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  1. To my knowledge no. You only get the mainstream ones which attract all kinds of idiots. Reddit is the same which is why the decline of this one is not good. If it dies I don't think I'll join any others. I tried a few and they aren't fun. Usually just people arguing and talking bollocks. I know discord was mentioned a few times here but it doesn't seem to be well received for some reason.
  2. I am not a veteran by any means but it's sad to see this forum has nearly died. People aren't replying much to posts, there are still people online mind you but it's all a bit quiet. Where have we all gone? This place is better than the likes of crunchy roll forums as over there it seems to be like the wild west. If you're using something else what are you using? The way this is going it'll be done and dusted in a year
  3. I've just finished episode 1. Not my typical anime as it plays out more like a movie than an anime series which kind of works due to the art style. Personally I'd like to see a bit more Japanese influence but it is Greek Mythology after all. What I will say is the soundtrack is amazing. Could be taken straight out of a Hollywood blockbuster. I'll be watching the whole series anyway. It's quite interesting.
  4. That's the only issue if Netflix is your only source. It can take a while for them to get rights so you can be waiting for a while. Maybe it is better to allow some accumulation!
  5. Now I know this is Netflix so might not be to everyone's taste but as a big fan of Greek mythology I am excited for this. Hopefully it's as good as the trailer, check it out. Let me know what you think. Trailer
  6. Feeling a bit down today. Thought I'd come back to the forums for a bit of company. Hope you're doing well.
  7. Got a free Nintendo switch online trial so headed into the xenoverse online. Did a few quests with someone who made their character look like frieza, all quite fun!
  8. I really want to watch One Piece but I've only ever watched episode 1 so I have a fair bit of catching up to do
  9. Vinland Saga before they changed the theme halfway through. Great metal band!
  10. I no longer have Twitter, Facebook, Instagram (for a few months now). I had a break from forums like this and also Reddit but I will now post to forums again and browse Reddit. The detox of Twitter and co has dropped my phone usage a lot so I'm feeling good!
  11. Nice try police, nice try.
  12. I've been ill since Friday night but I'm Not watching any anime this evening. Just chilling and watching the NFL
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