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  1. its sorta sad that there is little to know anime currently that is dark fantasy or is  set in a dark universe with hardcore themes.........these days its all cute and happy things.......its sorta sad :(

    in recent Years Overlord has and will always be my standard for a balanced anime....but anime like Berserk or shiki or claymore will always be awesome for their dark setting :) 

    But if anyone knows of any hardcore dark fantasy please help me out.......Light Novels are also cool!!!!

  2. i find anime where the protagonist is weak while being supported by others to be annoying!!!!!Its ok if he starts weak but desires to be strong so that he doesnt have to rely on others....i find relying on others to be stupid as the main character can easily get betrayed and that betrayal is more brutal than from anywhere else! But its ok if the character is weak but also has a unique way of being strong like sarcasm or something that makes him to be strong yet weak!!!
  3. whatever happened to that chat room that used to be here???Where u can have a random encounter with various pokemon from around the forum!!!!!I miss it!!!!!!or maybe i just forgot where it is??? :P

    1. Optic


      Sorry not likely to come back as it was challenging to moderate (time zones for me).

  4. hhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmm never thought it like that..........but ive never really gotten attached to characters accept those i can relate to!!! but ill give DDLC another go!!
  5. i dont know how long it took u guys to get to that part but unfortunately mine was uneventful i got bored along the way since nothing seemed to happen...........y take so long to get to the eventful parts.......atleast have some captivating dialogue!!!
  6. Lately ive been forgetting to log in.........the stress of college is annoying but ill survive somehow.........but now i ponder on how long its been since i watched anime!!!!!!

    Well the last time i watch anime i guess was the last episode of inuyashiki.........one of the few anime that enjoyed at the end of 2017

    the rest was terrible but i hope that 2018 will be epic

    since 2017 was pooooooo 2018 will be epic......i hope!?

  7. I wish that one of these days marshmallows would just rain down from the sky!!!!!!!!



  8. So im thinking of writing a poetry book....but i have no readers. So here i am trying to advertise.I think.......But im not sure if i should just post online on a legit reading site or just look for a local hard copy publishing company??

    PS:Poetry is just a hobby....not gonna do it full time!

    1. SleepyLeoulf


      I always thought about that myself of writing a book full of my written work. Though I still have a long ways to go to become better at making them. It's really it's up to you where you want to post them, even if its a hobby. I would never do mine for fame though or just to be popular, that's just not me.. But I've always just wanted my work out there so people could maybe get inspired by it or know there not alone since a lot of my work is about myself and what I've been through.. Not sure how to explain the last part, heh.. Anyway You could on here like I did post your work or try maybe FicionPress.com or make a blog post your work on that and make it public. But then go one websites showing a link to your blog for your poetry work. Other than that not really sure how to help you get more noticed. ^^;;  Just was saying what I did. Hope it works our for you though. Please take care and if you do share your work on here I'll read it. <3 Sending you good and positive vibes your way~ 

  9. I dont know if anime actually helps a person make friends or not but it does act as a catalyst to the construction of a stable friendship on the first encounter. Coz if u meet someone who just so happens to watch the same anime that u like it does help to bridge the distance between 2 individuals through common interests..........and i think that depending on the anime u watch i does show the kind of personality a person has thus knowing what to expect from a person a bit. So just talking about anime can help getting used to a person really quickly coz of this thus making a friend a bit easier.........atleast thats what i think coz thats how i sorat made friends both online and offline!
  10. Currently my favourite book (Light Novel) is Kurono Mao............dont feel like giving a summary of the story so just check it out and u might like it
  11. Its been a year and a few months since i last logged in..........and so much has changed :)

    Many people may have arrived but i also hope that the old still remain!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    2. Tefutakato


      Welcome back. Nice to meet ya.

    3. Geno Syns

      Geno Syns

      Good to be back.......though i was super surprised by the sites new look!!!!

    4. SleepyLeoulf


      @Geno Syns Yeah sometimes forums or websites do that. Took me a little bit to get used to before it changed but really love it now.

  12. All is in the past,yet the remnants whispers of yesterday echo back to haunt what is my tomorrow :p

  13. I think I might be the only one who's holiday sucks so far!!!!

    1. Wodahs


      may be but id say NOPE

    2. Geno Syns

      Geno Syns

      But I may be the one has has it the worst Coz I'm not allowed to play games,not allowed to visit friends, not allowed to watch anime but I still watch without them knowing and I'm also not allowed to seek refuge in my own room for comfort when life gets rough :(

    3. Daero


      Started the holidays too sick to eat... I'm hungry...

  14. What we eat may kill us eventually...enjoy:D http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lp0amk7TUZM
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