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  1. I was watching the second season of 7 Seeds. It's alright, I like the concept of it. I don't like dubbed version XD
  2. Hello! Welcome It's pretty active right now, and so hopefully you will find something of interest ^^v
  3. I love Stephen King. I'm reading the Liar's Club, by Mary Karr. (Feeling thankful that the library gives online access to ebooks)
  4. @RuthisianCodex I agree with a lot of what you wrote. There have been a lot of organizations releasing ads for those who are dealing with domestic violence here. As well as concerns that it may increase as people are social distancing or on quarantine together. Heck, there are even memes now making fun of people who are getting sick of each other (I saw a meme with two dogs growling at each other with a caption "couples during covid") On a happy-ish side note, my mom made a joke about how she expects an increase in birth rates in the future from people being cooped up and bored I've noticed a lot of people on social media doing many socials games with each other on instagram - bingo puzzles and things, a lot of group chats which too have games you can play while video chatting. One of my friends posted about being globally social, because we are seeking communication in other ways to bridge that gap. I was part of a group that would get together every Tuesday night to draw at a pub....drink n draw. Anyways, they have a discord room which we get together to draw now. It's awesome to see people coming together to get that interaction. I have also seen an increase in donations of products. One company I know of is currently making face shields and donating medical supplies that they use (gloves, masks....) to both hospitals and homeless shelters (aviation company). I have also seen an increase of people writing things like "if you need food, please don't be embarrassed...message me and I will help you". I think recognizing there are ways to help without putting ourselves in danger are out there. Although, I will say....seeing people who may not be able to access mental health medications and such yes that would be highly concerning, as are missing appointments on lack of ability to commute or fear of sickness. I do know some offices are offering online or phone sessions at least for the time being, and I do know some pharmacies here are offering delivery assistance. This however, is from my perspective here. We haven't reached a chaotic mode just yet. The worst I see at this point is the strain on health care. We had a lot of changes coming up into policies specifically in the health care sector (gov. trying to save money) and now there is a strong plea to not go ahead with these changes at this time. As for small businesses, Canada is trying to assist by giving grants. A lot of banks are differing payments....the worst they have noticed is renters are not giving a break at all on tenants. A lot of places have had to close strictly on the fact that they can not pay rent while being closed. There have also been a lot of social media shaming to small businesses that remain open but are being strict on hygiene/regulations set out because of covid (like take and go places). It's definitely interesting too see people coming together, but its also interesting to see those who are not and who are bickering over choices. As always, stay safe
  5. It snowed a lot again ;_: JUST WANT SPRING.
  6. I saw this online and wanted to share. It's so pretty!! It was under a search for Amabie...although it is missing a lot of human parts, I felt like it was a nice concept to run off of.
  7. I'm so sorry you had to go through this alone you're a very strong person! I think a lot of people in your situation would have broke down and cried and or just sat there feeling sorry for themselves and unable to accomplish what you had. It makes me really sad to read this, I would have masked up, gloved up and come to help any of my friends in need like this. I too am shocked about the fever being something they deem so necessary. We are told here its a cough and shortness of breath that are deemed more important. I hope you get better real soon. Side note, I love how you have so many dogs! You should post a picture of them one day :3 rest up
  8. Today felt gloomy. - BUT, that was totally dependent on perspective within the city. Outskirts, gloomy grey....inner city so much fog and mist it was pretty and whimsical. 2 Celsius tomorrow is 11 should be nice....I'm hoping the snow storms have officially stopped for the year haha
  9. I like your username it makes me happy. no? LOL welcome to the forums! Hope to see you around
  10. I am so morose As no one has yet replied What a cute concept
  11. Some of my dream cosplays: (images are the outfits I would like to do - confidence partly stops me on a few of them for obvious reasons haha) Inori - Guilty Crown Moka Akashiya -Rosario + Vampire Freya - Chobits Nakuru Narumi - Mayo Chiki! Finally - and which I will probably never do Morrigan -Darkstalkers I have a lot of cosplay I would want to play from video games. I really like Kamui Cosplay and her eva foam tutorials. It would be cool to become a crafter. The cos are intense! But, I think I would fail at attempting something so cool.
  12. Fly...walking through objects sounds cool, but, I'd probably walk into a bad scenario or something weird haha Would you rather know the history of every object you touched or be able to talk to animals?
  13. To many questions, I'm not even sure where to begin haha
  14. Awe, I'm glad there is help there, but also, that would be frustrating getting a delayed diagnoses. Are the health systems really bogged down right now?? Or just in places like New York? I was writing that because at least here the last thing you have to worry about is a hospital bill if sick.

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