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  1. @Wedgy The reason you haven't seen me in so long is because I was banned off the site for reasons I'm not aware of for two years and some change, which makes me think that I was supposed to be banned for a much shorter period but someone forgot to unban me until one random day, they did. But that aside, I'm good.
  2. Do I even need to say what's been going on there? If I do, DM me and I'll explain it, but holy geez it's bad. Anyone have any thoughts on it?
  3. Now, I could make this big long thread about all that's been going on this year, going into every detail that I know, that you probably also know, but the main thing I want to talk about, is how the heck are all of you during this wild year? I know this isn't normally a topic that anyone would talk about here, but I can imagine the thing that's been keeping me from posting here since I've been back, has also had an effect on you in some regard. I just want to know, what's this year been like for you, and how are you doing with all that's happened? If this topic isn't okay here, please delete it, but I can't help but feel some of us need a place to de-stress, and I'm hoping I can give that to you here. So...the floor belongs to whoever wishes to speak.
  4. Lol, I don't keep them on a floor, I have a bunch of bookshelves I keep them on, I was just cleaning out said bookshelves where these were stored and thought I might as well take a picture while their laid out like that.
  5. Anyone on here a game collector besides me? Admittedly, most of my collection is just random, but I do quite enjoy it. Today as I'm cleaning some of my game library, I thought about game collections and wondered what everyone else had. Here's my PlayStation Games collection. What do you all collect, feel free to post some pictures.
  6. The PS5 Future of Gaming Event is back on set for Thursday. A total of a week delay. Seems worth it to me.
  7. It's not cancelled, just delayed. I'm sure a new date will be announced soon, though I imagine it might take longer than other delayed gaming events considering how serious Sony has been about helping with the cause of Black Lives Matter.
  8. The PS5 Event has been delayed due to the protests going on throughout the United States, and Sony not wanting to divert attention away from them.
  9. What I find interesting about the PS5, is that compared to the Xbox, the I/O Throughput is doubled. While that won't mean much for multiplats, It will mean a lot for exclusives, so that could be a big system seller. More to the point of your post though, depending on the price range of the PS5, it might for a time, make mid range, the lower end of high range PC's seems too expensive in comparison. That may only last a year or so, but the fact that it could potentially do that, is really interesting to me. Consoles usually come out as cheaper version of the equivalent mid range PC, but both Xbox and PS5 have made a bigger leap this gen than any previous, and the SSD capabilities of either system might actually make them more powerful than that range they normally go for.
  10. I won't lie, while I've been gone, my motivation to watch anime has been pretty low. I used to like watching shows, and then coming here and talking about them with everyone. Since I couldn't do that, I really haven't watched a lot, and I kind of feel behind anime as a whole. So, what anime would you all suggest, specifically over the last two years more than anything else, but of course all suggestions are welcome. I used to prefer Fantasy and Slice of Life anime over anything else, but any good horror anime would also likely fall into my wheelhouse. Please and thank you.
  11. An event as big as the PS5 needs a list to accompany it, so I hope those of you who remember my writing from back in the day, as well as those who have joined in my absence will enjoy the one that I made.
  12. That's right, for those waiting for the news of the PS5's rumored June event, the wait is over and the rumors are done. Sony has posted a PS5 even is coming Thursday June 4th. I'll be sure to post the biggest points of news after it's over, but in the meantime, let's use this announcement to talk about what our hopes for the PS5 are going to be, along with anything else next gen.
  13. Welcome to AF, and congrats on opening up a shop! A lot of us would probably love to be able to do that. I hope it goes well, and the forums are good experience for you.
  14. Welcome to AF! (do people do that intro anymore? Been gone so long I don't even know). Regardless, I hope you enjoy your time here.

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