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  1. id like to visit a lot of places, i do like to travel and see things, have been to a few places in europe due to me being close to it, have also been to the US a few times.
  2. what have you seen? do you have a MAL list? that i can look over ?
  3. i haven't heard of EMS but DHL does deliveries for a lot of business where I live and it's pretty fast, never had issues with it that's who i would suggest to go with it.
  4. I have an i7 4770k, 16gb RAM, 500gb SSD 980TI i use to play CSGO, but now i play PUBG with friends
  5. yeah im not too bothered with it really, if i had to buy it a full price i probably wouldn't as i would only use it for a few games, but yeah you can find some good deals out there.
  6. hmm ok, in that case, not sure if this is allowed but go to this thread if you haven't already seen it. https://myanimelist.net/featured/496/Top_15_Cute_and_Fiery_Anime_Girls_with_Red_Hair they also have section for pink, might find something, good luck
  7. oh yes I did, only takes one to recognize xP hopefully he will find what he is looking for
  8. well i got a really good deal on an Xbox, I already have a PS4 and PC but my friends recently got them and they want me to play with them too, so I shopped around amazons warehouse deals, they had 20% off everything there, since its stuff that people have returned wrong order etc. found one which is new, the only problem with it was that its packaging was damaged which I don't care about. that bundle normally retails for 220 got it for just over £100 got about £100 off it. if it turns out that it doesn't work I can just return it and get my money back.
  9. hmm when you say chess board and castle it makes me think of no game no life it's probably not it, all I can think if that others have not mentioned
  10. Hi, I was just wondering if anyone is playing this game here ? I would also like to hear what are your views on it and what do you think of it being released on console
  11. I now use Crunchyroll, i use to watch it from kissanime
  12. it will get a good buzz, Tokyo ghoul is pretty popular
  13. I'm glad that they got a new season I loved the anime, some do some don't but i liked it
  14. didn't realise you got promoted to the social media team, gratz
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