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  1. BurnsyCEO

    Dumb Anime Questions!

    Why don't we use magical girls to solve our energy crisis? /人◕ ‿‿ ◕人\
  2. BurnsyCEO

    What Is On Your "To Watch" List?

    You have some serious gems in there. I'd watch em asap.
  3. BurnsyCEO

    Unpopular opinions.

    Gurren lagan was stupid, clannad was boring game of thrones is overrated, SJWs ruin good things.
  4. BurnsyCEO

    If You Could Life In An Anime...

    As a normal citizen or as a guy with power/stature/wealth?
  5. BurnsyCEO

    AF Contest!

    Add a couple of weeks time and we gucci
  6. One day is more than enough to study for one subject in it's entirety. So you can finish studying everything in the time left. You just need either a text book with the syllabus sitting next to you or the complete notes of a student who takes good notes. Complete every topic one by one and as you start understanding everything that just gives you the motivation to continue.
  7. BurnsyCEO

    AF Contest!

    The timing for this is so bad, it's in the middle of exams. Isn't it for other people too?
  8. BurnsyCEO

    E3 2018

    This will be the first E3 I will get to watch live.
  9. BurnsyCEO


    Haha that must suck.
  10. It was some free game I found online called "don't take it personally babe it just ain't your story". It was pretty great. Really made me interested in more visual novels. Also are you suppoed to say you "read" or "play" a visual novel?
  11. LOL I found a theme and pic I like now thx.
  12. I just want a different background pic.
  13. BurnsyCEO

    Why I've Been Away (And Cats!)

    Dunno what to say anymore. It's really unfair you have to go through this when you've done nothing to deserve any of it. I'd find whatever makes you happy and enjoy it to it's fullest right now. At least you have a great family to support you. Pets are cool too....I guess I never had any. If I had to deal with all that in my current situation I'd have given up on everything long ago.
  14. BurnsyCEO

    Sci-fi Anime Suggestions Please

    Knights of sidonia maybe? It's not all action though.
  15. BurnsyCEO

    What's your favorite Monogatari Season?

    Funny, nise was my most hated. I fell in love with the series with the second season so that.
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