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  1. There are probably small places like this in Japan but I don't think realistically an entire functioning city the way you described would work.
  2. Shift

    Anime - dub or sub ?

    I started out with liking dub but after watching a fair few anime and started watching seasonal stuff or new stuff with out dub I started watching more and more subs until I just move to sub completely. I don't care if people watch sub or dub what ever is better for them, I can't tell someone else how to enjoy anime.
  3. Shift

    Guilty Pleasures in Gaming

    Open world and online. Nothing cooler than being on a huge map with hundreds of other players.
  4. Shift


    Hi and welcome.
  5. Shift

    what are your anime unpopular opinions?

    I don't have many unpopular opinions but this one. Seriously when I hear this voice in any anime it instantly makes me dislike it, some of them are honestly hard to listen to. It would interest me to know how many people actually like it because I absolutely can not stand it.
  6. Nice, I also liked ergo proxy hope you enjoy it. That is something I plan to watch soon.
  7. Well if you like this style of anime you may like Paranoia Agent which I watched recently. I'm not very good at describing anime so I'm sure you could read about it on MAL or something.
  8. I watched this a little while back and it was very confusing but I some what understood it by the end. I liked it but some people I've recommended it to have said it was a too slow and boring.
  9. Shift

    The Minecraft Topic

    I haven't played in a few years now. I was really into the game and actively played it for a long time but I was never really into single player I don't even think I ever finished the game on my own since I spent so much time on multiplayer in private servers or public servers ran by people I knew which was my favorite part of the game. I probably wont go back to the game since these were the only reason I played really. Its cool to see that people are still enjoying the game today, I haven't kept up with any updates so I'm sure there are a bunch of new cool things.
  10. Shift

    Piercings and Tattoos?

    Not a big fan of piercings. I wouldn't get any my self but they can look good. As for tattoos I'd wanna get something small on my wrist or something one day maybe but I got no idea what I would get.
  11. Shift

    Manga vs Anime

    I wouldn't say I like anime more but I'd prefer it over manga in most cases. Usually if I watch an anime and it has ended or a next season is far away I'd continue reading it in the manga, apart from that I've read a few manga with out an anime adaptation but I mainly prefer shorter ones and really try to avoid airing manga since I don't like having to wait so long for a new chapter which takes only a few minutes to read.
  12. Shift

    What Did You Do In Gaming Today

    The game had such a big learning curve and was really complicated for me although I only played it for a little while. How do you like it, are you any good?
  13. Shift

    To Fan Service Or Not To Fan Service?

    I don't mind it when it is used where it belongs. If a particular anime is heavily based around it then I don't mind but if I'm trying to watch something serious and they needlessly add it in all the time that's when I don't like it.
  14. Shift

    Hi there

    Hi, I'm new here. I don't like doing introductions but I thought it would be weird if I just started randomly posting here. Anyway, nice to meet you all.
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