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  1. EnviousEnvy

    What Did You Do In Gaming Today

    Pokemon Let's Go Eevee (Switch) Been playing this off and on all day. Haven't been very interested in games lately because of work so when I come home all I want to do is relax on my bed and watch Netflix.
  2. EnviousEnvy

    What Should I Nickname my Eevee??

    I named my Mew, Una, after my my first dog Luna. I could never name another animal or anything Luna simply because no one could ever replace her but I did come up with something similar in her memory (that's just me though).
  3. EnviousEnvy

    Do you watch the same anime series more then once?

    Honestly it really depends on the anime. Most of them; yes I would. One series that I've probably watched over and over and over is Ouran High School Host Club. Lately however I haven't rewatched any anime that I've seen just because I have so many that I still need to watch, lol.
  4. EnviousEnvy

    What Did You Do In Gaming Today

    Red Dead Redemption 2 (PS4) Really enjoying the gameplay so far even though I haven't done crap for main missions. I've just been enjoying hunting, fishing and occasionally causing mayhem as well as bounty hunting. Pokemon Let's Go Eevee (Switch) Just picked up my preorder of this game and am currently stuck on a nickname for my Eevee (the most challenging thing ever in any game, lol).
  5. EnviousEnvy

    What Should I Nickname my Eevee??

    Playing Pokemon Let's Go Eevee and I cannot for the love of me come up with a nickname. I'll go for either cute, cool, nerdy.
  6. EnviousEnvy

    What Did You Do In Gaming Today

    Destiny 2 (PS4) Been on a Destiny 2 binge for the past few days (level 40 now, hella yeah!). I did all of the campaigns except for Forsaken (I did a bunch of them too though). Now I'm focusing on doing public events, raids and getting those legendary items. I know I'll be slacking off majorly after Pokemon Let's Go is released, lol.
  7. EnviousEnvy

    Destiny 2 Worth Getting?

    Ended up getting the game and definitely glad I decided to (PS4). If any of you guys play it for that system I'll gladly add you (or you can add meh).
  8. Been having a hard time sleeping lately... 😣

    1. Nono


      I feel your pain. I go through phases that last weeks where I have so much trouble staying asleep. Sometimes stress related, sometimes it's not. 

      What's got you so distracted?

    2. Beocat


      I had that issue...usually when under a lot of streas. I used to go running till I was exhausted to fix it but haven't been able to do that lately. My sleep is better these days surprisingly lol....you'd think it would be worse.

  9. EnviousEnvy

    What Did You Do In Gaming Today

    Red Dead Redemption 2 (PS4) Got this game back in October (the ultimate edition *screams*) and been playing a mix of optional missions and main missions. I'm still unsure whether or not to be the bad guy or good guy (but I mean I am an outlaw so wouldn't that automatically make me a bad guy? Lol). Destiny 2 (PS4) I haven't done much in this game (I'm only level 6 *cries*) but am looking for friends who are currently playing this to do some missions and crap.
  10. EnviousEnvy

    Recent Video Games You Bought?

    Red Dead Redemption 2 Ultimate Edition Assassin's Creed Odyssey Destiny 2 (with all DLC's & Expansions) Feel free to add me on PSN, Xbone, Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo Switch (shoot me a message and I'll send you my account names/ Friend Codes).
  11. EnviousEnvy

    Which Gender do you usually go for in games ?

    90% of the time it's female. Only because females usually have better customization options and I would die if I could pull off half the outfits they could, lol.
  12. EnviousEnvy

    Destiny 2 Worth Getting?

    Might have to get it now, lol.
  13. EnviousEnvy

    What Did You Do In Gaming Today

    Assassin's Creed Odyssey (PS4) After a couple of wild goose chases I finally was able to get my ship. Unfortunately had to leave Phoebe behind with that dang Markos (who I won't miss at all). Did a few side missions and hired a lieutenant. That's about it so far...
  14. EnviousEnvy

    When Did People Stop Fangirling/Fanboying Nekos?

    Omg, ew. I still prefer Neko over kitsune though.
  15. EnviousEnvy

    Destiny 2 Worth Getting?

    I loved the first Destiny when it came out and really want to get Destiny 2 (finally get internet at my new place) but am curious if it's even worth getting now since it's been out for awhile... What are your guy's answers??
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