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  1. brycec

    What was the first manga you read

    My first manga was also my first anime, which is DBZ.
  2. brycec


    Hi there, John. Welcome back. Are things stable there now? I thought you would stay on Discord due to issues you were having with the site.
  3. brycec

    Would you rather? Ask the person after you 🙃

    No knees. No elbows would be a bit more difficult for me. Would you rather be near a raging volcano or in Antartica?
  4. brycec

    Would you rather? Ask the person after you 🙃

    Both sound terrible to me for different reasons, but I would probably settle for the king, so I can put mandatory alone for the king. Would you rather have a family of half a million people or be surrounded by 500 packs of hyenas?
  5. brycec


    Yes, we can be corrupted, tempted, brainwashed/manipulated, and many other things, but we can still progress, and that is what makes us perfect and different from others. The majority will remain mindless, but that does not really change anything. You realize this much when you realize that all humans are greedy, apathetic, and irrational, yet each serves a purpose. Our irrationality is what leads us to be manipulated and brainwashed, yet the answer to our problems are not always rational. Our greed makes it so that we can be tempted or corrupted, yet it is our greed that ends up helping others because we need to be in a good enough position and condition others. Our apathy tends to hurt people, because people believe they that their actions are helping others, ignoring the harm that might be inflicted upon that person, or prevent from helping those that truly do need it, but we cannot help everyone, as somebody ends up getting hurt, and our apathy helps us to make sure we do suffer from knowing that somebody else is hurting.
  6. brycec


    I definitely agree with that. Unfortunately, some people I have associated with are so focused on their flaws or the flaws of human beings that they forget that those flaws and imperfections are why we are already perfect.
  7. brycec


    Sadly, those problems will not stop coming up until the impossible happens and we human lose all of our flaws, seeing as human beings create these programming languages and such.
  8. brycec


    Had me laughing quite a bit, because it does seem to fit well with things. I just decided to play a game of Innovation instead, as well as coming here. More like: 99 bugs in the programming code 99 bugs in the programming code find one out and take it out 117 bugs in the programming code. This is definitely a more accurate picture, though these kinds of frustations did not crop up for me with Java and Android programming.
  9. brycec


    I have been working on making an RPG in Swift, and the battle system is broke, because a null value keeps getting returned on the player’s turn right now. Thing was working just fine a bit earlier in the day too. The null value should not exist.
  10. brycec


    Well, things are going pretty well, though a few things are frustrating me.
  11. brycec


    Who knows, but the founder of that community has issues and a bad reputation to the point where many people constantly talk negatively about him outside AL, some of which I do not know how accurate it is. I can feel your frustration and such, so this might be a better environment for you, where he has no presence.
  12. brycec


    That makes sense, with what Leila told me about, though she was never officially an admin. Of course, she seemed to have more on her plate. I'll probably be as active as I can here, since I still have mod duties where you came from, but best way to get me is through PM.
  13. programming can be such a pain sometimes, especially with languages like Swift and Python, but it at least gives me something to do that keeps me thinking.

    1. Wedgy


      What sort of things do you program? :0

    2. brycec


      I normally do calculation type such, like I made a mobile app that will put out how much space things like hard drives have. But I have been trying to create an RPG recently. Right now, I broke the battle system somehow.

  14. brycec


    Glad to see you too. Hopefully, we will get to know each other better here, as we never really talked much.
  15. brycec


    Hey there, Wicked. Looks like a few people from AL have been coming here, though I am sure it is for good reason. I have not been too active here recently, but been a member here for a bit longer than I was at AL. Things are pretty peaceful, and I am sure you will make friends here, since I have a few already. How you tell us more about yourself, such as favorite anime and such?
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