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    Darker than Black, Steins;Gate, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Wolfs Rain, Casshern Sins, FMA, Rage of Bahamut, El Cazador de la Bruja, Inuyasha, Rurouni Kenshin, Black Clover, Speed Grapher, Fate.
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    Slice of Life
    Space Opera
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    Sesshomaru (Inuyasha), Amber (DTB), November 11 (DTB), Kurisu (Steins;Gate), Vanessa (Black Clover), Noelle (Black Clover), Pino (Ergo Proxy)


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    Student (MA History)
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    Diaspora History, Philosophy, Political Theory, Cosmology, Astronomy, Football, Music (Current favorites: The Smiths, Tame Impala, UB40, Jeremy Messersmith)
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    Fortnite (Yes, I'm a piece of shit), Minecraft, GTA, COD Warzone
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    I feel like this may be the perfect time to start watching Soul Eater
  2. Welcome to the forums! If you're looking for some good dubs I'd recommend Steins;Gate, Full Metal Panic, D. Gray Man, Darker than Black, Noein, Last Exile. All shows with great stories, action and mystery and decent English dubs, especially S;G.
  3. Griffith from Berserk and Isley from Claymore
  4. The perks of working in a charity shop...
  5. This is what I was getting at I think. Back in the day there was only really TV and newspapers that could be classed as "reliable" (obviously they weren't, but they would generally be classed as more relable than some random guy you've never seen before). Now the internet has given the random guy we've never seen before, and thousands of them at thtat, a platform equal to that of the media companies. People have always had to choose what they do and don't trust, there's just far more to choose from these days. In my experience at least, the only subject that ever taught me proper critical thinking skills was Sociology, and maybe History to an extent. Were things really so different before the Internet though? It may have been different here in Europe, but it's hard to imagine the US education system had much time for critical thinking or teaching people "how" to think during the height of the Cold War.
  6. Internet caused politics to regress in a way. Well, more like it caused electorates to regress. People used to believe whatever they read in the newspapers or saw on the TV, which isn't good, but it kept things relatively harmonious when it came to the ballot box. The Internet has opened up us up to unfiltered media, both truthful and false. It's created a world where we're forced to question everything and trust nothing, except for that which reinforces our existing beliefs.
  7. Welcome! I too joined whilst you were inactive... and was inactive myself... and then came back again lol.
  8. Damn, I knew there wasn't any meaningful video or audio back then and that everything was text-based. I didn't realise it was so expensive to browse the internet back then. The technological advancement in the last 20 years really has been astounding.
  9. Wayback machine is awesome! I started becoming involved with forums and the internet in general around 2008-09, so I was a relative late-comer. I sometimes I wonder what it was like back then in the late 90s and early 2000s, especially in anime circles. A time when Inuyasha and Serial Experiments Lain would be classed as currently airing...
  10. Welcome to the forum! I'm also a fan of RWBY and it does seem as if story-writing quality is inversely proportional to animation quality lol. Have you watched up to volume 8? I've only seen up to 7 so far.
  11. It has a unique world. Kind of like if Erementar Gerad and Gundam had a child lol. As a Brit, I quite like the nod to the old British navy in the- I'm not sure what they're called, but they fight The Guild (I think?) at the start. The uniforms and the slightly stereotypical chivalry mantra was interesting. And yes, the characters are very likeable, especially the main duo! If I enjoy the series I'll definitely give the sequel a watch. I didn't realise there was one until you mentioned it. This is why I should always look at the related section on MAL
  12. Welcome back! I see one of your favorites is Last Exile. I just started watching the DVD boxset yesterday and I quite like the historic vibe going on with the world
  13. Noein is a masterpiece, possibly the closest thing to perfection I've watched since Steins;Gate. Starting Last Exile next
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