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  1. Same here. Trying not to look. Haven't had time to watch it yet. Will watch tomorrow but though I have season 2, haven't seen it all the way through (can't remember what came up that pulled me away at the time) so I'm going in this time with virgin eyes hehe.
  2. It's supposed to release to all the consoles simultaneously @EnviousEnvy
  3. That's right! Happy birthday @efaardvark!
  4. Hmmm... haven't kept up with it lately but Seasons was my favorite. I love focusing on gardening and farming. Strangerville is fun though too small. I like the map from Pets but don't actually play with pets all that much. I like the map from Island Living and the jobs but also don't play terribly much with it.
  5. Working Indoor plumbing prefabricated on the island. There's a reason plumbers made the almighty toilet folks.
  6. Haven't gamed yet today, but going to tonight! Getting pumped for the new update to release on PS4!
  7. I have a few pumpkin pie recipes but I've never put them head to head against each other. Some of my recipes are old family recipes... It's A Southern Thing Grandma's Recipes And baking them really is like in this video! I actually have recipes that state bake in oven until done. No time estimation or anything to go by. You must be a master level cook to pull them off without staring at the oven for over an hour while it bakes. Scribbles for directions even more illegible than a doctor's handwriting
  8. @Illusion of Terra speaking of food words... dank means nasty, dark wet moldy. In the food world it means real tasty... yeah..food people are weird and I think could better themselves by using a dictionary every now and then. Take my word, apple cider is worth heating up a batch in a crockpot or on the stove if you have guests over in the winter. Quite enjoyable.
  9. Apple Cider is made by mulling it...so it isn't just boiled apple juice if you've ever had mulled wine, it's the same concept. @Illusion of Terra I don't know as they both have their places and I enjoy both. I do enjoy a good hot apple cider...it's nice on the throat, typically soothing and will warm you up. Pumpkin spice...well, I like pumpkin pie and my tiers of my wedding cake were pumpkin (which I loved and unfortunately my guests ate all of it! No leftovers for me. My husband insisted on yellow cake tiers for his half =/), I love pumpkin rolls...but I never have done pumpkin spice in anything not already pumpkiny. Guess that makes me favor cider? I even love love LOVE sparkling apple cider (I make sure to get me a half dozen bottles every Christmas to enjoy chilled). That said...there are a lot of strange things that are pumpkin spice flavored out there. Some that cannot be spoken of here so I imagine the pumpkin spice camp is probably the bigger camp...
  10. Played Stardew Valley today. Between work, storm prep and being sick I haven't done much for me lately so I just wanted to enjoy myself. Played a few days of summer and I'm so relaxed (still coughing up my lungs) now and feeling better. I haven't done much but sleep lately, (often on the couch, midsentence) and it was nice just having fun watering my crops, spelunking, and staying up till 2am (at least she can last that long lol). The simple life. Still focusing on foraging with mostly seasonal seeds, tappers, and honey (yeah, honey is farming but I consider it foraging style farming ).
  11. That sweet roll will be mine!
  12. Any upstanding guild hall should definitely have duels over who gets the last sweet roll!
  13. Mead! I think this hall needs a noble battle kitten...
  14. I'm in too let's pick a time!

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