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  1. Apart from anime I really like sifi, and I am starting Babylon 5 soon.
  2. Geano


    Now that is a piece of art for thee ages to be sure. Oldie but a goodie :)
  3. Hello and welcome to AF hope you enjoy your time here with us, Glad to see someone who loves a good forum community. Nothing wrong with Discord, but just can't beat a close friendly forum. I think in the case of Funimation boards they just don't want to invest in moderation, and to much interactivity in general as a lot of fans prefer a fan provided site like this, or a fan provided discord. In my mind its nice they provide a place to talk for the fans, but its really more their job to provide the content, and let us set up the places to talk about it.
  4. Ordered me some sausage biscuits today and they were damn good.
  5. I had me some pizza for breakfast today was super yummy.
  6. When I was younger i liked them quite a bit though I think thats mostly because I wasn't exposed to much else. These days my favorite pizza is papa murfys though when it comes to delivery I prefer Domino's to Pizza Hutt to be honest .If I want frozen pizza I will buy a better quality one from the store.
  7. I had a bagel with meat and cheese with it.
  8. Geano


    Hello and welcome to AF hope you have a great time here with us. Yah forums like this are very much not what they used to be though I have found they certainly have more demand then most avid social media platforms users would lead you to believe. I would say they aren't a dying breed, but an alternative meida style that is sadly less popular due to complexity .
  9. Feeling good today very relaxing day :)
  10. Geano


    From my research a lot of people are saying pretty bad things about Canonical lately. What exactly are they doing that is so bad. I have seen some rather un-linux like closed souse software pushing plus their forced use of the snap store by default. Though from what you have said plus some things I have looked into sense it would seem most the closed souse support is hardware, and common Windows software porting. Perhaps there is some political business reasons I am presently unaware can you go into more detail on those if any.
  11. I see thats cool yah I have seen many apartments made in Minecraft some very well done. In this though ya those villages only ever need the basics.

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