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  1. I honestly liked the action in the movie, lol.
  2. Decided to go with my fiance for the week so not able to do much gaming with the exception of my Switch. SoS: FOMT (Switch) Still trying to get all of Gray's hearts and working on the Harvest Goddess's gifts. I finally unlocked the slightly bigger house on my farm. Just have to wait 3 days in game for it to be complete. Also not sure if one would consider this cheating but I've also been working the mine trick (saving before finding the ladder then reading the save file after finding said ladder). Easy bells for me and extra supplies. I haven't played Stardew in a few months. Might have to get back into it again. Kind of miss it and a lot of other farming games are lacking compared to Stardew.
  3. Didn't even know there was gonna be movie, lol. I'm so far behind on so many different anime series.
  4. Story of Seasons: FOMT (Switch) Finally reached the purple heart rank of Gray and got my fishing rod so I'm able to make more money now (hopefully, lol). ACNH (Switch) I had my first official shooting stars on my island (and I've been playing since release day ). I wished on as many stars as I could.
  5. I'm literally so behind right now, lol. Gonna catch up soon!
  6. Gonna watch Goblin Slayer (and yes I'm aware of what occurs in the first episode ).
  7. My fiance and 4 friends. My fiance watches anime every day and 1 of my friends does as well. I'll watch anime and pretty much play any anime game that I can find. I also have plushies, pop funko and figurines that are all anime related.
  8. Tornadoes are fun... not (not too far from my house).


    1. RuthisianCodex


      Hope you're alright. 

    2. EnviousEnvy


      @RuthisianCodex Yes I am! Thank you for your concern.

    3. RuthisianCodex


      Glad to hear it!

  9. Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town (Switch) Got this game last Friday and I'm in love with the game. Haven't had much time for other games because of it, lol. Right now I'm not sure who to get into a relationship with yet. I'm partial to Gray, Karen and one other character (pink haired, can't remember her name right now, lol). The only downside to the game is the time goes by way to fast so I can't do everything I want in a single day.
  10. Spongebob Rehydrated (Switch) Was able to sit down and play this. Searched everything in my house, the timing scenes are a bit tricky and occasionally annoying but still been able to successfully get them all so far. I also got a kick out of the pictures in Squidward's home. Also was able to unlock Patrick and have been playing as him for awhile. The machines that continually produce robots are downright annoying and every time I believe I destroyed all the machines in the vicinity there is always another one, ugh. ACNH (Switch) Created a new character (still have my original character) that will be used when I have friends over but the home will probably be what my fiance likes. So far I only have one DIY recipe for the ocean. I'm hoping to get some pirate stuff and Mermaid stuff here soon.
  11. Funny thing is I randomly came across the series on Rightstuf and had to purchase it after beating the game. I recently bought the game Akiba's Beat the other day.
  12. I have a crap ton of streaming subscriptions, lol. I'll name off the series I can remember that I'm watching, lol. Netflix: Witcher (Waiting patiently for season 2), 13 Reasons Why, TWD, Orange Is The New Black, That 70's Show, Pokemon Journeys, Food Wars, Beast Stars Hulu: America's Next Top Model, Family Guy, Vikings, Family Matters, Law & Order: SVU, Kitchen Nightmares, Forged In Fire, Rick and Morty, SOA Disney +: The Mandalorian (waiting for season 2), Timon & Pumbaa (the old TV show) and a bunch of Disney movies in general. FUNimation: DBZ Super, Venus V.S. Virus, Attack on Titan, Demon Slayer, My Hero Academia Crunchyroll: Fruits Basket
  13. I have sooo many favorites, so I can't list them all or you'll be reading for years. I can list a few though: Cowboy Bebop Fullmetal Alchemist Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Naruto Bleach Soul Eater Soul Eater Not DBZ DBZ Super Fruits Baskets (both versions) Fooly Cooly Zoids Claymore Gungrave Yu Yu Hakusho Attack On Titan Akira Ninja Scroll Love Hina Tenchi Muyo High School of the Dead Ouran High School Host Club Food Wars My Hero Academia InuYasha Digimon Akiba's Trip Trigun Black Lagoon All Studio Ghibli films And so many more, lol.
  14. Welcome! Come join in on all the fun. We have matching straight jackets! Jk, but really please enjoy yourself
  15. I have high anxiety and am Autistic so I have my days where I just want everything to go back to how it was before this whole pandemic. I try to stay away from the news, social media and anywhere else that drones on about the negative but it's difficult when it seems like everyone lives and breathes this crap. I usually try to drown out the world with anime, video games and coloring but occasionally I go with my fiance when he travels for work so I see nothing but all the crap going on. The fear, the hate, the negative crap... sometimes it's more than I can take.

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