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  1. Beocat


    Driving from work the night before 5 hours to my parents home. Will crash there in my old room for the night, get up and help mom cook for Thanksgiving, then sleep there and get up at 2am to drive back to work, work the day then drive home 6.5 hours and crash on the couch with my husband. Will be fuuuuun. The food promises to be worth it. The fun with my parents does too lol.
  2. Alright. I'm ending this downhill tumble before it turns into a landslide. Back to the topic at hand, folks. I'd rebuff you. I'm a married woman, you know.
  3. Got all the Space Brothers. Best deal on those I've ever seen! And finally got a copy of Time Jam for cheap
  4. Beocat

    Best pokemon (not starter) for nuzlock silver

    I think you make your own rules. Like only one Staryu. Or Fainted pokemon are dead pokemon. You could even do a "only use pokemon with water abilities (like misty or a gym leader). The rules you make are just supposed to make the game harder to play.
  5. Hello all and I hope you have some money saved up for anime shopping this year! I usually save half my anime budget for the Black Friday sales (happening earlier and earlier) and man are some looking good this year! Head on over to Sentaifilmworks Online for some amazing deals (up to 85% off). Many of thier items are priced down to $3, $4, and $8 USD. Check it out for some great deals (and for you reverse harem fans, they usually mark those down during this sale, so stock up while you can!)! More to come as I find them and they open!
  6. Beocat

    What Should I Nickname my Eevee??

    My first thought was after a fox girl in anime, but the only ones I can think of off the top of my head are the ones from Otome Yokai Zakuro, like Bonbori.
  7. Beocat


    @XII360 ~gives directions~ Enter Christmassy store, wander around store aimlessly, notice ornament that makes you think of her, stop and check price. If price makes you grunt appreciatively, proceed with ornament to register. If price makes you grunt in dismay, place ornament back and continue to wander. Repeat process until gift is located. Return to first ornament if unable to find anything less expensive. @Sassy binging is for weekends...
  8. Beocat


    @XII360 a Christmas ornament is usually best. @Sassy welcome to the forums! Night shift work is where I want to be someday. So lucky!
  9. Beocat

    Furuba is getting a reboot

    This will be interesting....
  10. Beocat

    Living with the 'rents.

    My sister did this for 2 years after she graduated as a teacher. No rent, she made my parents pay her back for groceries (even the stuff she bought for herself), and mooched on them when they ate out and all. Also got to use their maid as her maid to clean ger room snd do her laundry. She cleared enough money after her first year on the job to pay for a new car with cash. Effective...but it got old with my mom after a while. I did not. Would have been nice to save up more money for a house first but oh well. That's life. I got married pretty quickly after I graduated and I'm happy with that life with him.
  11. Beocat

    what type of occupation do you have ?!

    @Persona I'm a pharmacist too, albeit a bit more experienced in the ways of the pharmaworld. Feel free to pm if you want to chat about it or commiserate about the dreadful state of our profession. Things are looking up for me but I've been where you are now. Not an easy path to walk.
  12. Beocat

    Finish the sentence

    We love _Sasquatch__ so we buy more _beef jerky__ Once upon a , in a far, far , there lived an old hermit with his .
  13. Beocat

    Which anime would you like to see another season of?

    Season 3 of Log Horizon. I had nearly given up on it (with him stopping writing during the tax scandal) but it seems my wish may yet come true! As long as he doesn't get blacklisted by the studios of course. Other than that, Yona of the Dawn. Good series, plenty of book material a new season could cover, but I believe that the author said one season was good enough (she basically did one season for the exposure and hopes people will switch to the books thereafter ☹).
  14. Beocat

    where can I buy great One Piece figure in the U.S?

    I've always found them fair, and you can get discounts if you are okay with less than mint packaging (if the corner of the box has a slight roll but you plan on opening it up to display anyways for example). Their packing and customer service is superb as well.
  15. Beocat

    where can I buy great One Piece figure in the U.S?

    BBTS (Big Bad Toy Store). They are online. Huge selection.
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