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  1. Both slap and hug. Slap, because they have been away for so long, and hug to make up.
  2. Sadly that will not help. I have one bad side, which is why balance poses a problem and need to have techniques that can both attack and defend. It would definitely make the most sense in normal circumstances though.
  3. Balance is not so good, so I would need to charge, but I think I am kick up with my knee, to free myself holds, though I would still need to be quick about, for balance reasons. Not too sure if sweeps would be any easier.
  4. Was going to hug, but I might have to kill, in order to stop their fight.
  5. I see. I can try taking a look at them. Right now, all I know is that I must not use my fist, at least a clenched one. I know how to, but a clenched fist takes too much time to form for a proper counter.
  6. Good point, seeing as you can guarantee you would get a working one. Sadly, they are expensive.
  7. What style? My family asked if I was interested in martial arts, but none of the styles are really adaptable, at least in my eyes, especially since I need techniques that can be used for offense and defense to be effective.
  8. Sit down and decide our first cracking target in start Operation Apocalypse. 🤣
  9. Well, there is that, and how a lot of women I have acquaintanceship with in real life don’t put their whole body into things, but the solar plexus should be in easy to access range too.
  10. Bright side is that those areas will deal with everyone, groin shots seem to only work on men.
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