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  1. Separate. I bought it over the last 4 years or so. They are all special editions of each game, most of which I got on release.
  2. Honestly, it's probably anything from The Legend of Heroes right now. The 4th and final game in the Trails of Cold Steel Arc is out in 12 days, and I honestly can hardly think about anything else as far as playing games goes. I might even try to beat Trails in the Sky 1-3 again while I wait for it because nothing else is coming to mind when I want to play games.
  3. I wonder, what's everyone's favorite anime, or even anime style games? I've been playing Genshin Impact, The Legend of Heroes and Sword Art Online games almost exclusively for the last month, and I just wanted to know what what kind of games do all play when you have that anime itch? For that matter, why not take some photo's of your favorite anime games, I love seeing people's collections or even just their favorites. Let's talk some anime style games for once. Don't see a lot of that around here.
  4. I wouldn't buy Hogwarts Legacy unless the terf known at J.K. Rowling had a gun to my head, and then I'd return it as soon as she's not around anymore. That said, I might get it used so she doesn't get any of my money. As for anything else, I'd say FFXVI, Spider-Man: Miles Morales,, Scarlet Nexus, Cris Tales, which I'm counting because it comes out after the next gen consoles do, Astro's Playroom, Demon's Souls, Immortals: Feynx Rising, God of War Ragnarok, The Medium and Resident Evil: Village/8. Also, not technically next gen, but Monster Hunter Stories 2 is pretty high up there.
  5. This is my Collection. Honestly, I'm surprised I haven't seen a lot of talk about these films. Since I've started watching them again for the first time in a few years, I wanted to talked about this wonderful studio's, amazing films. I've seen all of them at least twice, most of them at least 6 times, and some of them, over two dozen. I've watched all the special features on the films shown in the picture, and honestly, I feel personally, that no matter how great other films are in the anime industry, even ones inspired by the works of the many talented employees of Studio Ghibli, that nothing will ever quite reach the level of these films. Long story short, I'm a massive fan, and I wanted to see what some of your favorite films are from them. If you want suggestions for any film you haven't seen, or you just want to talk about your favorite films from the studio, let's chat.
  6. Do you have all the PS2 Dot hack games? I was only able to recently finish that collection off. Either way, you got some good stuff just in these pictures. It's a stark reminder for me to that I need to start collection same Gamecube games as well. I think I only have Mario Strikers left right now so that collection needs some real rebuilding.
  7. Took a picture of my DS/3DS collection as well for fun.
  8. I just beat A Short Hike, one of the indie games mentioned in today's Indie World show, and I absolutely love it. I bought 4 of those indies that dropped today, and I'm gonna start playing more of them after I let my Switch charge and cool down a bit.
  9. I don't think you read everything that I said, or misunderstood it. I said that VA work from Gigantor, the first ever anime, sounds exactly like voice acting of today. Gigantor I believe is from 1963, if not the late 1950's. Most, if not all of the actors from that show are either dead or retired, but actors of today still sound the same as they did. Also, if you want to talk about screams with emotions, I dare you to find someone who can out scream better than this: Also, if you're only defense of my criticism has to do with screams, that's not really good enough. Even if you think the screams are better, that's only one small aspect of the entire show of FMA, and that's only one example. There are literally thousands of others. What I'm trying to say, is that your argument is pretty weak.
  10. Yep, I just said it. Dubbed anime can be better than subbed anime, and the basic reason for this, is that Japanese voice acting, has literally never changed. If you find an episode of Gigantor, the anime that is recognized as the anime ever created, in Japanese, and compare it to anime that was released just this week, you'll find that the voices sound exactly the same, and that the way the act is almost completely unchanged. Meanwhile dubbed anime in just about every language it can be dubbed, accept maybe in languages where they take longer to say what needs to be said, and can barely get through it in the allotted time as a result, has changed. Watching Gigantor for example in English, it sounds just like any acting of the time, which arguably isn't very good acting as is. English voice acting in anime took a serious dive once the 80's rolled around, almost as if the clear distinction of anime versus cartoons, made it less important as a genre. But, once the Ocean dub of DBZ came and went, and the actors we know and love even today who played the rolls of characters like Goku and Vegeta came to be what made them famous, and other actors like Steve Blum and Yuri Lowenthal came around, who have a main voice they use, but can vary in it, or who have just the one voice, but such a variety of emotions they can convey with it, acting in anime, improved, and it's continued to do so. In Japan, some voice actors have gotten through the cracks, so far as to play main characters in fact, such as Natsu's VA in Fairy Tail, or Maka in Soul Eater, and it works well for them, but for the most part, they have remained unchanged. While I'm not in any regard saying that it's problematic to like hearing the same lines, voiced the same way, and with the same voices over and over again, I don't want to knock anybody's preferences, I do think if the argument of subs versus dubs is going to continue, this is worth while angle to look at it from. Sure, if you only look at the most popular anime, the voice acting even in English can be exactly the same actors, but since there are so many anime that don't become the most popular ever, the variation can be found in voice acting. It cannot however, be found in Japanese, because no matter how big or small the anime is, voice acting always sounds the same, Japan has a history of prioritizing tradition over all else, and it does have an effect on anime. Those are my thoughts on anime voice acting subs versus dubs anyways. What do you all think, and what are some examples you can think of where what I laid out here can backfire? FMA is a good example of multiple things I said not being constantly true. For example, Ed and Al have unique voices in Japanese, but those voices aren't very good, meanwhile in English, their voices were also unique for their time, both times an FMA show was dubbed, making it arguably superior in English, twice. And of course, there are some anime where it really doesn't make much difference at all, such as My Hero Academia, because the voice acting quality is pretty much equal on both sides. I wanna know what the general consensus is here on this topic.
  11. @Wedgy The reason you haven't seen me in so long is because I was banned off the site for reasons I'm not aware of for two years and some change, which makes me think that I was supposed to be banned for a much shorter period but someone forgot to unban me until one random day, they did. But that aside, I'm good.
  12. Do I even need to say what's been going on there? If I do, DM me and I'll explain it, but holy geez it's bad. Anyone have any thoughts on it?
  13. Now, I could make this big long thread about all that's been going on this year, going into every detail that I know, that you probably also know, but the main thing I want to talk about, is how the heck are all of you during this wild year? I know this isn't normally a topic that anyone would talk about here, but I can imagine the thing that's been keeping me from posting here since I've been back, has also had an effect on you in some regard. I just want to know, what's this year been like for you, and how are you doing with all that's happened? If this topic isn't okay here, please delete it, but I can't help but feel some of us need a place to de-stress, and I'm hoping I can give that to you here. So...the floor belongs to whoever wishes to speak.
  14. Lol, I don't keep them on a floor, I have a bunch of bookshelves I keep them on, I was just cleaning out said bookshelves where these were stored and thought I might as well take a picture while their laid out like that.

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