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  1. Vaporwave portrait commission for DJ Synth.
  2. Sketch of a mermaid admiring her gift from a human friend.
  3. Lewd commission of a previous OC commission, Tank, and his valentine for the upcoming holiday. Reminder that select NSFW is available at a +30% to base price.
  4. Half body commission of a smarmy desert dweller named Ridley.
  5. Haven't seen you around as much. Hope you're doing well and staying hydrated.

  6. Ya girl's not usually one for romance, but these two got me down bad. Have another lovesick and slightly spicy scribble of my steampunk royal OCs.
  7. Fan art isn't subject to copyright since it's derivative work. By that turn, the US Copyright Office and related government branches decided recently that AI generative art cannot be copyright as it was more machine than human creation. So neither AI art nor whatever Pokemon toys you buy from a convention are at all applicable to copyright laws/infringement.
  8. Haha, you're not wrong. Especially as I grew up on the age of Unlimited Calls and Texting (after 7pm)
  9. Xmas gift commission of Rixori, the spaghetti warlock, as a suffering member of the service industry.
  10. Redoing some old character art and givin em a glow up~
  11. Still lookin for readers to give me feedback and critique.
  12. Rare 3am fanart. I have a thing for pathetic men and Troy Calypso really hits it for me
  13. I went looking to see if a thread on this topic already existed. Please direct me appropriately if so. AI Art Generation: Beneficial or Problematic? Everyone and their mama has heard about AI art generators and the various arguments and opinions folks have about them by now. Stable Diffusion, Dream, Craiyon, even applications like Lensa that use AI to augment existing images and countless others are arriving by the day. They've quickly become a mainstay in almost every artistic community I'm apart of or adjacent to. I've heard people argue both in favor and against their use, especially when it comes to collecting a profit off what people generate, and now I want to hear it from ya'll. Which side of the spectrum do you fall? Is AI a legitimate tool for people to use in artistic "creation", or do you feel more strongly about how it borrows from the artists these various engines "sample"? Do you think it's ethical for people to make money using these programs? Do you feel similar about AI text generators? Would you play a game, read a book, or consume other media that was made entirely from AI? Do you feel that artists should disclose whether or not AI was used in their works? Why or why not?
  14. Flirty scribble of the steampunk royal OCs to celebrate learning a new word today. Uxorious: doting upon, foolishly fond of, or affectionately submissive towards one's wife.
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