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  1. So it's been a while, how's everybody? *sits on a potato couch and eats some pudding*

    1. brycec


      It is going pretty well here. I sat down and dabbled with Swift enough to put together a text-based version of the card game war.

    2. RyePotatoes


      Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh?!?! O.O What's that about Brycec-san? 

    3. brycec


      War is a pretty boring game in which all you do is draw the top card of your deck, which uses normal playing cards, to the opponent's top card. If they are the same rank, each player draw more than one card (regular rules say two cards) and reveals the topmost card. Rank goes A, K, Q, J, and finally 10-2 all in descending order, though some people do variants like 4 beats Ace and 3 beats face. A text-based based game is something you can play without a GUI.

  2. RyePotatoes

    ☆Wicked's Chat Corner!☆

    Some things aren't meant to be shared! Especially my Puddings! *takes the pudding*
  3. you hiding again

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    2. Wodahs


      still just the same lil miss

      one day ill be different . promise :) 

    3. RyePotatoes


      Ah le le? Is something wrong??? o.o

    4. Wodahs


      no all good :) 

  4. RyePotatoes

    Ask The One, The Only, AniMeFReaK!~ (Again!)

    Btw, You can get notifications on this thread by following it. You can even receive emails concerning it. I believe there's also a "Notify me of replies" option when you try to reply on a thread. 😛 @AniMeFReaK And as for my question, do you love me or do you love me?
  5. RyePotatoes

    New Registrations Suspended

    Gambare Optic-senpai!
  6. RyePotatoes

    ☆Wicked's Chat Corner!☆

    *takes the pudding and starts digging in inside the futon* Teell anyone about?
  7. RyePotatoes

    ☆Wicked's Chat Corner!☆

    Are there any pudding for me? *enters wrapped with a futon*
  8. RyePotatoes

    Method's of studying?

    Aas for me I write notes to study. Like I get a lot of resources like my textbooks, some printed materials from our instructor and even the notes I took during class. I read those again and make notes again from those resources. I usually half a paper horizontally and use highlighters of different colors (at least four). Like if there's this term I need to memorize I use a pink highlighter to highlight the word and then use another color to highlight its meaning. After writing the notes I read them again. XD It's a long process but it works for me every time.
  9. Waaaaah, a new avi! <3 and to top it off its Tamaki isn't it?! <3<3 

    1. Tefutakato


      Yes, it is! 😊

  10. RyePotatoes

    Forum Contest Completed

    And I was sooo worried if I neglected the judging duty. Phew. 😣
  11. RyePotatoes


    Welcome backkkk my Grandson
  12. *finishes binge watching Slam Dunk* I don't need the NBA playoffs in my life. 

    1. John jobs

      John jobs

      Hue hue

  13. I think you honestly have the coolest and cutest username ever! :D 

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    2. RyePotatoes


      Ahhh I seee! I looked up your name and it seems your name means gift of god? 

    3. Nukemsloth


      Nope I actually know what it is Heheheh

    4. RyePotatoes


      What is it? O.O 

  14. RyePotatoes

    How in the world do people actually find online friends?!

    On my first forum I really had a hard time having someone to talk to. I didn't post anything cause I was really shy to show my opinions on things. XD So I ended up just liking a few posts out of nowhere and it must have been really awkward for thos forum members since I didn't really talk. Like literally. XD Some forum members notice this and actually posted a post on my profile like "Thanks for the likes" and that basically started my warming up to the place. I think forums could work for you since a lot of forum members likes to welcome new people and that is actually an opening to have internet friends. Btw, I dont know if it works for you guys buuuuut on my other forums I made quite a lot of friends due to the fact that I found some people from my country and they were quite a lot of us. Like 13? So we ganged up and made a groupchat and all. We actually cause quite a rampage which made the forum moderators discipline us all the time. XD I think it's more like opening yourself so that other people might open up as well. Finding someone to be branded as a "friend" on the internet is hard though. Since a lot of people do come and go especially in the internet. It basically depends on both parties if they still want to be friends or not. I hope I helped. 😛
  15. I really liked this anime. The ending was kind of heart turning and it left quite an impression on me so I actually told my bestfriend about it especially a specific part of the anime's ending and so she ended up crying. XD She's pretty much good at putting her shoes on characters and I told her how much more would she cry if she actually watched the anime XD I'm currently binge watching Detective Conan Dubbed version with my brother. XD I'm having a hard time getting used to the japanese version (which is quite new for me because I don't watch dubbed versions). I've watched Detective Conan before but still loving the mysteries.
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