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  1. Hmm I think I'll try being more active here 🤔🤔

    1. Tefutakato


      That's great! 

  2. *looks around* 

    Anyone wanna be friends with me lol

    No? Okay bye then.-.


    1. Viper


      I'll be your friend Melina 

    2. wikkidgrace
    3. Myouya
  3. Lina

    Hey, Viper, I just wanted to let you know that your profile picture is kewl 👌

    1. Viper


      aww thanks so is yours 

  4. Smh, I thought I was following some people but apparently I am not. Rip. 

    1. Wodahs


      unfortunately with the launch of the new site it reset all the follows and followers back to zero again and we have to re submit them

      I think there were a few other things that it did this too as well like I think we lost some/all post count and the odd post and so on

  5. I don't know what to do everytime I login here rip

    1. Wodahs


      what is it your not knowing or understanding or wanting to do but cant ? maybe we can help

  6. Did this get reformed or something? o.o

    1. Viper


      Yes it got updated

    2. Histoire


      It underwent revamp I think. I dunno, I was gone. lel

    3. Optic


      Yes, a revamp was done on both the home page and Forums. I will make an announcement this weekend. ;)

  7. Dat moment when you just wanna chat but discord is like: Nope, I don't think so Lina :( :(

  8. Lina

    Hello There~ How Are You This Wonderfull Day XD

    1. Daero


      How am I? Question of goodness that is...

    2. Viper


      RIP I only see this now lol and I think I was good on that Thursday Lina lol

  9. Lina

    I'm starting to wonder, do you have an account at kisscomunity as well? I think I saw someone in there that has a name quite similar to yours~

    1. Metro


      Yep that's me!

  10. Oooooooh, I wonder, do you guys use discord?~

    1. Metro


      Yes! quite a few of us are on the Discord server, most of the talking happens there!

    2. Lina


      :O :O :O :O

  11. Anyone here from kisscomunity? :)

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. John jobs

      John jobs

      Like kissanime?

    3. Lina


      Eeeh, I meant the forums lol

    4. John jobs

      John jobs

      I never knew they had a forum on there

  12. Metro

    Welcome Lina to AF! Hope you have a great time here!

  13. Natsu Dragneel from fairy tail bc he is so pretty and powerful

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