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  1. Aye Ive never played any version above 1.7.10. That's the only version i play because of a game mode called Potion PvP. I should've played a newer version of the game since I've started MC in 2011 or 2012. My IGN is installed
  2. Any anime that has any type of love/relationship growth between the two characters. Especially when they'd go anywhere or do snything for their partner, for example, Zero Two x Hiro, Kirito x Asuna
  3. That's so easy, Zero Two or Asuna Yuki.
  4. Welcome! A lot of people here are older than us. I'm 16. So if you wanna talk some, PM me or add my discord, ZeroTwo#0002
  5. Welcome on in! The beginning of chimera any arc was pretty bad. started to get good when the king was born. But with that long ass Arc, it was worth it seeing Gon fight Neferpitou
  6. Ok, thank you so much. What sites should I stream them on? I watch 9Anime.To. But when i'm on my pc there's a windows app called "Animetube Unlimited" which has all the good streaming sites, like 9Anime, KissAnime ect.
  7. What are some good Netflix anime that has all the episodes. For example Hunter X Hunter on Netflix only has the Spider Arc, nothing past. I'm assuming only Netflix originals will have all the episodes.
  8. Could i see some of your writing? Hey i'm not that good compared to some people out there! But thank youu so much for the compliment means a lot
  9. Uh.. at the moment I'm listening to Infant Annihilator - Decapitation Fornication. But, My favorite song is Starship 92 - Iamjakehill
  10. installed


    Welcome to Anime Forums. Enjoy your stay.
  11. There's obviously a trend going on with my favorite girl
  12. Name: installed Age: 16 Gender: Male Big or Little Spoon? As long as I feel loved and warm and we're together. Kisses? Anytime you want to. Where: Anywhere, because I love youuuu. Acceptable Nicknames: Anything, that isn't mean Can We Build a Fort? Yessssssss, that's so cute and romantic Video Games/Movies: Minecraft, Scott Pilgrim. Animeeeee Pillow Fight? Is that even a question!? Yes! Pants Required? Whatever you're most comfortable with! Can I Fall Asleep? Yessss... I dream of that. head on my chest and hand on my stomach.
  13. It's fine lol. I was joking about that. I didn't really what you made it seem.
  14. https://myanimelist.net/animelist/installed&view=tile&status=7
  15. Thank you for your response. Being a young teenager has its perks of, social anxiety, stress all of that fun stuff. If someone comes to my house that i don't know, instead of going upstairs/downstairs for food when i get hungry I'd rather be hungry than to talk to people and have a conversation. With that being said, I've tried a therapy type thing. And i absolutely hated it. I try to avoid talking to my friends about it because they'll probably make fun of me somehow or tease me about it, which that'll get to me very easily. Only one friend I might talk to but i try not to. I feel more safe talking to people online as it's easier to ignore them if something does arise, and i feel more comfortable with it, unsure why i do but i just do. Also you made it seem like it's a forum that you have to fill out, just send me a friend request. There is no requirement.

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