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Hello, members of ''Recommender Club''. I have decided to cut Recommender Club's presence on this forum short. As many members of Anime Forums know forums have been declining in active users, posts, and clubs over the recent years and this forum was unfortunately not except from that fact. Generally we only have about 30 active members a day. With much deliberation, i've decided to delete the club for good and transfer to more active platforms where more of an impact can be made. I want to sorry on my part to the great members of this club, and wish you all the best! But all still isn't lost. I'm transferring to apps like Discord, Reddit, etc. and our Discord community has already been created for you and many others to join. Our Reddit sub-community is also on the way! Again, i'm sorry for taking everyone through this journey but i'm hoping it's for the best! Questions? Please message @hereismynew or the club email (shown below) for any more questions.

Here is our new Discord community: https://discord.gg/sXVPMCQe3d !

Here is the club's email: [email protected] .


~Moderator and Creator~


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