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  1. Not going to the Con...but I too love Ancient Aliens and especially Giorgio. Want to meet him at a con someday and shake his hand My husband laughs at his hair, but I think that's a great defining feature (he'll never be not noticed). I definitely believe in aliens, and that they are already here. I also believe that our government (if not all of it, a certain segment of it) is corrupt enough to attempt to hide it from the world. That said, you won't see me storming the base. Even if there are elevators and tunnels connecting the base to the other bases, I have no desire to die like that. Storming the base may be a good way to force a realization that people are ready for the truth, but those in power will never relinquish that truth as that is literally the only power that they hold. I also subscribe to Coast to Coast AM and when I'm driving I do a lot of listening. I'd post a link to my favorite show, but it would take a while to track it down. I think they had the whole show for free on YouTube 6 or so months back. If I track it down in the next few days, I'll drop back in and post a link. I don't recall ever clearly seeing one, but I have friends who have had sightings (sightings that lasted over 3 hours), and there's no telling what I've seen that I don't remember myself, or that I didn't realize I was seeing at the time. I don't recall seeing a USO either, though there is a report of one having been sighted a few years back just off the beach.
  2. Hmmm...go with simple but recognizable. Ash from Pokemon, for instance. You can usually make a pretty close outfit at home from just pulling things out of your closet and then just modifying an old hat with some glued on felt (you can use a hot glue gun on nearly everything, simple, inexpensive and effective. Hot glue guns are your best friend in cosplay. You don't have to learn sewing to cosplay if you have a glue gun.). The hat is Ash's trademark so you'd want to spend a lot more time making sure it looks good. Get some fingerless gloves, buy/make some pokeballs/gym badges to pull out for pictures, and you're set! (A lot of Ash's out there also like to attach via velcro (which you can also glue on with a glue gun) a stuffed pikachu for the full effect on the shoulder of their jacket). Simple but recognizable is a great way to affordably get into cosplay and build up your confidence and enthusiasm as a cosplayer. Once you start your first cosplay, the ideas will pour into you I'm throwing Ash out as an example but there are other "simple but recognizable" characters you could cosplay out there. The key to making them work is usually the trademark item/accessory/prop, which will reduce the number of moving parts in your setup to figure out. Best of luck! Let us know what you decide to do!
  3. Been super busy with work and life but squeezed in a little gaming here and there (more gaming than anime). I plugged in my PS3 and pulled out Kingdom Hearts 1.5 and started replaying Kingdom Hearts. Oh, the memories! Oh the music (so sad and sweet...my kind of music)! I probably spent an hour just taking my time loving on the opening (I wish Disney had some stained glass windows made like in the game)...5 hours in and I'm still on the Destiny Islands lol! I'm about to leave the Islands, but it feels good to have beaten Riku and named my own raft. I spend far too much time soaking in the music in that game and reliving my memories. Other than that, been playing Island Living on the Sims4. Enjoying it, but thinking about going back to my farm again lol...
  4. @The History Kid It's the Rita Alter figure. I remember having to buy it off of a site in Japanese way back. Importing it was my only option then. Wish I had Yuri to complete my collection (didn't want the rest). Raven was even harder to track down. Amazon link to Rita's figure I believe the value went up over time.
  5. Nice collections, @dirudiru, @Fireduck! I won't post my entire collection...too many, but here is one of my anime ones and a couple of my Vesperia ones. Rita and Raven were my favorite characters so I couldn't pass them up. I have far many more gaming statues than anime statues, and my gaming statues tend to be more expensive. I really love getting prints/giclees and all at conventions more...less dusting involved lol.
  6. Chewy is an online pet supplies store. I buy a lot of food super cheap there and get it shipped to my front door I don't want to drag down your thread with the multiple negative CS issues I've had with Rightstuf. If you are really interested in it, I will just pm it to you. I just don't give positive praise to Rightstuf anymore as they they've yet to earn it and done most everything in their power to earn my scorn, multiple times. And feel free to post it here in Anime. we have some collectors about who might be happy to share their collection with you.
  7. Hey all! I know I've mentioned it here before, but every year in July Sentai Filmworks does a summer sale from their shop, knocking prices down up to 90% off (some titles as low as "$4-5 for a set) so if they have any titles you've been interested in for your collection to own or have been saving up for, now is the time to shop. They won't do this again until Christmas time. I'm planning on getting the Is It Wrong to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon series this time around and round out my collection with some other titles I had been waiting on. Anyone else got their eyes on an especially good buy this year? @Fireduck I believe I remember you saying you were looking to make a lot of anime purchases to catch up on your collection in a previous thread. Definitely check it out. Even if you don't get anything this time, a lot of the same or similar titles will be on sale come Christmas so you can plan your Christmas shopping if nothing else.
  8. They've never sent me one. Would be nice to get one after all the problems I've had dealing with their Customer Service Team lol. I do remember getting one from Chewy the first time I ordered from them....made me a customer for life! It's always a good idea to show your customers that you appreciate their custom.
  9. Or like going...."Diagonally" What annoys me are bills. I pay them one month and yet they just reappear the next! Oof.
  10. Hmmm... mine haven't changed much over time, other than some additions. SCUBA diving Video Gaming Anime Watching TV Wine Tastings Boating Fishing Biking Sewing Pine Basket Weaving is something that I want to get into Writing Stories Reading
  11. Probably Ayu from Kanon.
  12. Would never work around here. I can't imagine a self driving car being able to safely trailer a boat. I don't think self driving cars are the answer. People who learned to drive in NC typically are very safe drivers, yet all my Virginia friends act like getting their first ticket (among many) for reckless driving was a rite of passage. Education and attitudes about driving is what really changes things. Like most people down South don't want to drive through NJ, because of the NJ drivers.
  13. Beocat

    Preorder Fever!

    @Fireduck I totally get the new bookshelves. A few years back, I experimented with a super cheap bookshelf that had sliding glass doors for my anime collection. The construction was...of questionable stability (you get what you pay for) , but the fact that I've never had to dust my collection that was in those shelves since I got it is priceless. Then a few years ago, I went all in. Bought some high quality ones (like 800 dollars each) for downstairs (two of these taller cases with sliding glass doors replaced the 3.5 cheap bookshelves we had before and still have room for movie expansion and they take up much less room!), and another one for upstairs (to house my anime collection). The plan was to eventually buy a few more for the rest of my anime collection and possibly convert my gaming collection over to it, but I've had to save up my money for other things in recent years (home repairs and whatnot), so I didn't get much further than that. Still, it was totally worth it. Dusting DVDs and blurays takes forever and my collection looks sharp with these dvd/bluray libraries. I also used to collect the First 4 Figures statues. I have a couple of well sought after Zelda statues among some others but I too have pulled back from those. The last one I would have wanted would have been Midna's True form, but even if I had it, I have nowhere to put it beyond buying a Curio cabinet for displaying them all. I still preorder statues, but most of them are Batman statues for my husband, and random gaming statues for me. Since you have $1000 of anime to catch up on buying, I recommend checking out Sentai Filmwork's shop (they sale nonSentai DVDs too,). I think right now (or recently) they had a DVD sale where DVD collections were knocked down to $5 and $8 a go and usually around the 4th of July (runs early July through middle/end of July if I'm not mistaken) they have a massive sale, similar to their Black Friday sales where most everything is 50-85% off. If you have any titles that they carry on your "gotta track down" list, I highly recommend you wait for their upcoming sale and grab what you can. In years past, I've managed to take home 18-24 collections/movies/items for only around $120 by shopping the sales (blurays are going to be more expensive in the sales, so a friend of mine has done even better than me by getting mostly DVDs during these sales). Might get you to your collection goal a bit faster and with less money spent I know they ship in the US...not sure about other places.
  14. Yes, but I have to find it first. Anyone know if it is on hulu?
  15. @Serge heartless What does it matter if the game's controls have a steep learning curve or not, or whether it's hard to play or not? It's a game regardless, meant to entertain, inspire, and move people. How does this actually make them any less hardcore? The way you are looking at this, only FPS fans and Fighting Tournament fans can even be capable of being "hard-core" gamers. People play games differently, which is a good thing. How boring would things be if they were all like that? A big negative part of gamer culture is this obsession with "superiority" amongst players, always trying to rank one another and exclude others. The obsession with being "L33T" or whatever has done more to damage gamer culture than anything else over the years. We are just going to have to agree to disagree on what a hardcore vs casual gamer is.
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