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  1. Cracked pepper pistachios are my favorite 

  2. Yeah I've been playing it for almost a week straight and forgot about my other game systems... 😂😂
  3. Keep telling myself that I'm going to start going to bed at a decent time... yeah that's a lie. It's already 2AM... 😂😂

  4. Stardew Valley (Switch) Still grinding the hours away on this game. Haven't really played much else tonight, lol.
  5. All caught up on Fruits Baskets and Game of Thrones... so gonna play some Stardew Valley then head to bed.

  6. I actually enjoyed what I've seen of it. I ended up picking up the first season of Buso Renikin from the local pawn store. I really wish I could finish the series though. Juden Chan (aka Charger Girls) is about an all girl's company who's job is to prevent civilians from death by suicide by literally using some sort of electrical outlet (whether it be from a powerline or a toaster) to charge the person's mood up and make them happy. I haven't heard it talked about... at all actually. It has some serious fan service though so I'm not sure if it's not liked or just not well known. Either way I thought it was a pretty hilarious series.
  7. Honestly most of these are good but then again I'm not very picky when it comes to anime, lol. My personal opinion is if you like that genre you might like the series. Example: Fruits Baskets is a Slice Of Life anime; if you like that sort of thing most likely you'll like it. Sorry I didn't go into any of the anime in detail. I may at a later date otherwise I'll probably spend half the day explaining it and I'm horrible at trying to avoid spoilers, lol.
  8. I have to say it's the art style that I really noticed. I mean take a look at Fullmetal Alchemist compared to Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood. From what I've read by the creators (from FMA & FMAB) was that more and more anime is becoming digital rather than paper and pencil which is why the art looks different. It's what they did with Brotherhood. You can also see that the art is a lot clearer because of the switch from pencil and paper to digital art. I still personally like the older anime style but am still amazed by how dramatic it has changed over the years. I believe I finally started noticing it when I rewatched the original FMA then FMA Brotherhood. The outlines of the characters are cleaner, the eyes have more depth to them, the colors are a lot more vibrant and the character's movements are a lot more smooth as well.
  9. Stardew Valley (Switch) Spent about 3 hours playing this game today. Just starting to bring in a little money but still trying to get the hang of things. Unfortunately, I haven't been to play it for longer because it was Mother's Day and I wanted to do something for my mom.
  10. Dude, I almost forgot about the episode with Yuki dressed as a girl, lol. And I forgot how cute Momiji was. Honestly, even though he could get all of those in the Zodiac curse caught I love how carefree he is. Besides Shigure, he's one of my favorite characters.
  11. My Bride Is A Mermaid was a very odd one for me. Honestly though, I ended up not being very into the series.
  12. The Sims 4 (PC) Haven't played this in a few weeks so decided to progress on my Sim's celebrity path. Stardew Valley (Switch) Just downloaded this game over the weekend and so far I'm hooked. I haven't been able to actually sit down and play it for a longer period of time just because my weekend has been quite busy. However I did get started on my farm and did some foraging as well. Definitely going to sit down and actually put some time on it sometime Sunday, lol.
  13. Just downloaded Stardew Valley for my Switch and I'm officially hooked.

  14. My 8th day of work and with my allergies I feel like I'm dying. So can't wait for this weekend...

    1. LonelyPoet


      Stay strong king kong 

    2. EnviousEnvy
  15. Just finished watching episode 5 of Fruits Baskets and am now starting Date A Live.
  16. The Wolf Among Us (Xbone) I finished episode 3 and I honestly feel bad for Bigby. It's like no matter what choice you select the other Fables shit on him. I understand that in the books he was a horrible Fable but now he's just trying to turn himself around and keep the others alive. As For Snow, she just needs to quit being such a b***h to Bigby. I understand she's his boss but the way she comes off is a little irritating and I'm surprised that Bigby still tolerates it even though he has a major crush on Snow. Persona 5 (PS4) I'm still stuck on Kaneshiro's distortion. I can't seem to find a way into the dang basement and all those cameras... 😱 I keep running into their sight because I keep forgetting about them, oops.
  17. I was so sad when Tohru found out her grandpa's house was done and she felt like she had to move back in. Her grandpa's family were jerks and I hate them! Tohru's cousin seems like a pervert with some weird fetish/fantasies. I hate to say this but I could actually see her cousin trying something with her in the future and then blaming it all on Tohru somehow. That's the vibes I get from her cousin... a sick and twisted little pig that needs to be knocked out by Kyo and Yuki. I'm so glad that they went back after her. Even though Kyo and Yuki are always stepping on each other's toes (or claws, lol) they will always have each other's backs especially when it comes to helping and saving Tohru. Cannot wait til tomorrow now!
  18. The Wolf Among Us (Xbone) I'm doing a replay of the series (played and beaten it on PS3) but it's my first time playing it on a current gen. It's still one of my favorite games along with TWD. Honestly I'm so depressed that Tell Tale Games went out of business. Now I'll never see another season of The Wolf Among Us... 😥😥 Jurassic Park (PS4) Been nearly a year since I played this game (around August 2018) but only because I've been dreading that I would have to restart the game since my fiance accidentally deleted the game off the console. Well I decided that restarting it wouldn't be so bad since I probably forgot half of the controls anyway. However after downloading the game and getting to the main menu I come to find out that my saves are okay. So that instantly put me in a good mood. I might buy some of the dino packs later too.
  19. Sea Of Thieves (Xbox One) Dude I really wish I would of gotten this game on release day instead of now. Legit it's pretty fun. However it sucks trying to man a huge boat all by yourself, lol. Days Gone (PS4) Just started this game tonight. Did some of the missions like helping the nearby camp and trying to keep Boozer alive. Those nasty freakers scare the crap out of me sometimes especially when you accidentally run into a huge horde, ugh.
  20. Dude no matter what I do I can't keep Samantha (I think it was) alive. The only one I can't, ugh. Mortal Kombat (PS4) Started this game last night and I'm really liking it so far.
  21. Haven't done crap for gaming. I have finally got a Twitch schedule going. Other than that I've been watching my fiance play Kingdom Hearts 2.
  22. Finished watching the latest episodes of Fruits Baskets and Game Of Thrones; it's almost 3AM now so probably best to go to bed. *Snores*

  23. Episode 3 is probably one of my favorites because Tohru explains to Kio why he can't see how great he really is. The whole pickled plums on people's backs is awesome.
  24. Looking forward to the new Mortal Kombat 11 and Days Gone. Got them suckers preordered!
  25. You know what day it is...



    *Whispers* Bet you thought I was gonna say Easter, lol.

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