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  1. I feel like it s only a special filter that change the entire image. It s so effortless and none educational. Humans are still far better. The only advantage I found was, it s more productive but not accurate! The ai is so confused in different colors just like the magic wand tool in photoshop! It feels like they have the same action with different command!
  2. Currently playing Lost in Random in PS5, the graphics is similar to Legend of Mana from the old PS1. I like the gameplay in 3rd person view and the heroine is cute child
  3. SayonaraSee yah in your forum
  4. The 1st one was made in photoshop cs3. I used wire frame brushes for the background. This piece have a lot of animation so dramaticaly this is really a long story if I will explain every movement so I think youtube will help you how to animate from the basic to advance. I strongly suggest start from 2 different animation in one piece. The 2nd one was made using android phone. Just search in google play store an app that makes animation with a video output then you can convert it into gif apng webp in this site, https://ezgif.com/ This is a lot easier than the 1st one because you need to do it manually
  5. Just 100% Dead Space Remake It was so fun playing one of favorite horror game in a remake version
  6. I guess you used filter on these and it fits the wireframe background
  7. Finished Nier Automata. Now time to continue Tower of Fantasy
  8. I made 1 today for halloween signature
  9. What if a very destructive attacks didnt work? Seems mega fatal for the weaks lol Edit: and when a very destructive attack work,
  10. concessionaire and partime graphic artist but now back to gaming because im bored again! Im no workaholic but I worked alot and gained many experiences since 16yrs old, now im mid 30's im still in mint condition. I want any owned business maybe later after 2yrs, i still have a current mission while playing
  11. After beating hardmode and the Intermission dlc of FF7 Remake to have 100% progress, Im planning to play Tekken 7 online before psplus expire.
  12. Yes it s kinda expensive, no one will buy except me so i have to work so that i can buy what i want switch is very nice tbh, if someone will gift me, why not Edit: any new experiment?
  13. Theres this 'rog ally' again much more expensive but im more interested in 'Playstation Portal' it so tempting to pre order it cost 199 usd remote playing on android is good whats more if using the playstion portal? Yes you can emulator switch on steam deck
  14. Work done I want to play but im already sleepy and a bit hungry". I want juice or softdrink but im lazy to go out and buy
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