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  1. I'd say Madoka Magica, though I've not watched that many magical girl anime.
  2. Have you watched Darling in the Franxx? If so, what did you think of it? What stuff have you watched recently that you liked? That's anything, not just anime. Also, most importantly, are you busy mashing potatoes right now?
  3. If I remember correctly, the visual novel states that everyone has reading steiner, though the degree varies from person to person. Okabe is simply the only person in the story with his degree of reading steiner ability. It should be noted that, if I recall correctly, it's implied, when they meet at the end of the Visual Novel, Kurisu suddenly recalled everything, at least in regards to Okabe.
  4. I'm not been watching much of anything, just Darling in the Franxx. I've been avoiding Steins Gate 0 until I watch the visual novel. I'm also waiting on watching Persona 5 until I have a firmer idea of whether it's going to be good and worth watching.
  5. What it like getting to the third in a trilogy? Also, who is the girl in your sig?
  6. Rose Gun Days, Season 1, Volume 1. I want more Ryukishi07 in my life, so I went with that.
  7. I wouldn't say I have a favourite genre, though puzzle, VN, brawlers and RPGs tend to get more attention from me these days than other genres.
  8. Slightly annoyed. I have a lot that I want to, to the point that it can be hard to decide what to do. Then British Summer Time hit today and I lose an hour of time to use.
  9. Bernkastel does appear in the VN, though apparently fairly briefly. Sorry, I've only gone partway through Higurashi. I've read Umineko, obtaining a lot of my info needed to better understand Bernkastel's past through the web. She does have an expanded presence in the manga and an appearance in the Higurashi Rei novel Saikoroshi-hen. I personally just read what I wanted to know online and went straight to Umineko. As for Umineko, she has a large role in the second half of Umineko and appears a number of times of the first half. Go for the Umineko VN and avoid the anime. As for sushi, it's
  10. I've been trying to make my way through the remaining side content on the endgame mode for Yakuza Kiwami. There's a big problem, in that I am apparently incredibly shit at rhythm games like the Karaoke mini-game.
  11. I have plenty of exposure to fans as old as myself or older. So, I've not experienced this. The problem I tend to have is the feeling of having started watching anime much later than other fans and having not watched as much as many other fans, in spite of having a lot of free time.
  12. I'm not a fan of sports, either playing them or watching them. I have watched stuff like the Olympics in the past, so there is some stuff I have a mild interest in, like the horse events or some winter sports. But it's not like I go out of my way to watch them. One more thing. I'm also a catgirl like her. Please keep that a secret, okay?
  13. I'm playing Persona 3 Portable. If anyone is interested, I could talk about my experience and thoughts as I make my way through it.
  14. Hmm, good question, Well, first, there's her character design. I like that a lot. It matches my preferences well. Next, she makes a great antagonist, She has the sort of personality that matches what I like to see in a villain. Also, I admit that I share certain traits with Bernkastel that make her relatable to me. For example, I too am rather smug and cynical, hate boredom and don't particularly like people. Currently, chai. Admittedly, my town has limited options when it comes to purchasing tea and I've been weary of ordering tea online until very recently, when I found ou
  15. I on the other hand am free to enjoy a cup right now. I'd normally answer with spaghetti, but I've had a lot of that recently. So, lasagna seems more appealing.
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