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  1. Cgi is something like you can extrude & has polygon while drawing doesnt have these! Some game developer are mixing these 2 like capcom on their street fighter game! Not really sure but check street fighter iv if am not mistaken! It would be better if you know these 2
  2. After 100% The Plague Tale: Requiem and bought a Steamdeck, am now remote playing using Ps5 these 2 consoles are awesome partner
  3. I think subscribing ps+ in playstation, nier replic is free so be aware of sales and promos in switch store Edit: finally 100% The last of us part 2 remastered, grounded mode in No Return was so fun Next to 100% is A Plague Tale: Requiem!
  4. It s february and it s gettin warmer dont know when the temp go below 10deg again
  5. Cold since December maybe February will get even colder
  6. I guess Im the only one who can understand you! I like A2 more than 2B 2B and 9th the S are lovers imo! This game is one of my latest 100% but It feels I forgot the game play! My brain was already overwritten by new games anyway, i wont spoil anything,, enjoy the game,, glory to mankind lol
  7. The last of us part 2 Remastered. Already 100% the ps4 version but I want to see the differences between the ps5 version, also, the new content 'No Return' is so fun to play
  8. Recently played Tower of Fantasy, just like Genshin Impact but it feels more aesthetic
  9. Ai would be awesome if it can create it s own art model and graphics. Ai are only keen on enhancing an image and more productivity.
  10. Just replaying resident evil 2 remake and resident evil 3 remake ps4 version(already done the ps5 version) and im about to 100% re3 remake,, inferno difficulty is only the remaining
  11. WHY ARE YOU HERE ON THIS FORUM? I noticed I dont have anime forum so my pick is this site. Lately, when I loggin my account on animesuki, they disabled it, reason is 'i requested to be disabled' lol i have no memory of requesting to be disabled they invented that i am only inactive for several years so they disabled it their reason is cute
  12. I feel like it s only a special filter that change the entire image. It s so effortless and none educational. Humans are still far better. The only advantage I found was, it s more productive but not accurate! The ai is so confused in different colors just like the magic wand tool in photoshop! It feels like they have the same action with different command!
  13. Currently playing Lost in Random in PS5, the graphics is similar to Legend of Mana from the old PS1. I like the gameplay in 3rd person view and the heroine is cute child
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