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  1. Maze was eventually released (once) on DVD in N.A. under Software Sculptors/CPM. Pretty much the same staff and studio in Japan that worked on Slayers Next (different directors, though). The English version was dubbed about the same time as Slayers Try was dubbed with Central Park Media, I believe. Some of the same voice-actors. The story didn't copy much from Slayers...but...some didn't respect Maze due to it being released at the height of the Slayers Japan popularity and not having quite the money or reputation to back it up. Its video only release in the U.S./Canada made it even more crypt
  2. Never finished the full 75 episodes of Monster Rancher back in 1999...so, that's one. Others: -Lost Universe (the second gen by Hajime Kanzaka) -Maze: The Mega Burst Space (came on in the 90's and I watched episode 10-25...this was during the VHS years and I never had the first two cassettes of episodes) -still Kimagure Orange Road Those of you born in the late-90's or 2000's likely have no clue what these shows are
  3. Tenchi in Tokyo wasn't the worst but there was so much cooler toward the end. I remember an episode about a guy being a runner (who was a human comet) with Kiyone and Mihoshi...I'm surprised I went that far. The spin-offs never sat well with me. I watched and owned all of GXP and when Tenchi finally appeared in a "back to Okinawa" episode...it was nothing but more fan service. Granted, Tenchi is known for having a ton of fan service...but I got tired of it after Universe. FYE closed!? Guess I have been out of the U.S. for a long time. Don't toss your VHS. There are a ton of decent
  4. One that made me cry was GoShogun: Time Etranger (A.K.A. The Time Stranger when released under U.S. Manga Corps).
  5. Yu Yu Hakusho on VHS would have been exhaustive. Was that a subbed version back then or an Animax dub (I believe YYH at that time was not yet licensed by Funimation). I recall watching the sub-par/lackluster YYH movies on VHS and knowing that the series was much better. I had to wait I until 2002 when Toonami started airing the actual TV series. I had assorted VHS of Tenchi Muyo (never found Universe, though on VHS) and I had the first two movies. I remember the OVA release being exactly that...120-frickin-dollars!!! Ugh! The first DVD release was beautiful, though. It had a transparent
  6. I do a lot of this stuff already generally. Let me know if you still need someone in Social Media moderation. I'm 31-years old and was a foreign languages teacher prior to the lockdown. I know how to work with people. @Seshi
  7. It's a crypto-anime OVA (it likely never existed or was fabricated). According to lore, the fictional title you're referring to was called, Saki Sanobashi, also known as "Go for a Punch," All known lore indicates that someone on either 4chan or Reddit (or both), recounted this traumatic 80's OVA. Understand, everything animated in Japan in the 80's can easily be researched and found under any one of the many studio records for films made each year of that decade. I find it absurd that people say it does exist or that it's a "lost anime." Anime titles in Japan don't suffer the rough censor
  8. Remembering all the great Western publishers of the 90's/early 2000's: AnimeWorks, ADV, Central Park Media, U.S. Manga corps, Manga Video, Software Sculptors, Urban Vision, Pioneer/Geneon...

  9. I joined this forum a couple weeks ago and I've been trying to submit information to those with questions regarding an anime they saw in the past (Recommendations Section). If you saw something in the early 2000's or 90's...post your question if you're looking for the name of or information regarding an older anime in the Recommendations section. I'll try to answer this week or next week if I recognize the title. Even if I don't recognize your description entirely; I can still try to point you in the right direction. If you posted 'looking for...' context in Recommendations; check to see if I
  10. Koshigaya23


    The English version was marketed as, "Twelve Worlds Story. " Not much information exists on who dubbed or subbed it. However, an English version does exist and I believe Funimation would likely be the only distributor with power to release it in North America or the U.K. Right now, the film rights are with Enoki. Funimation usually contacts Enoki directly to release anime which was made by TV Tokyo. The likely reason it hasn't been released yet is due to it's age and popularity in more Northern North American countries. It seems it was subbed and distributed widely throughout South America. Th
  11. It was Lupin the Third TV part 2. It's hard to say which episode. Adult Swim aired about 27 episodes during their night schedule. I own most of series 2...it's over 70 episodes in it's entirety. You should be able to narrow it down from there. 27 episodes from Lupin the Third part 2. @Snikos
  12. Yeah, that's the one. I would put it on your 'plan to watch' tab on MAL. I have many on MAL that I own and simply haven't gotten around to.
  13. Technically, Pokemon still counts as anime. They key is that it's made in Japan.
  14. SBY may have a bilingual release. I have the Slayers Seasons 1-3 boxset; all of the original episodes on the Enoki/Funimation (this release has the original Japanese dialogue with subs).
  15. My first blog...

    Sorry, video cuts out before the end. Ask me about the last three seasons and I'll give a summary.



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