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  1. Just finished Words Bubble Up Like Soda Pop. On paper sounded like a perfectly charming summer romance movie. But in execution, the first half seemed to drag & was hard to hold my interest. The second half redeemed itself somewhat, but still felt pretty mediocre.
  2. Went on a bit of of a Marvel mini-binge the past couple days. Rewatched Winter Soldier & Civil War. Then went to see Black Widow today.
  3. Moriarty the Patriot? Here in the US it’s legally streaming on Funimation. Possibly on Hulu, but not sure.
  4. Finished Castlevania season 4 & started Beastars season 2
  5. No details as to the format (season, OVA, movie), but more Konosuba anime is in the works https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2021-07-18/konosuba-god-blessing-on-this-wonderful-world-light-novel-gets-new-anime/.175261
  6. The Case Study of Vanitas - three episodes in I like everything about it other than Vanitas’ personality. I particularly like the artstyle & the setting has potential for some very intetesting world building. And while vampires in anime aren’t anything new, it seems to be distinguishing itself from the usual tropes with it’s mythos. Girlfriend Girlfriend - it would be downright offensive if it wasn’t so goofy. Embarrassed to admit each episode so far has made me laugh more than the previous one. Saki’s voice acting in particular carries this show. She somehow manages to be the straightman for most of the jokes while demonstrating some pretty major issues of her own.
  7. But then there’s GT & Super … ad nauseam
  8. Started watching season 4 of Castlevania last night which is supposed to wrap up the current storyline.

    Sypha remains the best thing about this series (the “I used to be a nice person who didn’t cuss before I met you” scene had me 🤣 )image.thumb.jpeg.85c2bd12741bccd62253cee7cb7085ef.jpeg

  9. I personally only watched the first episode & decided it didn’t really interest me. Pretty generic set-up & silly looking CG monsters. Don’t think playing the game is a necessity since the first episode gave you a brief overview of the setting & characters indicated it would explore things more as the story progressed. I think the 3rd ep goes up Thursday so you can always watch some & decide for yourself. I’m still in the process of deciding which shows to stick with this season myself.
  10. 30 came as more of a shock to me than 40 actually Guess I still had too many of those pesky “hopes & dreams” back then Enjoy your day anyway though
  11. A lot of Tsuda’s roles are yakuza or criminals (the lead from Way of the Househusband & Overhaul from My Hero Academia). Even when he’s not an outright villain it’s usually a character with questionable ethics (Joker from Fire Force & Mao-sama from Demon Lord Retry). He’s also been doing some narration lately (To Your Eternity, Cells at Work: Code Black). But that’s just a sampling. On the dub side of things, the ones that stand out to me are Wendee Lee, Lisa Ortiz, Hillary Haag, Crispin Freeman & Steven Blum. You can probably guess from the list, but I don’t watch much dubbed anymore
  12. Happy(?) Shark Week 🦈 


  13. I’ve had a MAL account for several years, but haven’t really posted on it’s forums much (mainly on recommendation & identification threads) or tried to engage the larger community (all my MAL “friends” are people I got acquainted with on smaller sites). So I haven’t had any dealings with their support staff or moderators. Hopefully someone there can straighten things out or explain the problem to you. Sorry for not being more help.
  14. Welcome to the forums hope you enjoy it here
  15. I just noticed that Weathering With You is at a nearby theater on 07/27. I’m debating whether to go since I haven’t seen it yet but the previews/clips look like seeing it on a big screen would add to it.

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      Even when we had a theater it was just a small one with one feature a week with two showing a day. Thanks to COVID it's been shut down and hasn't reopened due to building codes being out of date. If they update one thing, they have to update all of it, and the building is so old. I doubt we're getting a theater anytime soon.

  16. Since it’s a “her”, safe to assume it’s not Kyo
  17. Nope, I don’t miss Damsel Ameri at all, because her usual romantically awkward self is already perfect 😍 


  18. Huh, not what I was expecting this thread to be about. I expected it to be about how Kenjiro Tsuda seems to voice at least a dozen different characters every year
  19. Welcome to the forums I’m not at all certain you SHOULD learn anything from me, but at the very least hope it’s entertaining
  20. Season 2 delayed until next year https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2021-07-07/the-rising-of-the-shield-hero-2-anime-season-delayed-to-next-april/.173144
  21. An MHA  personality quiz to see which hero you would be matched with for an internship. I got Gunhead (as long I get to work with Uraraka, I’m fine with it 🥰

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      I was also given Gunhead. I wish there were more varied responses, however. I picked the closest to what my actual action would be, but I don't feel I was accurately represented by the quiz. 😆 Suppose that's a symptom of only having around four possible outcomes.

  22. https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2021-07-07/vinland-saga-anime-gets-2nd-season/.174902
  23. Welcome to the forums, hope you enjoy it here
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