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  1. Opinions on Clannad?

    Usually, I use Steam to get VNs, as I can get them for multiple platforms. Clannad was not cheap, but well worth the purchase.
  2. Opinions on Clannad?

    I really enjoyed both portions of Clannad when I saw it, but I think I enjoy the VN more. The anime, which includes the first series and After Story, were great and I would rewatch them, but the VN does a lot better in being more impactful, like the feeling in the letter Kotomi gets and that it does a lot better of a job showing what a family truly is and why it is important. Plus, you have Akio’s own story line that sounds funny because it makes him look like the anime equivalent of Chuck Norris.
  3. Decided to check out Gurren Laggan, since I now have Prime, one of the only places showing it dubbed legally here. So far, things are pretty enjoyable, but not sure I can sit through all 27 episodes.

    1. Optic


      I loved Gurren Laggan, and felt the episodes went bu very quickly. The characters developed well (and you’re with them for a long time, timeline wise) ;) 

    2. brycec


      I finished it just a bit ago, and while the characters did get flesh out, I was done by the end. It had too many recaps (I do not want to be reminded of what I just watched when there are less than 50 episodes) and things felt like they were dragging on towards the end to the point where I did not care about the epilogue. I wish they cut all those recaps and just made the final battle an extended length episode.

  4. About to test out Project Fi with a Verizon Samsung S8+. Hopefully, things work out well.

  5. Thanks for the follow.

  6. Ask the member below you!

    Other than streaming services, nope I don't. What anime would you want to be in if you could choose to be in any world, but you were as you are now (no special abilities or powers)?
  7. got signed up on Discord recently, and things seem to be looking good.

    Community I am in is hard to figure out a bit though,

  8. Ask the member below you!

    Pizza. What would you do if you received a check with an irrational number (e.g. pi, tau, e, phi, sqrt(2), or the sum of the them combined) in the amount field?
  9. Kind of sad to see something come up that may put a damper in the peacefulness there has been between an Hmod and I at another community, but things like this are bound to happen. Hopefully, things will not escalate further.

  10. Rate the Anime above you!

    5/10 got boring pretty quickly as it became predictable Made in Abyss
  11. Writing and The Arts

    This blog post, which complains about how writers do not get respect.
  12. Writing and The Arts

    Could be that the writer is not any good, but this piece does not seem to be bad at all, so I highly doubt that is the problem. It is sad though that people do not realize how hard it can be to write something great, seeing as there will be errors and typos present, even after proofreading and editing.
  13. Writing and The Arts

    That sounds neat. Did you do it after creating a character profile or before?
  14. Writing and The Arts

  15. Writing and The Arts

    Only thing that I can say is people are stupid, and that is as nice as I can be towards them. After all, making a good story that is well-received is hard work in of itself, though I would not say the books that you talk about studying would help as much as doing research, creating character profiles, and try to really learn who your characters are, as well as what story you want to tell, since people giving you feedback might be saying you follow a textbook too much.
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