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  1. Ash and Misty. Pokemon. *flinches*
  2. ~ I can't wait for the new Digimon film be released in Japan sometime this year. Hello, Crunchyroll! ~
  3. The Season Finale of Digimon Tamers. When the Digidestined had to part ways with their Digimon partners. Ugh!!
  4. My voice is my instrument and "whoa!" it's powerful!
  5. Hey, Optic. Do you remember me?! I thank you for spearheading this anime site. I am eternally grateful! 

    Take care.

    1. Optic


      Hey, yes of course. :) Nice to see you again.

  6. I can re-view Digimon's anime for forever. It exudes greatness and that is why it's an epic series. As you can tell, I've been a lifelong fan since 1999. Yeah, Digimon are the champions!
  7. When I lived with my folks, it was fire and brimstone! Thank goodness I've been emancipated for over a decade now. ---3 them, but they abused and were cruel to me. I forgive them, but they will no longer be in my life, trying to ruin it. #Survivor
  8. Love the avatar! Tai is cool! 

    1. Digimon_Sommelier


      Thanx. I'm about to change it, however. lol Hope you like the newest one.

  9. Optic, how goes it? I’m back from hibernation.

    1. Wodahs


      just in case you don't hear from Optic ill leave thus here so you know why

      its his turn for a leave absence 


  10. My phobia? Negative, toxic people coming into my positive inner circle. That and hard pizza. It’s painful to bite through!!
  11. The six-part movie series Digimon Adventure Tri. Epic to see the Season 1 gang back together again!!
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