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  1. Nono

    Which anime character's death impressed you?

    DBZ is full of impressive deaths, Majin Vegeta is up there, along with the way Krillin died, but they lose a little bit of luster because they get wished back. None of the other shows I've watched besides DBZ and Yu Yu Hakusho have had main characters deaths. Or at least I can't remember right now. lol
  2. Nono

    Which anime character defines your youth?

    Yu Yu Hakusho. Yusuke was 14 years old in the series, and that's also the age that I was when I started watching the show. So I felt like I was him. I was in junior high at the time, and I had a horrible attitude(still kinda do). I wasn't able to hang out with friends after hours, so I kinda just started hating everything and became a loner. It's also around the time that I became a boxing fan. So I was 14, rebellious, full of anger, and liked fighting, yeah, I could relate to him.
  3. Today I broke out of my shell for just a tiny bit, and I enjoyed it. Feeling good.

  4. Nono

    Do you like to Travel/Want to Travel

    Honestly, I enjoy walking too. Sometimes I'll walk around downtown and not even go inside any store or anything, literally just walk around.
  5. Nono

    Do you like to Travel/Want to Travel

    I travel somewhat frequently, mainly by vehicle, and although fairly taxing at times, I like it. As cliche as it sounds, it's nice hitting that open road. Hopefully sometime soon, I'd like to step it up and visit France and Japan.
  6. On the recommendation from @Shift, I started watching Paranoia Agent. Three episodes in and definitely digging it. The storyline really has my attention, and I really like that "grainy" look it has.
  7. Did not vote because I didn't like your options. I play as a guy, not because of stronger attributes or any of that, it's just that I'm a guy, and I like to envision myself as said character. I am not opposed to playing as a female, though, I've played many a game over the years where you have to play as a girl, as long as there is no guys hitting on me, I'm cool with it.
  8. Nono

    Anime - dub or sub ?

    They're both good, as long as the voices are right. Lately I've been watching more subbed than dubbed, and my only issue is that I have to be more concentrated on subbed(probably a good thing). Whereas with dubbed, I can look up every now and then and still understand and hear what's going on, like when watching in a public place.
  9. Nono

    The Most Gross Japanese Food

    😨 I'm grossed out at how much that looks like beef. I always hear about people passing off horse meat as beef in Mexico, seeing this makes it really easy to believe. I wonder how different/alike the taste is.
  10. Whoa! That brought back some memories. I grew up in the 90's. Good call. Here's one I found funny, but apparently would be considered racist nowadays.
  11. One of my favorites, it's sooo stupid!
  12. Wow! Just finished watching True Tears. Fucking great!! I know it's a show, but god damn it does Noe deserve the best in life. 10/10.

    1. RyePotatoes


      Her last scene with shinichiro was so heartbreaking. 😭

  13. Nono

    multiple dialogue game's

    Not the type of game that I see in here, but I used to play a wrestling game Smackdown vs Raw back in the day. The player had the choice on certain things, like which belt you want to fight for, or things like if you want to surprise attack someone back stage, and even which girl you want to date. I played the crap out of it and whenever I finshed story mode, I would start again until I went through all the different scenarios. Good times.
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