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    Carole & Tuesday
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    Dandere - Set 2


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    Student of Japanese Linguistics
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    Drawing, writing, creating, cosplay.
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    Touhou Project 東方
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    Maribel Hearn, Kogasa Tatara, Rin Kaenbyou
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    Nintendo 3DS

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  1. @Elemental_Katana Greetings and welcome to Anime Forums~
  2. Greetings and welcome to you!~
  3. @Potatoishh Greetings Potato, I greet you welcome to Anime Forums. May your stay be fruitful, and make acquaintances & friends as you please~
  4. I am delighted with the result, as I poured myself into it more than previous drawings (or so I believe).
  5. @Momo Hunnie Greetings, be most welcome to Anime Forms! I wish you a merry time making acquaintances~ If you're looking for group interactions, you may be interested in exploring the different clubs that exist.
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  8. Indeed there has been a strong decline in engagement, sadly I'm no professional analyst to explain any of it. I do agree it's lovely here, but I would not know where this could go to next.
  9. @kōkōkátá_merçury I bid you welcome to Anime Forums~
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  12. @Humbby Perhaps I am late to add, but I have just recently purchased a tablet from XP PEN. I am sure that while browsing I came across products in the price frame you need. https://www.storexppen.com/?channel=website This is their website, to ease the search.
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  14. Good day, Myouya =3

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      Good late day, Seshi~

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      I had so many notifications at one point, I missed this. (T_T)

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    @Ambria I bid you a warm welcome to Anime Forums! Make yourself comfortable and explore as you like~ I am personally passionate of Touhou Project, isn't that lovely?
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