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  1. Temps got into the mid 50s today, so did what will probably be the last of the end of season yard work. Perfect timing as it started raining just as I was wrapping up. Now just hope we don’t get a lot of ice & snow this winter.

  2. https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2021-12-05/golden-kamuy-anime-gets-4th-season-with-new-staff-studio/.180296 And I was just giving this series a plug on here earlier today. Damm, I’m good Just hope the new creative team keeps up the good work. Now if I could just get a 2nd season of Beautiful Bones
  3. Welcome to the forums, hope you enjoy it here I first got into anime watching Star Blazers which was the Americanized version of the series Space Battleship Yamato 2199 is an update of. I also recognize Captain Tylor from my anime on VHS days So, you can probably tell I’ve been around anime for a lonnnnnggg time My tastes are pretty varied but my favorite genres are probably fantasy & supernatural. You can link to your MAL account on your profile page if you want. There’s also a topic where you can post it https://animeforums.net/topic/10601-post-your-anime-list/page/4/#comments though I kinda derailed it recently (sorry, I’m a bit of a rambler) Hope you decide to stick around.
  4. @MediaConsumesMe I think you might enjoy Golden Kamuy. It’s set in the early 1900’s. At the center of it is a search for a hidden fortune in gold stolen from the Ainu (the Japanese equivalent of Native Americans or Inuit). The mastermind behind the theft left a “map” of how to find the treasure tattooed on the bodies of convicts he was imprisoned with before they escaped. Different factions are searching for the treasure as a way of funding their ambitions. The central characters are a former Japanese soldier & a teenaged Ainu girl. There are actually some similarities to the classic westerns The Good, The Bad & The Ugly and True Grit. It’s definitely dark & violent. But alongside the action it also has a lot of character development for it’s cast plus it explores Ainu culture & historic events of the early 20th century (most notably repercussions of the Russo-Japanese war & attempted assassination of Russia’s Alexander II). However it frequently has very broad & crude/vulgar humor (kinda like Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure sense of humor). IMO the further you get into the series, the better it gets. Season 3 resolved the previous cliffhanger & provided a lot of insight into various characters motives & the truth of the original incident. But it’s not the conclusion. I don’t know how far along the manga is since I keep hoping for a season 4. Welcome to Demon School, Iruma-kun is at the opposite end of the spectrum & doesn’t really align with your current preference for dark anime. It’s largely comedic & cartoonish and probably PG rated. The MC is a 14 year old “nice guy” who’s struggled to support his deadbeat parents. Things seem to hit a new low when they actually sell him to a demon. Turns out the demon is just jealous of his peers bragging about their grandchildren all the time, so he wants to adopt Iruma & dote on him. But humans are considered illegal immigrants (and possibly a food delucacy ) in the netherworld, so he has to keep his identity secret. As comedic as it is, there are some story developments. Iruma is gradually learning to not be such a doormat & actually cone up with personal goals & ambitions. He seems to have a natural talent for gaining the trust of his classmates. His “grandfather” used to be the chief advisor to the former Demon King & the throne is currently vacant. The Demon Realm used to be a lot more chaotic & evil before the former King instituted reforms & there’s a faction that wants to put things back to how they used to be.
  5. decided to go with a facial hair motif Star Blazers, Cowboy Bebop, MHA Vinland Saga, Fate Zero, Golden Kamuy Demon Slayer, Iruma-kun, FMAB
  6. Is it possible to create a 3x3 using bbcode or do you need some sort of image editing software or template? Pardon my inexperience.
  7. Lol that’s what you thought of when I said “dated” The example I was thinking of is I rated the original Space Battleship Yamato (Star Blazers) from 1974 a 10, but only rate Fate Zero a 9. My reasoning being, Star Blazers was my introduction to “anime”. And even in it’s heavily edited form, at it’s core is a genocidal invasion by aliens. Every episode ended with a Doomsday Countdown to when the damage to Earth’s atmosphere/environment would be irreversible, dooming humanity to extinction. Certainly not the sort of thing you expected to he airing alongside Tom & Jerry or Scooby Doo. Blew my preteen mind. And the characters did grow as individuals, fall in love & in some cases even die. And I don’t remember when it I discovered that the “Argo” was actually the “Yamato” ( a WW2 Japanese battleship sunk by America). Even setting aside my personal nostalgia, the fact there was sufficient interest to spawn the recent updated film versions demonstrates it’s enduring legacy. And even though I admit the original version feels very dated with it’s artstyle & fashion sense, there are actually some story elements I prefer over the updates. So I stand behind my scoring decision.
  8. @Soramee_ I know my MAL scoring system doesn’t align with most peoples. The general opinion on MAL is if you rate something lower than 7, it’s not really worth your time. But for me, a 6 series may have obvious or persistent flaws, but still manages to be entertaining/enjoyable. And I’m extremely stingy when it comes to 9s & 10s. It’s kind of hard for me to score shows that feel dated or clearly aren’t high quality, but I still like them alot. I’ve been trying to tweak my scores a bit recently.
  9. Fate Zero is absolutely epic. I started Stay/Night before watching Zero, but set it aside for reasons I don’t remember. I really need to watch it in it’s entirety & UBW as well. I watched Lord El Melloi since the MC was Waver Velvet as an adult & it seemed like him coming to terms with his relationship to Iskander (Rider) was part of the story. But personally felt like it got bogged down in it’s explanations of it’s rules & intricacies of magic/sorcery/alchemy (still feel like I kinda get it, but kinda don’t ) I also watched some of FGO, but it didn’t really seem to re-capture what I loved about Zero. Haven’t watched any of the Netflix exclusive Fate series. I would highly recommend Vinland Saga which is one of the few other series I consider to be epic. My jaw was on the floor when the title of season 1’s final ep was revealed to be “End of Epilogue”. Season 2 has been greenlit, but no word on when to expect. And the music was awesome
  10. They just aired episode 1,000 They’re planning to wrap it up in a couple years last I heard. Also heard Netflix is planning a live-action adaption. Sounds like a disaster waiting to happen given that Cowboy Bebop would have been one of the easier anime to adapt imo & it still turned out atrocious.
  11. Just checked it out. I see that you’re watching Hunter x Hunter. I still need to watch the Chimera Ant arc & finish that one off. Also noticed that you rated My Roommate is a Cat highly That one is very special to me as it really resonated with what was going on IRL at the time I watched it.
  12. I only watched around 13 episodes of Bleach & didn’t even make it to double-digits on Naruto. Don’t plan on revisiting either of them. I made it to around 150 episodes of One Piece before burning out on it. I actually would like to continue it now that I’ve had a break, but it’s sheer size is intimidating & I have too many more manageable series on my PTW list.
  13. If you’re looking for specifics, check my MAL profile. If I rated it at least a 6 there’s at least a chance I may revisit it. 5 or below, I probably closed the door on it. In general, I used to be more of a completionist myself, but since discovering streaming I’m more willing to drop series or at least set them aside to maybe give another chance later. The main reason being there is so much of it available, but a limited amount of time to spend on it. Plus, while I have preferences when it cones to genre, I like to explore & I prefer having a variety in what I watch. If a series is too similar to another I’m watching or watched recently I’m more likely to set it aside. Conversely I might stick with a series that’s light or even obviously flawed if it can make me laugh or at least smile to balance out some darker/heavier ones so I don’t get too depressed. There are series out there that I had high expectations for but did nothing for me. There are others I was pleasantly surprised by. In some cases it depended on what was going on IRL for me at a particular time. It’s not always easy to tell if a series will be worth the time you put into it, so I think it’s up to the individual. The important thing is to enjoy the journey
  14. Some recommendations after looking over some of you favorites: 86 • Vinland Saga • Dororo • Claymore • ID Invaded • Akudama Drive • Dorohedoro • Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress • Starblazers 2199 & 2205
  15. Welcome to the forums, hope you enjoy it here
  16. I enjoyed season 1 & the two compilation films, but the 3rd film was too soul-crushing for my tastes They just posted a trailer for season 2 recently. Kinda interesting that it focused almost entirely on new characters Brotherhood is one of my favorites, though I kinda want to go back & rewatch the 1st series as my memories of it are hazy, though I do remember some of the more significant differences (Sloth, Wrath & Envy’s characterizations)
  17. Welcome to the forums, hope you enjoy it here I tend to either ramble on & on (and on & on) or struggle to come with anything to say (or at least feel confident in actually posting as there doesn’t seem to be a delete post option) Thank god there’s at least an edit option which I use frequently I watch a pretty varied selection of anime, though fantasy & supernatural are probably my favorite genres. I finally decided to watch it last year, but after watching episode 54, found out the legal streaming sites I had didn’t go any further Fortunately Hulu seems to have the whole thing & had a Black Friday special ($0.99/month for up to a year) so I just signed up. Hopefully I’ll finish in a year < fingers crossed > For the record I watched the 1st season of Yashahime but found it underwhelming, especially compared to what I saw of the original. Anyway, hope you stick around, we could use more participants.
  18. Google “dere types” sometime if you dare
  19. Had a dream last night about being in one of those university towns where you have to park your car & then walk everywhere you want to go.  Except I forgot where I parked & was just wandering around with no idea where I was or where I was headed. The symbolism ain’t exactly subtle, is it? 😂 Woke up feeling tireder than when I went to bed. Gonna be a fun day at work today, I can tell.

    1. Kit


      I get those a lot, enough to question if my subconscious is trying to tell me something. XD Try to make phone calls and can't find my contacts list or remember the numbers to anyone I know. Thanks, dreams. Breakfast is always something to look forward to. lol

    2. Ohayotaku


      Breakfast for me is usually iced tea.

      Though this morning  it was Mello-Yello (hey, at least I stay away from energy drinks :P )

      Will usually attempt something more proper on weekends (turkey sausage, waffles & either iced tea or juice (orange or cranberry) ).

  20. Latest update was that he lost his sense of taste & smell but otherwise symptoms were mild. Sounds like it takes the fun out of the holiday meal though
  21. Started watching Hit Monkey on Hulu. Seems like the kind of show Deadpool would have a cameo in
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