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  1. If You Hate Someone

    How else would one describe the constructs of society?
  2. If You Hate Someone

    Depends.... if I'm related to them, I disown them and cut them from my life. Easy. The rest of my close family has realized the utility in this in the past 5 years and started to do the same. Good for them. If it is someone at work, I will keep quiet and confide in friends. I used to be good at detaching...not so much these days. I find that my tolerance has waned over the years due to stress. Writing helps. And knowing one day I'll be dancing on their Graves helps too I firmly believe in karma. I just have to wait and all their negativity and horridness will turn 180 degrees and hurt them 10 times worse. So far, I've been able to see it in action every time. It helps to keep that in mind too. Patience....their time will come.
  3. I'd check the date and winning numbers for the lottery (when it was obnoxiously high but no one won), and I'd go back to that day and buy a ticket...muwhahahahaha!!!!!! Then I'd retire in the woods somewhere remote, off grid, and disappear from society....
  4. Hewo

    Welcome to the forums On the reading/writing issue, the more you read, the more you will subconsciously learn about writing. A lot of writing is practice too. Just keep writing, even if only for yourself and you'll improve.

    I was a fan of the original MLP way way way back in the day. My sister loved barbies, I loved MLP and I even had a movie at one point. Wish I knew where it went. If I could find it today I'd make my sister buy a VHS player and show it to my neice. Still got my MLPs too. I could never consider giving them up. Good luck saving them with a petition.
  6. Hi.

    Welcome to the forums Any favorites?
  7. Netflix Anime Wave

    I'll probably get some dislikes for this, but I thought that Seven Deadly Sins was extremely unoriginal. It reminded me of every other show in its genre with excessively strong characters (both pro and antagonists) with very static personalities. Sure, it catered to its intended audience but it was in no way original. I did greatly enjoy Knights of Sidonia however. .I thought it to be pretty original, well crafted, and enjoyable. It was a great Space Opera. Now, let's take a moment to think. The genre of Seven Deadly is a fighting genre. It has fans that have come to expect certain things (overpowered characters, often extreme personalities, monologues, extreme battles nearly every episode, omnipotent villians, etc). It is a well established genre with many titles (DBZ universe, Fairy Tail, AoT, etc). If you hold to the expectations, you really will have a difficult time being original (not impossible, but harder). Now, Sidonia is a space opera which is not really a major genre. In comparison, they are fairly uncommon. The expectations are typically, space and spaceships, usually major issue (political, war, etc)...annnnnd that's about it. There is quite a bit of leeway with this genre in how the story is constructed which can lead to more variety and originality. Therefore, if you really consider it all, if Netflix targeted more of the smaller genres or subgenres they would likely be able to actually create more "original" shows. That being said, the tried and true fighting genre checklist is an easy way to make money.... who can blame them there? A successful business makes a profit after all.
  8. Favorite Magical Girl Anime

    It sounds as though your favorite magical girl anime has changed over time. I think that's a good thing. For many people, Sailor Moon is the first magical girl anime they think of...the DBZ of Magical Girls. There are lots of series out there and still more to discover yet. There are so many that I have yet to watch even. So...Optic....you believe deep down that Louise the Zero (Familiar of Zero) is a magical girl? Ahhahaha.....I'm not sure many Magical Girls use whips like that....hehe... That being said, I think that the zero to hero transformation is pretty important for the genre too. You know, I still have yet to watch Nanoha. It's been on my list for years but for years I've been....oppressed by my miserable job. Time to make time for new anime again! Summer is almost here!
  9. Anime that feature humanoid robots

    Just remembered a classic, Big O!
  10. E'vark described it pretty well.
  11. Anime that feature humanoid robots

    Surprised no one mentioned Solty Rei. If you don't mind older anime, check out Android Kikaider and Cyborg 009.
  12. Ready Player One

    There will be plenty you will recognize and enjoy. Basically, from the 70's and onward is mostly what it showcases. That includes sci-fi movies, anime, video games, lots of stuff.
  13. Hey there, I'm the new guy.

    Welcome to the forums. What do you usually podcast about?
  14. I’m new, I want some anime friends

    Hi and welcome to the forums
  15. New here

    Welcome to the forums!
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