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  1. Hi! Your drawings are super cute! :3

    1. Kiriness


      Hi, so sorry for the late response! Thank you so much

  2. Kiriness

    gfx I want to share my art for you

    That's very talented work. Great job!
  3. Kiriness

    The Asterisk War: The Academy City on the Water

    I just finished the first season (I know, wayyyy behind on the bandwagon lol), and I really like it! I love the graphics a lot and can't wait to get into the second season. Kirin is super adorable!
  4. Oy, it's been a while o.o

  5. This year is flying by so quickly! I can't get over it. :P

  6. Hello there me lady fancy meeting you here xD

    1. Kiriness


      Hey! Whaddya know, it's you! :3 I had no idea you were here as well. Nice bumping into you again :)

  7. Time for some X-Men: Apocalypse ^^

  8. Kiriness

    gfx My art

    Sketch of Gomamon from Digimon. ^^
  9. Kiriness

    How are you feeling right now?

    This past week has been interesting. I recently went through a slump mood where I was really down on myself. But this weekend I had my graduation commencement and it made me realize I'm more capable than I think. Today I'm feeling pretty content and more optimistic about the future. *throws tomatoes at them*
  10. Excited to see Cap 3 today ^^

  11. Walkure Romanze is a pretty nice anime! Horses, jousting, humor, slice of life/high school, and not too feels-heavy. :)

    1. mpo48


      an anime about jousting? now that is something you don't see everyday

    2. Kiriness


      Yeah! I found it by complete accident XD It seems that there are very few animes with horses in them. :P

  12. Revenge of the 5th

  13. Kiriness

    Hello there! :)

    Thank you! :3 And yes, there are some very few but very brave artists who can draw with just the mouse, though it's very tedious and extremely hard to do. ^^ Ooh you should watch it! I recommend the Digimon series prior to Data Squad (it's been so long that I don't remember the name of it). Though apparently there's a new Digimon series out now, or just about to be. Hmm...I guess I really liked the friendship that the team shared. Also, Gou is adorable with her muscle obsession Oh really? What was the name of the other anime you saw?
  14. Kiriness

    Hello there! :)

    Haha! Actually I plan on watching that one after I finish up two others. :3 (N-not because there's a character named Kirin or anything....<<) Aw thank you so much! I'm glad you like my work. I use a Bamboo tablet for my PC (the thing is like 6 years old and I'm eventually going to get a new one lol). Hmm...I guess Digimon would be my first. I saw that as a kid, and then about a year ago I watched Free! and enjoyed it. Actually, my friends recently got me into anime again and now...here I am.
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