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    Log Horizon, Snow White with the Red Hair, Yona of the Dawn, most Leiji Mastumoto anime, Familiar of Zero, Crest/Banner of the Stars, Knights of Sidonia, Psycho-PASS and so much more
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  1. Your Philosophy

    Explain Anime Philosophy first. I think I understand but I probably don't....
  2. Black Friday Sales

    Looks like Funimation is starting their sale. Lots of stuff on sale, but only three items on the Black Friday list. And SentaiFilmworks has started their Black Friday online sale. With some very very good prices.
  3. Black Friday Sales

    Don't give up yet....Rightstuf still has their "12 days of Christmas" sale (in which things go on sale on daily basis as well as daily megadeals) to do in December so if you are lucky those two will be in there (heavily discounted). I'm hoping one anime series will go on sale this year, but the likelihood of it happening is slim to never haha....
  4. Waifu Thread

    Sterkenburg for sure! Sterk was my favorite right up there with Rorona in the Arland Trilogy (video game). I was so mad how things ended up in Meruru. I think it might have colored my perception of that game a little black.... I'll have to think on any anime related ones.
  5. Newly registered

    Ooh...Overlord is on my Christmas list this year.
  6. Help find Anime by Picture

    That is without a doubt Maria the Virgin Witch. I really enjoyed it personally.
  7. Black Friday Sales

    I want a xbox one, but I barely play my ps4 these days and I'm not sold on the exclusives yet either. I have a "must buy 5 games first" policy with new consoles (that I regretfully broke with the Wii...lesson learned) so it might be a long time before I dive in. I've been seeing some good gaming deals in this area too.
  8. Newly registered

    Welcome Any favorites to speak of?
  9. Haha, I find you refreshingly honest . Good luck tracking it down
  10. Black Friday Sales

    Happy birthday! I hope you get to enjoy it with the holiday craze all around. We'll have to sing to you now that we know I don't leave the house on Black Friday. I shop online only! My sister might have given them up by now too (my ever practical once she became a mom sister who targets toilet paper, paper towels, and laundry detergents on the sales). The online sales usually are better, have more variety, and aren't sold out by the time you wake up. I pity the campers every year. No tv or anything is woth camping in a parking lot for a week during November. I already have my first Black Friday Friday sale purchase on the way. Too many good prices to pass up.
  11. I imagine you probably have, but ever tried a character search on anime-planet? You can put parameters and tags in to narrow the search though you'll get a ton of pages to sift through so if you really are okay with days of searching you could try it. I'm out of guesses here
  12. Chizuru from Bleach maybe and one of the other girls from Bleach?
  13. Anime newbie joining

    Welcome to the forums. We're a pretty laid back group. I also like cats (they grew up my husband like a tumor after I married him - he now may love them more than me).
  14. Black Friday Sales

    Hey all, anyone else save up for the sales this year? Looks like Rightstuf has now started their sale and a quick look tells me I might target bundles this time (and just regift any repeats in my collection) since the prices are just right. I'm going to have trouble holding out a little bit of cash for their daily mega deals and daily additions. Anyone else shopping the sale or planning to shop one?
  15. New member signing in…

    Welcome to the forums. I hope you enjoy your time here.