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  1. *knocks* Anybody home?

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    2. brycec


      Other than being uncomfortable on my feet yesterday, things are going good.

    3. RyePotatoes


      What happened with your feet?

    4. brycec


      Nothing wrong with them per se. My grandma was in town during the weekend, and she is old enough that she is prone to falling.

      We went to give food to a family member and upon leaving, my grandma takes my hand, which made me think that I would likely fall, due to my grandmother’s weight and the fact that my left foot is raised because of a stroke.

  2. And they say you can't be a gothic loli with an axe😈

    1. efaardvark


      You can be anything you want with an axe.  I mean, who is going to argue with someone with an axe?  :D



    2. RyePotatoes


      Haha, spot on! *sharpens axe*

  3. Happy Birthday Brycec-san! <3 :) 


    1. brycec


      Thanks, Rye. That image is funny.

  4. Wait, were you gone for a long time or you just followed me now? Either way it's been a long time!

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    2. RyePotatoes


      It's pretty nice to see some old faces you know gets a lil lonesome sometimes. Waaaaaah, Honto ni Gomenasai! I didn't notice this. This is a very late reply but how are things going?

    3. Metro


      There has been ups and downs but overall pretty good, what about yourself?


    4. RyePotatoes


      Nothing really. Just wandering around here and there

  5. RyePotatoes

    Favorite Profile Pic?

    Arigato Pocky-san
  6. RyePotatoes

    Do you have IRL friends who watch anime?

    Does real life friends found in the internet counts? Cause I actually met up wwith some online friends a couple of days back and we sometimes hang out once in a while since we just found out that we live in the same city which was totally mind blowing for me. Though, I already had some real life friends (those I didn't meet online) who were interested in anime.
  7. RyePotatoes

    Nagi-Asu: A Lull in the Sea

    It took me like 3 tries to finish this anime. As far as I can remember this anime consists of about 26 episodes or so. For me, the anime had times where it wasn't that consistent in the interesting section thus making it a bit boring in some episodes. I do understand that those happened because the anime likes to explain itself more making it a bit uninteresting but even so I do recommend not skipping any parts of the anime because no matter how uninteresting it may seem it all adds up at the end and creates a bigger impact if watched completely. It's a simple tale about a group of friends and their growing feelings towards each other and a sudden appearance of a mysterious guy in the picture. Will it destroy their friendship or will it lead to an unexpected turn of events that neither one of them had in mind? I think everyone can pretty relate in this anime. The feeling of uncertainty about a certain confession you would like to make towards someone, the feeling of being left behind by your friends, that feeling of chasing someone who is also chasing another someone, that feeling of being torn in choosing between your family and the one you love or just that simple feeling of having friends. It stirs up all your emotions until you can't take it no more.
  8. RyePotatoes

    The Future Diary

    It's actually one of my favorite anime of all time. Let's start with the not-so-typical-romance between the two main characters which I'm pretty sure any anime viewers who wants to step out from the safe romance side would like. A not so brave boy with a lot of pure luck and a simple overly obsess girl is not your typical anime couple. Side characters in the anime also have interesting side stories which also develops as the anime continues and can pretty much entertain those viewers whose not into the romance between the main characters. Plot wise it's actually a winner. It's all about having future diaries which tells different futures and how these people possessing future diaries will survive in a game they have no choice but to submit to. The anime is totally psychological with a hint of romance. The plot twists are very unpredictable and somewhat mind boggling. I think this anime paved the way for Yanderes, their twisted personalities and how they face unrequited love.
  9. RyePotatoes

    Violet Evergarden

    I can't say for sure if I liked the anime or not. It's more of like an "okay" anime well at least in my humble opinion. It didn't really leave an impression on me and I find it hard to empathize with the main character although the plot is new and refreshing and steps away from most animes. Common favorite genres like Romance, Comedy and even Drama is present in the anime. The setting of the anime is also good a somewhat after-war medieval age, the characters are okay and the animation is just amazing. As always, the essence of Mono No Aware is present and a sort of cliffhanger is to be expected at the end of the anime, spoilers alert! But so far, as a whole package, I find it hard to digest maybe because it's just not my cup of tea.
  10. Hello there! Welcome to the forums! :D I hope you'll like it here and please don't feel shy on joining the discussions! :)

  11. RyePotatoes

    Your Username And You

    Well, it's not that interesting. Rye is accidentally the first three letters of my real name so a lot of people call me Rye and I got the potato from my brother who usually calls me a potato due to the fact that he thinks I'm round like a potato. 😂 Or deformed. I like Fries so it gives justification in a way. 😛 Plus Rye and Potato just sounds good together. Well in my case. It's just a matter of getting used to it. 😅
  12. Well, it's going to be halloween soon. Time for some potato purging *grabs axe*

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. AniMeFReaK


      But potatoes don't have hands! How are you holding an axe? Or are you, perhaps, referring to the deodorant?

    3. brycec


      Potatoes work in mysterious ways @AniMeFReaK😆

    4. RyePotatoes


      @brycec yes, my point exactly XD 

  13. RyePotatoes

    Wish granted, but...

    Wish granted but you won't have any fangs and you only sleep during night time I wish I have a Nutella-Pudding Fort
  14. Been loving this song since this morning. You don't have to listen though but I'll just put this right here :) https://vocaroo.com/i/s183tzw9OaA6

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. RyePotatoes


      Well, yeah. She is pretty :D

    3. efaardvark



      I know of them.  Some of their stuff is decent.  I'm more into rock though.  They're all bit on the young side for me too.  If I said I liked Mina or Sana they'd call me a dirty old man.  (Possibly right but let's not go there. :) )  Anyway, last time I was into the teeny-pop mindset was when I was crushing on singers like Bonnie Tyler or Pat Benatar, so...  :D 

    4. RyePotatoes


      There's never been a judging potato so you're safe from any "dirty old man" comments around here :D

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