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  1. That's trueeeee, the creepers certainly come at night lolll I only go places I know well at night if I go out at all and I try to make it quick.
  2. I have 2 plants that I've managed to keep alive lol What's your favorite animal at the zoo?
  3. An ancient tomb sounds more fun ~ Would you rather watch the rain fall or watch snow fall?
  4. Working on 99 Herblore on RS. I could get it tonight but I don't know if I will. I kinda want to wait until tomorrow when people are more online so I can have a 99 party.
  5. Sakura


    Pfftttt naw I'm gonna get that 99 Herblore now.
  6. Yuh it's much hotter here than it was in Chicago. It was 93-94F today with a heat index around 100F x.x But there's a lot of wind on the balcony since we are on the 17th floor so it kinda negates the heat.
  7. We originally had a different internet company that told us it would be no problem to change our address and just bring our modem and connect our service at the new place. Then yesterday trying to set it up I was on the phone with them for over 4 hours and they canceled my account multiple times and kept trying to build me a new account and couldn't. I have no idea what all that is about. I just took their modem back and switched to a different internet company. Ain't nobody got time for all that lol ~ Now that we are here and everything is set up I feel way less stressed but there is so much unpacking to do
  8. Oh god that sounds terrifying :0 Never actually seen anything like that down on the train or subway lines here, but then again, I never take them to the neighborhoods where that is likely to happen. Who knows what goes on down there x.x The weirdest thing that ever happened to me on the subway was some guy tried to pee on me It was just me and this guy in the subway car when he started taking his pants off in front of me and I had no idea what he was going to do. I just kinda yelled EXCUSE ME?!?! And he looked reallllyyy confused and apologized and walked off to the back of the car.. where.. he proceeded to pee there o_o Pretttty sure drugs were involved >_>
  9. Iphoneeee. It's the only phone I've ever had so it's all I know how to use. I get confused when I look at Androids :c Would you rather have to eat a pile of onions or a pile of hot peppers?
  10. Throw them between 2 pieces of bread and make a hotdog outta them Sprinkle a lil onions on top thar too because you have to have those
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