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  1. @NeonKettle a couple heads-up’s on Re:Zero: There’s an OVA episode called Memory Snow that takes place between episodes 11 & 12. Nothing happens to advance the overall story, but it let’s the characters have some fun which is welcome considering how heavy the series gets at times & I enjoyed it. There’s a 2nd OVA called The Frozen Bond that takes place before the series and focuses on the relationship between Emilia & Puck and the prejudice & persecution she’s had to deal with. I would recommend watching it before watching Season 2 anyway. Anyway, glad to hear you’re liking it as Season 2 is really good too.
  2. It’s been a while since I watched it, but think you might mean Roy Fokker (Rick’s big-brother figure). Again, if you can find the original Star Blazers (aka Space Battleship Yamato) there are some similarites. Yeah, best not to expose children to Naga’s cleavage Along the same lines as Slayers, they also might like Radiant.
  3. Started watching Aggretsuko season 3 & enjoying it quite a bit
  4. Magic Knight Rayearth might be more their speed as the leads are a bit older & it’s more action oriented. There’s also Deltora Quest which is an anime based on an Australian fantasy children’s book series. And Ronja the Robber’s Daughter which is a Ghibli inspired/inflenced series. I actually thought Robotech & Slayers were a bit advanced for that age But then I started out with Star Blazers around age 10, so ... If you can find the original series (Quest for Iscandar & The Comet Empire) they might enjoy it, though the animation is kinda dated. The updated versions (2199 & 2202) get a bit overly philosophical & metaphysical. For something similar to Slayers, maybe Record of the Lodoss War. Then there’s always stuff like My Hero Academia & Hunter x Hunter.
  5. A definite recommend for anyone looking for something more cerebral than your typical anime series.
  6. Knew I shoud’ve filled up the tank last night. 12 hours = 50 cents/gallon


  7. Yes, I cried. More than once. Even though my own life experiences couldn’t be more different than Yuki’s, the feelings & truths this week really went into some personal territory for me. To be forgotten , to feel unneeded. That your life didn’t matter. At the risk of TMI, I’ll just say that Alzheimer's is a terrible disease & leave it at that. Thank god there were lighter moments as well. Seeing the younger versions of Kyo, Hatsuhara, Momiji & Kagura interact, some things never change Though the funniest was seeing Tohru’s mom go from hysterical parent to hell-to-pay gang leader Also the history behind the baseball cap. I always felt that it seemed out of character that Yuki gave it to Tohru, so no surprise that it actually belonged to Kyo. Funny thing, I waited till morning to watch so it wouldn’t interfere with trying to go to sleep. But now I have to try to put on my public face & go to work. Smartest thing would be to wait until the weekend before watching this show, but don’t know if I can wait that long
  8. “I was a little useful. I’m happy if I was. It makes me so happy. Yeah, I know now. I know that there was a moment when someone else needed me. Even if nobody remembers, even if you forget, there was ... definitely.” ”This world isn’t enveloped in light, but it’s not all dark either.” - - Yuki Sohma (Fruits Basket 2019)
  9. I’m in the half century club myself, but @efaardvark is still my sempai I believe I was the 2nd oldest in my previous forum as well. There’s definitely an IRL stigma if you still enjoy anime past a certain age. When I went to see Heroes Rising in theaters, some guy who was probably younger than me was there with his teenage daughter & did a double take that I was there without a kid Of course that was a matinee. Most of the other anime movies I went to were in the evening & most were in their 20s & 30s which I think is the case here too.
  10. Welcome to the forums, hope you enjoy it here As far as comedies, my favorite is probably School Rumble. Other notables: Konosuba, Asobi Asobase, Science Fell in Love so I Tried to Prove It, Hinamatsuri & Gamers.
  11. Hilarious that stores are already putting out the Halloween candy. Never mind the question of how many parents are going to let their kids trick or treat with Covid still around. Of course 2020 has pretty much been Halloween all year, but without any of the fun stuff. 

  12. Adding Sugimoto & Asirpa from Golden Kamuy (though I’m not in favor of shipping them like some in the fandom do)
  13. Just saw an article reminding me that Golden Kamuy’s 3rd season is scheduled to begin in October. Though the series suffers from inconsistency, I like a number of the characters & am definitely curious  to see what happens next. I do hope we get some sense of closure with this season though. I should probably do a rewatch to refresh my memory on finer points of who’s currently allied with who & what their motives are. And if they’re even still alive in the case of some characters :P 

  14. Welcome to the forums, hope you enjoy it here It’s definitely more fun to be able to share your thoughts & opinions so join right in.
  15. Sorry, can’t remember his actual name
  16. Licht & Whistle Bro’s reaction to Arthur figuring out the pattern was priceless
  17. The current arc continues to have a completely different feel to it than the rest of the series. Not that I’m complaining as we’re finally getting to some of the world building . Season 2 is a double cour so it should run through the end of the year, hoping for lots of progress.
  18. Welcome to the forums, hope you enjoy it here We have somethings in common. Like yourself, I’m a not quite a boomer who got his first taste of anime as a pre-teen watching Star Blazers. Didn’t know it was “anime”, but clearly wasn’t Disney or Hanna Barbera The next one to really get my attention was probably Robotech. Then spent far too much time & money at Suncoast during the 90’s & early 2000s. Sort of fell out of the loop when streaming took over as the preferred medium, but came back in recent years. Currently watching many series from various genres. Only been a part online communities/forums for about 10 years. Never really felt at ease in the larger/better known ones. Was lucky enough to find a smaller one with some people I connected with, but not much activity anymore. Found this place almost 2 years ago and am very happy here.
  19. Watched the 1st episode of The Great Pretender on Netflix.  I’ve been watching subtitled anime long  enough that Japanese voices don’t bother me, but the attempts to speak English were just ... painful 😬 Thank god they dropped it 10 minutes in or I’m not sure if I could’ve finished without muting the sound.

    1. The dummy system

      The dummy system

      I was about to drop it solely because of that. But having watched the first 5 episodes now I am glad I didn't. I think it is actually a pretty decent show.

    2. Ohayotaku


      Finished the first arc today. Agree that  it’s alright, but the constant deception pretty much took away any dramatic tension for me as after awhile I just started assuming there was going to be some side scheme plan to make everything work out. Hope the rest continues the character development & action but less busy.

    3. The dummy system

      The dummy system

      Yeah I totally get what you mean. At one point I thought it just might take a very dark turn. After that, I never doubted that whatever happened was all according to keikaku :P 

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  20. Welcome to the forums, hope you enjoy It here

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