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  1. Doodle of a goth flavored vampire lady for the spooky season.
  2. I feel like I'm the opposite. I feel super confident in my bodies, and dubious about faces haha. Talent is merely a skill pursued, friend. Practice will make good of us all ^^
  3. Companion character sheet commission of a buff detective.
  4. Character sheet commission of an exorcist named Alex. Just in time for the spoopy season!
  5. Commission of Artamese caught in the blow back of a powerful spell. Was given free reign on the outfit design. Had a real lot of fun with this one!
  6. Second commission of Charlotte in another fancy dress.
  7. Commission of a zealous dunmer priest.
  8. A quick front and back of Amelia's base design for my reference, a character from my visual novel. Constantly tweaking along the way.
  9. My take on a beefy adult Trainer Red!
  10. Commission of Rise Kujikawa from the Persona series!
  11. Just finished a commission of a friendly half elf!
  12. Commission of a paranoid monster hunter named Faust! Had a lot of fun with how the posing came out on this one, for sure.
  13. Rewatched the first couple episodes of Cowboy Bebop to prepare for when the live action came out. Unfortunately, we all saw how that ended up lol So! Now I'm just rewatching it all. Definitely a series that was ahead of it's time in both plot, atmosphere, and scifi conception. The soundtrack is something I constantly have rolling through my playlist throughout the years as well. About to do the same for the OG Trigun series, since they're deciding to give that one a reboot too. Frankly I'm always a little ehhh when it comes to 3D anime. But I'm willing to give it the good ole college try. Fingers crossed lol
  14. Figured I'd set me up a place to post some of my art here. I've been getting a few commissions here and there that I've been pretty proud of. First a full character sheet for a saucy aasimar monk!
  15. What's good fellow weebs. Just your local artist and gamer looking to community with some like minded folks. Also looking for new venues of inspiration as an artist. Perhaps this means you? ;D
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