episodes just to check & help with prioritization. My backlog on crunchy alone however is .. impressive. Always more anime than time, and life/job/family come first, with books, games, and anime (and sometimes sleep) slugging it out for what's left. That said, and given that my viewing style means I won't be deciding anything until at least halfway into the season, of the ones I've checked into so far priority this time around goes to Alicization, Irozoku Sekai, Ingress, and Sora to Umi no Aida.
  6. First human since Apollo - and first private citizen ever - to fly around the moon to be announced this afternoon...



  7. efaardvark

    Hideo Kojima .. to the moon??

    You and me both, though I'm less the Neil Armstrong and more the Oregon Trail type. Hopefully I'll still be alive - and able to afford it - when/if SpaceX-tachi get a regular Mars run going. BTW, I meant Freedom, not Moonlight Mile, in my original post. (But that wasn't it either. Still looking..)
  8. efaardvark

    Hideo Kojima .. to the moon??

    So Elon Musk posted a Japanese flag in response to the question of who is going to be the world's first private passenger to ride SpaceX's Big F...alcon Spaceship around the moon. ( twitter link here ) Hideo Kojima, the Japanese video game designer/producer, was one of the first to retweet Musk's post so of course his name has been at the top of many lists of contenders, but Japan is not lacking for people with the interest and means to take such a trip. People like Masayoshi Son (SoftBank) and Takafumi Horie (Livedoor) have also been suggested for example. I figure if any group (of which I'm a member) has any idea who it might actually be then this might be the group. (Not that I expect anyone here to know of course.) Let the speculation begin! At least until Monday's announcement. Also, if you can tell me what that new BFS design looks like I'd like to hear about it. I think I've seen it somewhere before but I can't recall where. I want to say Moonlight Mile? That was a long time ago though and I don't have a copy to refresh my memory. I might be mis-remembering. Maybe Planetes? It is bugging me. Help!
  9. efaardvark

    Which Song Are You Listening To?

    I think I'm developing a taste for Powerwolf..
  10. efaardvark

    how often do you edit messages/re-read them ?!

    I do it all the time. I mean, I don't obsess over it or anything, but somehow, no matter how many times I proofread, I don't see the last couple typos or grammar errors until just after I post. Just one of the ways the ghods like to F with me I guess.
  11. On my list. Haven't seen it yet tho. I tried that and dropped it. I did not find it that funny and I didn't care for the animation style besides. I watched that back when it came out. It was ok, but I felt it was way too long and rather boring. Part of it was the fantasy genre which I'm not too into. (A Certain "Scientific" Railgun wasn't really any better.) The only part I found interesting was the Touma/Railgun crossover. That part I liked better than either show on its own. I'd like to see a season built out of a spinoff with those two as leads, perhaps after they graduate and mature a bit.
  12. efaardvark

    what attracts you to anime ? (and or manga)

    That too. I've been known to (re)watch some stuff just for the background art. (Hanasaku for example.. if you haven't tried it in HD, do it. )
  13. efaardvark

    what attracts you to anime ? (and or manga)

    I like it because it is still possible (tho of course not guaranteed) for there to be relatively little separation between the creator and the consumer. IOW, less middlemen muddying the waters. Like with books, you can sometimes get pretty much what the author intended you to get, for better or worse. Compared to most of what hollyweird produces, which has a committee-and-beancounter filter that makes it hard to get interesting stuff produced, anime can still be cheap enough that occasionally something new and/or awesome gets through. Not every time to be sure, but enough that it is worth paying attention to.
  14. efaardvark

    What games are you playing or looking forward to play?

    Playing now: Minecraft - speaking of retro - and of course Kerbal Space Program. Looking ahead... hard to say. I've been busy and really haven't had time to check out what's coming up. My computer "needs" a hardware update so I was kind of planning(?) on waiting until the end of this year or the beginning of next to get into that process, which would include checking out what's out there in games. (Because we all know games drive hardware requirements, right? ) I run linux on my main system so I've also been waiting for Vulkan to get here & maybe bring some of those Windows games my way. I could get into games like No Man's Sky, Conan Exiles, or Space Engineers if I could run them on my rig, but I've got too much other stuff - including for work - on it to dump linux for W10.
  15. I'd like to withhold judgment until/unless I get hit by lightning and get sent to another world with my smartphone. Then I can pick "all of them". That said, I picked "fox". If it can be only one these there really isn't any other choice. I mean... Chizuru Minamoto, Tenko Kuugen, not to mention all the girls at Konohana-tei. I rest my case. Of course, the only real choice in furdom is "wolf", as in Holo from Spice and Wolf.
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