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  1. Beocat

    What is your favorite Toonami anime?

    Too many... Tenchi OVA or Galaxy Railways. I loved the melodrama of Kikaider too but that was Adult Swim...
  2. Ever watched Gundam Wing Endless Waltz? It is a good followup to Gundam Wing. Truthfully, I think any of them can be enjoyable. Go with whatever you can easily find first.
  3. Beocat

    I get no matches on Tinder and the like

    Without seeing your profile, it is hard to diagnose the issue. Why not post your current bio for us to see (especailly if you don't want to link your profile). If you are a guy, I will add that most women prefer guys that are ambitious in a way, so if you aren't actively trying to connect with women, it is unlikely they will seek you out. Might be traditional thinking but it is true.
  4. Beocat

    What Are Your Phobias

    ~hugs~ As a Divemaster who has seen a lot helping with classes and swimming in the deep, I have a ponder... Maybe you don't remember it, but might you have ever had a near drowning experience in your past (or early childhood)? I had one student who I was spending extra attention on as he was having difficulty with mask clears in the pool in a Review class. I suspected something had happened but since he didn't remember.... Come to find out, he nearly died in an out of air incident wearing a full-face mask (with no training or familiarity with the mask). He had no recollection - he had completely blocked out the memory (multiple times he told me he didn't remember why he quit diving in the first place). He talked to his father over lunch who recounted the entire story to him and his father forbade him from continuing the class (understandably so). It is just as well. Every time a little water would seep into his mask he would nearly go into a full-blown panic. He never would have been able to actually dive unless he spent a lot of time coming to terms with that experience. My mother also had a near drowning experience in her childhood and to this day she will not place her head completely under the water (she is at least okay wearing a SCUBA mask and snorkeling from the surface. That took a few weekends at the beach to get her okay with even...full on SCUBA is out of the question for her, even with a Xanax lol). I'm sorry water has that effect on you. Still, there's always the mountains if not the beach.
  5. Try Yuri!!! On Ice yet? That's the one I'm going to try out (then thinking about seeing what this Prince of Tennis thing is all about that people go on and on over...) as I am actually a huge fan of gymnastics and ice skating competitions (most any sober person can run in a straight line. It takes actual skill to throw yourself up in the air and twist, turn, and capitulate and then land while making it look graceful and effortless. Grace that I lack...clumsy me... ~sighs~). I haven't started watching it yet so no spoilers folks. I've already heard some things about it but I'm just hoping the ice skating is good. Hmmm...I might try to rewatch Irregulars someday (but can't promise I'l get any further, even knowing that). @Oakmi message sent
  6. Beocat

    Zelda Shield

    Mats will also weigh less than fiberglass and thus not tire you out carrying it around. I advise regardless making sure you have a way of attaching it safely to your back so you can walk around with your hands free. I find it highly suspect that they fail to list the weight after claiming it to be great for con cosplay. Mats, a hair dryer, and a dremel tool will be your best friend. On a side note, most all Cons have a checkstation for props to ensure that they are not dangerous. Considering you could still bash someone's head in with a fiberglass sheild, the chances of it making it past the lobby are pretty slim. Might want to double check the rules for cosplay props at the convention before you buy. Most convention sites will have those rules easily accessible yearround on their website.
  7. Beocat

    Sentai's Summer Sale!

    @drill Anytime I am planning on grabbing a few titles too, just trying to whittle down my choices. If only Time Jam were part of the sale. I will just have to wait a little while on that one.
  8. Beocat

    Sentai's Summer Sale!

    Hey all, I'm tossing up the link for Sentai Filmwork's summer sale if any of you want to check it out and grab some Sentai titles at super low prices (some down to $5-$9 USD). They usually do a summer sale, then a Black Friday (end of November, early December) sale. It's a great way to support the industry and get a good deal (and a lot of anime for not a lot of expense). https://shop.sentaifilmworks.com/collections/summer-sale-2018?page=1
  9. Beocat

    I need something gritty

    Hmmm.... You ask for much nuance there Wedgy.... We shall see if I am capable of delivering... 1. The Big O ~ So, post-apocalyptic (living in domes, there are submerged cities), gritty in an Arkham way.... If you have never seen this anime, I highly recommend it. It is a classic (and often described as Anime's Batman). The first half is episodic but will give you the opportunity to become familiar with the main characters as well as the gangs and other characters that will become important later in the show. The second half is a story arc where the story continues from episode to episode. It is mecha but one of my personal favorites. 2. Solty Rei ~ This is one that I love but rarely recommend. I'm just not sure that most people would fall in love with it like I did. It is "sort of" post apocalyptic...a terrible tradgedy occurred some years ago that separated many families and changed what some family members even looked like. I don't want to give away the storyline, but I would consider it very gritty with a sweet undertone. It really focuses in on a relationship you rarely get to see in anime. 3. Outlaw Star ~ Man...all the anime I seem to name are oldies LOL This one, I'm not sure if I would call it gritty, but it is interesting and has lots of action to go around. Since you enjoyed Cowboy Bepop, you might like the vibe it gives you (being a Space Opera/Western kind of anime). If you've never seen it, give a few episodes a try and find out. This anime is the origins of my favorite anime quote (that I actually use in real life) so it has a special place in my heart. 4. Blassreiter ~ HAHAHA....never thought I'd ever mention this one. Okay, so this is very unique. Gritty for sure...maybe not gangs but lots of violence. It is short so you won't be investing too much time into it. Really makes one feel....bad LOL. Gritty for sure. I felt it to be a bit preachy towards the end but...eh....what can you do? Lots of anime like to preach.... 5. Texhnolyze ~ Alright, this one I never actually finished so here comes my disclaimer: Cannot verify this is the anime you are looking for. That being said, it is gritty and weird and full of violence (at least the first few episodes are). Not an anime for everyone for sure. I plan on finishing it someday, but it'll have to be one episode at time.
  10. Beocat

    Wow, I never knew...

    That right there is why I have a rule I live by. I don't go out of my way to remember names or get to know anyone I'm working with until I've had a chance to watch them work for about five or so months first. Usually by the end of five months, you can tell exactly what kind of horrible person the person is, whether that be stalker, gossiper, clingy, fibber, lazy, highstrung, petty, whatever. And the less people know about me the less they can target me from. I just don't trust people in business because most people will try to climb to the top off the backs of person they stabbed. The thing is, this was in a government facility on federal land (where somehow most labor laws don't matter). When I first arrived, one investigation had just ended. The previous department head had been groping the contracted staff on the job (just walking up behind them and grabbing crotches and boobs and sexually harassing them). The girls reported it to their supervisor who laughed in their faces and told them no one would care and to get over it. They felt they had no alternative (reporting outside the department had caused retaliations in the past). Eventually, one girl opened an investigation on it regardless of the backlash and the investigation team dragged it out so long (intentionally) that the statute of limitations ran out before the department head was charged (and he was able to retire honorably with full benefits and pension off of my tax dollars). Then the investigation team turned it around on the victims and reprimanded them for not reporting it outside of their chain of command (even though many had proof of previous retaliation for having done similar things) sooner. I grew up in an AF town. Well, I can tell you, none of that would fly if it were AF. I could describe every investigation in detail and how it ended and the promises that were made to certain individuals if they were complicit in a lie or cover-up or if they failed to give adequate testimony. I can tell you how investigators intentionally changed witness statements (hoping the witnesses would just sign it and not read what they were told was a transcript of the interview). Corrupt! So very corrupt! I'm definitely better off away from there. I have one interview later this week, one I did yesterday, and I have a possible future interview (when the job is no longer on hold....they are changing it from PT to FT) in a few weeks. I'm hopeful for myself. I haven't heard from her though since. I'm not sure I will. She was flighty at best...I couldn't blame her. Talking to me must remind her of that place to some degree. I still can't believe that I made it that long in that place. It has made me certain I never want to work in a place like that again. I had misgivings my first day there (literally I think the world was trying to tell me to back out quickly) but I stuck it out.....next time I'm listening when the world or a higher power tries to tell me something important. I will obey! LOL
  11. Beocat

    What Are Your Phobias

    None that I can think of actually. I've jumped out of planes, climbed up and down the side of canyons (which was only scary when the girl above me nearly fell to her death in front of me. Thankfully I was under an overhang so she wouldn't have taken me out. Heart attack anyone? She was a lot less reckless after that), dive with hundreds of sharks, hike through the woods, prefer the dark and night, aren't bothered by snakes (but do respect them!), can tolerate spiders (though I don't like them I'm certainly not like some people that I know who would burn the house down to kill a single spider), stared down the barrel of a gun, not afraid of dogs (even though I have a scar on my face from a dog attack when I was a child).... None of that has ever "scared me". So I guess no phobias. My brother is terrified of clowns hehe..... I think I know what I'm doing this Halloween.... I'm pretty good at compartmentalizing things when needed, so I'm sure that helps when I'm under stress. In the past, when things have happened that should have terrified me (like being pulled underwater by another person, driving on black ice, tornados, etc), I just put the terror and panic into one place and let my logical side and any training I have to deal with situations take over.
  12. Beocat

    Recent Video Games You Bought?

    None this year. Been saving money and playing older games.
  13. A side-story fan, then? Hmm...I used to be that way too but my tastes just keep evolving over time. I'm even starting to get slightly interested in sports-related anime (though I have no real life interest in sports. Very odd.). As for cringeworthy cookie cutter events, I can definitely name a few (wind blows the skirt up as the MC takes an innocent picture ending in a slap, MC and HC run into one another and land in a compromising position ending in a slap, MC walks in on HC in the nude ending in a slap...) as they are the reason I still know how to roll my eyes. I'm surprised you were able to watch the Irregulars. That one was a huge turn off for me (probably because it was thrust into my face almost immediately on the first episode). I've come to believe that most MC's have sisters so that they can be a harem member eventually. You know, it's interesting that you mentioned Spineless heroines. Sometimes that really is the case and I think it gets used as a means of extending the romantic tension (albeit, there are better ways of doing it). Have you ever seen Okami-san and her Seven Companions? The spineless one is actually the guy...and he's not really spineless, just has pretty severe anxiety. That was a very unique anime and I felt the romance could have been amazing if they had continued it. Yet another anime that will probably never get another season... >_> Well, studies have shown that we innately find beauty in people who are more genetically different than we are (likely because the increased variability in genes increases the robust nature of your immune system and from a survival standpoint that is important) and less beauty in those genetically similar. That being said, with all these fathers raping their daughters in America that happens (truly sad cases. Working in a pediatric clinic, you see the actual effects of sexual abuse on these children. Horrific. I believe it is more widespread than reported.) I really question if people actually have an innate distaste for it or if it is more a convenience thing. I am interested in what interesting things you found in your digging on Japan. Care to share? You can private message me if you think it is too hard core for the forum.
  14. Beocat

    Leave of absence

    Well, @Optic, congratulations on scoring a new full-time job! I too am in the market and crossing my fingers currently for a temporary to permanent one so I completely understand the stress you are under. That said, everything will be alright so no stressing (or rather, make sure you have some time set aside to relax too). I've got my fingers crossed for you too. And no apologies necessary! I don't think anyone here expects you to put your life on hold for the forum. When you get your feet back under you again, we'll still be here. Best wishes! ~Beocat
  15. Beocat

    anime - stream,download or buying ?

    Same here. Legal sites only (that ensures the developers, publishers, and artists get paid their dues). I am more a hulu and Crunchyroll fan but have been using Netflix lately since I let my hulu subscription lapse. Downloading has too many risks for me to consider.
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