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  1. So, I've been on a massive anime film binge. I just ordered the last moves I need to fully collect every Pokemon movie, which I will happily be watching when the last few come in on May 9th, I own every studio Ghibli film, every film by Mamorou Hosada, and I'm not sure which director or studio I should start looking for now, so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I know there are a couple of popular films I don't own, but I'll take anything you think is worth looking into, so please throw some suggestions my way.
  2. As a bi person, I fully feel that. Took me 10 years to come out after I was sure because it got so bad sometimes, and just online but in real life. As for everything else you said, I couldn't agree more. Gatekeeping is never anything but harmful, and some times in some very serious ways.
  3. If you've been on twitter today, (2/15/2021 for those that find this thread after today) you might have seen gatekeeping trending because a guy who is known for his gatekeeping tweets, and keeping company that also gatekeeps got so much attention, that even Funimation put out a tweet about it. While the guy in question was pretty much just being ratio'd, which is normal for his tweets, though never to this extent, I thought now would be a good a time as any to talk about it on here. It's never really come up that I've seen, and while I rarely post here, I do read the forums, and have never seen anyone that was taken seriously, try to gatekeep any particular show or anime in general, as it wouldn't make much sense to do that on an anime forum. I wanted to know what people's general thoughts were on gatekeeping, and if you've experienced any kind of gatekeeping, espeically based on gender in the past. I know for myself, I tend to have people do that when I say I'm a little tired of subbed anime since so many lines are stereotypes in anime, and because VA work in Japan often has similar voices, hearing those same lines said the same way, by the same sounding voice in the hundreds of anime I've watched over the years, has caused me to feel like all those elements combined cause a character to lose a sense of identity. I could go into it further in a separate thread if anyone wants to see that, but for now, I present a topic that could make for an interesting conversation. Here's the tweet in question, if anyone wants to see it.
  4. I beat Ys IX, the third game I've beaten this year.
  5. I wrote a list about anime video games that just didn't quite end up in the right genre, or took elements of other genre's just a little too heavily. If this isn't the right place for it, please, feel free to move it, but unless or until that happens. I hope anyone who runs into this, will enjoy: <LINK REMOVED, look up repentantsky.tumblr if you're interested>
  6. I wrote a gaming list talking about gaming controversies that seemed avoidable. https://repentantsky.tumblr.com/post/637782190902706176/5-gaming-controversies-in-2020-that-just-seemed
  7. That's probably true for a lot of people, but it's not something I ever thought about. Kiki was my first Ghibli film, but I just happened to catch it airing on TV, and didn't know it had anything to with Ghibli or Disney until years later.
  8. All of them. You've seen three of their best, but their filmography is filled with other great, fantastic films that only they seem capable of creating. Here's a list of their films, take a look at them when you feel you want to https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Studio_Ghibli_works That's one thing I will say about a lot of anime films now, as opposed to bac kin the day. For the longest time, in terms of pure quality and effort, no could touch Studio Ghibli, despite some great films coming out during their hay day, nothing really hit on that level. While these days, you won't often see films of the same style and nature, you can find films of a very different atmosphere that of the same quality. Films like "The Place Promised In Our Early Days" or "Children Who Chase Lost Voices" "In This Corner of the World" "Colorful"
  9. This honestly looks like Avatar meets Princess Mononoke to me. I really like it. I'm gonna have to check it out. I haven't watched a lot of Ben 10 to be honest outside of some clips here or there. I ought to give it a shot soon.
  10. I was just watching Code Lyoko and Legend of Korra yesterday, and I thought it would be interesting to talk about shows that are anime inspired. Obviously, Avatar, is a North American product with heavy anime influence, and for those that may not have heard of it, Code Lyoko is a French made TV show that had 4 original seasons, and years later came back with a 5th season that ended on a cliffhanger after it's creators filed for bankruptcy. I really like Avatar and Lyoko, but I also want to talk about any other anime inspired shows, so you know, feel free to suggest some and otherwise talk about what anime-like shows you've enjoyed over the years.
  11. I didn't mean to make it seem like I was saying there was a conversation of the two series regarding their fillers, so much as it was that Bleach literally got canned because of them, but for Naruto, all we really get is "just skip the fillers" like it's not a big thing. Even if they weren't compared directly, to me, it always felt like a double standard. Bleach has interesting fillers that tell interesting stories, Naruto repeats the same arc for literal years in a row, one gets canceled, one is still going without any real interruption.
  12. Honestly there are a lot I could post, but if I have to pick one, I'm going with Uverworld by D-Technolife There's just something about it that's so catchy even all these years later.
  13. Keep watching it then, because outside of a few nothing episodes, I honestly think it's the best of the big three by miles. It doesn't drag on with it's main plot nearly as much as One Piece does, and despite people complaining about fillers, the amount of fillers in Naruto is literally twice the amount of episodes of Bleach in total, plus 1. It's always been so weird to me that people complain about both shows having fillers, but Bleach's which were generally more interesting and well written, somehow got the show canned, but Naruto's were basically DBZ all over again. Go on a mission with some of the Naruto cast that wasn't on the last one, get to know more about them, Rasengan, next repetitive filler arc. Bleach's arcs for the most part told interesting stories, and were about how Ichigo could overcome stronger opponents when his Bankai wasn't enough by either relying on a power he had that I won't go into because I don't want to spoil anything, that made him interesting, or by outsmarting them, getting in that one good hit that turned the tide of the battle. Bleach is fantastic.
  14. I really haven't been good about watching media in general lately, but I anime is something I want to give another hard look. I've missed several anime that are getting a new season soon, including some that I've seen have some serious hype around them, so based on what we know is coming in 2021, what anime would you suggest to someone who's open to try pretty much anything, and where would you suggest I go watch it?
  15. Separate. I bought it over the last 4 years or so. They are all special editions of each game, most of which I got on release.
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