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  1. Finished Nagatoro’s 2nd season. Honestly, the final ep was kind of a letdown. Was expecting more hijinx considering the number of tagalongs on Naoto & Nagatoro’s date. And for all the progress in their relationship over the season, the final scene felt anti-climactic. Overall I thought the 1st season was better even if it went a bit too far at times with the bullying & lewdness. Also started catching up on Malevolent Spirits: Mononogatari (not related to the better known franchise). It’s actually pretty good, despite not getting much attention.
  2. As far as surprisingly enjoyable, Card Captor Sakura because I’m definitely not the target audience But I was disappointed by Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles. I’m a fan of several CLAMP series so a multiverse crossover with teenaged alternate versions of Sakura & Shaoran as the leads sounded like a perfect set-up. Sad that it failed to capture their charm & I found the series itself boring.
  3. I actually got the idea for this from a thread in one of my MAL clubs. The idea is to post a ridiculous/f’d up ship/pairing of characters. For example, my first post was Nama (Slayers Evolution -R) & Alphonse Elric (Fullmetal Alchemist) (if Nama looks familiar, she should
  4. @MediaConsumesMe Fate Zero is by far my favorite of the franchise. I was actually somewhat disappointed by the Lord El Melloi entries considering Waver & Rider were one of my favorite duos. They seemed to put a great deal of emphasis on the intricacies of the magic system & the politics of The Clocktower & I felt like I kinda understood a lot of it & kinda didn’t I’m aware that Zero had it’s share of that as well, but it seemed easier to follow, maybe because there was more action/combat. I started Stay/Night a long time ago but never finished even though I have individual discs for the whole series. It & Unlimited Bladeworks have been sitting on my PTW list for far too long. I haven’t really been a fan of the Grand Order entries though I feel they were ok. Surprisingly I actually enjoyed the more humorous Grand Carnival specials. Even though I haven’t played the FGO game, my knowledge of mythical/legendary characters & gacha game basics enabled me to get almost all the jokes
  5. I suppose I’m thinking in the 100+ episode range, which is simply too long IMO with few exceptions. MHA is currently on 136 & I made it to around ep 150 of One Piece before burning out, which is barely the beginning. I’ve probably seen 100+ eps of the Dragonball franchise, but currently have no plans on watching any more. Attack on Titan will have less than 100 eps in it’s total run, though the way they’re handling the “Final” season has made it feel longer & I’m definitely ready for it to end. I’ve only seen around 50 eps of Inuyasha so far, though I still plan watching more. Generally 70-100 eps is really pushing things for me.
  6. Gundam started in 1979. The first issue of Weekly Shonen Jump was in 1968, so it was definitely a thing
  7. I watched maybe 6 episodes of Black Clover before shelving it, which is about the same experience I had with Naruto. If I were to give one another shot, it would probably be Black Clover because it had comparatively more appeal to me. The biggest complaint I remember seeing about Black Clover at the time was the MC’s voice, but I personally found Naruto’s “Believe It” just as annoying if not more so. Really though, long running shonen’s aren’t really my thing. My Hero Academia is probably the biggest exception for me & even then I was disappointed by seasons 4 & 5 before getting hype again in season 6.
  8. Finished To Your Eternity season 2. The 2nd cour was an improvement over the 1st in part because Bon was treated as less of a “joke” character & it wound up with a decent ending. However, the series has never really lived up to it’s aspirations IMO. Another season has been greenlit, but I don’t plan to watch as I feel like I’ve invested enough time in it as is. Started catching up on Revenger which is a samurai series with some interesting perspectives. Campfire Cooking in Another World episode 10 - welp, guess all modern isekai form a harem at some point (although the 4 goddesses pretty much just pester him for “offerings” of Japanese sweets & junkfood, so not really ecchi ) And realize I’m kinda being a broken record, but continuing to really enjoy Tomo-chan is a Girl even more-so than Nagatoro 2.
  9. Dang, how did I omit the original Project A-ko ( though it probably won’t hold up well for more modern anime fans )Though I would recommend to fans of Kill la Kill as Ryuuko, Satsuki & Mako seem like they were at least partially inspired by Ako, Bko & Cko. Plus it has a similar sense of humor (over the top & more than a little lewd.
  10. I personally liked the pairing of Saber & Irisviel
  11. This is largely me. I’m generally NOT a fan of the melodramatic/tearjerker examples that seem to top most anime fans’ lists. Likewise, I’m not as big a fan of Ghibli as most (few exceptions). A short list of some stand-alone anime movies I did enjoy: Princess Mononoke • Laputa: Castle in the Sky • Children Who Chase Lost Voices • Patema Inverted • Perfect Blue • Expelled from Paradise • The Boy & the Beast • Summer Wars • Mary & the Witch’s Flower • Black Fox There’s also White Snake (Bai She: Yuan Qi) & it’s sequel Green Snake (Bai She II: Qing She Jie Qi) which are Chinese CGI films. A couple I haven’t seen but am curious about are Weathering With You & The Night is Short, Walk on Girl.
  12. Kudos for your taste in characters on your profile page (Ursula & Mami)

  13. Just looked out the window & it’s snowing, though I’m not sure if it will stick
  14. Welcome, hope you find things to interest you here & decide to stick around Since you enjoyed Parasyte & Chainsaw Man, you’d probably enjoy this one as well as Devil Lady. There’s also a series called Ajin, Demi-human that’s been sitting in my PTW list for awhile that sounds like it would be similar.
  15. Guess I’m just too old to understand this “rave” culture
  16. She actually thinks the helmets are cool. She’s glowering at the orange haired girl just outside camera view
  17. Ushio & Tora (39 episodes) Buso Renkin (26 episodes) Dororo 26 (26 episodes) Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress (12 episodes) Cowboy Bebop (26 episodes) I’ll also reccomend Dorohedoro & Gleipnir even though both only have a single season & are incomplete adaptions.
  18. I’m still waiting for episodes 8-13 to be available on Netflix. Hoping it’ll be by the end of the month as I wasn’t planning on renewing now that I finished Monster. I don’t know if I’ll ever get around to rewatching it, but am a bit curious whether the manga adds any perspectives/insights.
  19. Finished Monster. Honestly I felt like it dragged on a bit too long & some of the side stories got kinda repetitive. And for all the “answers” it gave & it still left you with plenty of questions to ponder, though I’m certain that was intentional. Would definitely recommend for fans of psychological & dark series or anyone tired of anime that feels all the same. Will provably binge the 2nd half of To Your Eternity’s 2nd season over the weekend.
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