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    I love everything involving action, adventure and mystery.
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    Detective Conan
    Naruto Classic
    No. 6

    And I´m recently obsessed with banana fish, although a little bit late ;)
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  1. Good evening. I'm looking for some fluffy and soft shojo ai anime meaning no sexual content please. It'd be cool if the anime had a well developed storyline as well as characters. I'm also down for the romance part to be only a sideplot or just subtly hinted at and having cool action/ adventure features. And if I'm not picky enough, it'd be great if the female protgonists didn't have their typical assigned ,,roles,, in the relationship aka the male and the female type. Thanks for all recommendations beforehand
  2. I feel so lonely reading this thread I have had one friend who absolutely adored ramance and shojo anime and for me it's just...meh. I'm more an action type. The same is with my sister, she watches anime but only the kind I'm not interested in. So, yeah, I'm basically a lone wolf /:P I often spam my dear non-anime-watcher friends, but they simply get bored and it's obviously not quite as fun as talking to ppl who know what I'm talking about or referring to,, yeah life is tough
  3. My problem is that I get bored too easily by things that made me happy a few moments ago. Sure, I like watching anime or playing video games, drawing, the usual stuff, but right now, I don´t feel like any of it (Yes I am aware that it´s the middle of the night xD) so, I´ll just go with the thing that I enjoy doing at the moment: listening to some calm music while enjoying a cup of teaaa. What I´m an expert at is easy for me to answer: I´m incredibly good at dwelling on the past
  4. spätixD

    coffee or tea

    Tea. Watching the sun rise while drinking some good ol´ hot herb tea is just what I need in the morning. It gives me strength to sit through school till 4pm Actually, I´m in the mood for a cup right now
  5. Oh okay, thank you @Seshi and @Illusion of Terra for this little tutorial, I really needed it xP (and I feel so awesome now that it works :D) yes @Seshi the chimera ant arc was so intense and heart breaking, I literally had to take a break for one week before continuing <.< and @Illusion of Terra so this is some kind of premiere huh, the first German anyways, I will (this @ thing is so cool )
  6. Thanks for the warm welcome, I´m looking forward tonhave a good time here! And yeah, guess I got caught, I´m just a German trying to get to know people beyond borders Also is there another option to directly refer to someone´s respond than just posting another reply to the topic (if you know what I mean..)??
  7. There once was a little mirror. He was loved by many and disliked by several. Those who admired him complimented him for showing them the truth. But those who didn´t would always get mad. ,,It don´t wanna see what you see. I don´t wanna hear what you think. Show me what I wanna see!´´ So, the little mirror, scared and intimidated, kept quiet. And he met their expectations. And the little mirror showed them all the lies the people wanted to see. But with each lie, a scratch appeared on his face. Small little scratches. At first, he brushed it off.
  8. I like this little project! Even though I´m rarly dealing with poems due to school and not enough free time, its been always my favorite kind of literature. I just like inteprating the meaning of poems and transfer it to my own situation, like some soft of life lesson. Here I have a poem from the novel ´´The perks of being a wallflower´´ I had to read in school and this poem is the most remarkable part of it and its also the first thing to come to my mind when I think about the novel. Sooo, here it comes: Once on a yellow piece of paper with green lines he wrote a p
  9. I´m currently watching banana fish and feel like the only person talking about the show due to me being 2 years late but meh xD. I´m only half through the show but my heart is already scattered. And I´m scared of what´s coming ;-;
  10. Hey, I´m spätixD aaand now a member of this forum I assume? I love writing and discussing about anime and manga because my poor soul has no one to talk to since none of my friends show any interest in these topics. And trying to sum up the plot of 100+ episodes to someone who has no idea whats going on is just not the same as crying about Kite´s death with someone who has seen HxH. Which is kind of the reason why I´m here :D By the way, I am curretly watching banana fish and omg the feels?? I´m only half through this show but almost all of my fav characters already died so I have no
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