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    Tetsunosuke Ichimura (Peacemaker), Renji (Bleach), Ritsuka (Loveless), Shikamaru (Naruto), Toboe (Wolf's Rain), Crona & Excalibur (Soul Eater), Ed (Cowboy Bebop), Hikaru & Kaoru (OHSHC)
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    Garrus Vakarian (Mass Effect) Peebee (Mass Effect: Andromeda), Bigby Wolf (The Wolf Among Us), Ciri (Witcher 3)
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  1. Persona 5 Royal (PS5) Talked to Futaba and made it into her palace finally only to be told I needed to find something which was stolen from her. After that I discovered it was a map that was meant for me. ACNH (Switch) Played about 2 hours with a friend helping her get started. It was pretty fun and can't wait to do so again.
  2. ACNH (Switch) Did some of my dailies with the exception of giving Chai a gift because she was at Brewsters forever. I hate when that happens, ugh. At least I knew where she was this time, lol. Usually I have to sign off and come back in order for me to find her. Persona 5 Royal (PS5) I livestreamed this today. The Phantom Thieves figured out who Alibaba was and talked to Boss after he discovered them in his house. Akechi also told them that Medjed has indeed still planned to destroy the Phantom Thieves.
  3. Hate not being able to fall asleep unless I'm utterly exhausted then when I do sleep I can sleep all day and night. 

    Looks like I'm playing Animal Crossing until I finally can sleep. 😕

    1. Ohayotaku


      My sleep schedule has been all out of whack for about a month. Falling asleep in the evening after supper for a couple hours, then being awake until 2 in the morning. Then sleeping until I have to wake up around 7 am. Hoping things will improve somewhat when it doesn’t get dark so early & isn’t so cold.

    2. EnviousEnvy


      @Ohayotaku I'm hoping the weather is my issue as well (I doubt it though). I've been like this since I moved last January and it's only gotten worse unfortunately. I'm not sure if it's because I have had Covid or just my anxiety and depression getting worse. Upside is I go see a therapist next month on the 8th and my doctor just prescribed me some anxiety meds to help until then. I pick then up this week (was busy over the weekend and forgot). So hoping it works!! 

  4. Annoyed because I can't sleep again...
  5. Watched the new Matrix movie and without spoiling it... I absolutely hate it. Feels like they just threw crap together and added Keanu Reeves to the mix just to get people to give the movie a chance and think it may be good... nope.
  6. Subnautica Below Zero (PS5) Played a couple of hours, acquired a scanner and a better CO² tank. Also ran into that chick on land. Need to get a better CO² tank to reach her hideout. Persona 5 Royal (PS4) Got back into this game and livestreamed it as well. Completed the exams and am still flirting with Kasumi but I'm debating if I want her or the doctor, lol. ACNH (Switch) Currently a little past 11PM and can't sleep so what better time to do some more decorating on my island as well as some more of the DLC, lol.
  7. I started watching anime before I knew it was anime,lol. Zoids, Pokémon, Digimon, Beyblade, DBZ, etc are just some to name.
  8. Currently 26°F in January which is pretty warm for my location. Usually we are below zero at this time, lol.
  9. Subnautica Below Zero (PS5) Spent some time on this (still in quarantine) and am mesmerized by its beauty on the PS5. I did a total restart for it. Glad I did because otherwise I would of been totally confused.
  10. GTA V (PS4) Since being home with Covid, my fiance and I have been binge playing GTA V all week and now weekend. We've been taking turns being MC President in order to resupply our businesses and sell stock.
  11. Really, really, really need to stop drinking so much tea... can't sleep because all I'm doing is running to the bathroom. Oops.

    1. Yomi


      Which tea? Black, green, both?

    2. EnviousEnvy
  12. GTA V (PS5) Spent pretty much the entire weekend playing this. Got 13 million dollars and started as many businesses as I could afford. Also did a few heists with my fiance and roommate as well.
  13. Life Is Strange: True Colors (PS5) **SPOILERS BELOW** Beat the main story this afternoon. Pike sided with me, Duckie sided with Jed, Charlotte didn't want to side with anyone, Steph sided with me and Ryan didn't want to believe that his dad was a murderer instead of a hero. I just started the Wavelength DLC but haven't dived too much into that yet.
  14. Lego Harry Potter (PS5) Just started playing this this afternoon and didn't stop until 11PM. Defeated the troll in the girl's bathroom, learned 3 spells and helped Ron get out of that vine trap in the garden.
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