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  1. Local used bookstores and anime conventions. Most of what is on ebay is pirated. You could always wait for a rerelease as well. Happens a lot these days.
  2. @efaardvark it honestly sounds like an RPG with a spacefaring twist I can see how it would be fun as I tend to gravitate towards games like that too. The more menus and things you can do, the better sometimes @EnviousEnvy haven't gotten either of the two new packs yet but thinking about it. Still playing predominantly on my farm....thinking of having Eudora (my lone Farmer's (who is also a PhD of Pollen) daughter) go to university someday then return to take over the farm from her mom. Have you taken the new pack survey yet? I wish I could make a pack with the yeast stuff, dehydrator, embroidery and knitting alone lol...if only.
  3. I use Netflix (though rarely for anime), Hulu, and Crunchyroll. Hulu has the bigger library and is definitely worth it.
  4. @EnviousEnvy Ahh, Fable 2... I married a pirate in that one and got my only std from him lol....funny the stats that game keeps up with! It was actually a fun game. Odd that you mentioned it as I was reminiscing about it literally the other day. I've not played anything as of late. Been sewing a lot and although I'm batcheloretting it out for a week, I've been working crazy nonstop. Too tired to play when I get home. I slept all of yesterday and all morning today though so I'm thinking Sims tomorrow...or maybe an Otome game on my PS3. Had it out for a while now and just never had time to play.
  5. Heroes are easier to write. Their intentions, motivation, and morals are straightforward and typically not very complex. The story presents a problem and the hero is created to solve that problem. Anti heroes however are very different. An anti hero has intentions and motivations that are separate from the problem and that they will continue to pursue despite the presence of the problem. They aren't made to solve the problem but rather circumstances generally will force them to deal with it in their own way. This doesn't make all of them necessarily evil, but in my opinion preoccupied instead. Good or bad, they have other pursuits on the brain. Evil characters however as a MC typically have to have "good" characters in their "party" (harem, friends, group, whatever) to tone them down enough for most people to like them and to make them more relatable to the masses. I like both heroes and anti-heroes. Some stories work better with one as opposed to the other.
  6. Welcome to the forums I hope you enjoy it here. Since you like slice of life, did you ever watch Flying Witch? We were doing a group watch and discuss on the forum a while back but a few of us got bogged down with work.
  7. Front door. It's convenient. The backdoor is to our fenced in backyard. You'd have to go through one of the three gates to get in. Then the garage can only be accessed by our remotes (which we only use if retrieving something from the garage, as we use our double garage for storage, not parking) or by a door in our fenced in backyard. Front door is more convenient.
  8. I'd like to throw out there that those salaries are meaningless as is. Without any real knowledge of cost of living for those animators per country (or even per region of a country) they are just numbers. For instance, East coast vs West Coast in cost of living in the States is VERY different. Ridiculously different (I imagine bad tax laws and other bad legislation is to blame). Throwing out numbers like it means the same no matter where you go doesn't work.
  9. The only thing that comes to mind for me is DBZ, but I'm not a One Piece fan so Imight be generalizing there. Fairy Tail definitely fits the bill like Ohio said. Look into Magi too. It's in that line of anime style.
  10. Welcome to the forums :) I'm personally not a Twitter person but hopefully we can still hang out in the forum and talk about anime.
  11. Welcome to the forums I'm going to go ahead and say that although your writing isn't perfect, it's still better than a good chunk of people who actually have English as a primary language. Please don't feel self conscious about it with us. What's your favorite anime?
  12. Hello and welcome to the forums I actually have not started on Tokyo Ghoul yet but it is on my list... my favorite horror is probably Baccanno! (Horror/Comedy).
  13. today I played some Stardew Valley and while stopping to do some random fishing (I rarely come to the beach...pretty sure I dropped in to see if I had any lobsters for a gift for Elliott) I suddenly noticed a head by my crabpots! The near impossible happened and I had a sea monster spawn by the docks! I should've bought a lottery ticket today... >_> practically had a panic attack trying to remember which button on the controller is for screenshots since I never use it lol...
  14. Beocat

    Gaming chat

    Ahh, I love me some Sly Cooper. Still holding out for a new one. They left the last one wide open.

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