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  1. Little Friends (Switch) Downloaded this game simply because it reminded me of Nintendogs for the original Nintendo DS and honestly I was hoping it was. It's vaguely similar but very lacking to say the least. Still, it's enjoyable for what it is. The Sims 4 (PC) Been into building homes lately and uploading them to the gallery. Didn't play very much with any of my sim families though. Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze (Switch) Played a little of this during the nasty line of storms I've been having. More to keep the anxiety at bay than anything else.
  2. Right. I mean it's only my fiance and I but if I steal the TV to play my Switch then he has to go in the bedroom if he wants to watch TV or play a game. So the way I see it, my Switch has it's own screen for a reason so why not use it when my fiance is home? Also we have to head to Onalaska and La Crosse quite a bit for doctoring (about 3 or 4 hour drive) so I bring it along for the ride.
  3. Had my first tornado in years and I was home alone with my dogs and cat. I sat in the bathtub with them trying not to freak out. I did end up crying though because my anxiety went into overdrive. 

    1. Seshi


      Oh no that’s so scary! I’m sorry you had to go through that. I have had my share of weather related scares too. Seems to make you feel so small doesn’t it 

    2. Wedgy


      I have never seen a tornado in my life and hope I never do. That is terrifying! Hopefully everyone is alright and there was not much damage?

    3. EnviousEnvy


      @Seshi Yeah my fiance text me which fully woke me up (I was just waking up). He asked me how the weather was and when I looked outside, it was eerily quiet and the sky was a vibrant yellow. I checked the weather and it said I had a tornado warning for my area. The lights in my house suddenly went out (and it was still super quiet outside) which made me panic. I got my pets and ran into the bathroom and got in the tub. By the time I got into the bathroom the wind suddenly picked up (apparently we had 80mph winds) which made my anxiety even worse. I'm from WI and we don't typically get this kind of weather. Yeah some hail and heavy rain but tornadoes? Hardly ever. After that though it's been pretty nice weather now and the heat went down a lot (we were having 115°F heat index). 


      @Wedgy I'm from Wisconsin (born and raised) and we hardly ever get that kind of weather. Some hail and heavy rain are usually the most we see if we have severe weather (other than the typical snowstorm in the winter, to which we are known for, lol). So I was literally freaked out (plus I don't have a basement where I live). Not too much damage in my town thankfully; just some fallen trees and crap from other people's yards thrown around but other than that, nothing. Still was scary though. A few towns away weren't so lucky however. Supposedly my state had 14 confirmed tornadoes on Saturday (so far but the numbers keep climbing each day). 

  4. I honestly forgot all about Uotani having a rebel side, oops. As much as I feel bad for Kyo I also have a soft spot for Uotani. So glad they found Tohru in their lives. Even though she has been through hell as well, Tohru still brings light to others and shows them that life isn't all bad. You just have to look on the brighter side.
  5. BioShock (PS4) Bought the entire collection simply because it was on sale. I only ever played the first one on PS3. The Isle (PC) Bought the Isle on Steam after hearing about it from a friend. Pretty cool game, not sure though if it's something I would put hours into like let's say, Stardew Valley, lol.
  6. This heat is literally going to kill me... ugh.

    1. Ohiotaku


      Yeah, this weekend is supposed to be particularly bad here. 

    2. EnviousEnvy


      @Ohiotaku Supposed be like 105°F here this weekend. Ugh.

  7. Dude after I discovered Right Stuf a couple years back, they have been my go to ever since. P.S. I really want to see The Ancient Magus Bride
  8. My Bride Is A Mermaid - Painfully annoying, couldn't stand watching the first episode One Piece - A long and slow anime with constant repetition. It's the journey that never ends and the characters don't really change/improve in future episodes. and what another has said... very high pitch and squeaky voices need to stop. It's like nails on a chalkboard and it's not even close to sounding like the original Japanese cast. Stop trying to mimic them.
  9. YAAASSSS. I do love a new opening and ending theme.
  10. Rewatching Trigun with my fiancé. Might even watch Akira again soon.
  11. Getting real fed up with these dang cramps... *cries* 

    1. Seshi


      *feeds you banana pudding* 

  12. I didn't know anything about the Switch Lite not being compatible with some games. Anyway, I personally still think it's a great idea. Like I stated before, those on a budget or those who have small kids as well as those who are mentally/physically disabled it would be good for. Especially those with small children or children who are disabled; don't have to worry about spending a crap ton of money in case it is accidentally dropped and broke. Honestly, I like both but because my fiancé likes to steal the TV I tend to play mostly handheld, lol. While he's at work and I have off I'll dock it and play it on the TV (I have a pro controller as well). It is definitely nice to be able to do both though. Whenever I leave the house I'll slip the console into it's protective case and stash it in my purse. Keeps me entertained during long waiting periods in the waiting area of a doctor's visit or some other shenanigan that requires me sitting and having absolutely nothing to do, lol.
  13. The Sims 4 (PC) Got my Celebrity family's first baby to grow up into a toddler. Not sure where I want to go from there (as in skills and future career). Pokémon Let's Go Eevee (Switch) Haven't played this in month so I figured I would jump back into the game. I'm so far behind in this game, oops.
  14. Stardew Valley (Switch) Almost captured all of Sebastian's hearts. He really makes you work for his attention, lol.
  15. Love not being able to fall asleep... 

    1. Wedgy


      This. I know this well. 

  16. Stardew Valley (Switch) Been working my way through the mines and fishing to make more money. Also finally got Sebastian to be my friend. Otherwise I've been more into watching anime lately than gaming.
  17. Just watched Studio Ghibli's Okko's Inn. A very sad yet heartwarming anime film about a young girl who is orphaned after her parents were killed in a freak accident. She ends up helping out at her grandmother's inn and befriending a few spirits. A real tear jerker it was but easily added to my favorite Studio Ghibli films.
  18. For those who have seen Studio Ghibli's Okko Inn what are your thoughts on the film? I cried, I smiled, I laughed but I was also left with a couple of questions... How did "Frilly Pink's" older sister die? And did Okko's grandma ever find out that her best friend Uribo died not long after she moved away as a child? Those two questions are seriously bugging me.
  19. I have a bad habit at picking out anime that happen to be sad. Ugh, lol.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. EnviousEnvy
    3. Ohiotaku


      Haven’t seen that one yet. A lot of anime movies are tearjerkers. Was it good though?

    4. EnviousEnvy


      @Ohiotaku It's a Studio Ghibli anime film. I liked it a lot. Probably one of my favorites.

      I don't know why but just about every time, without knowing, I end up watching an anime that puts me in tears. Lol.

  20. If he likes any sort of comedy he might. I honestly thought my fiance would be bored of Fruits Basket because he's more into fighting anime like Naruto or DBZ. He just happened to see me watching an episode and liked it. So that's how he got into the series.
  21. I already have a Switch but the lites look like they would be good for those on a budget or those who have small kids or maybe some mental/physical health issues but still like to play games.
  22. Stardew Valley (Switch) Focused more on planting and doing some minor quests for the other villagers to up my relationship status with them. Sims 4 (PC) Back to playing with my celebrity family and the two newly weds are now having their first child. Haven't done an actual family in a long time (normally only have a single sim).
  23. Decided to rewatch The Devil Is A Part-Timer with my fiance since he has never seen it. I haven't seen it in a few years and I figured he might like it. Also got him started on the new Fruits Basket series. Might have to steer him to the old one as well now.
  24. To everyone who reads this, sorry for being incognito. It was my birthday Friday so not only did I miss the latest episode of Fruits Baskets, I also had no service whatsoever. I was out camping all weekend. 

    1. Seshi


      Welcome back to the land of the Internet 

    2. Ohiotaku


      Happy belated Birthday 🎂 Hope you enjoyed yourself and welcome back 

      I haven’t watched the most recent episode of FB either. I was finishing up Sarazanmai & bingeing Aggretsuko season 2

    3. Wedgy


      Happy belated birthday! 

  25. Haven't done any gaming over the weekend because it was my birthday (5th of July) so I was out of town. Anyway, I got a controller for my Switch for my birthday (my old one went missing during the move and I was devastated) from my fiance. So now that I'm home I'm gonna give it a go.
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