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  1. I watched the first ep of the 2nd cour & it did not disappoint, having evetything I like about the series. Anya cracks me up with her facial expressions & the things she says. Yor misunderstanding what’s going on but still managing to look cool. And Loid trying to juggle his family & “work” responsibilities. And the newest member of the family showing he’ll fit right in. Also the 1st ep of My Hero Academia season 6. Nothing spectacular but a solid start to what is framed as a pivotal arc
  2. I suggest checking out Akudama Drive & Sk8 ♾ (the Infinity) Also Durarara
  3. https://www.crunchyroll.com/anime-news/2022/09/29/spy-x-family-tv-animes-2nd-opening-theme-song-video-sneaks-past-45-million-views seems we’re not the only ones to think it was awesome It certainly managed to build the already considerable hype for the premiere Saturday. One funny note, while the trailer seemed to place most of the focus on Loid, he wasn’t all that noticeable in the OP, the emphasis being more on Yor & Anna.
  4. I rather liked the characters of Kaoru, Aoi & Miyabi, but then they added the other girls: blonde American who likes to grab other girls’ boobs clumsy big boobed girl with glasses who frequently wears a maid uniform dark skinned loli
  5. Tesla Note was a truly awful anime, but it had a cool OP song (Puppets by Tokyo Monsters)
  6. Trailer for the Urusei Yatsura remake honestly wasn’t a fan of the little bit of the original I saw & was skeptical if a remake was a good idea, but after watching this, am at least a little more open to giving it a chance (that’s a whole lot of yelling though ) Despite having watched anime for 40+ years, I ‘ve never actually managed to complete a Gundam series But recently watched the prologue episode of Witch from Mercury & enjoyed it enough to make another attempt at it. A recent article said it will be split cour ( the 1st running from October through December & the 2nd beginning in April of next year) https://www.crunchyroll.com/anime-news/2022/09/28-1/mobile-suit-gundam-the-witch-from-mercury-tv-anime-to-air-in-split-cours
  7. Planning to kick off October by going to a classic monster movie double feature at the cinema this weekend (The Mummy-1932 & Bride of Frankenstein-1935)
  8. I still need to rewatch S3 & then binge S4, but should make good progress starting this weekend since most of the summer shows will be over & the fall schedule isn’t in full swing yet.
  9. Pretty sure it’s Beyond the Boundary https://myanimelist.net/anime/18153/Kyoukai_no_Kanata I haven’t watched it but have seen pictures of the girl with glasses used as a profile photo & various other places.
  10. Numerous titles have just vanished from Crunchyroll. The one that got my attention was Witch From Mercury that I just watched last night. Checking out their forums, it seems to be a widespread problem 



    Ever since the Funi merger, the site just keeps getting buggier 🤬 Hopefully they’ll fix the current issue soon. And they better have their sh** together this weekend when new eps of MHA & SxF are scheduled or they’ll have a lot of seriously PO’d customers.


    1. Ohayotaku


      The issue appears to be resolved now, though no explanation given on what happened.

    2. viruxx


      When I first signed up at CR, the Funi merger had been underway for maybe a couple months before that point. I felt like there were a lot of titles they should have already had up there from Funi. I don't know how long it takes to transfer video and data from one location to another, but you'd think as big an operation they have it wouldn't take quite that long. Again, I'm not familiar with what goes on or what's involved in such an operation server-side, so maybe it does. I dunno. 🤷‍♂️

    3. Ohayotaku


      I’ve had both CR & Funi for a couple years (my Funi was an annual subscription & I don’t plan on renewing). Both sites have had their share of problems, but Funi’s was definitely worse. Unfortunately, since the merger CR seems to have caught some of it’s bugs. Delays don’t really bother me ( if it came down to it my backlog would easily last a year 😂) But issues like titles disappearing within days of release or missing subtitles or pixelated video get on my nerves. Still feel like I get my moneys worth, but frustrating when supposed “progress” or “improvements” seem to make things worse.

  11. The prologue episode of MSG: The Witch From Mercury. Guess I’ll be making another attempt to actually complete a Gundam series
  12. https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2022-09-25/aggretsuko-anime-5th-final-season-launches-on-netflix-in-february-2023/.190159 I honestly wasn’t a fan of season 4, but since this is being promoted as the final season, I’ll probably watch it.
  13. The trend of reviving “classic” anime series continues https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2022-09-24/new-rurouni-kenshin-tv-anime-reveals-cast-staff-2023-premiere-on-noitamina/.190098
  14. While fairly recent, this one is very special to me (even included it as one of my favorites on MAL) as I found it very relatable to what I was going through when I first watched it.
  15. https://www.crunchyroll.com/anime-news/2022/09/22-1/sentai-filmworks-acquires-carole-tuesday-anime-for-future-home-video-release probably overthinking things, but hoping we’ll get physical releases for more Netflix “exclusives”
  16. I keep hearing hype about the Cyberpunk: Edgerunners anime on Netflix. Guess I’ll have to check it out when I reactivate my account next month.

  17. Crunchyroll has started listing it’s fall roster https://www.crunchyroll.com/anime-news/2022/09/21/crunchyroll-announces-fall-2022-anime-lineup (page should be updated as new licenses are announced)
  18. Taking the whole “last day of summer” literally: high today in the 90s, tomorrow’s predicted to be in the 60s.
  19. Honestly, the anime wasn’t that great despite getting several seasons, basically just short silly parodies of scifi tropes (Dirty Pair in particular). Actually pretty kid friendly despite the costumes & after the first season they added what were essentially white insert panels to cover Forte’s cleavage & Ranpha’s midriff. But the figures actually seem pretty detailed considering they were just bonuses. I think they were mascot characters for some Japanese videogame company/store, though I could be wrong.
  20. Yup (Before they censored Forte & Ranpha’s outfits )And no Normad.
  21. The only anime figures I have are some that came with a dvd box set
  22. Yeah, I don’t use it very often, but have watched a few older/obscure titles on it.
  23. Hmm, this could be interesting for fans of retro anime (thinking about checking it out myself) https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2022-09-19/tubi-tv-streams-bt-x-anime-bt-x-neo-ova/.189895 btw, Tubi-tv is a free (ad supported) legal streaming site/app., though the resolution quality is pretty weak.
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