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  1. Just saw Monster high Season 1 Nobody told me they rebooted Fairly oddparents... And a Camp Cretaceous sequel
  2. It's a good show, but they have dragged it out waaaaaay longer than they should have. I mean they could have found the treasure and then had more adventures. Heck they could have stolen more and better treasure that Gold Roger by now.
  3. Actually Kikiyo reincarnated into Kagome, so they did end up together. And Sakura did offer to be with Naturo. Are we talking a series end where they do not end up with anybody at all or just one person gets disappointed in love?
  4. What does that have to do with lesbian camping suggestions? Just kidding. Interesting story. Though I'm from Bishop California. That's a place to go camping. As for spiders we have Black Widows and Brown Recluse.
  5. Just got the new Phoebe and her Unicorn
  6. How to make your own lube Mix one cup of water and 4 teaspoons of corn starch in a saucepan. Put the stove on low to medium heat and slowly bring the liquid to a boil. Once it's boiling, stir the mixture frequently for about 30 seconds. Take the pot off the heat and let the mixture cool before using it To make a dental dam out of a plastic or latex glove: With a pair of sharp and clean scissors, cut off the four fingers of the glove, leaving the thumb. Be careful not to puncture the glove in other places. Cut up the length of the glove on the opposite side of the thumb. ... Ta-da! How to Make Your Own Dental Dam Cut off the top and bottom of the condom. Cut down one side to make a flat sheet. Use it the same way you would a dental dam. Look just because you like to wear tight shorts and go camping in the woods in a single sex environment doesn't make you gay.... but it helps. And technically I'm aromantic celibate. And it's not like other genders joining boy or girl scouts is new, it' now just official. But my book funnily assumes these Christian nutbags who think that it's going to turn scouts gay are right. Assume all the "research" they quote from whatever officials they claim to get it from is 100% correct and allowing boys to join the girlscouts or girls to join the boy scouts will make them into lesbians. And to be fair the surest way to make a girl gay is to have her spend time with boys, so they ay be on to something. Just like DeSantis said about Disneyworld. I'm asking since clearly according to their research it's going to happen, now that this "woke" attitude turns the girlscouts and girls who camp gay, what specifically lesbian activities should campers be involved in? It's inevitable right? So let's make sure they do it right. Roast some rainbow marshmallows while you think about it. Well I already wrote https://www.amazon.com/Lesbian-Sleepover-Slumber-Party-Handbook/dp/B089M1HYR7 But I'm thinking of just a few things. Like making the point of tug-of-war to pull the girls into the mud then join them in the shower. The point of hiking and scavenger hunts, is for two or more girls to to get "lost" in the woods for about an hour or two unsupervised. "How did you not find anything on the list in three hours! The first two items were sticks and leaves!?" Swap out bird watching for girl watching. Knot tying/Shibari. Raising money for camping with a bikini carwash. Running panties up the flagpole. Change the 3 finger salute so the palm is in instead of out.... some ghost stories. Two girls snuck off into the woods to make out and they came across a dead grizzly bear that must have been at least teen feet tall. They were just wondering what cou7ld have possibly bitten its head off like that when they heard a noise behind them... Some camp slasher stuff might be fun too....
  7. Neither Misty or Brock ended up with Ash. Brock: (Singing about Dawn and Ash) She wears short skirts i wear t-shirts....
  8. Anyone got any other official yuri princesses?
  9. Well since the Boy Scouts are becoming inclusive as have the girl scouts everyone seems to think all female scouts are lesbians. And any woman who goes camping too. So in the spirit of this I decided, well you gotta make sure it's done right. I'm working on a guide for lesbian camping and scouting. Any suggestions?
  10. It's a good show and one that's coming true in fLORIDA AS WE SPEAK..
  11. Eleanore from Wizxards Abbey Bominable Valerie from Danny Phantom Pixar Moms Total Drama Island
  12. Wait until you see the scene where they fly away together on a rainbow.
  13. How many triple goddesses/witches are there? Baba Yaga, the Morrigan, the fates, the Norns...
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