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  1. Pulled down an old favorite from the bookshelf; Mayflies, by Kevin O'Donnell Jr. Kind of a cross between Brian Aldiss's Starship and Anne McCaffrey 's The Ship Who Sang. The protagonist literally loses his head (or would that be body?) during an earthquake and by a quirk of circumstance the brain is kept alive. Supposedly brain-dead, it is reprogrammed as the core of the computer controlling a generation ship. Only he's not dead, just traumatized and catatonic. As his human mind fights to regain consciousness he accidentally knocks out the ship's drive a few months after launch, and the p
  2. No. Next question? But seriously, no. I’ve read books all my life too. There’s always a new story, or at least a different take on an old one. The classics are still (re)readable. Favorites are still favorites. New favorites get added to the list occasionally. I’m 56. I’ve been watching anime since before Star Blazers and Speed Racer. (The originals.) If it hasn’t happened by now then I kind of doubt I’ll ever reach the end of anime. Or books.
  3. I FINALLY got a chance to play some more KSP for a couple hours today! I'm playing a "hard" career game but I made excellent progress. The contract gods were ultra nice to me and I was able to get two separate contracts to put up 2 "different" science bases, one in orbit around Kerbin and one around the Mün. The common requirements for both were that it had to be a new design built after the contract is accepted, had to have an antenna and a science lab, had to be capable of generating power, and had to reach its specified orbit and hold it for 10 seconds. One of the contracts required the
  4. Noticed this on youtube's "recommended" panel & took a trip down memory lane. (I think I watched the first several hundred of these all those years ago.) Apparently the guy's still going strong now over 10 years later. Still hasn't made it to the Far Lands either.
  5. I seem to be on an Ayreon kick tonight.. (I'm still a sucker for a themed album, especially with a good bass.)
  6. Got a new pair of wireless headphones last week for when I play KSP. (Some people tell me that exploding rocket noises in the middle of the night keep them awake. Whatev.) I'm liking them. Not only are they much more comfortable and less plastic-y than the old logitech "gaming" headphones they're replacing, they're visually more appealing as well. The Logitech pair had a prominent and glowing "G" that you could not turn off without using the (Windows, naturally) configuration app. These new ones have a barely-visible LED on the power switch and that's it. I hate the RGB-everything fad
  7. Any Shakugan no Shana fans in the audience?
  8. I do prefer sci-fi but steampunk is close enough. It's all good. Anyway, a little zombie now and then is relished by the wisest men*. What's to resolve in a zombie movie? <never mind.. No spoilers!> (*with apologies to Dahl. )
  9. Just rediscovered Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress in my crunchy queue. I'd started (1st 2 eps) it a while back and I'd been meaning to go back but I kept forgetting it as it got pushed down in my queue. Glad I rediscovered it. This time I'm gonna make sure I finish it before I get distracted again. Might be a long night.
  10. Not quite The Expanse but good practice for converting all those other dwarf planets in the outer solar system into habitats. If the field of such bodies extends out into the Oort cloud as well then we have a LOT of habitat-building to do. https://arxiv.org/abs/2011.07487
  11. One of my co-workers just tested positive for C19.  😨   Fortunately he's on night shift and I haven't even seen him in almost a month, but our workspaces do somewhat overlap.  So far I've managed to stay healthy even in LA and even having to continue going to work several days a week.  If I get sick after all this I'm going to be quite annoyed.

    Not that I have any time for that with the m20 landing coming up in about a month.  I haven't even seen a data flow diagram for EDL or post-landing ops yet, never mind done any training on it.

    On top of that my tax person sent me a "friendly reminder" yesterday that taxes are coming up and I should make an appointment early this year, just in case.

    No pressure. 😱

    OTOH I have to admit a week or 2 in bed sounds quite attractive at this point.  Except for that you-could-die part.  That would suck.

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