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  1. Welcome, glad you found your way here. Hope it’s an enjoyable experience I’d like to pick up where I left off on that one myself, though I haven’t made much progress on my goal to finish Inuyasha (at least it’s more manageable than One Piece ). I’ve been following simulcast titles mostly the past couple years, though most members here seem to prefer binging older series. Feel free to jump right in, folks here are very inclusive/welcoming.
  2. Ohayotaku

    Summer Break

    god, I miss summer breaks
  3. Tired . In to work early since I needed to get a ride with my sister. By the end of the day will hopefully have some idea what’s going on with my car.
  4. Just joking, but it did make me think when she pulled off her nightcap at the start of the episode & she already had them on I haven’t rewatched earlier episodes to see if there’s ever a scene without them.
  5. The air feels very heavy & humid. I hear thunder, so think we could have a storm.
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