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  1. I joined. I shall post when I have finished this round of 5 anime I am currently watching
  2. I was doing it, but given I'm at work most days and don't usually use my PC till weekends I haven't had the client running. Whilst the UK was in full lockdown I just joined (like a sheep) the LTT group because it was easier and I like their content etc.
  3. I join when I can but sadly it is not as often as I would like. I shall remain however as the community is a nice place and everyone has always been decent to anything I have posted or asked. So for me it is still AF for the win!
  4. I know this is not anime related BUT it is sorta gaming related. Everyone seems to recommend the LG CX tv's for the new consoles that have been released because of HDMI 2.1 etc. BUT when I google the LG CX there are a lot of complaints about Burn In issues etc. IS burn in really common? I game maybe 2/3 hours a night during the week and maybe longer at weekends or not at all, depends how busy I am. I dont want to buy a £1200 tv and then it get buggered up because of burn in. Also I dont have the new consoles yet, I shall be getting them next year, but if I am waiting that long
  5. Il finish the first season but I am not sure it shall stay looking for it further down the line if they green light season 2
  6. Just started watching the dub of this, honestly it feels brutally rushed and is throwing characters and plot lines all over the shot. Normally when this happens everything is explained in the light novel and hasn't been put onto screen very well. Is it the same for this one or is the book as scattered as the anime? Any info would be great. I usually buy these light novels on my kindle etc but not sure I want to pay £7 for a maybe....... TIA
  7. He is creepy....but a quality character. I would certainly be interested in his back story but I would for a lot of the captains. I haven't read the manga so just assumed that might all be in there?
  8. I usually buy whatever merch I can get my hands on here in the UK. Personally fav two characters is Ichigo from Bleach which I have a figurine and a soft toy of and Guts from Beserk who I really want a figurine of but they are either really expensive or just hard to get hold of a high quality one. It might not be anime related but I have to shout out to Marcus Fenix love my figurine and he is one of my fav characters,
  9. Anime is the gift that keeps on giving! And it is great to have goals, so keep true to them and you will get there. Anime is the main tv in our house so it is easy however, light novels are a new ish for me, and I am going through all the anime I really enjoyed and reading the source material. Though I am not reading the web novels as it is easier to use my kindle.
  10. Right now I am overly invested in light novels more than Anime, and it is getting kinda hard to keep up with all the different story lines at once. I feel like a god of Anime Universes and they are all under my dominion.......or something? Hmm living in that relm is a good point there are certainly some places I would prefer at the moment, I think that is why reincarnation appeals to me so much!!
  11. Personally I find that watching anime is a way in which I can deal with normal life. Sometimes being able to just sink yourself into a series is the only way to cope. I also find this with light novels as well. However, if I find a really solid series and it ends... I just cant bring myself to start something else almost as if my brain has to deal with the loss of characters in my life. In some respects I think people mourn the loss of well written characters regardless of medium
  12. What is a Pocophone? @Big Boar those drawings are decent! good work!!
  13. Really enjoyed Castlevania for once they made a half decent adaptation of something.
  14. Gave up playing multiplayer due to the general toxic nature, and friends alike. Hopefully things will be moved on for you for the better
  15. Bleach for me is easily in my top 5 anime of all time and Urahara was one of my favorite characters he had some cracking lines and some serious funny bits
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