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  1. How are you doing Potatoe-sama? *throws golden potatoes at the front door*

  2. Ask the Potato~~

    In our christmas party with my classmates I actually asked for a small umbrella But other thAn that any new york best selling book I guess
  3. Ask the Potato~~

    I really hope you'd like the green tea one. I especially loved it
  4. Ask the Potato~~

    Definitely Pocky! I've been inlove with the cookies and cream flavor but then just recently I tried the Green Tea and for some reason I've been loving it. My friends do call me weird cause of it cause they totally don't like the green tea flavor
  5. I would definitely hug that neko-chan
  6. Ask the Potato~~

    Hmmmmmmmm, Not really.
  7. Happy Birthday Potato-chan~ Hope all your potato dreams will come true! ^O^ 

    1. RyePotatoes


      Waaaaah, Arigato Marshie-san!! <3 I hipe your Marshmallow dreams will come true too :)

  8. Happy birthday!

    1. RyePotatoes


      Thank You Bryce san!!!! <3 Daisuki!

  9. Happy birthday, @RyePotatoes-san!!


    I totally knew that today was your birthday! I totally didn't hear it from @Wodahs-oto sama!


    1. RyePotatoes


      Oh really? O.o How come? And thank you Very much for the greetings and cake! <3 

  10. Ask the Potato~~

    Other than Food, Air and Water I think my Family and Friends (Don't need romances as of now?) I would definitely ask for some fat burner instead Roast a way People! I love Roasted Potato I'm kind of like a traitor potato I think Actually, it feels like any ordinary day except that people posted a lot of greetings on your facebook page Nothing fancy is going lately since I didn't want to wear dresses and all. I do kind of feel a little guilty cause I still act like a kid instead of being a mature woman
  11. Happy Birthday you delectable lil' potato, lol. Hope you have a fantastic birthday and get some awesome presents (if you do that sort of thing) best wishes!

    Image result for sameise lotr potatoes gif



    1. RyePotatoes


      Arigato Sao lildoop-kun! I will get me self some fabulous presents. xD and thanks for the thought. Really appreciate it <3

  12. New to the forum :)

    I do hope so
  13. Mobile Games

    Haha. Been dreaming of having it Sleey Wolfy-san!
  14. Your Lie in April

    Something worth Watching and Waiting for The anime was nearly perfect. Watching it would be worth it. I would really recommend this to everyone who's new to anime and have been watching animes for a long time. Dramas may not fit your genres but try watching this one and it would really turn your world upside down. The Good 1.) Characters were Brilliant in their roles. 2.) Plot was absolutely there. 3.) Music were fabulous. 4.) It was near to perfection. The Bad I guess what I found a little down part of this anime was that the ending was quite predictable.
  15. Toradora!

    Pure Tsundere straight out From the little Tiger All in all the anime was good. You can expect a lot of tsundere factor from every side of the story. This anime is clearly for people who loves the tsundere type of dere. The story may be kind of slow on the uptake. The ending.... Well, it's up for you to judge. It's kinda cliché too which is a minus point for me. It lacks some twists and turns but all in all it was satisfying for a romance anime with a tsundere MC. The Good 1.) The anime has a good storyline. It is easily understandable by the viewers especially people which are new to anime 2.) Purely Romantic with huge spoonful of Tsundere factor 3.) Comedy is spot on. It has a nice sense of humor 4.) A lot of punching, kicking and clawing can be seen in the anime. The Bad The anime is kinda slow for the uptake. Maybe because the girl was a little too tsundere. It's a cliché kind of story.