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  1. This weather has me so tired. Can't wait til work is over.

  2. Borderlands 3 (PS4) Did a few missions, unlocked a new vehicle and Moxxi opened up her place so now I can spend all my hard earned cash on her damn slot machines, lmao. Catherine Full Body (PS4) Beat two stages of Vincent's nightmares and ran into some talking Sheep. What the heck? Lmao. Star Wars: KotOR I (Xbox) Doing another replay of the first KotOR since it's been like years. Made it to the lower Cantina, saved Dia from being killed by a bounty hunter, met Mission Vao and her wookie Zaalbar as well as Calo.
  3. Want to play more Borderlands 3 but fiance wants to continue playing it with me (he had to go to bed because he works in the morning)... 

    Oh well guess I'll give Star Wars KotOR a replay, lol.

  4. I had a hard time deciding whether to get it for Xbox or for PS4, but ultimately decided to get it for PS4 due to the fact I have more friends on there than Xbox. I got into Borderlands 3 more than the 1st one but my fiance wanted to play number 1, the 2nd and the prequel before starting 3 but I didn't want to wait any longer (plus I grew bored with the 1st). This one seems more action packed and less running 100 miles (exaggerated of course) from destination to destination. I mean I'm all for exploring but there wasn't much exploring in the 1st. Pretty much a deserted wasteland with a few enemies in my opinion. BL3 keeps me on my toes, lol.
  5. I know the members of CLAMP intentionally does this with the majority of their anime and manga. They actually admitted this a few times. Anyway, I can't name others off the top of my head but a lot of anime/manga now does this. I see this more with vampire/monster anime though. But if you think about it 99% of not only anime/manga but also American films/TV shows/Books all copy from each other nowadays and some seem to be oddly alike.
  6. Borderlands 3 (PS4) Started this game tonight with my fiance. Currently on Chapter 5 and I'm legit digging it. One of my favorites now.
  7. Thought I'd make a forum specifically for SHiFT codes so others can find them easier rather than digging through countless forums on the official site. FYI: You have to have a SHiFT account in order for the codes to work. (And no, these aren't cheats) I have found a few but feel free to add others as you find them. HXKBT-XJ6FR-WBRKJ-J3TTB-RSBHR ZFKJ3-TT6FF-KTFKT-T3JJT-JWX36 Z65B3-JCXX6-5JXW3-3B33J-9SWT6 Z65B3-JCXX6-5JXW3-3B33J-9SWT6
  8. Drinking orange creamsicle milk and catching up on the latest Fruits Baskets episode.

    1. Seshi


      O_O I thought I was the only Orange Creamsicle milk drinker alive! Orange juice and Vanilla Almond milk?

  9. The Sims 4 (PC) Played this for most of the day. I made a new save file specifically for Realm of Magic and my main sim is Evanora Craft. She practices magic and brewing potions and owns a small shop selling extra supplies that she and her familiar find as well as tomes and other magical items. She also recently got into a relationship with the Sage of Untamed Magic. Borderlands (Xbox) Played a few hours of this with the fiance over the weekend. The Walking Dead (Xbox) Giving the first two seasons a replay then I need to start season three, four as well as the extras.
  10. Any word if this will be for the Switch as well? Stardew Valley (Switch) Didn't do much with this game recently. Almost to my second year of winter. Sims 4 (PC) My celebrity family is expecting their second child. Not sure now whether to make the oldest focus on being a doctor and eventually moving near the beach so she can fish and dig for shells (her hobby) or change her career completely and have her follow the path of a witch... hmm... Persona 5 (PS4) Working on Futaba Sakura's palace currently. I feel incredibly bad that she blames herself for her mother's death and how most of her family treats her.
  11. So far Island Living is probably my favourite. I'm really looking forward to Realm of Magic though!
  12. For those who play Sims 4, which expansion(s) and game pack(s) do you like? Which do you hope they will make? And while we are at it, what do you think of the latest changes to the game (the new main menu, the loading screen and the new artwork; especially the plumbob)?
  13. I really like pumpkin spice lattes but apple cider is good too. I like warm apple cider and I'll add caramel sometimes to it. Yum.

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