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  1. Third in a series of half orc bust commissions!
  2. Thanks! I've been feelings pretty good about this one, for sure. Glad to hear others are enjoying it too.
  3. Small reference for my steampunk prince. I remember how to draw a little better each time I scribble him out ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  4. Sounds chaotic neutral. Willing to help on whatever side he'll have the most fun.
  5. Full body commission of a kitsune themed incubus.
  6. Full body commission of the tragic, yet determined Lyssia.
  7. Full body flat color commission of an albino waifu.
  8. Return commission of the half-orc Asradai in all her culinary prowess.
  9. Yeah? Any one in particular?
  10. Wardrobe line up for this fine fantasy themed lady.
  11. Full reference sheet commission for fallen aasimar, Amriel.
  12. Got randomly inspired to make a whole character sheet for my own lady, Jindeel. I got a blister making this all at once lmao
  13. Hey, thanks for asking. I very much do charge money for all my commissions. The only exception being where I do Art Trades with other artists instead. Though I've also done trades of art in exchange for written prose ( like a written scene of a drawing or vice versa ).
  14. Thank you guys! I really enjoyed doing this one and I think it shows. I was a big Halo player myself, back in the day lol - Another waist up commission of dunmer assassin, Malthyr.
  15. Full body commission of a space marine, contemplating the past and her new future.
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