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  1. Beocat

    Looking for an anime.

    Closest thing I can think of is Majestic Prince (you find out towards the end). Two are maybe twins or siblings from different mothers? Test tube babies anyways so, eh. The Twin A vs Twin B scenario is far more commonplace.
  2. Beocat

    Mardock Scramble is Going Out of Print

    Anime and video games are expensive so I am always on the lookout for a sale. I could purchase everything at full price, but I would get a lot less if I did. I have missed out on a lot of good ones too =/
  3. As the title says, Sentai has announced it is no longer printing Mardock Scramble. At the Sentai store, they've reduced the price of the trilogy to ~$15 for anyone who wants to grab a copy before they are gone. My thoughts on the series ~ interesting sci-fi with good story. The theatrical vs directors cut just shows more or censors a few of the darkest parts of the story, but it only affects a handful of scenes. Sci-fi and Ghost in the Shell fans would enjoy it, as would those that like dark and gritty shows. It is a solid show but I would be surprised if most fans of the genre hadn't already seen it.
  4. I'd like to give Moribito an honorable mention. Balsa has a romance going on with one character that does develop (he would do anything for her) although she holds him at arm's length. It is highly suggested she intends to return to him at the end after completing her final task (returning her guardian's remains to their homeland). I give it honorable mention because the anime gives you a good view of how they would be as parents together (which I cannot personally think of many others that do anything similar). The desire to hook up is there but her oath takes priority.
  5. Tragedies are awesome and far more realistic. No one really "lives happily ever after". Got to die sometime. That made me love Kanon...all kinds of tragic... Wolf Children to me would not have made such an impact on me emotionally if it hadn't made me full of sorrow. My heart went out to those characters (and not just early in the movie!).
  6. Beocat

    Any good LGBT or Gay anime?

    I consider dot hack//SIGN to be yuri-lite. Those that have seen it will probably know what I'm talking about.
  7. Go watch Galaxy Railways. It is quite good. I love it so much. Another couple popped in my mind. Future Diary the romance ends in tragedy...I am a sucker for tragedy. Otogi Zoshi did as well (don't watch the modern arc...it sucks). It was on your MAL list but Cross Ange qualifies. Didn't remember it until I looked at your list.
  8. Got to go cook dinner but Familiar of Zero immediately comes to mind and hits all marks. Truthfully, Galaxy Railroad had a good romance intertwined in it too (though not to the finishing degree as Familiar of Zero). Trigun too had one...though it wasn't much of a romance. I believe Wolfwood and Millie have an alluded to romance with possible bedroom action, but like many anime of it's time you do a lot of assuming... I believe all 3 of those also have an ending. Will contemplate more...
  9. Beocat

    Wish granted, but...

    Granted, but the controllers don't work. I wish I had a robot maid like Rosie (wonder if anyone will catch that reference)...
  10. Thanks You are too. Taking the leap requires mental fortitude. There is no great reward without risk. And if you prepare properly, you can limit that risk a lot. Believe me, I stayed 4 years in a job I wasn't happy doing and 2 in another. Being unhappy was not worth the "job security" I had. I am not doing great but things are looking okay. I accepted another job that I would not be happy with (due to location...possibly the people...they are firing someone and hiring me to replace him after they train me....not sure how the close-knit group will react to that.) but needed to just diversify my resume. Now my dream job is interested in me (only ever after I start a new job) and I am again somewhere I don't want to be. I feel like this is a trend in my life lol...still, making the best of it. Going to study while I live apart from my family and get a certification that will basically check off a box on the list for future job opportunities. My husband is the diving instructor (as a Divemaster, however, I assist with many of his classes). There is no shame in being afraid of the water. My mother nearly drowned as a child and she will not put her head underwater to this day (installed her bathtub with a hand shower extension so she could wash her hair in the tub) but she is the strongest woman I know. She even swam out in a rip current to save my siblings once, without hesitation. I should convince her to write down her life stories like my grandfather did. It would be a good read
  11. Beocat

    Wish granted, but...

    😯 Granted, but you disappear. I wish I could see a Pulsar up close.
  12. Beocat

    Wish granted, but...

    Granted, but since that occurs inside black holes, you die. I wish all ice were the nugget ice kind.
  13. First off, keep trying on the baby. They are incredibly inconvenient you will find...so take this as a contest of wills. Second, I completely understand where you are coming from about your career. My own plunge landed me in a bad spot (more so, my timeline needed another 3 months), but you sound like you are far more prepared than I was. Getting out of being depressed is the most important thing. A bonus...working for yourself means you can likely not have to send little Wedgy Jr off to the boarding nursery while you make the money to support your family when you finally get to baking. Bonuses all over. Lastly, congratulations on being top three It is good to have you back!
  14. Beocat

    Anyone have a favourite zombie anime?

    Well, a quick tag search brings up these anime (click here for the anime-planet list) of zombie related shows. It is a very small genre. I have no favorites myself.
  15. [mal type=anime id=1140] This one? The end has a giant volcano bot... From 2006 so close to your timeframe.
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