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  1. brycec

    Finish the sentence

    Whenever I watch American television, I want to just squeeze those tv executives to the point where they beg for death. The day that ____ does not look like garbage anymore is the day I ____.
  2. brycec

    Finish the sentence

    I’m being assaulted by a pillow! Some, anyone, please kill this pillow for me, and hunt down those responsible for making it. ____ came to my door, took me hostage, and demanded _____ as ransom for my safe return.
  3. brycec

    Finish the sentence

    I can’t find my flamethrower, so I should ask my million-dollar yacht, as she knows where all my stuff is at. I _____, which resulted in my arrest.
  4. brycec

    Finish the sentence

    Money is the powerhouse of the cell, but pain and suffering is my powerhouse. _____ are now scared of me, because I ____.
  5. brycec

    Finish the sentence

    I will send my fire breathing velociraptor after those I hate, so long as it is still hungry. And it came to pass that ____ went out and _____ to a bloody pulp.
  6. brycec

    Finish the sentence

    Studying is of the devil, Wish I could school School though. wisdom dictates ____, yet I chose to _____.
  7. brycec

    Hi there, please be nice to me~

    Welcome to the community. I hope you enjoy your time here, as everyone is fairly friendly, so no worries about experiencing any great backlash. What are some of your favorite manga?
  8. brycec

    Hunter X Hunter

    Nope, I do not really think that there is any, especially because of how many hiatuses the manga has experienced.
  9. brycec

    Finish the sentence

    Art is my form of showing how my subjects will suffer, for it is an agony worse than death for “them”. I have tried to ____, but, instead, I ______.
  10. brycec

    Finish the sentence

    I have saved over a thousands lives, but my desire to those I rule over is pretty being left to languish. I will not submit to anybody who _____, because _____.
  11. It's pretty much dead now, but I was still able to get some laughs from this thread, if you want to check it out.

    It is the thread I talked about in a reply to you.


    1. XII360


      "uses a necromancer skill to revive the dead"

      I RESSURECT THEE BACK TO THE FACE OF THIS EARTH >:O, come, for you're slumber is neigh soon~

      (no idea what i said, but lets roll with it, even if the last sentence was clearly wrong)

  12. brycec

    Greetings (Late intro)

    Welcome to the community. I hope you enjoy your time here, as everyone is fairly friendly. I have read quite a few VNs, but not as many as the anime and manga I have read.
  13. Thank you so much for the welcome. Hope to see ya around.

    1. brycec


      You’re welcome, and thanks for the follow.

  14. brycec

    Hello all ArchieKun's the name

    Welcome to the community. I hope you enjoy your time here, as everyone is fairly friendly. I kind of like JRPGs too, though I have mainly been playing turned based RPGs recently, due to how gaming consoles are getting pretty bad for me.
  15. Visited a national park, while traveling home, and thought I would share some photos I took with you guys.



    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. brycec


      @Wedgy Joshua Tree National Park in California.

      @XII360 It’s a desert landscape to be exact. When people think of rural, they think of a normal countryside, which is suitable for farming and ranching.

    3. XII360


      true, but when i saw it, i instantly thought of "non-habitable by people", thus "rural", though i guess my way of thinking is kind of wrong, seeing as, rural does NOT mean people cant live in it,

      im probably braindead still to even think rural and uninhabitable are the same thing <.>

    4. brycec


      I see. That makes sense.

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