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  1. Nyxnine

    Share Your Photos!

    Memories, really missing traveling right now.
  2. Oh, well...awesome ^^v can't wait for the next one.
  3. Haha timing. I think @Shejoestar has won @Seshi which I'm totally okay with considering they won my vote too Thanks for putting on the competition though. I enjoyed it
  4. Before meeting you, I didn't know what it was like to feel lonely. I never even considered myself to be alone. That's because when you feel lonely, it means that there is someone for you to miss. - Nanami, Bokura Ga Ita
  5. This is so creepy and so cool 0_0 I wonder if someone super sweet made templates that mimic this. I feel like you could also find some pretty neat 3D printer templates 0_0
  6. I can't delete my quote on my phone bwahahah, either way. You are so cool! Those are such awesome interests and hobbies. I feel like we have a lot in common haha I love finding used bookstores, antiquing and thrift stores too. There's one in my city that has a huge collection of classic magazines. They're interesting to browse though. Also yesss introduce your dogs soon :3 I feel like I'd totally want to befriend you IRL if we ever met. You are like a lot of my close friends lol.
  7. Thank you guys! lol @Illusion of Terra I like how there is a sloth and hamster with cats XD random but awesome nonetheless and thanks for the shout out ^^- @Ohiotaku cake is always a win, that will be my go to as well hahaha (probably cheesecake or ice cream. Also - pikachuuuu hahaha Thanks @Wedgy Hope everyone has an awesome day haha
  8. Mine is today. To help me celebrate, everyone try and eat your favorite dessert today :3 :D
  9. You're so awesome! I love your work :3 Your coloring is awesome and character design is super cute! Also, you're super creative!! Thanks for sharing ^_^=
  10. Nyxnine


    You have my third spot, thanks @cowboy those wings certainly could be hard hahahaha I don't want to make it boring 0-0
  11. Welcome to AF! That's awesome you aren't restrained to new shows (seeing how you got into anime 2 years ago) having a wide variety of shows is great! I love hiking and drawing as well Do you draw traditionally or use a computer? Today I visited the mountains but wasn't able to hike. We have a lot of rules right now stopping people from entering parks haha but, I love summit hiking and have joined a few friends rock climbing. That being said, heights freak me out and I prefer wall climbing and not being on a cliff. Anyways, enjoy your time here! There are a lot of awesome people to meet so have fun!
  12. Nyxnine


    Wondeful! Seiga Kaku will be my second character. Thanks @Myouya
  13. I love your work!! What program did you use to do the first group of pics?? Your chibi zombie girl is adorbs :3 your pencil work is nice too. I have a hard time filling up a page ^^;; Can't wait to see more

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