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  1. I caught feelings and now all my music I've been listening to is like this.
  2. Oh geez, I meant daffodils but I'm so out of this week I don't know what I'm typing half the time lol
  3. Welp that Dandelions being toxic prolly explains what's wrong with me LOL
  4. Kind of sad/worried. I just found out a couple of hours ago my step-dad had went in to the doctor this morning because he had been feeling bad, they did an MRI, found bruising on his brain, then discovered a blood clot. They've just put him in a hospital room and are doing some kind of emergency brain surgery first thing in the morning.
  5. I stuck 11 daffodils in my mouth today and I'll do it again no matter how many times they throw me out of the flower shop.
  6. I started playing an old Naruto game online when some friends invited me to join a clan (guild). Have some second thoughts about it now though lol.
  7. It's sleeting, freezing, and snow mixed in x.x
  8. A Potoo Bird These things: Looks derp enough to be my animal spirit lmAO
  9. I mean that's true, he can, but that's online ~ wait until I show up at his door with a pan LMAO
  10. I'm still feeling really hyped up even though I need to go to sleep ~ I had too much fun today and I'm still coming down from it.
  11. T-BOW PLZ? ~ A basket of clams
  12. I just finished watching "The Lake House" with my friend for Valentine's day.
  13. There are multiple different ones lol I've no idea when it was released though I just saw a specific one I wanted but I can't find that one for sale anywhere I got a Mitsuki standee today though, I'll post a pic of it later.
  15. Kinda tired I think I might go to bed early tonight.
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