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    Sesshomaru (Inuyasha), Amber (DTB), November 11 (DTB), Kurisu (Steins;Gate), Vanessa (Black Clover), Noelle (Black Clover), Pino (Ergo Proxy)


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  1. Noein is a masterpiece, possibly the closest thing to perfection I've watched since Steins;Gate. Starting Last Exile next
  2. Update : I dropped this after the latest episode (5). The story is uninteresting, there's basically no character development so I don't care about the ones that died regardless of how shocking they try to pass it off as. Also, the CGI monsters look stupid. The intro is probably the only redeeming quality.
  3. RZ.

    Hiding Anime

    Definitely. It always makes me laugh that these criticisms come from people who'll settle down to watch their favorite Disney movies the same evening, as if they're any less child-orientated. We like what we like!
  4. I think so, as do a lot of others. I think perhaps the sequel movies are not as good. We all have different tastes so I suppose you won't know until you try it
  5. Welcome to the forum! If you haven't already seen it, I would suggest Steins;Gate. It doesn't fall into any of those categories specifically, but it has a romance that lies at the heart of the story, a plot with a deep mystery with every episode leaving you wondering, and a fair bit of thriller tension and comedy too. Could be a nice catch-all for you. You may also like Psycho-Pass and Eden of the East
  6. RZ.

    Hiding Anime

    When people say anime is for children, make them watch Berserk, Claymore, Elfen Lied, Blood C and see if they have the same opinion
  7. 9 episodes into Noein and I gotta say, this is in solid 10/10 territory so far.
  8. Anyone ever played Distant Worlds Universe? I play it occasionally if I have a lot of free time (it's a very time consuming game). Kind of like a space version of Civlisation. Edit: Sorry, posted this to the wrong thread, was meant for 'Gaming Chat'.
  9. So I watched the first episode of this, just because I saw the intro and it was awesome. Gives me Seraph of the End vibes minus all the interesting stuff. Maybe the plot will thicken as the story goes on. I know that I didn't really like that they basically announced that there was a conspiracy at the end of the first episode ("show don't tell" obviously went out of the window during writing lol). I'll probably continue watching just for the intro because I like it THAT much, but as Ohayotaku says, the show seems pretty meh.
  10. Ah yes, Crispin Freeman! He does pop up everywhere. Trina Nishimura is another one. I hear Kurisu everywhere
  11. Your mom sounds like an interesting person
  12. I posted here before but I started watching a lot more since then. I regularly watch Shadiversity, History Matters, Anton Petrov, PBS Eons and Space Time. I also watch a guy called tjwparso who uploads short clips from old Star Trek episodes. There was account that did the same with old Sailor Moon clips, but seems whoever owns the distribution rights went to town on them and got them removed for copyright sadly.
  13. It's worse if you watch your fair share of dubs like me. I first encountered Kent Williams voicing Mao from DTB. Now he's everywhere - from villains, side heroes, old guys who appear for one episode. He pops up in everything I watch like he's following me around lol. He's the anime version of Alexander Siddig, who manages to crop up in every piece of live action TV I watch
  14. All over the shop. It's been hot this week at about 20C. Now it's about 10C with persistent heavy rain. Global warming is certainly making things interesting. Can't wait for our annual 2 weeks of absolutely scorching weather where all we want to do is spend 14 hours in front of a fan lol
  15. Started watching an older mid-2000s show called Kiba. Seems like someone tried to morph Pokemon with a war drama, and my god are things happening fast!
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