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  1. I'm really really behind on a lot of anime . I'm on episode 13 or 14, season 3 of Attack on Titan, only watched a few episodes of Juju Kaisen, still on season 3 of My Hero Academia and I just started Love Is War.
  2. I just realized I've been a member for a little over 4 years now, lol. 😅

    1. Wodahs


      I just realized you've been a member for a little over 4 years now, lol. 😁

      me its been bout 6.5 years woe 😵

  3. Haven't watched many movies recently. Most recent movie I watched was Spider-man No Way Home. Hoping to watch the new Sing 2 this weekend.
  4. State of Decay 2 (Xbox) Been playing this for the past few days. I got a bigger outpost, and have 11 people in the community so far. Been clearing out infestations in the first map and helping out survivors when I come across them.
  5. Come to the conclusion I'm allergic to pet dandruff. My dogs get bathed regularly (once a month) but my roommate's dogs does not and I just had a freaky sneezing fit with a runny nose after petting them. Ugh. Hate allergies... can't take anything either because of the medications I'm on. 😖

    1. prettyboy


      Aww, I'm sorry. Hopefully they will make an effort to lessen the pet dandruff! 💛

  6. Horizon Forbidden West (PS5) Found Aether and Poseidon recently. Also went after quite a few machines to level up and upgrade Aloy's gear. Went back to the base to talk to Aloy's comrades. Apparently Erend enjoys music, lol. Spiritfarer (Switch) Even though I played a bit of the Xbox version of Spiritfarer I got it on Switch over the weekend so I have more chances to play it. Been grinding away at it all last night until 2AM this morning, lol.
  7. Supposed to be 75°F this Saturday and I would be looking forward to it if it weren't for the fact that it's going to be storming. 😑😩

    1. Ohayotaku


      They’re saying  it will be in the 80s here on Saturday & Sunday. Not predicting any storms, but will probably spend most of it doing yard work. 🤧

    2. Wodahs


      gonna be 79 here tomorrow and a little warmer on sunday , tho monday will be as warm and with showers and a rainy week forecast


    3. EnviousEnvy


      @Ohayotaku @Wodahs It wasn't rainy all day and when it was rainy it wasn't heavy. The downside was that I ended up being sick, ugh. Lol

  8. Horizon Forbidden West (PS5) Defended the Kulrut and united Aether with Gaia. Also found a clone named Beta as well. Still hoping Erend goes for Aloy (he's such a fanboy). Final Fantasy XV (PS4) I have beaten this awhile ago but I decided to dive in again and I forgot how much I love this game.
  9. Woah, I've been a member here for almost 4 years now? Time sure flies fast, lol.

    1. peachtea


      Congrats on the seniority! x3 I agree, time is going by so fast. April the 1st already?!

  10. I'm sorry about your relationship! I may not be able to help ease your broken heart but I can tell you it will get better eventually and "Welcome back!"
  11. Planet Zoo (PC) Haven't touched this game since December and for some reason had an itch to play again out of the blue. Continued the same save file and created a new enclosure and placed two Siberian Tigers (one leucistic and the other is normal coloring) in it. Final Fantasy VII Remake (PS5) Helped out Leslie underground from Corneo's palace and found out Leslie had a fiance who simply "vanished". Also found Corneo and defeated his monster rat thing.
  12. Apparently yesterday morning (Tuesday) I woke up to my fiance's alarm clock (set for 4AM) and for some reason my half tired ass kept trying to tell Alexa to shut up, lol. 😂

    1. Wodahs


      that be better than waking up to my fiance's alarm clock and telling google to shut up as there'd be two questions that would need answering



      what you doing with my fiance and when did i get a fiance


  13. Rune Factory 5 (Switch) Saved Hina's mom and they were given the general store. Also am currently pursuing Morakumo.
  14. Rune Factory 5 (Switch) Watched a few streams of Rune Factory 5 on Twitch which convinced me to buy it just other day. Not too far into it yet but I believe I have met all of the NPCs and unsure who I would pursue yet. Borderlands 3 (Xbox One) Restarted it to play the game with my fiance today. I usually play it on Playstation so I'm messing up on some of the controls, lol.
  15. I am back.... sorry for the absence lol

    1. Otaking66lives


      We were getting worried...glad you are back!

    2. peachtea


      Welcome back! ^^

  16. Conan Exiles (PS5) Played Conan Exiles majority of Friday with my fiance because we had a few winter weather advisors so we stayed home and gamed. We finally were able to get our hands on leopard cubs and bear cubs to tame them. The one thing I liked about Conan more than Ark was the fact that it isn't as glitchy and you can travel farther away from each other without worrying about being dragged.
  17. I like cleaning... actually enjoy it sometimes but what I don't like... is not even 5 minutes after cleaning something it is messy again and the person who did it leaves it. 😕 😒

  18. Horizon Zero Dawn (PS4) Met with Syleus (spelt wrong I know) for the last time in the game and went to talk to the Sun God about the attack that is going to happen. I believe I'm nearly finished with the game. Elden Ring (PS5) Got this Friday and I absolutely love it so far. It's definitely challenging but not like how Dark Souls and Bloodborn are. I like the fact that you can also play with other players and help them defeat bosses. Doki Doki Literature Plus (PS5) Can't sleep (currently past 1AM) so playing (or rather reading) more of this and it's finally starting to pick up I think. It's a good bed time game to wind down to.
  19. Horizon Zero Dawn (PS4) Completing my 2nd playthrough of the game before starting Horizon Forbidden West. Just found Ersa with Erend and now have to had back to Meridian and stop Dervahl. Lost Ark (PC) Started this on Friday but didn't really get a chance to dive in until Saturday afternoon. Finished the prologue and started in on some of the side quests. Really need to find some armor too.
  20. Cannot believe February is almost over already... could of sworn this year just began, lol. 

    1. Animedragon


      Yeah, subjective time is a funny thing. January & February seem to have just flown by. But it feels like we've been living under covid restrictions for decades.

  21. Mario Odyssey (Switch) Finished up and saved Peach with my fiance. I honestly wish it was longer. We had it beat in 10 hours. Super Mario 3D World (Switch) My fiance, myself and our roommate started this together. Currently on world 5 at the moment... wonder how many more there are. Pokémon Arceus (Switch) Defeated Kleavor (I believe that's how it's spelled) and got my first riding Pokémon as well. Now working on some more side requests at the moment. FF VII (PS4) Got out of the sewers with Cloud (who I'm playing), Areith and Tifa. Now trying to make my way out of the train graveyard. Persona 5 Royal (PS4) Finished up Futaba's palace and defeated the boss. Futaba then announced she used to be leader (and creator) of Medjed so it was easy for her to take down. Besides Morgana, Futaba is my favorite.
  22. Woke up at 4AM and now it's 3PM so I'm starting to feel sleepy now. Otherwise I'm pretty good.
  23. Think I'm going to start waking up and staying up at 4AM during the week days. So much more time to do things I need to do plus I'm not as sleepy either. Just need my coffee as usual, lol.

    It's currently 3PM and I'm just now feeling tired.

    1. efaardvark


      I've always been a night person.  Left to my own devices I'll go to sleep around 3-4am and get up at around 9 or 10.

    2. EnviousEnvy


      @efaardvark I'm usually a night person too but if my fiance sees me up at 4 AM (when he gets up for work) he isn't very happy about that, lol. He says he likes snuggle time at night so now I'll play my Switch while laying in bed 😅😅.

    3. Wodahs


      been getting up at 4am on the main for years , but then again im leaving for work at 5 and there at 5.30am tho i do prefer staying up all night then waking up to the sun mid morning

  24. Mario Odyssey (Switch) Finished up another world last night and I believe I'm going to be almost done soon. Have the balloon on the air craft almost complete. I think one or two left, maybe. Pokemon Arceus (Switch) Defeated my first alpha pokemon as well as caught him with no issues on the first try. I also worked on more of my Pokedex. ACNH (Switch) Did my normal dailies earlier in the day than normal and will probably continue to do so because the villagers I needed to gift were relatively easier to find than in the afternoon or evening. I also worked on two vacation homes in the DLC and ranked up, also today marks the day that I completed 20 homes. Yay, lol.
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