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  1. Ea games suck

    That's short term thinking. EA survived before Star Wars, they will survive after it. As for stocks, those will go right back up if people buy EA's sports games this year, which I can promise will happen. So long as they don't try that rumored monthly fee for online matches that I've been hearing about, EA will end up just fine after hitting a bad bump in the road. As long as we can force them to higher standards moving forward though, the company will have to change their ways, and that's where things are likely to go more than anywhere else.
  2. So, my favourite video-game is dead. :(

    Every game is a real game, regardless of how much we don't like it or bad it is. That's just the nature of things.
  3. Ea games suck

    Realistically, that's not going to happen. Without backlash like what happened with Battlefront II and the most recent Need for Speed, EA will be just fine, and if they aren't fine, every company and project will go before they do, leaving a good part of the gaming development side of this medium unemployed. The only way to stop EA without bankrupting a good portion of the industry is to force them to change their ways with the games they make that have problems that need to be resolved. That's a goal I feel as well that we can accomplish so long as we get in their faces like what happened with the two games I mentioned. It's gonna be a long battle to do that, but it's winnable, and that's encouraging.
  4. Whats your gaming rig?

    My "rig" is mostly my PS4 and 3DS. I also have a Vita and an Xbox One, but the latter of those two hasn't been touched since last April save for about two weeks ago to check and make sure someone didn't accidentally destroy my brother-on-law's external drive for his Xbox One. I do have the ability to play games on my PC but due to the fact that I have partial paralysis in my hands, using a mouse can start hurting after a while and to be honest, I mostly play RPG's anyways, so I rarely need a PC to play the ones I care about as they either come out on PS4 or 3DS.
  5. Anime - why is it so looked down upon?

    What it really comes down to, is that people haven't gotten over the stigma's they believed as a child. It's kind of sad really. We've grown and matured so much this generation, even if the youngest generation may not have as much, and changed our perspective on so many things, and yet for some reason anime is not something that has gone through this change. Perhaps that's one of the reasons it hasn't really changed at all is so long outside of visuals, because the stigma hasn't and people seem unwilling to open their eyes to the medium. It could also be that because the world has changed so much and people seen more reluctant than ever to admit that perhaps their emotional reactions to something may not be what actually is, and they don't like being questioned, even though they can't avoid it, that anime has just become one of those things that people can get mad at to let loose some frustrations from their daily lives on. The point I'm making overall I guess, is that beyond the stigma, there's a slue of reasons that people still look down upon anime for.
  6. The Most Recent ESA Report On Gamers

    I can't help but think some of those statistics are way off border, because it's been common knowledge that the largest demographic is males aged 35 plus, followed by women in their 20's, men under 35, women in their 30's and finally the different teenage demographics. If it really changed, I feel like there would have been some huge story about it somewhere, and i never saw it. That said, I'm naturally not willing to trust the ESA because they've been more and more like a government operated organization than one meant to protect, or even be honest to the gaming communities out there about the major issues with the industry in the hopes of protecting their investments. The journalism side of me doesn't trust much of anything they say right now, and it's hard to know how long they've been untruthful to people.
  7. How has Anime Changed?

    Anime hasn't changed. They've been using the same tropes so often for so many decades, that we've been trained to praise anything that deviates from the tropes even a little bit until that deviation becomes the norm, and we have to wait for that cycle to repeat. The only other anime that get popular are ones that reach fame because of people who are new to anime liking something and not knowing a better version of it exists, and they refusing to watch the better version when that's pointed out, like SAO as an example. This is a cycle that's been repeated for years and will continue to be for many more as that cycle repeats because anime doesn't change. It doesn't grow with it's medium, and the best shows from the 70's to early 2000's have already come and gone, so we continue to repeat the cycle of mediocrity. It's quite a sad state for the medium to be in. If there are any changes to anime, it's in the films, be they stand alone or not, because they do deviate and change far more often than shows ever try to.
  8. Which anime changed your opinion on its genre?

    This may be the opposite of what most people expect from a post like this, but One Piece changed my opinion on Shounen's for the worst. The fact that it became so popular has lead to many trying to replicate it in their own way, but more than that, it was a clear sign that as long as something is making money in this day and age, it will get dragged on to the point of being anything else but annoying. One Piece is the slowest moving anime in Shounen history and should have ended years ago, but because it hasn't I've become reluctant to watch anything Shounen for the last several years for fear that it would do the same thing. Oddly, the only on and off again exception to that for me has been Fairy Tail, which just goes to show that the creators of One Piece can make something compelling and interesting, but they stopped doing that OP for some reason.
  9. it's a day that only comes once a year, you wake up and smile from ear to ear, you feel happy, today's your day so i'd like to wish you a Happy Birthday ;)



  10. Anime, just for kids or all ages?

    As of today I'm 30, I have no genre preferences, I just want a good story, I'm male, and I've been watching anime since I was a kid, so no, I do not believe anime is for kids. There are several anime in fact that kids should not watch like Elfen Lied, Claymore, Devilman Crybaby and many others.
  11. The Oscars

    You do have to try and bribe people a bit to get a nomination, but even getting that nom can make your movie's sales skyrocket to the point that any anime movie would probably see at least a 2 times increase in revenue, and put them on the map for future nominations which can have the same effect.
  12. The Oscars

    Now normally, I wouldn't talk about anything like this, but I think it's important in this case. There are no anime films in the Oscars this year, and while normally that's an expected turnout, in a year where we get "In This Corner of the World" "A Silent Voice" and mostly notably "Your Name" that seems like a pretty egregious oversight, if I'm being kind. Now on the one hand I get it, the Oscars tend to pick films that are artsy or risky or some cases like freakin' Boss Baby, entirely stupid, and more importantly are either made by the United States or France, but it's hard to argue that 2017 was not the most important year in anime history, especially in the films department, since probably the early 2000's when Spirited Away was released to the world. To have all three of those films excluded at a time where anime has really shown that it can tackle some tough issues so well, or treat an often comedic idea with such seriousness that you have to love it, it's hard to accept this exclusion. Anime has always had this connotation behind it, or this stigma that leaves most people are afraid to admit to liking it for fear shunned of being open about it, and while it's fair to argue that perhaps none of these three films are quite up to Studio Ghibli standards, it isn't fair to say that they aren't the best the medium has to offer right now. And that's not saying that these are downgrades, but for the Oscars to ignore anime films in a year where they feel like Boss Baby is a suitable replacement, says a lot about how they should be looked at. Animated movies this year were terrible in terms of quantity that was also high quality, yet we have three genuine contenders to go against Coco which is really the only film the Oscars recognized that deserves anything, trust me, I've seen all the films they nominated, and none of them even come close to Coco, is frustrating to say the least. I don't know, that's how I'm seeing things right now, how about the rest of you?
  13. My emotional armor is pretty tough but lately a lot has been hitting me at once. I'm actually a little depressed. 

    1. Muco


      I've always admired your self-esteem @RepentantSky, I hope you will get better soon. 


    2. Optic


      Do let me know if there's anything I can do for you @RepentantSky.

    3. RepentantSky


      I appreciate the kind words from both of you. ^_^

  14. This is different. I like it though.
  15. Best anime openings (your opinions)

    Ready Steady Go: Tank! Shonen Heart: After Dark: Hitahira No Hanabira: Rolling Star:
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