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  1. Use Math in a sentence: Till I math youuuuuuu. I never knew what Love was. Till I math youuuu. Okay. xD

    1. Roxeg


      LOL, why not…

      Every time you eat maths the opposite happens.


    2. Wodahs


      i equate this as some one trying to get to the square root of their bordom and to add to that I'm feeling a fraction the same too , so ill give up cos i don't know sweet X=0




      Mathter did you see what I did there

  2. Little witch academia like or dislike?

    I recently watched this anime earlier this year and I loved it to be honest. The clumsiness of the Main Character is not at all annoying to an extent where you'd like to see her fall off her broom. I like the part in the story where she has to face this calm rival who seems to be perfect and later on finding the truth about her character and discovering that somehow they are quite similar (Little spoiler alert) . The subtle love story is also my favorite element. The subtlety was too much to take in and at the same time good for the heart compared to all those mushy stuffs we often see on other animes. And to be honest, somehow you can find yourself loving to see the Main Character suffer (even if you're not sadistic) and seeing her react if ever things don't go her way because it's natural and close to real life. We don't always get what we want in life and that's an essence that we have to look into.
  3. Introduction

    Hey there! Nice to meet you! You can call me Rye if you like Welcome to the forums btw! It's nice having you introduce yourself in a blog entry. Is this your first one? Waaaaah, I should have thought about this. lels. Anyways, I'm a lil bit older than you so maybe you can call me Nee-san or something. I'm not much of a loner but I'm not a socialist either so maybe I can reach out to you. I love Fairytail and tbh it was the main reason why I started reading mangas cause I just can't wait to see what would happen next I like black too tbh. I'm the oldest child in the family and I have an ototo which is 16 years old as well and a kawaii imouto which is still 8 years old. I love pudding Anyways, nice meeting you again!
  4. Exclusive on Potato Patch #4 : Valentine's Day

    Waaah! Isn't it. I really liked it tbh
  5. Post two similar anime characters!

    Gabriel from Gabriel Dropout and Umaru-chan from Himouto Umaru-chan They are very similar for me because: They're both blondes Lazy Loves Anime, Video games and everything in between Both have a responsible older sibling Both came from a slice of life genre
  6. What do you call the little nub that her mouth makes?

    A pout? And she is from Non non biyori right? Wah, I really love her character there. Hajimemashite!
  7. I was really happy on Valentine's Day even if most of the single friends I knew were so bitter about it and started calling it Single Awareness Day. I actually forgot that it was actually Valentine's Day because I got so busy with my requirements at school and it turned out that I passed for my College Entrance Exam so I was really hyped up and I didn't have the time to think about a certain holiday that obviously have nothing to do with me. I'm going to live without calendars and watches now I think. Looking back at all the Valentine's Day that passed me by I wasn't really concerned about romantic gestures and having dates. I was much more concerned with the part that I should buy chocolates for my parents and make cards for them so that they'll take us out on a date. I'm quite family oriented probably because of how my Mum grew us up. This concern went on and on until the recent occasion and I don't feel anything bad about celebrating Valentine's Day with my family. I think there are two perks about it. One is that I don't have to be labeled a loser about being single by those Valentines Stereotypes and Second I can help my parents from not making the decision in adding to the total number of the human population by November. I'm actually a superhero. Lels. One thing that happened on Valentine's day that changed my perspective about love was the poem that my teacher in Literature shared with us about someone relating love to an onion. When we talk about love we always picture out romantic stuffs and gestures such as Chocolates, Cards and Roses. Instead of a typical Valentine's Day filled with Chocolates and Cards my mind dove deeper with the onion. "I give you an onion. It is a moon wrapped in brown paper. It promises light like the careful undressing of love." When we indulge ourselves in loving someone we hurry on the loving part and forgot about the details. We hurry like our life depends on it. Like if I don't hurry now I might let a 1000 year chance slip out of my hand. We aren't supposed to hurry. Opening an onion is the same as encountering love. Quickly undressing it to discover it's core can make your eyes well up with tears resulting with you getting hurt. But taking a steady hand with a slow manner of slicing it, making your hands introduce themselves layer by layer can somehow lessen the tearing effect. In love we always get hurt and that is inevitable but suffering for that pain and letting it take over you is an option Keep breathing everyone! Kampai~
  8. Happy Valentine's Day!!!! Any obligatory pudding for me? xD <3 <3

    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. Muco


      You're welcome :D Yes missed ya @RyePotatoes, though i'm barely active as well due to my studies so its ok :/

    3. RyePotatoes


      Yayyyyy! Reallyyyy? Awwwww. *hugs* Same as me. Especially now since I'm graduating senior High School



      @RyePotatoes I am doing really good, gonna be starting college in around 3 months. Just been chilling out mostly for now though, reading and studying Tekken's frame data. :) 


    Hello there! Welcome to the forums! It's lovely to meet you. I think friendship can be gained easily in here Tomodachi da yo! ~
  10. Ask Optic

    Is this true @Optic senpai?!
  11. Ask Optic

    Optic-senpai! What kind of dere are you?
  12. Recommend a good Otaku / geek Anime

    There's Konata an otaku character in Lucky Star There's also Gabriel from Gabriel Dropout. Although she's much of a lazy ass like Umaru and gets unreasonable sometimes
  13. hey im new also!

    I'm having a crush on him already
  14. Anime Fanservice

    Personally as a girl, I really think they're kind of irrelevant. In my own humble opinion (which do not intend to offend anyone of all sorts) , I think fan service is somewhat a way of saying that "Let's hype all the fan service since the only people watching anime are men." If some male fan service are offered I might change my mind If people want fan service that much then maybe the producers could put some fan service bombs on OVAS like some animes do and stay away from the main flow of the anime. It gets out of hand sometimes which kind of distracts the viewers from the main plot of the anime. But if the anime is mainly an ecchi then that's not issue. Ecchi lives for fan service *ecchi queen before* lol ~
  15. First of all, I love Killua Second, Nice to meet you!
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