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  1. EnviousEnvy

    E3 2018

    I keep forgetting Nintendo does a E3 as well. Should probably start watching that since I do have a Switch & 3Ds... lol.
  2. EnviousEnvy

    Hyperdimension Neptunia - Steam sale

    Too bad it's not for console... I have the first game for PS3 and I've watched the anime but as for the rest... *cries*
  3. Feeling tempted to put applications in at other jobs. I just can't do this anymore... (read blog titled "Every Weekend??")

  4. EnviousEnvy

    Every Weekend??

    I normally don't post work related things, ever but I'm honestly getting rung out from this job. I love it, don't get me wrong however the deal was was that I get every other weekend off but now after 6 months of being there I haven't had a weekend off in over a month. I've just about had it and I'm so tempted to start putting in applications at various other places. 😒 I don't have time with my husband anymore after this started because he works nights and has been putting in some major overtime. So during the day when I'm at work he's at home sleeping but then he's gone before I get home. We can't even get anything done because I'm at work every weekend... I've already said the reason I left my one job years ago was because of this very same reason and the manager understood. Now I'm having the issue here. Like I said, I love my job but it's like whatever I say now goes out the window and I just can't do it. I'm 25, my husband is going on 28 next month. We want to start a family but how can we when I'm constantly gone??
  5. *looks at the location you have set*

    Get out of my bathtub!

    1. EnviousEnvy
    2. Ryuji


      Get out now! I'm about to get in xD

    3. EnviousEnvy
  6. Honestly? I would probably jump up and down and move side to side just because I'm curious as to how it doesn't bother guys to have a snake between their legs. 😂😂 Also sex just to feel what a guy feels during.
  7. EnviousEnvy


    Yes, they make fans that sit on the floor.
  8. EnviousEnvy

    Worst Anime?

    This... it was god awful annoying (and I rarely say that about any anime, ever).
  9. EnviousEnvy


    @AniMeFReaK We have a fan that sits on the floor that I accidentally kicked. @Part_time_anime This is the first bone I've ever broke and I never want to do it again, lol. It sucks so bad.
  10. EnviousEnvy

    Anyone got Pinterest?

    I have one but unfortunately I never use it. 😬
  11. EnviousEnvy

    What was the last thing you bought?

    Peanut butter Ice cream and a crap ton of older movies
  12. EnviousEnvy

    What Is On Your "To Watch" List?

    Wow you guys sure have quite the list. I'm sure I have others but just can't think of them all at this particular moment. 😂
  13. Really, really need to finish the first season of Psycho-Pass but I always find other things that consume my time. :/

    1. Ryuji


      It's amazing!

    2. EnviousEnvy


      I'm loving it so far

  14. EnviousEnvy


    So about a week ago now I decided it would be a great idea to kick my husband's fan (accidentally if you couldn't guess). I went on with my day like nothing happened with the exception of being a little sore thus I didn't think anything of it. It wasn't until I got home when I noticed just how discolored my toe was that I knew something was seriously wrong; I decided to bend it and the pain just suddenly shot up my toe and foot. I nearly cried from the extreme pain at that moment. Even though it's been awhile, wearing socks or shoes is still somewhat unbearable, especially when I have to work and every night I take at least 800mg worth of Ibuprofen before bed to take the edge off. It really, really sucks.
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