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  1. Got an extra Farfetch'd if someone is looking for one. I am in need of a Galarian Ponyta.
  2. Sims 4 (PC) Working on my child sim to progress through school successfully into her teen years so she can get into university. I'm having a hard time choosing what skills she should focus on though. I'm leaning more towards either scientist or doctor. Not entirely sure though... Pokemon Sword (Switch) Focusing on capturing new Pokemon rather than really progressing through the story. Catching some duplicates that are exclusive to Sword in order to trade for exclusives on Shield.
  3. Didn't see one of these so I thought I'd make one! Pretty much if you're looking for specific pokemon on Sword/Shield or have a pokemon that is up for grabs just post it below!
  4. Pokemon Sword (Switch) Herenheit finally evolved last night. I didn't very far however due to the fact that I had to work late, go to bed and be back up early for work again. Ugh. Hoping to get back to the game after work!!
  5. Pokemon Sword (Switch) Started playing this at like 10PM last night. So far the game is pretty adorable. I don't understand how people (who haven't even played the game) are saying the graphics are that of the 3DS. Understandably they will never be as good as PC, PS4 or Xbox but Sword and Shield are definitely a lot better than the DS ones. Anyway, I'm enjoying it and cannot wait to be done with work so I can binge play it more, lol.
  6. Wanna be done with work so I can Play Pokemon Sword! 😭😭

  7. @Serge heartless I honestly liked both but yeah I'm definitely glad they went back to the original. I couldn't decide which to get this year so I got the double pack (I normally get both versions eventually anyway so I got them both right away). Their next one I'm gonna have someone choose which one for me (probably the GameStop guys). I heard Target's preorders were horrible and almost all of them have to wait until the 28th now for theirs.
  8. Didn't do much gaming since I was at a con all weekend then came down with what they call the "Con" Crud. Fable II (Xbox One) Recently got Game Pass since my friend who went to the convention with me talked me into it. Been playing Fable II off and on after coming back from said Con. Really looking forward to Pokemon Sword and Shield which comes out today. Just have to wait til after work to pick my copies up (got the double pack). Then I'll probably binge play that for awhile, lol.
  9. Went to my first con and ended up getting con crud... dang this sucks.

    1. Illusion of Terra

      Illusion of Terra

      what is con crud (dare I ask)?

    2. EnviousEnvy


      @Illusion of Terra Where you get sick after going to a convention. I went to Galaxycon in Minneapolis over the weekend and got sick afterwards. They call it the dreaded Con Crud.

  10. Having a severe sore throat sucks... even worse it happens when your vacation kicks in. Fml...

  11. Planet Zoo (PC) Been waiting forever for this game. Gonna build my zoo and probably fail but oh well, lmao.
  12. Cannot wait for my 8 days off. Just a few more days! 😭😁

  13. Internet company is doing updates and it's entirely possible that my internet may be down for the rest of the week...

    How will I live?😵😫

  14. Code Vein (PS4) Made it to home base and working on my next mission. Apparently there's a human nearby and trying to find him/her before the other group does.
  15. The new Lion King movie (4K version) Two lip scrubs (one is peach flavored and one is cherry) Two lippies from Makeup Revolution A face wash by Clinique Code Vein (game) Playstation Plus membership (the 12 month subscription)

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