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  1. Myouya


    @Ambria I bid you a warm welcome to Anime Forums! Make yourself comfortable and explore as you like~ I am personally passionate of Touhou Project, isn't that lovely?
  2. *Gives warm hug*

  3. Here is my entry to a Pride month Touhou fangame jam~

  4. You have a lovely avatar Myouya.


    1. Myouya


      Thank you~ It is a drawing of mine.

  5. I've just recently received the wig I will be needing for Rin Kaenbyou. I am craving for going out, just to purchase the materials I need to begin the works.
  6. Geology is without a doubt one of the fields I find most intriguing, personally. It seems to be very much related to astronomy. I believe I've watched the PBD documentary before, they make up possibly half of the total of documentaries I watch every week, hehe. What inspired you first you study geology in particular?
  7. Myouya


    At the moment, I had Seiga Kaku from Touhou Project in my mind. Her character is quite wicked and narcissist, as she commands a revived undead lass, over, and over, for her business. However, I admit I really like the style of her fashion, so much as her cleverness
  8. Myouya

    Strange Times

    It looks really curious, the folds in the skin are fantastic, I find
  9. @Amali Welcome to Anime Forums ★
  10. Myouya

    A Start

    It is a very pretty sight!
  11. @BamaMan99 I welcome you to Anime Forums!
  12. I am currently filling the Valentine's Day Cuddle Buddies form.
  13. This one is purely my profile image. It is the same as the one I have shown before.
  14. Greetings. I would like to kindly invite for trading for the Generation 7 games, Pokémon Sun / Moon & Ultramoon / Ultrasun. Personally, I am questing to complete my Pokédex entries. It would be very convenient to have assistance with the missing Pokémon, which evolve through trade exclusively. Others are fully welcome as well, Hehe.

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