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  2. Not really A movie person but the last movie I watched in a Movie Theatre was ''Invisible Man''. It was a thriller, and the plot twists were coming left and right. I truly applaud the director for this movie! Job Well Done!
  3. I'm Currently Watching Prodigal Son, and rewatching Sherlock over, and over again because i'm salty about it maybe not coming back.
  4. What's in you guys opinion the best anime for newcomers to the club?
  5. To get this discussion started, my friends were what attracted me to anime. Most of my friends are noobs so when I started becoming friends with them I was surrounded by there anime love, and all the anime shows they were watching and the interesting plots I constantly heard about. One day i decided I had to watch an show. When i did eventually start watching I couldn't stop and I've been loving it everysense. The first show I started off with was Naruto btw, then it expanded to Seven Deadly Sins, then Fairy Tail and I plan on watching much more. I'm watching Fairy Tail now btw and it's too good, in my opinion better than Naruto!
  6. I've started watching Fairy Tail now and it's so good! I'm in love and will finish all seasons in 2 weeks and i'm not playing!
  7. I'm new to this forum, and looking to create a good discussion!
  8. Naruto right now, and the Seven Deadly Sins but i'm going to try to expand shows once I finish both. I've heard great recommendations like Fairy Tail, and My Hero Academia!

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