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  1. RZ.

    Selfie Thread

    Here is me, posing with my Steins;gate wall art which may have lost me my deposit when I stuck it on the wall of my uni accommodation, but we all make sacrifices
  2. Building is the main pull factor I think which separates it from most battle royale games, even though they keep adding weapons that just shread builds anyway. But building is what defines the strategy as you have to make sure you have enough materials, get adequate weapons for build battles, be able to build in general, etc. I understand why a lot of people don't like that sort of thing though, especially when you have these 12 years olds who build like their fingers are hooked to a car battery lol Honestly though, I play it primarily because my friends play it
  3. As I am complete trash with the maturity of a 8 year old, I'm currently playing Fortnite on Xbox Me and my friends also have a big Minecraft survival save going where I'm building pretty much everything in "oriental" design.
  4. Age indicates very little, that's for certain. Members of my family have been giving me advice since I was little thinking it would be beneficial. Sometimes it was, often it wasn't, but advice is cool, because you're not obligated to take it. Some people in my family have a tendency to intervene in my proboems on their own however, purely out of love, but usually making things much worse because they don't fully understand the issue. Explaining my existential crisis and subsequent depression to my mother for example, proved to be a bad idea the second she started listing potential solutions, all of which showed that she'd completely missed the point. I had to tell her bluntly that that's what she'd done and that she should leave it to me. Thankfully she did
  5. RZ.

    Netflix Anime

    Rurouni Kenshin, Fate/Zero/Stay night/apocrypha, Black Lagoon, NGE, Seraph of the End, Madoka Magica, Violet Evergarden. Magi is also on there but not sure if they've put the 2nd season on. I'm sure there's others I haven't seen as well.
  6. Sure, I'm not certain how to send it on here but I'll try and PM something to you
  7. Really fantastic. A harsh reminder of why I decided to scrap drawing and stick to writing instead
  8. RZ.


    Welcome. I was born in '98 so I think you might have a few years on me lol
  9. I'm about 20 episodes in and it's one of those things that I know is garbage but I like it anyway for some reason lol. I feel the same about RWBY, not that the two are similar.
  10. I probably will as well years down the line. Right now I just have a thing about having physical copies of stuff. I'm the same with books.
  11. Found this bundle of DVD's on Ebay with: - Ghost in the Shell: SAC (All 7 Volumes) - Speed Grapher (All 6 Volumes) - Erementar Gerad (All 6 Volumes) - Moribito Full Series - Air (Full Series) Plus a bunch of movies: Vampire Hunter D (Special Edition), Patlabor, Blue Gender, etc. I'm an absolute sucker for DVD's and 2000-2007 animes. Only issue was that they're R1 imports and don't play in my portable player but oh well.
  12. Usually have golden syrup porridge with raisins followed by veggie sausages, egg and beans. Sometimes I just opt for toast though
  13. RZ.


    Hello there and welcome. I had a similar experience to yours (though not as extreme) when I watched Neon Genesis Evangelion (I really don't recommend this show if you're having a tough time with your mental health. It is possibly the most traumatic thing I have or will ever watch and it's not something to watch in the wrong state of mind). It was actually the show that got me into the anime and it sent me into a serious existential crisis and depression for about a month. I almost failed my work experience module at university because of it and it seriously changed my outlook on life. Mine was more a sudden realisation of nihilism - which wasn't nice, and would've been quite disturbing if I didn't find these sorts of things fascinating. Nevertheless, I did eventually get through it. It sounds to me like your depression is connected to an immediate loneliness, mainly from the fact you say that getting attached to characters and wanting an "anime relationship" are primary contributing factors. Believe me, I understand this all too well. It was something I experienced a lot when I was your age (I'm nearly 22 now) as a below-average looking, socially anxious teenager. I remember always wanting to have a relationship similar to characters from my favorite shows, anime or otherwise. It caused me to take actions in pursuit of that goal which were totally unrealistic. This is stating the obvious somewhat, bjt imagine if Tsundere's, for example, really existed - it would go very differently to how it does in anime. I'd like to say that it's easy to break out of, but it isn't. All I can say is what helps/helped me - focusing on that which I had in the present, not placing too much importance on the perceived NEED of a relationship (especially one similar to that shown in anime), but also a general acceptance of myself for who I am. Hope this may help you a little bit. If you want to discuss further please send me a PM. My name is Michael
  14. RZ.


    The thought that a CCP lacky somewhere in Guangdong province has all of my anime memes saved to a government computer fills me with joy
  15. RZ.


    Huawei P30. Had it about a year and it's pretty solid. Previously had HTC's and Samsungs and seems to run a lot smoother.

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