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  1. RepentantSky

    The anime you've re-watched and for how many times?

    FMA (2203) 11 Times Eureka Seven 12 times Ruroni Kenshin 6 Times Cowboy Bebop 7 Times Hanasaku Iroha 2 times
  2. RepentantSky

    Recent Video Games You Bought?

    I recently picked up The Last Remnant Remastered and it's quite a lot more fun than I remembered. The voice acting is a little wonky, though that does add some charm in a weird way.
  3. RepentantSky

    Christmas holiday fun

    Generally my family comes to my house and we just open gifts and hang out for the day. Christmas is a fun time, but I never do anything too massive for it because i see it as a time to stay home and relax instead of getting caught up in everything that takes away from the main point of a holiday like this, which is just to enjoy the company of the people you care for most.
  4. RepentantSky

    Do you watch the same anime series more then once?

    Depends. I watched the original FMA series once a year for 6 years, Eureka Seven for oddly, seven years once a year, and have gone to watch Cowboy Bebop and Ruroni Kenshin back a few times over the years. However, ever since Hanasaku Iroha, which I watched just as the movie was coming out on online streaming services, I haven't really done that. I did watch Hanasaku Iroha, then the movie, then the series again, but I haven't even gone back to watch it again since then. I guess the answer for me is, with older anime, there are a few I've watched a number of times, and with newer ones, not so much. Guess that makes sense as I tend to prefer older anime anyways.
  5. RepentantSky

    Do you play games? What kind?

    I'm not sure why you'd boycott Sony. They were the ones keeping the industry afloat outside of baseless phone games while the Wii U was trying and failing to get off the ground and Xbox was having all of it's issues with launch date controversies. True, they have their issues, like porting bad free to play games on the PS4, or the whole name change thing, but since they've allowed people to use their Fortnite accounts on other systems, are starting on cross-play, and are slowly working towards name changes, they are mostly on the rise. Meanwhile Xbox seems to have given up on this generation as everything they are doing seems to be setting up for the next one since they failed so badly this around. Meanwhile, even though the Switch is a good console, Nintendo still managed to muck up the online service instead of just allowing everyone to buy the old games they want via virtual console, they still have a weak amount of storage space, and are overcharging of their personally branded USD cards, Nintendo Labo is a joke to all fans of games, they still have a Cartridge tax of sorts, and their hyper-focusing of one game at a time makes everything else they do seem unimportant and uninteresting to them, making it hard to get excited about anything that isn't that getting that focus. Sadly, PC gaming is running into problems to as many developers are starting to follow suit for EA, and are only selling certain games on their downgraded versions of steam which never work nearly as well. Bethesda did it with Fallout 76, and made it unclear whether every PC port or version of games they release will even be on steam. Speaking of Bethesda, they, EA and Quantic Dream are the only companies I have boycotted, though the latter does have a chance to save face if all the complaints and the case they lost end or turn out to be a one time thing. Bethesda though, they are a bad company. The rumors they intentionally ignored about them stealing the rights for Prey, only to bully another indie developer into changing their game's name to Praey for the Gods, the fact that they called out EA last year at E3 with the save single player games ad while developing Fallout 76, donating to the ESA's scholarship program, all to avoid people talking about their Creation Club, which was nothing but lies and an attempt to scam people out of money for mods, calling out Sony for their lack of cross-play affecting Fallout 76, only to say later they never had plans for it, releasing Skyrim as a buggy mess and accepting the game of the year reward before fixing it, which likely led to 2014, where a bunch of games came out unfinished, with the intent to fix them later. The fact that they were once asked about their outdated engine and if they were going to update it,, only to say they were too busy making games to fix it, which was a very direct way of saying they were too busy making money to address any concerns of fans, Bethesda is garbage, but because they bought out and changed Elder Scrolls and Fallout, no one seems to care. As far as I'm concerned, they stand a small step above EA in the area moral high ground. Quantic Dream has been accused of harassing, overworking, and allowing pictures of all kinds of unsettling images and NSFW sorts of things being shown around the office. The guy who first reported it was blacklisted by Sony, which does have me worried, especially since we never found who at Sony did it, but the fact that Quantic Dream already lost a case against a former employee says that something is going on. EA is bad, a lot of companies are bad, I'd even say 2K probably forced the controversy about RDR2 having it's devs overworked just because they are Rockstar's parent company, has some ground to stand on, which is one of the reasons why I didn't buy the game, because my philosophy is back away until we know, and then go back if it everything turns out fine. There's a lot of corruption out there, but I don't think Sony is the worst of it, at least not on their game front. Can't be sure how many former Sony Pictures and Sony Music employees, actors and artists might eventually come out with their own MeToo stories, but that's just speculation.
  6. RepentantSky

    Guilty Pleasures in Gaming

    I don't believe in guilty pleasures because I don't believe in the idea of feeling bad for enjoying yourself. That said, I guess the closest I can get is liking the Star Ocean series despite knowing it's utter garbage in almost every way an RPG series can be.
  7. RepentantSky

    Do you play games? What kind?

    I play pretty much everything. Have ever since I was a kid really. However, I do tend to avoid games where the development or the developers are involved in some anti-consumer practices, like mobile games that basically force microtransactions down your throat or anything made by David Cage and Quantic Dream considering they lost a lawsuit against a former employee for bad practices and all that came from that. As long as issues do get cleared up later though, I'm open to giving any games a chance. My thing is stay away until someone is cleared, if they are, then I can enjoy their stuff again, but I don't want to support a company who might be doing something wrong. Generally, I play RPG's since they are my favorite genre, but as long as a game is good, and there's isn't some moral ambiguity issues involved, I'm willing to try pretty much everything. As for the whole EA thing, it's a lot more complicated than that. They tried to push mobile game practices on a full priced game, and were willing to break the law in certain countries just to keep their microtransactions in FIFA 19. They also bully the hell out of other companies and are a games as a service type of developer. The hate against them is all pretty much justified.
  8. RepentantSky

    Recent Video Games You Bought?

    I'm less than 24 hours from getting Spyro, so I guess I can count that right?
  9. RepentantSky

    Destiny 2 Worth Getting?

    That free version won't have the Forsaken DLC, but it's free so, get it, start it up, and keep it. That way you can play it whenever if you want. However, my personal opinion, is that all that happened with the game last year when it launched means I wouldn't support it. Activision screwed with their fanbase with it for months after launch and I wouldn't put it past them to do it again, so joining Destiny 2 is an at your own risk kind of move.
  10. RepentantSky

    Which Gender do you usually go for in games ?

    Even though I'm a guy, I never play as a male when I have the option, Females generally have better or more options for customization, and I may be the odd one out here, but I don't like envision myself as the Hero, which is weird since I've played a lot of games with silent Protag's who you are supposed to project yourself on. I never did though, so I don't have a problem making a character female, because that's the start of distancing my character from myself.
  11. RepentantSky

    favoritie console line & Games

    I haven't played Skylanders, mostly because all the figurines end up costing a lot, but I did play the PS2 Spyro games, which we're okay. I honestly think people give them too much flak, especially since Enter The Dragonfly was forcibly rushed. I played a bit of the Spyro Legend series after it hit PS3, but due to my copy of the first one being one that suffered some serious bugs, I ended up watching the rest of it on YouTube. The original trilogy however, is my pretty much my favorite trilogy of all time. I've beaten the second and third ones over 50 times, and the first one, which is something of a comfort game for me, over 100 times. I'm super excited to try the Reignited Trilogy and see if the changes that are there work, such as hover mechanic looking so much different in the first two games from the gameplay we've seen. I do worry about the Dragons in the first game though sort of ruining part of the fun, since each dragon type seemed to suggest that each homeworld had different types of dragons, but from other gameplay we've seen, there's a dragon in Town Square that better fits the look of the Beast Makers Dragons. We'll have to see what happens, but I'm interested all the same.
  12. RepentantSky

    favoritie console line & Games

    For me it's the Sony line, and heck I might as well cover each system really quick with a few great games to play. PS1: Spyro Trilogy, Crash Trilogy, Final Fantasy Trilogy, Chrono Cross, Metal Gear Solid, Cool Border Trilogy, Tony Hawk's Tetralogy. PS2: Dot hack games, Dark Cloud games, Gran Turismo Games, Ratchet and Clank Tetralogy. Jak Tetralogy. PSP: Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep, Jeanne D'arc, Final Fantasy: Crisis Core, Dissidia Final Fantasy games (seriously my favorite fighters ever, weird I know) PS3: Uncharted Trilogy, Ratchet and Clank Future Games, Ni No Kuni, The Last of Us, Bioshock Trilogy, PS Vita Games: Persona 4 Golden, Danganronpa games, Tales of Hearts R, Ys: Memory of Celceta, The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel games, Freedom Wars, All the Hyperdimension games. The Last of Us. PS4: Marvel's Spider-Man, Dot Hack GU Last Recode, God Eater (soon to be) Trilogy, Dragonball Xenoverse 1 and 2, DBFZ, Horizon Zero Dawn, Uncharted 4, Dragon Quest XI, Tales of Berseria, Dragon Quest Heroes (not so much II). That's just a few games for each Sony console I came up with mostly off the top of my head.
  13. I feel like every time I come here to check this forum and this thread, @AniMeFReaK was the who posted last. Either way, I'd be cool with it.
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