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  1. The Hunter: COTW (Xbox) I actually got a chance to finally have a day to game and I decided to spend it playing a hunting game . Most of it was on one map because I was getting irritated at finding practically nothing with the exception of bunnies and a couple of red foxes. Honestly this is why I don't play the game as much anymore because it really feels like after they release a new map they make it harder and harder to find animals on the older maps. I currently have all the DLC maps and the two latest ones have animals left and right. I can't even find wolves in the Yukon map an
  2. I honestly don't know how many times I have to explain to people outside of my friends that I am NOT anti-social. My interests are literally video games, movies, anime and coloring; which majority of my family and those I come across are not interested in therefore I am quiet. 

    Also with being autistic I go into my modes of not speaking and sometimes I don't realize it. So most of the time people need to try and initiate the conversation to get me to say anything. 

  3. SOS: PoOT (Switch) Starting to make decent money in the game and got my first dog (which I named Oreo because I didn't know what to name him). Also trying to befriend some of the residents and working more on the museum.
  4. I like to read and I like to color.
  5. It's honestly their opinion while I can't say I don't get a little riled I have to remind myself that it is their opinion. As long as they don't sit there and constantly talk trash or belittle me for watching it I shrug it off.
  6. I usually make something for breakfast at home but since my step had surgery I had to pick up his meds this morning so I just went and got a Charli Cold Foam and a new Matcha topped donut from Dunkin' Donuts.
  7. This has probably been said a million times but My Hero Academia (5th season just aired) and Fruits Baskets (3rd and final season just started to air this month).
  8. Rainy and a bit on the cool side (45°F) today. May snow tomorrow but I hope not! I've been having an itch to go swimming again.
  9. Haven't done a whole lot of gaming lately due to not being home for awhile (have to keep an eye on my step dad who recently had surgery). Batman Arkham Asylum (PS4) Defeated Harley and saved Gordan. Also forgot all about Scarecrow so I got lost at the morgue for a bit (this is my 3rd playthrough but haven't played it for years). The Hunter: CotW (Xbox) Finally got the bloodhound to help with hunting. Haven't had any serious glitching or freezing like some people have reported happening to them. I have had the dog scare me however; he came running to me and I thought it was
  10. Haven't been on in awhile, oops.

    Have to help with my step dad after he had surgery so that's my excuse, lmfao.

    1. Tefutakato


      It’s all good. Spend time with your dad as I think he’d appreciate your company after a surgery. Hope he gets well soon.

  11. Started back at the gym and I'm excited to start feeling better about myself. ❤❤

    1. Tefutakato


      That’s great! Good luck on your journey.

    2. EnviousEnvy
  12. SOS: Pioneers of Olive Town (Switch) Been playing this for a good while and am addicted to it. The pictures on the loading screen are quite hilarious too, lol. I'm still only in spring and haven't really focused on any of the NPCs. Been working on my farm mostly trying to make that coin.
  13. Conan Exiles (PS4) I forgot how obsessed with this game I was and how much I liked it over ark. Only downside is the fact that I can't fast travel from one bed to another so I literally have to run/walk to get from one house to the other (I currently have 2 houses at the moment). My 1st house is in the desert which I didn't realize where I started building was infested with gators . However other than that there is a bunch of resources and animals to hunt as well as being close to water. My 2nd home I have in the jungle region which has a lot more predators apparently and of course you h
  14. 15 more days until SOS PoOT is officially released in the US! No sleep for me!

    1. LonelyPoet


      15 days is a long time to not sleep lol

  15. @efaardvark Omg that game looks beautiful!! Stardew Valley (PC) Been busy upgrading my tools and trying to make more money. I'm only in my first year of fall though so I have a long way to go. Ark (Xbox One) Playing this game with two other people and reached level 54. Have a few dinos tamed but still have issues with building fences, lol.
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