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  1. First off, welcome to the forums! As for me, I don't really have this issue. I see it all as character development and the story is what is most important to me. While a few characters I have grown attached to have died, and while I was upset by it (you'd have to be emotionally dead to really feel nothing) I still continued to watch without problems and without it having a lasting effect on my mood. It really only bugs me when they have a meaningless death. Still, though I may get sad, I always remember Journey before Destination. I actually used to get depressed when I was close to finishing a video game. The credits roll down the screen, the hero leaves to do who knows what, and the journey is over, the screen goes black. But to me, it's about the journey, the experience, the story. That's why I keep going. Sure, I'll reach the end, but I'll experience so much getting there. I did laugh though when you said you feel nothing when an ugly character dies...LOL....that was really harsh, but you are being honest with yourself what exactly makes them ugly to you? What makes one beautiful?
  2. Ea games suck

    Hmm...I actually stopped buying anything from EA Games out of principle after the fiasco of ME3. Said I wouldn't buy from them again unless Mirror's Edge 2 came out and I held to that vow (got Mirror's Edge 2, still haven't played it, my last ever EA purchase). A friend of mine got me Dragon Age Inquisition even though I didn't want it. I politely played a few hours of it with her then shelved it forever (it sucked...I went in with extremely low expectations and it still didn't meet those). Five or six years and I've held to that vow. I remember actually the ME3 fiasco was so bad it had people selling their games and consoles because of the betrayal (real or perceived, it was a betrayal). I didn't go that far...Actually started watching more anime again haha, the 3 years before that I had been relatively dry on the anime side. I'll be honest. After ME3, my joy of gaming has not been the same. I think I put too much of myself into that game series and was let down way too hard. A few games have made me feel again when playing (Tales of Graces of course, Stardew Valley recaptured my love of Harvest Moon 64) but generally I've become a casual gamer since and still haven't found the motivation to start a longer game up. I don't get excited for new game releases anymore. The few I bought last year are still shrinkwrapped. The VR games though I did play. It's actually nice to have that level of immersion. If I wasn't practically blind and needed to put in my contacts to comfortably play them I might switch to a VR only set up. I guess I'm a bit shy about investing my precious time into a franchise that might be devoured by EA and subsequently ruined. Oh well.
  3. What Are You Watching Today?

    Watched Majestic Prince. I think it's really a comedy under all that mecha. Really enjoyed it
  4. Just Talking About Anime

    Ok, well welcome to the forums! what's your question for us today? I can't help till I know
  5. Ea games suck

    Welcome to the world of hating EA Games. You know, they didn't win the Golden Poo Award two years in a row for listening to their customers and not trying to rip them off at every turn! Truthfully, the way they devour good IPS then run them into the mud with worthless DLC, season passes, pointless multiplayer, trying to rip people off at every turn is ruining the gaming industry. Every company they buy eventually falls from incorporating the business schemes of EA Games designed solely to rip you off. And we aren't stupid. You know 15 dollars for a patio set is crazy just as well as I do. You can't rip off customers nor take a niche game and make it casual for the masses. Not if you want to be a success. The way they devour good IPs then destroy them in just a few years is eventually going to destroy gaming outside of Japan.
  6. So, my favourite video-game is dead. :(

    I have had to say goodbye to other MMOs as well. I feel your pain. I now avoid online games like the plague. Too much personal investment to be ripped away from you.
  7. Probably Ah! My Goddess. I had no interest in romance before that series. Most American romance stories tend to devolve into lust so seeing a romance that was pure really was big for me. Now I like the genre...as far as anime is concerned. American romance stories I still avoid.
  8. What Anime Quotes Do You Use?

    Haha, that's pretty good! Trigun does the exact same thing but with electric guitar music. Really is random when you're watching off of a disc!
  9. PotatoNoob2006 at you service!

    Welcome to the forums I think we all start off watching one type of anime before our tastes evolve. Mine do just about every year Anyways, we're a good community and I look forward to hearing more from you.
  10. King_Sama

    Welcome to the forums King we're nerds too so you are in good company. Any favorites you want to share?
  11. The Most Recent ESA Report On Gamers

    PC and mobile platforms did outrank consoles so that is something to consider. I think part of it has to deal with disposable income and many of these women having children that play. From the study, a surprising amount of parents are playing games with their kids now (as opposed to just checking in on them when they play). I can verify that some parents I've personally known to play with their kids are doing so because they lost custody of them and playing minecraft online helps them stay connected in their kids lives. Then they learn they love it and they start branching out. But then again, gaming is gaming folks! I try not to judge the CandyCrushers out there. They may be on the path to hardcore gaming if I just let them walk it freely though I do wish it had more info on which were casual and which were hardcore gamers (they would inevitably have to provide a definition for the criteria).
  12. Try a search on anime planet's site using the tags "bald" and "female/woman". The list is only about 8 or so long so you might figure it out easily there. Best I can do for you with such vague information.
  13. Yeah, I think The Wild Conductor does a version of Lilium on piano too. I listen to his Tim Burton music from time to time Personally, I'd be interested in a full piano version of "Open Your Mind" from Ah! My Goddess. I love that song....so wholesome
  14. So, I'm attaching to this post the most recent ESA (Entertainment Software Association) Report from 2016. Inside are cool statistics about United States Gamership including but not limited to....platform ownership, genre purchasing distributions, gameplay preferences, gender and age examinations, and more! Anyways all, check it out. If you go to ESA's main page, they will detail a few tidbits that they believe are interesting in a "news summary" but the PDF is much more nitty gritty. From what I'm seeing, the average age of female gamers has stayed roughly the same in the past five year (if I remember correctly). It's also nice to know I'm in the 11% (VR purchasers, and yes, I'm glad I got it even if I don't play as often with it). Hope you all enjoy. The link to the PDF is below! Anyone else see anything especially interesting? I personally thought RPGs would have a bigger marketshare...but this is a US based study....probably would be completely different in Japan! ESA2016.pdf
  15. Anime - why is it so looked down upon?

    Sadly, that is a very common stereotype. I attended one anime panel that really focused in on debunking the "everyone into hentai" stereotype is, even going to the point of showing sales from the 80s and 90s of hentai versus the number of anime fans during the same timeframe. It was very interesting. I wish I still had the guy's information. I found my convention booklet for that year but it just has the name of the panel...no speaker info attached. Then, as said above, there's also the "cartoon" stereotype. That is especially embedded in the "just for kids" stereotype. It all really reminds me of the video gamer bad rap. I was told by a colleague once upon talking about video games that I couldn't be a fan. That was something just for guys....I MUST be making it up! Not to mention how childish and immature I must be for enjoying them! The horror that she had to work with such a child! No joke. Then she went on to say that only men of a young age (12-22 years old) play video games.... Yeah...I nearly fell on my face laughing. So, the next day I emailed her the most current report from the ESA (which at that time stated that 40% of gamers were women, and the average age if I remember correctly was somewhere around 35-40 years old LOL...I was actually younger than the average age!). Take that hater! The Most Recent ESA Statistics for those of you who are now wondering She hated me after that. Good thing I wasn't going to have to deal with her but for another month. She was the type of person who didn't like being wrong - and although she hated being wrong...she was terribly unprepared to perform her job...that's what happens when you go to a school that you pay to be given a degree (and yes, the place she graduated from is quite famous for that in my industry, no one takes their grads seriously). Anyways, I really wish that the anime industry had a version of the ESA. Truthfully, Japan does have an industry report. I believe it's from the Association of Japanese Animation....but it doesn't have the nitty gritty viewership details that ESA has for its own report (maybe they just didn't include it in the English summaries...). Sure it has how many people viewed or streamed something, but nothing like their ages and genders. I honestly wonder if that is why there is so much ecchi and harems. Do they really not have the viewership data to guide them in making a better anime? Do they really think that they are mostly serving young horny males (a common EA Games mistake...even with gamership data to contradict it)? Anyways....Click Here to Access the English Version of the AJA's Industry Reports. I would love to ask one of the producers or directors at a convention some day if they actually have the right statistics. It would be interesting to see if they even know themselves. I've done some digging and haven't been able to show much for it sadly.
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