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  1. I've been playing Skyrim on the PS4 nonstop for nearly a couple of months aiming for the platinum. Before I played it on the 360, and then on the PS4 only with mods so I had a clear free start. I've been trudging through the thieves guild questline for what feels like forever. I never did the thieves guild or dark brotherhood before but it seems you have to be a bad guy to get trophies in Skyrim so I'm doing it. They are very involved questlines.... anyways, I think I might finally be getting close to the end. It won't be long now.... then its off to do the war, then the dovakhin questlines, then the dark brotherhood. It's fun but everytime I think I'm close I find out that I'm not lol.
  2. Depends. You starting at 1 or 10?
  3. I actually did my monthly check for updates on it this past week...just a day or two early it seems Still, I'm happy to hear it It has been too long. Every year, I spend a week or two where I rewatch certain anime masterpieces (what I consider to be anyhow). Log Horizon always makes the list. Now to insulate myself from spoilers. I had planned on catching up with the novels but hadn't gotten around to it yet so I'll be on the edge of my seat when the anime comes out.
  4. Baccanno! (Horror/Comedy) Squid Girl Actually watched My Bride is a Mermaid but found the comedy dry and repetitive. Ended up giving the set to my best friend. I think she found it pretty amusing, so it definitely comes down to personal tastes on that one.
  5. Are you asking about the top or bottom part of the meme?
  6. Well, I've started up a new Sim on Sims4 since I got the GetFamous expansion pack on sale. I'm an awful person....even my husband thinks I'm terrible. So, I made her a starving actress wannabe....noticed that vacant lot in the valley looked like it really was missing some burning barrels... I ended up having her dump 10k on it (mind you she only started with 20k), then instead of even trying to build a house, I dropped a tent, cooler, campfire and camping chairs down and then built a little 3x3 shack to hold her valuables (like a computer). To solve the bathroom problem, I put an outdoor showerhead on the backside of the shack and a toilet...then threw up some dividers and a few trees behind it all to hide it... a clothesline and laundry bucket completed the scene... It actually looks like it belongs on that huge lot. I'd throw up a screenshot but everytime I try to attach one tonight I get an error message. Anyways, I feel bad that's she's so poor...her bills are only ~$300 and she's only got around 72 dollars to her name but eventually she'll ascend to fame and leave all this behind...right? Still, I put the poor girl in a tent...and she doesn't even have indoor plumbing.... >_> Yep, I'm a terrible person. That said, her lack of belongings and comfort at home has me sending her out into town for things...so she's not a shut-in like most of my Sims end up being at least! There's that, right? LOL....silver linings.
  7. Yeah, I enjoyed Rise of Skywalker enough to watch it twice. Which is saying something...Disney definitely made some leaps with it but it was enjoyable. I'm an old time OG Star Wars fan and I was able to enjoy it. On another note, Jumanji and Knives Out were both really good too.
  8. This is actually quite difficult as I have many that stop at an episode count of 48 (Reboot for example). As far as Shounen goes, Yu Yu Hakusho fits the bill but I enjoyed Cyborg 009 far more. That 50 episode requirement is just hard to hit. Altogether probably Case Closed would be my favorite. Murders are always entertaining
  9. Yeah, I wasn't really a fan. Watched the first season in English on Netflix a few years back. Needless to say, I was not impressed. At the anime con I go to every year, it was all the buzz. Even had two voice actors at a panel raving about how they had the hots for Ban. It was just....not for me. I have many problems with the anime. Part of it is the Meliodas/Elizabeth thing...I honestly can't call that fan service. Fan service is usually ecchi for the sake of comedy...that is just perverted stalker creep. Makes me think of a nasty guy in a van doing the dirty to himself while fantasizing about the schoolgirl he's stalking. It just grosses me out. I call that creep service. Another part is the story just really isn't there. It's definitely Shounen which isn't my thing to begin with (I have enjoyed some in the past) but a lot of the fighting, especially between Meliodas and Ban is pointless. Then, Ban. I'll get hate for this but he's really not.....all that..... I think his real appeal to most women is his undying loyalty to "his true love" but their love story wasn't really that endearing and he isn't that deep of a character. Then the story...didn't really grab me. I know some people like it. Takes all kinds of kinds. I just have a different set of standards for the anime I watch these days.
  10. His and Her Circumstances
  11. Declares war? Never seen anyone do that to an anime...
  12. Well, lately I've decided to finally platinum Skyrim on the PS4. I used to play it on the 360 but never "completed" it, and on the PS4 I played with mods so no trophies. Add to that I never did the Theives Guild or Dark Brotherhood quests (darn Video Games have consitioned me to always play the hero...being bad is hard in a game!) so I never actually would have gotten it before. Anyways, I started a new game as a Nord (a first for me as I only ever played as Khajit before!) with the aiming of helping the Empire, and I've managed to become a Thane of Whiterun, a new Companion recruit, and buy me a house and horse (went to Solitude for the horse as I'm quite partial to the bays there) and so I've popped a fair few trophies. Got a long way to go. Man, did I ever love this game! It's all a walk down memory lane it seems.
  13. Errrr....I think you just described every Shounen MC..... Now I'm trying to think of an adult anime in the past few years that wasn't in the horror or romance genres. There's a few slice of life coming to mind but that's essentially it
  14. I also want to throw out that the intense friction between Ayeka and Ryoko on Tenchi Muyo really made that harem enjoyable for me.... as an aside.
  15. If not all, then at least s good amount of them. You have to sdmit the friendliness of the girls to each other is unrealistic.

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