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  1. @The History Kid is the Disgaea franchise any good or is it the same JRPG's? was looking at the most recent one for my switch
  2. Started playing YS VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana on the switch, really pleased so far but not the easiest game to get hold of at a reduced price.
  3. @Illusion of Terra make it coffee corner and I am there!! Thanks for the welcome!
  4. @Wedgy agreed with you regarding Ghibli getting onto a streaming service at last. I just really hope that is allows for them to make or display more unique content.
  5. Current Ni No Kuni 2 Favourite.....thats quite a list, totally genre dependent but series wise, Dragon age, Mass Effect, Skyrim, Gears of War, Borderlands, Xenoblade Chronicles the list does go on.
  6. Overlord, but not as an MMO just an open world RPG/kingdom maker with the two characters playable either as co-op or singleplayer different styles etc.
  7. @EnviousEnvy mass effect 1-3 were outstanding even if 3's original ending was a little basic, though I think they could never have finished the stories off right as not many hardcore fans wanted the series again. Andromeda I agree with you was a good game, with problems yes, but I agree with you every time I play those games it is major feels. I have to finish a game, even if i skip content etc I shall get to the end so it is done and I can move on. i'm the same with TV, Anime etc
  8. Mikeyboy636

    coffee or tea

    Always coffee, black, no sugar no milk, the closer to road tar the better
  9. just finishing off Ni No Kuni 2, which is really good but now desperately trying to find a story rich rpg/jrpg that is also real time combat based and nothing is catching my eye. Mainly waiting for The Outer Worlds and Pokemon Shield
  10. for me it will totally depend on what I am doing, if i am pottering round the house or eating etc dubs is easier for me. I will watch subs if i am totally focused on a series. I think they both have a place mainly because dubs can help get people into anime in the first place, I think subs can take a bit of practice especially when younger generations spend a lot of time buried in their phones
  11. thanks all, would be good to make some friends!
  12. I own Hellsing Ultimate on DVD and it is a brilliant series, though I haven't watched the original, totally worth watching
  13. Hi All, Thought I would introduce myself, am from the UK, I don't have any friends who watch or even want to know about anime so really hoping I can meet some people here. I enjoy watching anime, reading light novels (actually reading in general), building PC's, gaming, movies, tv, etc etc. I hope everyone is well and having a nice day, even though it is due to rain again today

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