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  1. I realize I already recommended some series in these genres in your introduction thread, but would just like to add Shadows House which just started airing recently. Only on episode 2, but lots of mysteries to be answered & definitely datk.
  2. Welcome to the forums, hope you enjoy it here
  3. Monster Paranoia Agent Steins Gate Attack on Titan Re:Zero Golden Kamuy Baccano
  4. Netflix’ Castlevania season 4 premieres May 13th. https://www.crunchyroll.com/anime-news/2021/04/16-1/netflixs-castlevania-anime-ending-in-season-4-with-new-teaser-trailer I wasn’t really a fan of season 3, but since it’s the finale to the current storyline, I’ll probably watch.
  5. Currently below freezing, though it’s supposed to make it to 60 this afternoon.
  6. Excellent OP & ED again this season. The ED’s accompanying visuals seem kinda spoilery, but in a reassuring way. This week touched on several of the relationships. Kyo/Tohru Yuki/Machi Shigure/Akito
  7. Temps were in the 60s & finally got a break from the rain. Had to mow the front yard for the first time this year.
  8. My impression of the Winter 2021 season of shows which recently ended https://www.crunchyroll.com/forumtopic-1066176/-winter-2021-anime-awards-#58768766
  9. Just finished the first episode of Shadows House. Very Tim Burton-esque & definitely one I’m curious about.
  10. @Mikasa89 the only thing coming to mind is Fortuneteller Baba from Dragonball (before Z) who would float/fly around on her crystal ball, though I doubt it’s what you’re looking for It would be helpful if you could give an approximate era (80s, 90s) or the type of artstyle (how realistic or cartoonish)
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