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  1. mysticscarlet

    New to forums

    Hello guys.Thank you all for the warm welcome. @Beocat well hi there. just recently i've been watching shokugeki no soma season 3. hmmmm, for the favorites, i have too much. I'm inot sports anime also, since i love prince of tennis, kuroko no basuke, ace of diamonds, haikyuu, etc.
  2. mysticscarlet

    Songs That Describes Your Mood Your In Now

  3. mysticscarlet

    Anime, just for kids or all ages?

    hey. greetings! I'm 23, female, i prefer adventure, mystery, fiction, school, romance anime. & to my opinion, anime is for all.
  4. mysticscarlet

    What do you think of maid cafes?

    Been in a maid cafe before in dubai. It was classic, no satisfying. I 'm actually planning and wanting to go to one of japan's maid cafe. Unlike those in dubai, maid cafe in japan are awesomely exciting. Theirs are unique, you'll probably think your in a cosplay event, well i can say yes.
  5. mysticscarlet

    New to forums

    Thank you guys 😊 please call me scarlet 😄
  6. mysticscarlet

    New to forums

    Hi. I hope we can get along guys
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