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  1. So, my favourite video-game is dead. :(

    There's plenty of similar games I'm sure.
  2. hey im new also!

    First time my recommendation wasn't good.
  3. hey im new also!

    I have seen the first season of noragami, Not vampire night though. I see the common theme among those animes (and inuyasha) is a relationship/romance mixed in with action/adventure/story. If I'm right you would like bakuman, Charlotte, code geass, Parasyte the maxim. Try em.
  4. hey im new also!

    I loved Yona too. Need more anime like it.
  5. Looking for any horror anime recommendations

    Assuming genders in 2018...
  6. Looking for any horror anime recommendations

    Miss? Dafuq I'm a guy.
  7. Your favourite Harry Potter character?

    It's cool. I never cared about draco or lucius enough to look up more than what I read in the books.
  8. Your favourite Harry Potter character?

    Ok I know that scene but there's no way thats a "hit". It's more of a "shut up you're too talkative" jab. A family like the malfoys would never be using physical punishment on their son. And draco's attitude isn't the scared and submissive type in front of his dad which you'd expect when he's being abused .
  9. Your favourite Harry Potter character?

    When did this happen?
  10. Do translations really need honorifics?

    I think it's needed to give the full experience. It's kind of a given that some shows from other countries won't make much sense if you don't understand the culture or language. Translating honorifics just widens that gap.
  11. Looking for any horror anime recommendations

    Higurashi no naku koro ni. It's the classic horror anime recommendation. There's also this game that might scratch your anime + horror itch called doki doki literature club. It's free and really good.
  12. Strange plots in anime

    Monogatari series and Mawaru penguindrum. Trippy animation, convoluted stories,penguins, spirits, magic, mystrey......Whats not to like.
  13. AMV's & Multfandom's

    Daaaam I'm impressed. Any YT channels that youd recommend to a fellow AMV fan?
  14. AMV's & Multfandom's

    I am an avid AMV watcher and I could probably show you a hundred amazing amvs if you want.
  15. Haha, this is a weird one

    Fellow Doki doki player here. If starting part of it is the part you liked there should be plenty of visual novels like that. It's the psychological horror that makes it unique. Something similar might be madoka magica, higurashi or this .
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