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  1. Ooh, I hadn't heard any of those. I'm so far out of the loop these days. I might have to upgrade my tv for the next PS console. It's 8-9 years old and probably not up to specs for that level of graphics. I've just grown so attached to that TV. It was the first tv I bought with my own money (before that I had an old box tv from my high school years. Still do have it in the spare bedroom). I spent a week picking it out, then when I bought it, I found out it didn't fit in my car. Life lesson learned 😅 Back on topic, played Sims4 today. I recently got the Seasons pack and Bowling Night stuff and I love the seasons and the fun of bowling. I built a secluded farm that runs essentially off grid (I've painstakingly even avoided lights that need electricity) and I'm having fun with it. Just started to snow today, and the challenge of running a farm with the seasons changing is refreshing and challenging. I think once Winter is coming close to a close, I might spend some time rearranging my farm for an easier harvest.
  2. Congratulations @Humbby, @TsuchiMaika, and @XII360! Those are some great drawings!
  3. I agree with all those opinions. The resolution is very limited, and even the darkest it gets you can see the lines in the cloth backdrop. I think it was more of a "field test" product. I think that they really kept it low end because they didn't want to invest the time and money to make a better high-end model without actually knowing what their customer base for the product would look like (let's face it, it was way different from their usual set up and it does require quite a bit of extra space...not exactly something that a lot of Japanese households can devote for gaming...hence their ridiculously short controller charging cables (my biggest pet peeve of the Sony console lines)). By now they should have a good idea of the size of the market and how much people are willing to spend on it so I think with the PS4's life-cycle being on the latter half of the cycle, if they found it worthwhile to really pursue, it will be a major feature of the PS5 (PS4 released in 2013, so I imagine we'll start hearing about the PS5 come 2021 or 2022, just a couple more years). If the numbers come up that investing in it wouldn't pull enough profit, then I can see them not even bothering to have the option with the PS5. I honestly feel that the PS5 is a lot closer to being announced than the usual 10 year cycle...the PS3 had a short life-cycle too so that too might be part of it. A lot of the games that I see right now for the PS4 are remakes (Quantum Dream Heavy Rain/Beyond Two Souls/etc, Tales of Vesperia remake, Uncharted remakes, and so on...) which tend to be late life-cycle games for most consoles. I've seen enough come and go by now to recognize the signs... If the developers are pulling back from new IPs, they're probably saving up for a new console. Still, it's fun swinging your own mace, drawing back your own bow and all. And it's a very different experience. During my "execution" in Skyrim, before they pushed me down on the chopping block, I spent a lot of time turning around, just looking at my surroundings. I don't think you can do that in the regular game.
  4. @efaardvark if you know anyone with a Sony VR, try it on at their place first. I have a bad disc in my neck so 20-30 minutes in sends me into nauseating pain. It is too heavy, even sitting down. Just the part that sits on your head is too much for me. I'll be watching anime today. I have to work tomorrow so I'm not going to aggravate my neck by playing Skyrim VR. I tried some spellcraft in Skyrim too but either I messed up aiming or I just did it wrong. It'll be Wednesday before I jump back in.
  5. @efaardvark Ok, so far I'm a bit mixed on Skyrim VR. Mostly because of the VR gear. I'm actually enjoying it and it is definitely interesting. I wish it were crisper, but that may be my offbrand hdmi cable's effect on things. There were two kinds of movement. A teleportation movement (absolutely not for me. Very disconcerting and slow for me to use) and a point and run movement (which I was already accustomed to from playing Loading Human). You swing your sword/mace with the wands and draw back and aim your own bows so loving that. If I hadn't had a slower game to introduce me to using the wands this would be a lot more difficult for me. The problem came not from being motion sick (if that was an issue I'd never survive riding on boats), but the VR gear is still too heavy for me to wear for extended times, even with the longer cables reducing some of the weight. Still loving the game, and being in Skyrim is pretty awesome. I imagine it will take days for me to really get good at the controls. I need to play around at a few things and run a few quests before I really decide. I think I could still use the regular controller if I wanted to and just play with the vr gear on....might try that out too eventually.
  6. Beocat


    It's pretty much as @efaardvark said, though I'm pretty sure most everyone these days start by sticking thier phone up to the telescope lens trying to get a shot on thier phone for facebook. most bright sights, like lunar or large planet views can be captured on your phone that way, but for high quality photos, you need a way to mount your camera to your scope, an automated tracking mount for the scope, and a little bit of technical knowhow and patience. Still, most people I know started with a quick shot on their phone and got hooked
  7. I totally will. I'm planning to buy a couple of longer HDMI cables to actually make this work. I use the Sony VR which is fairly good, but let's face it, the cables that come with it are made for shorter people. If I get any closer to the camera, the camera won't callibrate right either so I'm just going to replace the cables with longer ones and I think I'll use my VR gear a lot more with that small change. So far, played through Loading Human (enjoyed it though the graphics are a bit primitive, like early PS2 graphics when you consider later PS2 graphics, still a good game to practice the controls) and Star Trek Bridge Crew (I need to recruit a crew to take on the Kobayashi Maru Challenge) and been using the VR charging station to charge my controller as the short cables pulled my head down constantly bothering my preexisting neck problems. I'm really looking forward to it. I've heard so many good things about Skyrim VR. I may be ruint after this lol... I really haven't set up a new area for VR. You really mostly sit or stand. You use the controllers to move around...which means I might be learning it new in Skyrim. >_> Anyways, I'll let you know how mind-blown I get.
  8. Stardew is one of the best games around. Got Skyrim vr the other day and I'm hoping to try it tonight....
  9. And here is my submission. Been doodling Usagi from Sailor Moon (as I used to when I was younger). It is in ink and really rough (can't erase mistskes with pens) but probably one of my better doodles from this past week.
  10. Agreed. It was not what I was expecting and I didn't enjoy it. I ended up giving it away to my best friend. She didn't dislike it but it wasn't what she was expecting either. I like comedy but I felt it was just overused. I suppose I wanted more romance. Though I liked Kenchi better than Tenchi in Tenchi Muyo War on Geminar, there was a lot of wierd in that one. The massaging thing, especially. I know it was meant to be more humorous but it really made me wonder about the author. Actually the whole Tenchi timeline and family tree is altogether wierd and full of incest and wierd relationships, far worse than the royal lines here in Earth's history.
  11. Welcome to the forums Feather if you really regret your username, once you save up enough points (through forum participation) you can purchase the Change Username through the forum shop to fix that so start thinking of names you might like. I hope you enjoy it here!
  12. I want to say the Zoids franchise....oddly enough...
  13. I love the glasses cliche! I actually do it myself quite often...and the sinister connotations it carries is a major bonus
  14. Beocat

    Gaming chat

    Been playing the Sims 4. Got a few more game packs and now I'm building my starter homes in new worlds. Love the building....love playing offgrid style too. Got a farmer I'm playing now
  15. Beocat

    The Eyes!

    This had a nice degree of difficulty actually. Got me all confident and pumped up with the first question then all... 🤔 with the rest. Well done!
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