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  1. Do they still do Black friday?
  2. So what "counts" as anime in your opinion? Webcomics? http://www.sandraandwoo.com/comics/2018-09-17-1022-replacement-challenge.png Can it have furries? Can it be made anywhere but other than japan? Is there a specific style? Live action? Video games?
  3. I really only want 3 more things in life. 1. Immortality. 2. Unlimited control over all known existence with no actual responsibilities or negative personal consequences. 3. To hear that anyone who stands against me has died in a series of highly unlikely but hilarious accidents that can in no way be traced back to me. “To never die… And to conquer all. That is winning.” ―Illyria[src]
  4. So what manga volume are you waiting on at the moment? I just to Murcielago 20 (now am waiting for 21... damn cliff hangers) and have Citrus +4 on its way next month...
  5. Spirite dAway Slayers Overlord Hellsing Fullmetal Alchemist... Sailor Moon
  6. There are LOTS of furries in anime. Talking dragons, humanoids... have you seen Darkstalkers? Tenchi Muyo? BNA? Inuyasha?
  7. Clowns are great. https://www.amazon.ae/Harlequin-A-Fools-World-Novel/dp/1537240447
  8. They're delicious. Anyway they're both. You can't have one without the other or else they can't choose either. The scientific definition of evil is "You can't ignore it." What is it you want out of this philosophical debate? And why only humans?
  9. To be fair Santa only delivers about 6 presents a year, mostly to kids under 4. You have to believe in him, be good for 365 straight days, leave out milk and cookies (elves have always asked for gifts of milk and bread), your parents can't have already gotten you the gift, and be in a situation where suddenly getting a mysterious present won't get you into trouble. Krampus on the other hand is much more versatile on whom he visits.
  10. Computers became sentient in 1968. They just do not feel the need to inform us. Like how dolphins were intentionally failing IQ tests for 20 years.
  11. ManI loved the original... MORE!
  12. Remember to read webcomics too. A lot of them get turned into Manga
  13. Know any good cartoon shorts on Youtube?
  14. Clayton


    Hey if you want me to give you my come back, brush your mom's teeth.
  15. So anyone into the new Star Trek series?
  16. Stalking is literally the most popular sport in anime. Can anyone name a series without a stalker?
  17. Tenchi's family doesn't exactly pick and choose https://anime.astronerdboy.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/04/04-Tenchi-with-Harem-01.jpg [/img] [/img]
  18. Damn. He was like the longest running batman ever. Half his life.
  19. "I'm sorry Shirotabe! I never should have brought you back from the dead. I know now that we can never be together. Not because you're a rabbit. But because you're black." ---Ghost Stories
  20. No, you got it right. And that's a good ship.
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