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  1. Got married March 17th 2023! ❤️❤️ Obsessed with my wedding ring-9e5fr7.thumb.jpg.77ef101f7466ab50e2d3ee9fd8374888.jpg

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    2. Rebel Spirit

      Rebel Spirit

      Congratulations, you love birds. I hope you'll live a long and happy life with each other. ^^

    3. viruxx


      Congratulations! Wishing you the best!

    4. Animedragon


      Congratulations. Today starts a new chapter in your lives. which I hope will be long and happy.

      That ring does look impressive, my late mother's was just a plain gold band.

  2. Getting married in just 4 days 

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    2. KaiyaSaysHaiya


      congratulations!! I hope all goes well ^^

    3. Bulleje76


      Very nice. Have a great day

    4. viruxx


      Congrats! Best wishes! 🤩

  3. The Sims 4 Livestreamed it for about 3 hours. Have been on a building binge lately. Currently working on a family home with a basement and an upstairs. The yard is pretty much finished as well as the basement (which has the boy's bedroom, gym, bar and a tot spot) and kitchen. Ark Got back into Ark because my fiance has been asking me to play it with him for like months. So I reinstalled and started a new save file. Just hope I don't get bored again. Sons of the Forest Just got this game today and didn't play much of it yet. Found Kelvin and a potential spot for my base.
  4. It's why I asked if there was more episodes, lol. (I'm autistic so I sometimes write weird).
  5. Just finished Tomo-Chan Is A Girl... does anyone know if there will be more episodes?
  6. Tempting to get Son of the Forest. Been watching Twitch streams of it nonstop, lol.

  7. Disney Dreamlight Valley Been putting most of my time into DDV lately. Growing pumpkins to make moola and completing quests. Believe I have all areas unlocked for now. I'm still behind though lol.
  8. Supposed to get 24 inches of snow and 45mph winds starting tomorrow. Looks like I'm not going anywhere lol.

    1. Ohayotaku


      Here the temps are supposed to get into the 70s Thursday, then a high in the 30s Friday 😅

    2. Animedragon


      24 inches wow that's a lot of snow! If we got 2.4 inches of snow it would cause chaos on our roads, railways and airports because we just don't get much snow regularly so we've little or no infrastructure to cope with it.

  9. Wylde Flowers Finally made a little more progress in the game. Looks like Gramma's health is declining. I honestly really wish they would up the stamina bar in the game. Literally can only break 3 iron ore before she gets exhausted. Hokko Life So I'm kind of irritated after the latest update of the game. I lost a ton of my stuff without losing save data such as the bridge and a lot of the things I learned to build somehow... so now I have to rebuild the bridge that I built in the beginning of the game but all of my dang resources are on the other side of the river. I kind of want to just give up on this game altogether. It isn't like it's early access so there is absolutely no reason for me to lose my stuff in the game.
  10. Rune Factory 5 Joined Terry on some of his investigations like helping a friend(??) Of Oswald's and finding a mysterious purple dragon (even though it's described as black, lol). Found out later it's Livia's sister and she's also a dragon as well. So in the end I retired from my temporary job at Terry's and rejoined SEED to help get Livia's sister back and destroy the baddies.
  11. Disney Dreamlight Valley Played a couple hours of this. Scrooge's store had a few things I wanted so I fished and mined until I had the funds. I really need to start upgrading the buildings and my home though but I also want to get all of the Wreck It Ralph furniture and clothing, lol. Monster Hunter Rise Finally came up on Gamepass so I played a bit of this. Originally tried the demo on Switch but didn't like the button layout for the game... also felt like their was a slight delay after pressing a button for an attack which was rather annoying (on Switch demo). So I never bought it for Switch due to that reason. Now that it's on Gamepass I figured I would give it another shot.
  12. Final Fantasy VII Remake Finished both the main story and Yuffie's story as well. Definitely cannot wait til the next game. FF Crisis Core Reunion Just started this today and it definitely brought back the nostalgic feels. Looking forward to play more of it.
  13. My Time At Sandrock Been playing this for a bit part of the day yesterday. Just unlocked horses and another ruin. Hoping to get to gardening soon.
  14. Really need to get myself a Steam Deck so I can just lounge on the bed or couch. Binge playing on my desktop while sitting on my computer chair hurts my butt so bad. 🙃 😂😂

  15. Just watched The Last of Us Sunday night and I'm absolutely obsessed. I also recently finished the first season of Wednesday.
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