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  1. Newly registered

    Thats a super cool saber pic. Where can I find the full size pic?
  2. Crunchyroll on PS4

  3. The Ancient Magus' Bride

    I wonder what direction the story is going to go. It's been pretty vague about that.
  4. Fate/stay night: Heaven's Feel

    Been waiting for this damn movie since 2015.
  5. How Did You Get Into Anime?

    Hmmm I haven't even heard of those shows, but then again I only barely used to watch some american shows.Mostly comedies like family guy, two and a half men big bang theory. We've got a little common music taste with taylor swift and anime soundtracks. I like lots of other artists like evanesence, hollywood undead, linkin park (rip), ashes remain, within temptation,t.A.T.u,Breaking Benjamin, Eminem and a lot of artists with one song I love. It's basically an addiction. Video editing is cool!! I too made a couple of AMVs in my free time, I'd show you if it wasn't blocked worldwide.
  6. How Did You Get Into Anime?

    I'm glad you enjoy anime this much. But is there any other media you indulge in? You know like books, tv shows, movies, games,music?
  7. How Did You Get Into Anime?

    Oh dear it's the physical cause. I kind of thought it was the kind from emotional/psychologicl scarring. So I was wrong about that one too. At least the drugs help. Have you figured out what makes you happy? What anyone can do for you feel happy?
  8. How Did You Get Into Anime?

    That was painful to read, thats a laundry list of sicknesses. I'm sorry for all you have to go through. But depression is one that doesn't have to be in there it's completely in your control. I don't know if I will even call my little phase as "depression" it was really short compared to people who are actually depressed and it feels stupid to even bring it up but yes I'm over it, have been for a few years.
  9. How Did You Get Into Anime?

    It's great to hear you're feeling at least somewhat better. Can you tell me the name of your illness? Yes people won't always understand big words like chronic and that makes it hard for them to understand you. I try to keep myself informed. I had a phase of depression a few years back and it just isn't something people should deal with even though mine was positively mild compared to what you're facing. I even read about your sister in your introduction thread thats just an order of magnitude sadder to hear. DBZ was my childhood in a nutshell but I don't think it's that good of a watch now. I was an ardent one piece and naruto watcher but I put them on hold for over 2 years because of collage and don't know if I'm even going to resume them because seasonal animes exist and I've been playing some games too. Ciao
  10. Thanks for being so supportive and kind! I see you're from India, that's so cool! 

    What are some of your other favorite anime?

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    2. BurnsyCEO


      In my defense, I have watched a number of anime more than once. Baccano, DBZ, Kara no kyoukai, angel beats, High school of the dead, death note code geass (3 times)...... I'd still come up short of course.

      Death note is a psychological thriller and not at all creepy and if you love it if a battle of wits or anything related to murder mystrey is something you enjoy. The first couple of episodes itself blow you away with the genius writing.

      But it's funny that you don't like creepy stuff. I love it in the anime's I watch and games I play.Makes me feel something intense I don't feel in everyday life. Not so much in movies tho they're just damn scary.

    3. Vivi Hyuuga

      Vivi Hyuuga

      I know what you mean about rewatching anime, it's always so hard wanting to balance watching a new series and wanting to rewatch a favorite! I'm one of those people that when I like something, be it a book, music, or anime, I want to enjoy it over and over again. 

      That sounds really different than I imagined it to be, I'll have to try it soon and let you know what I think! I have this hard to define fine line of what creeps me out or not. It's weird, because when I was little I always wanted to watch scary movies, and they almost never scared me, but that changed as I got older. Kinda backwards of how it usually works. lol

      I get that, that's what it used to be like for me! I think maybe that changed when one of my conditions made it so that spikes in emotions, especially adrenaline, will make my muscles go out and I fall and can't move. What kinda creepy games do you like? My younger sister likes to watch a lot of gaming videos online, there's one creepy one she really likes to watch videos of, Five Nights at Freddy's. 

    4. BurnsyCEO


      Never heard of people going backwards about being scared haha.  I played the dead space games, resident evil 5/7, alien isolation, dying light,SOMA,FEAR 3, The Evil within 2 and this hella cool visual novel called doki doki literature club (I'd love for you to play it if you can handle it.Read nothing about it before you start!). 

      I too watch a couple of streamers play. Especially horror games but I'd watch almost anything they play.

  11. How Did You Get Into Anime?

    Oh wow thats way more depressing than I expected. Telling you to get well would be dumb since it's not possible. But people with chronic illnesses can also live full lives so don't worry about whats in the future and enjoy your hobbies. I honestly started unknowingly when I watched DBZ thinking it was a cartoon and then discovering shows like inuyasha and bleach and when I couldn't watch them on tv I started watching online.
  12. If you could kill everyone who answers "yes" to a question. What would be your question?
  13. Any steam users here?

    Feel free to add me if there are for any common multiplayer games. Leave a comment here too so I know who it is. http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198027839156/
  14. Dreams...

    I used to dream more when I was younger and more stressed so that manifested in a number of nightmares. But I sleep far more comfortably now.
  15. Theres should be a Sequel to Angel Beats😭😭

    Maybe one or two OVAs. But they might even ruin the ending.