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  1. How much time of ur day or week or month u spend watching anime?

    A lot of things, but mostly the big single player games out at any given time. If you'd like you can check out this list I made for the best games of 2017 and get a feel for the games I like most:
  2. Tokyo Ghoul:re

    The 4th episode is a great set-up to another one, but if it doesn't happen I'm gonna be upset and I may drop it.
  3. How much time of ur day or week or month u spend watching anime?

    It really depends. This whole year I've probably watched more anime than I did last year due to a lack of interesting games to play in my spare time. For right now I suppose I average up to 2 hours a day.
  4. What anime are you watching now?

    Right now I'm watching Tokyo Ghoul season 3, Steins Gate 0 and Persona 5 the animation.
  5. Anime Opening Quiz

    I got 10. Not bad.
  6. What Anime Should I Watch?

    Fist of the North Star Dragon Ball Claymore Pretty much any other Shounen I can recommend is already here. If you ever want to try out other genre's I'll have a lot more to suggest.
  7. Tokyo Ghoul:re

    I already posted in the other thread but basically, I'm getting through it despite not liking the random change in direction and I didn't say this before, but the animation style has kind of taken away everyone's individual look outside of the Quinx squad and that's annoying. Hopefully episode 4 is good enough to keep the season interesting, otherwise I may drop it.
  8. Need answers!!

    Maybe don't make a thread an hour after one asking this same question is already out there. There is no confirmed release date yet, it will come when it comes.
  9. Anyone know the release date of sword art online s3

    There is no confirmed release date for it as of yet. If it really is coming this year though, I wouldn't expect it to release before late summer or in the fall season since that GGO spin-off series is set for this Spring season. Perhaps by the end of that, there will be a release season or maybe even month and date but so far, nothing is confirmed.
  10. Steins;Gate 0

    I watched the first two episodes and I'm kind of unsatisfied. I know it's important for Rintaro to come to terms with certain things, but with World War III still looming over everyone's heads, it seems a waste to spend so much time with what should be a the B-plot and yes ever since AI was brought into it, that's been the focus. It's not a horrible idea, it's just a bigger deal than I feel it should be. Hopefully soon they'll balance the two plots out and make them work.
  11. Netflix Anime Wave

    I wish they would bring more anime to their site while it's airing if they can work out that kind of deal. I also don't like that they are calling some anime a Netflix Original when it's not like Kakegurui or however it's spelled. That's a bad anime to try and pawn off as an original. As for their original's I have to admit to never finishing one of them because they are so samey and yet far to similar to things I watched even before Netflix was around. They have the potential to do something great, they just haven't yet.
  12. Tokyo Ghoul:re - Episode Discussion

    Admittedly after watching through to episode 3 I feel like a lot of stereotypes the series managed to avoid have become a part of it. However the end of episode 3 where it focuses in on Aogiri and all of these other characters has me a bit excited that perhaps we'll get something more along the lines of season one's quality instead of the slower pace we've seen so far. There is still room to drop the ball, but here's hoping they don't and we get a Kaneki back. Seeing things mainly from the human's side is kind of boring.
  13. Teen Titans Reaction

    Teen Titans is amazing. These costumes are not, and I don't get Starfire's casting. I can't help feel like her personality is going be different than the actual character if only because black actors have to act a certain way in Hollywood films and shows.
  14. Live Action Cowboy Bebop Show

    Actually yes, but it's mostly about slow casting: http://comicbook.com/anime/2018/04/13/cowboy-bebop-live-action-casting-hollywood-anime/
  15. I need a good, different anime to watch

    As long as it's not shounen, I'm open to pretty much anything as long as it can stand out among all the other anime in it's genre. @Beocat I haven't seen the last one of those. I will gladly so ahead and check it out.
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