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  1. According to this article which talks about Goku as a role model (https://www.japanpowered.com/anime-articles/goku-as-a-role-model), it talks about what traits does Goku have and how does Goku affect those people that take him as their role model. Reading this article makes me curious about which anime character do you take as your role model? How these anime role models affect your life? So If you don't mind, please share your experiences here, thank you.
  2. Recently I have read an article on the internet which says that anime can make one thinks negatively, and holds the negative attitude towards everything. I don't agree with this article as anime makes my attitude and mindset become more mature through those life lessons that anime taught me. This makes me curious about how does anime affect your mindset and attitude? Is it a positive or negative effect? If you don't mind, please share your experiences below. Thank you.
  3. Before I started to watch anime I was afraid to talk to people and always being depressed, but after I started watching anime I have become more socialized and optimistic and (at least this is what my friends and parents said). This experience that I have made me want to ask you how does anime affect your personality because of my curiosity. If you don't mind, please share your experiences below. Thank you.
  4. This question might sound weird, ridiculous or something doesn't even make sense. But actually, watching anime does affect anime fans' health condition to a certain extent (Think about how many times you have been staying up late to watch anime, saying that just one more episode but spent the whole night to finish one season). I also have experiences of watching anime until late at night or spent an entire night to watch anime. As consequences, I always feel sick, weak, and exhausted afterward. If you don't mind, please share your experiences below. Thank you.
  5. Anime, which is a major part of my life as an anime fan, has deeply influenced my lifestyle. This experiences that I have makes me curious about how does anime influence your lifestyle as an anime fan. If you don't mind, please share your experiences below. Thank you.
  6. There are some anime fans on the internet have said that they have learned many different life lessons by watching anime. I do learn something about life. For example, I have learned a little about the dark side of the world and human nature from Attack on Titan. Do you guys learn any life lesson from anime? If you do, what life lesson did you learn?
  7. Just as the question suggests, does anime help you to make more friends? Does it help you to make your friendships stronger? Does it have the other impact on you in terms of friendship?
  8. Base on what I know, most of the people in the society sees anime as something childish or something bad, and they see anime fans as, basically, nerds. So what do you think of how does the society view anime and anime fans? What do you know about the viewpoints of the society?
  9. My Parents were angry when they found out I'm watching anime, and just like what some of you guys have experienced, they shouted at me and said that anime is an extremely bad thing, it would only make me weird and lower my academic performances. But I don't agree with and don't understand my parents because I have learned lots of life lessons from different anime series, on the other hand, my grades didn't get affected after I started watching anime. So I want to know how you guys see anime and how your parents see anime and anime fans. Do your parent think anime is a good or bad? Do they
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