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  1. I'm surrounded by politics in my everyday life (by choice) so yeah, it was a little unexpected, but not too bad as long as it's a one off. I'm generally enjoying the series so far.
  2. Evangelion is my alltime favorite show, though only when I'm in a certain state of mind. I also like Inuyasha, Rurouni Kenshin, Berserk, Revolutionary Girl Utena, to name a few.
  3. Welcome! Good to see a fellow Inuyasha and RWBY fan
  4. It's hard to see how it would be as good as the original especially as the creator is only drawing the character designs and not actually writing the story. I'm interested to see what sort of story they actually go with though, as presumably the Shikon jewel isn't going to be the primary focus.
  5. So, it's safe to say that I'm EXTREMELY hyped right now. Hopefully it's actually good and we also get to see Lord Sesshomaru again https://myanimelist.net/news/59766119
  6. This Zagred guy is absolutely OP. I know that they end up facing these dudes from the Spade Kingdom who are meant to be even more powerful which I can't get my head around lol. One thing I love about this show is the increasingly powerful forms of magic and trting to work out what could possibly trump the current most powerful.
  7. Not sure if this is sold outside the UK or not but Rana's Mascarpone and Mushroom pasta is probably my favorite 2 minute meal at the moment (not sure if it counts as 'budget' though lol)
  8. My plans are to start my rewatch and catch-up for Attack on Titan, rewatch Shinsekai Yori and start Get Backers. Also rewatching Steins;Gate 0 for the first time since I got the bluerays
  9. RZ.

    Horror Games

    I used to play tons of SCP Containment Breach when I was in secondary school. It was in its beta stages back then and it's turned into a much better game. I'm a fan of SCP in general and like to read the wiki from time to time.
  10. Vanessa is so awesome! :) 

    1. RZ.


      She definitely needs more love! 😁

  11. I've wanted to visit Akihabara ever since I saw its depiction in Steins;Gate! (Which I'm sure is definitely accurate lol) I have no solid plans but I do have lots of places I'd like to visit. Me and my friend have been talking about visiting Japan at some point though we've had some disagreements about where to go (I want to go Kyoto but he's more set on Osaka or Tokyo). I think we'd end up getting to all of them anyway We also need a Japanese speaker, and we know one, we just don't know if he'd be down to join us yet. Closer to home I'd love to visit some of the anime shops in Lon
  12. Welcome to the forum! InuYasha is one of my favorites, what's your favorite character?
  13. Welcome to the forum!
  14. Watched the first episode today and wasn't disappointed, should have this caught up by tomorrow
  15. Your move, Welcome to the forum, have you been watching the new series of Clone Wars?
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