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  1. RepentantSky

    What Did You Do In Gaming Today

    I don't know why, but I've become semi-obsessed with Yokai Watch Blasters. I have like 70 hours into it now, and I play it every day.
  2. RepentantSky

    What features in game have you grown tired of?

    I don't like the often failed attempt to complicate battle systems, or to pretend they are complicated. Xenoblade 2 is a good example of that problem. Games are so desperate to try and do more than you have just mashing buttons or holding them down, that they try and make their combat seem deep, by adding in elements, or something like that as if it makes it better and it often fails.
  3. I may be the odd one out overall, but I love everything Tales of Xillia. The characters are all fantastic, believable, likable, well developed, and most importantly, easy to feel for so everything they go through, you go through it with them. They are simply the best characters in my opinion, followed by Abyss, Vesperia, and Berseria all tied for second.
  4. RepentantSky

    what are your anime unpopular opinions?

    SAO is the worst anime to get popular this century FMA original is better than Brotherhood because the Disney style ending ruins the atmosphere of the show and betrays some of the characters arcs Ufotable is the main that characters are becoming less and less human Re:Zero is the second worst anime to become popular this century Subs completely suck now because the refusal to allow people to do different voices, which have been the same since Gigantor Attack On Titan Season 3 ruined the show entirely due to it's bad pacing that made it hard to watch
  5. RepentantSky

    scariest horror game you've ever played ?

    Odd one, but I got really freaked out by Corpse Party Blood Drive. Something about being chased by former friends turned into scary enemies really got to me.
  6. RepentantSky

    What games are you playing or looking forward to play?

    Right now, I'm playing Marvel's Spider-man, Dragon Quest XI, and Yo-kai Blasters. Hoping to finish one or two of those before long because I'm looking forward to Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Mega Man 11, Luigi's Mansion, Spyro and Soul Calibur VI.
  7. RepentantSky


    The style of CGI that is used for that first anime, which by the way is one I dropped for reasons other than it's crappy CGI, is hugely problematic because it takes any chance of looking at the characters as humans and removes them due to the wonky motions they take which is the worst example of the uncanny valley that anime has ever had. Now the CGI here: which probably has a lot to do with why the CGI debate even started when it did, I think is fine. Another example of it being fine is this: However, at the time people hated that CGI was even being used in anime to the extent that it was changing the look of an anime so people pushed back against it, and in an attempt to save it, animators went with the crap from the first image OP posted. That kind of CG is not acceptable because it looks worse and it's movements are entirely so unnatural that it's impossible to enjoy anything that looks that way for a lot of people. However CGI itself is not a bad idea, and it was being used before changes like Haruka and The Magic Mirror, or the .hack//The Movie was made, and people didn't notice it much. When it's done right, it's fine, when it done incorrectly and ruins a show like the one from that first image, it's problematic.
  8. RepentantSky

    Hello~ Any gamers here?

    RPG's are the spice of life in gaming. They have the most sub-genre's, there's no universal controls so they can all play differently, and each one has the ability to tell a great story while only relying on a few basic tropes. That is all.
  9. RepentantSky

    What makes a dub bad?

    That especially doesn't make sense. Back then people were watching anime for DBZ style explosions or Sailormoon levels of story, no cared if something was too Japanese. I mean they didn't even convert Yen in Sailormoon if memory served.
  10. RepentantSky

    What makes a dub bad?

    For me it's mostly weird translations. This is more of a game problem, but sometimes, when something doesn't "make sense" because it's seen as "too Japanese" that becomes a problem. I lived through the 90's though, the bad voice acting doesn't bother me that much.
  11. RepentantSky

    Hello~ Any gamers here?

    That's fair. Same thing can be said for a lot of games as far as most of the combat goes, but since SMT has the Press turn system and the negotiation system, so there is more to it.
  12. RepentantSky

    Hello~ Any gamers here?

    Persona and SMT are more turn-based than strategy.
  13. RepentantSky

    Hello~ Any gamers here?

    Strategy can be hit and miss for me. I really like Fire Emblem, Final Fantasy Tactics and Valkiryia Chronicles but those are the only ones I can get into.
  14. RepentantSky

    Hello~ Any gamers here?

    That's difficult. If we're talking about Persona, it would be Persona 4 golden. If we're talking SMT, it's a tie with IV and Apocalypse. I'mma story based guy more than anything else and the story in those games are the best in the SMT series for what my money is worth,
  15. RepentantSky

    Hello~ Any gamers here?

    Persona 5 is great. Not my favorite in the series, but still fantastic.
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