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  1. 1) I built the PC mainly for gaming, however usual PC web browsing, youtube etc 2) Folding @ Home (if you can call it software), Xbox game pass, Amazon music & probs Musicbee 3) I agree with you, Brave gets my vote at the moment and whenever I try and move away from it I go back because it just works. But I usually split time between Chrome, Firefox and Brave. 4) I find them easier to use than most, plus building them for me is like a puzzle, and I just enjoy spending my time watching vids, researching parts etc, seems can learn loads and there still be more. For me cars are the same Given that AMD have finally given us some decent competition, don't you think that Intel's offering of the 10 series chips is a little lack luster? As my understanding is they are again based on the 14nm architechture? I know that Intel's main market is not the consumer market, but I personally do not want to be in a position when the roles have reversed and AMD is all we have, competition breeds serious cool results. I just hope AMD can compete in the high end GPU market, the 5700XT was a good offering for the middle but the 2080ti is a beast
  2. Hmm previous spec PC: CPU - Intel 3930K??, H100 AIO, GPU - GTX670 EVGA FTW edition, 16GB of RAM, that is about all I can remeber HAHA that PC lasted 6 years and did all the 1080p gaming I needed but felt time to move on up to 1440p, not sure about 4K at the moment as enjoying the depth that 1440p gives me, though I need a new monitor was thinking Alienware Ultrawide depending on budget. THe build prior to that god only knows what that was I used parts from random older PC's that I had and did what I could. What are you looking to build if anything? For me I used youtubers for the help everytime/when I am bulding: LTT were a big help as were Jayztwocents and Pauls Hardware, really helpful unlike somepeople who just scream down the video and dont make any sence!
  3. For me it had to be Excel Saga, that was mental!
  4. I have figurine wise: All Might, Deku, Bakugo & Ichigo statue and plush toy. I also have a few gaming ones as well. TShirt wise, I have - All Might, Astro Boy, Ajin, Space Dandy, 2 Dragonball Z, im sure there are a few others but cant grab pics atm sadly!
  5. I am with @ArchieKun Building your own PC is really satisfying personally I went AMD this year and really impressed by the difference specs on my gaming rig are: GPU - RTX 2070 Super CPU - 3700X AMD cooled by a Corsair H100i RAM - 32gb Corsair 3200Mhz - really need to speed this up but going to wait till RAM keep getting cheaper or wait till DDR5 makes and appearance maybe Motherboard - ASUS X570 Plus All sat in a Phantecks Enthoo case. It is my third machine that I have built. Not tried hard line or soft tubing myself but might do on next build in a couple of years. I shall upgrade when the 400 series GPU's come out in 2/3 years maybe. Happy to answer anything needed really
  6. It is interessting concept, I just not sure I can pay the 49.99 so may wait till ity is bit cheaper second hand or something and pick it up.
  7. Hi @Shejoestar What kinda things are you into/hobbies etc?
  8. @EvaUnit69 I loved Starcraft 1 & 2. I am very proud of my special edition of legacy of the void. I was gutted when they said they wouldn't revisit the Starcraft universe again. I just hope that Blizzard leaves Activision and goes back to making some amazing games.
  9. @XII360 Thanks for the info, shame but I shall continue to use in web browser
  10. Does the switch game have a demo on the store? I am always interested in new/different content so if it is interesting will certainly try anything
  11. What is the appeal with this game, lots of people have told me it is just to num their mind after a long day? Is that true? I am assuming you got the game in the end?
  12. Not been been posted on since it came out, but I must say I enjoyed it. Didn't think it was that bad and really wanted to dislike it but binge watched the series. Looking forward to the next one. Have read the books and played all three games and yeah Netflix just need to keep sticking to the story and the gore etc etc and it will turn out alright I think
  13. Is there an in between? I game almost every evening (unless I am working), sometimes I play challenging stuff and sometimes its the simple stuff that I need to take my mind off the world, but I have most modern consoles and a gaming PC and tbh I struggle to get through all the games that are coming out so usually I only stick to RPG's and and third person shooters with a decent story like Halo or original trilogy of gears
  14. Hi All, Is there an Android app I can use to have this forum on or is it only accessible via web page etc. Just curious as most use my phone and only usually boot my PC up for gaming and not much else
  15. Not an expert by any means but hobby wise, love building computers always fun. Find it rather soothing takes my mind off everything

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