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    Akira, Spirited Away, Ajin, Psyco-pass, One Punch Man, Castlevania, Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba and a whole lot more!
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    Left 4 dead, The Sims, World of Tanks (IOS), etc.
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    I don’t particularly have a favourite character
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    Sony PlayStation

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  1. Which anime do you want to watch but haven't yet? Frankly, there hundreds if not thousand of anime movies and TV shows out that I've yet to watch. But I'm able to catch with of the shows up during this unfortunate pandemic time. I've re-watched Spirited Away. I must say that movie never gets old. The story-line and the realm of ghost is so majestic. Perfectly written script, story and everything! Tell me more about your choices of anime movies or TV shows. I'm anxiously waiting..
  2. Welcome aboard! Hope you enjoy your time here.
  3. Hi there. Welcome aboard! Even i'm new here, lets explore around.
  4. Hi there, thank you for the warm welcome. Truly appreciate it.
  5. I'm tempted to watch Devilman: Crybaby. Has anyone watched it yet? 

    1. 12canime


      Wow, thanks so much! Really appreciate. Now, I'm even more tempted to watch it.

    2. Koshigaya23


      It's really not that great, to be honest. Most prequels and sequels of Devilman have left something to be desired and lack context. Animation has also gone downhill...not sure if the glowing CG rendering compares to the original Devilman series or the artwork in the OVA. If you haven't seen Devilman: Birth...I'd start there...try to find the subbed version, though. The English dub isn't as bad as people say...it's mainly issues with the script, unnecessary swearing (every 5-seconds), and issues with the ADR work. 

      Other good Go Nagai works to check out: Mazinkaiser, Shin Cutey Honey OVA, Abashiri Family  

  6. Hi there. Welcome aboard! Nice to meet you. This is a completely new territory for me too. I hope we can chat often and get to know more about anime together.
  7. Hi there. Im an avid anime explorer. Very new to this site. Hopefully, I’m able to share my fair share of anime experiences through my favourite animes movies and TV shows. This is so exciting!
  8. Hi there. I wish I could help. In case, if I did come across, I will surely share it with you
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