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  1. EnviousEnvy

    Go Away...

    @Beocat No, no biopsy. They just felt it and said it was swollen. That it could take up to 4 weeks to go down. It's a lot better today actually. I just have a headache now.
  2. EnviousEnvy

    What anime are you watching now?

    Watched the anime movie, Fireworks by Studio Ghibli. Haven't found an anime by them that I don't lke. Watching a bit of Zatchbell. Two reasons; nostalgia and because I can't remember what it was about. Still watching Peacemaker Kurogane every chance I can get.
  3. EnviousEnvy

    Weather in your area?

    Wet & cold during the day, cold & Icy at night. No snow however which is extremely weird for Wisconsin.
  4. EnviousEnvy

    Go Away...

    Once the lymph node in my neck decides to calm it's crap I'll officially be back to my healthy old self. The swelling appears to be going down since I don't have those painful episodes to where I feel like my eardrum is about to explode. The only time I really notice it now is whenever I tilt my head a certain way or lay down, then it wants to scream "Hey, I'm still here!!". Ugh, just go away already, will ya? Doctors told me that they can't do anything for it and all I can honestly do is sleep and take ibuprofen as well as a steady intake of water (Yuck, water??). It doesn't help that my dog and cat want to be a pain in the butt so I have to yell and chase them in order to prevent them from literally destroying the house while my fiance is away at work. I tried kenneling my dog while I sleep but quickly discovered he's an expert escape artist and literally nothing stops him **cries**; even as I type this I have to chase them down. I'm going nuts here, lol. I can tell you for sure that I cannot wait until this weekend because I have a full weekend off. Yes I said it, a full weekend off and guess what? I'm getting the hell out of my house and doing some shopping as well as getting away from work and the animals. Haha, take that you evil doers (And no, I didn't mean to literally call them evil but they are crazy which is driving me insane **exhales**). To be truthful though, I love all of my pets with everything in me and I wouldn't give them up for nothing. They've helped me get through the roughest of times and never let me down; more than any person has done. It doesn't mean however that they don't drive me up the wall occasionally, lol.
  5. Another round of Pajama Sam or should I kick back and color while watching anime? Hmm... don't know.

    1. Ryuji


      Pajama Sam as in the games published by Humongous Entertainment?

    2. EnviousEnvy
  6. EnviousEnvy

    What Did You Do In Gaming Today

    Pajama Sam: You Are What You Eat (PC) Dude, I used to play this all the time back in grade school and just recently found it on Steam. Bought it and replaying it, heck yeah! Spyro (PS4) Decided to jump back into Spyro and managed to get 46% done on the first game. Most likely won't get to the 100% mark just because I skip a lot of the mini games and collecting gems gets rather annoying, lol.
  7. EnviousEnvy

    Games 2019

    I'm freaking hyped for KH3. I pre-ordered the ultimate edition last year some time. Like dude, yaaassss. Also, recently found out about Jump Force so I'll be getting that one as well when it releases. As for Elder Scrolls 6, that won't be released until 2020 - 2021, when the next gen is released. They have another big game called Starfield that is being worked on and is supposed to be released late this year, maybe even next year sometime.
  8. EnviousEnvy

    Can we get some spoiler tags please

    I didn't know the code worked for this site (some forums it doesn't). Anyway, I tend to post **Spoilers** in the title of my thread to warn others, lol.
  9. EnviousEnvy

    Which Song Are You Listening To?

    Halsey - Gasoline One of the reasons why I watched the My Little Pony movie... Song Bird Serenade aka Sia. 😁
  10. EnviousEnvy

    Was Zatch Bell a pretty forgettable anime?

    >>> Laughing because she's currently rewatching the series, via Hulu I used to be obsessed with series back when I was a kid (before Naruto suddenly came in and swooped me away). I just recently seen that the series is on Hulu thus I usually watch 1 or 2 episodes before bed. Honestly, I still like it and probably like it a little bit more than I do Naruto now. I think people forget that Zatchbell was directed more towards elementary aged kids rather than preteen to high school.
  11. EnviousEnvy

    how important is money for you~ ?

    Pays my bills, keeps food on the table, pays my rent and some of my wants as well. I'd say it's important to me, lol.
  12. EnviousEnvy

    Which Anime Streaming Service Should I Go For?

    Found out FUNimation did a partnership with Hulu.
  13. EnviousEnvy

    Which Anime Streaming Service Should I Go For?

    I buy both in store and online when I can find that anime. I forgot that FUNimation partnered with Hulu after their breakup with Crunchyroll and I have Hulu so there's that for me, lol. Also I used to know a really good free streaming service but because of the sudden crackdown on free anime streaming services that occurred about 2 or so years ago it was one of the sites that was shut down so unfortunately I no longer know of any other site and honestly I fear of viruses and crap so I avoid sketchy sites and that's all I apparently can find, ugh.
  14. Gonna try and watch a few episodes of Peacemaker Kurogane. The pain has lessened so I'm hoping...

  15. Funimation, Crunchyroll, etc. Which anime streaming service do you guys recommend me getting?
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