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  1. I've been ill since Friday night but I'm Not watching any anime this evening. Just chilling and watching the NFL
  2. Just trying to gather a few sources. Where do you watch your shows? I tend to use netflix and sometimes amazon (but they don't have too much) as the quality is great but I often have to use the odd "dodgy" website to watch S2,3 etc of things I have seen on netflix as they rarely do more than one season or if they do you have a massive wait. YouTube isn't too bad either but you can find you watch nearly a complete series and then they just stop before the end (did this with Ippo )
  3. For me fall/autumn means one thing....NFL. It's this time of year every year where the NFL comes to the UK and I go to watch yearly without fail. Slightly different to everyone else's idea of this time of year....
  4. That reminds me of an old clip from the Ricky Gervais, Karl Pilkington and Stephen Merchant where Ricky tells a story about him when he was young making a remark about there being too many firefighters at an incident and then how he felt bad for saying it without thinking.
  5. Any players here? Leave your usernames if you do play and we can perhaps strike up a game or make an AF clan. Mine is Sam43Harris
  6. Morning people....what's the plan for today? My plan is to solely survive work as I.am.exhausted....
  7. That's some scary shit. Good job it wasn't dark when you saw them too.
  8. Some good photos here. This is one I took the other week.
  9. I've just started blue Exorcist. Something a bit different but it's quite good so far. Finished first two eps.

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