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  1. Ooooooo, I got JupJup, JupJup is an all around nice person, fun to talk to, nice to be around. From what I've seen, likes to get involved and helps to keep things active. Good job JupJup, keep it up ^-^
  2. hey lookie happy birthday

    1. Daero


      Wow, I really didn't expect anybody to wish me here, I really should've check sooner, sarreh

    2. Wodahs


      Happen to be in the members area , was looking to see if we had a list of recently joins members rather than just the latest , and saw list of birthdays well 4 :)

  3. I rarely sleep, in fact, at this point in time I should be asleep, but meh, waste of time. ^-^
  4. I feel like having Code Geass R3 is quite a big risk, considering how R2 ended, but one thing that could be a problem is whether the original ending was shown or not, because when I watched it, I saw the original ending, but when all of my friends watched it, they all saw a changed ending. This could cause confusion seeing as the changed ending makes it seem impossible for R3 to happen, whereas those who saw R2 would understand how R3 is possible. But even then, adding R3 is quite a risk as they finished R2 almost perfectly, so continuing it gives it the potential of taking a turn for the worst, but hopefully, that's not going to happen. ^-^
  5. Wohaiiiiiiiii Eri, you seem like a great person, though I've never met you before so I wouldn't know that.... Anyway, welcome to the anime forums, and I hope you enjoy your stay ^-^
  6. Your future isn't my future, so I win through my future, as well as the others
  7. Hits @RyePotatoes with a camera before fainting from the wardrobe hit from @Miyuki Tora
  8. A 45 year old man from Brazil, João Maria de Souza, was killed when a cow fell through his roof while he was asleep and crushed him. Both his wife who was sleeping next to him and he cow were unharmed... So next time I warn you to avoid cows, you may want to follow that advice, you don't know what might happen...
  9. Yes, you are correct, I am winning
  10. Well I feel really bad about this, but it's what I was holding.... I hit @Belgrade_assassin with a pair of scissors
  11. You shouldn't be here, it's getting too heated for you, I win
  12. Thanks, but you really didn't need to announce that I was winning.
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