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  1. Finally beat the last of the 7 Dragon Quest titles available to me. Should have focused on magic more than swords in 8.

  2. I went to see some Christmas lights and took a photo of one of the sights I saw. Do not know how well this turned out, but I tried touching it up a bit (totally new at enhancing photos via Lightroom). I hope you all like it.christmas_lights.thumb.jpg.277564ddac00a97f6b9e68974593c4aa.jpg

  3. Happy birthday!

    1. RyePotatoes


      Thank You Bryce san!!!! <3 Daisuki!

  4. Except for dealing with the latest episode episode of The Ancient Magus, I finally finished the last of the things that I have to deal with for a while, so I now have a break until the 19th, though Saturdays will not be completely free. Finally, I can relax and play game, or maybe I should take the time to try my hand at making a WordPress theme.

  5. Just beat a boss fight I was expecting to lose, and on the first attempt too.

    1. Vivi Hyuuga

      Vivi Hyuuga

      Same! It was a hard one on Horizon Zero Dawn. What game are you playing? 

    2. brycec


      Dragon Quest 8. I was fighting against Dhoulmagus and depleted a lot of MP.

  6. Not really happy today. This is the first time I truly get time off before new releases comes out, so I wanted to play a game I got, but looks like that will not happen without guilt trips or being asked too many questions. Oh well, I can always look up where I am stuck in my game later.

  7. Mobile Games

    I mostly play kemco games and Dragon Quest, but that is about it.
  8. Happy to finally have a break today. Of course, that does not beat  the best part about it for me is that I will probably not be overloaded this month.

    1. SleepyLeoulf


      Happy you got a break and good you probably not be overloaded this month as well. Hope things go good for  now on, and you the rest of the month for you. Always take care and sending you good and positive vibes your way~

  9. Would you hug the avatar above you?

    Seems friendly. I will hug.
  10. Would you hug the avatar above you?

    Depends on if they are nice, otherwise, it would be no or yes, but I would be on guard.
  11. One of the things I got as birthday present, though it was one that I had to buy myself for my family, was the first installment of Wolf & Parchment, the sequel to Spice & Wolf, and I thought that some of you guys would like to see what I thought of it.


  12. Exclusive on Potato Patch #2

    Thanks, Rye. You are probably right, but it would be difficult to find. My main concern is that I would not feel happy with them, since things might just end up like they are at church, where I am told I am not a saint over and over, instead of what I realized about people, which is that we are all perfect, in spite of our flaws.
  13. This seemed fun

    Welcome to the community. I hope you enjoy your time here, as everyone is fairly friendly. What anime are you into?
  14. Thoughts #7

    I see. That makes sense, and You're welcome.
  15. Thoughts #7

    It sounds like you drink drink with caffeine. I never get headaches from soda, and that is mainly because I stay away from caffeine. Anyway, I am glad you are doing well and that your life is getting better.