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  1. Hey iMon! Happy Birthday!

  2. I play it every night, but I'm on EUNE. http://www.lolking.net/summoner/eune/33492149
  3. Stray off? The manga isn't finished, and the anime is now ahead. I've heard the mangaka is working closely with the anime team so the anime ending might very well be the manga ending.
  4. As I explained on the email, I couldn't bring up X-Evolution again because all the database backups during the upgrade were botched. I still have an older version intact when I tried to convert the forums to phpBB. That could serve as an archive, I'm going to bring it up someday as read only. Enjoy your time at AnimeForums, I miss a lot of you guys.
  5. iMon


    You're right to expand to other animes, nowadays it's hard to keep a website lively with only Digimon. You'll have to provide more. I noticed you are using IPB, I always liked this script and its skins are phenomenal. I'm transitioning OD to Wordpress and undergoing mostly theme changes. I'm more interested in the SEO side rather than content because Wikis beat most websites in everything content-wise. And since Digimon Fusion is gonna air soon I'm trying to get the most traffic I can out of this event. You're welcome to visit the forums, it's quite active right now and it'll probabl
  6. iMon


    Hello, I'm iMon, old time Digimon fan and webmaster of many dead digimon websites (The Digital Dimension) and also of new ones (Online Digimon) which both had the honor to be Optic's affiliate at one point . P.S: Optic, what happened to DigiLegends?
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